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90s Indian couple before sex: Bank may have many famous CEOs and managers, but their most famous alumnus was a man who created characters li…
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingNext on the agenda: Better binoculars for the Ice spotters on the Titanic
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingThis is a crazy story! 🤯🤯🤯 very first story I wrote as a newly hired ⁦@AP⁩ reporter some 13 years ago was about Mercy Corps’ mission in Ir…
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Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingPataleshwar. Right in the heart of the city, long long before anything else around it(or the city) existed. #pune man left a funny recording to be played at his funeral and I'm dying 😭
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingGreat news @ZimCricketv @SRazaB24 Welcome Back 👍🏼🏏
Retweeted by Kabira Speaking @floydian_sleep Like I said. @floydian_sleep @urbandictionary All urban dictionary meaning about desi names have something to do with dick sizes… @Dev14e YoUr fAcE is WrOnG! @Dev14e While Thalappakatti Dindigul Biryani are laughing all the way to the bank. FFS Biryani is just rice in a fancy dress competition!The San Marino goalkeeper has just conceded a free-kick for doing this.
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingAfter coming to know #Dada Sourav Ganguly going the BCCI president . Ravi Shastri be like !!!
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingKala na safed hai Kala na safed hai Ishqe da rang yara Grey walaa shade
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You know that game kids play on the beach? The one where they spend all day building an elaborate sand castle only…
Retweeted by Kabira Speaking @narendramodi "If Mamallapuram is now looking clean and beautiful, it’s due to the efforts of sanitary workers, who…
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingIt’s raining cats and dogs in Kalyani Nagar while weather at the stadium 25km away is extremely hot and sunny. #indvsa #punerains 🤷🏽‍♂️ The final few minutes of the commentary are just amazing!“One final lung bursting stride for Kipchoge, one giant leap for human endeavour!” truly is going to be in Delhi a couple of weeks from now!🤦🏽‍♂️ @GradStuden Via East Pakistan I guess. Lot of Bengalis in Andaman and Nicobar. @ICC Fixed it
Taran Adarsh must bhi sulking big time now.. *Komal Nahta hain film trade ke bahut bade.........*
Retweeted by Kabira Speaking @Gautaamm @NorthStandGang @sumrag @neeran @SnehalPradhan @aparanjape CC: @letmehandlekThe image posted by @NorthStandGang is perhaps the only place where people from the grandstand could buy cold drink… would agree! The only thing available during the lunch break were popcorn, samosa and Bhel. The Domino’s and Bur…
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingThe @NorthStandGang at the MCA stadium of Keshav Maharaj ki Jai is echoing the stadium! #INDvSAIt has gotten pretty dark in the last 15 mins! should have been out ages ago for dangerously walking over the pitch! #INDvsSAThat lbw decision by Nigel Llong was something! #INDvSAFaf was practising throughout the lunch break! #INDvsSAThat was a peach from Ash! #IndvSA
Steve Who?Kohli doing Kohli stuff! Doubling the previous score in under 2 hours. 7th double century 🤯 7000 test runs! #INDvsSA194 not out. Will there be a declaration? #IndvSA
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingTime to declare right away! 😂#INDvsSA is @DarcyCarden ‘s world and we are just an inconsequential part of it! doing Kohli stuff! No. 26 in Tests with a perfect straight drive. Best conversation rate since Bradman! #INDvSAGet Kohli to play at the other Old Trafford stadium @ManUtd low bar for the best ball of the century! Especially when you can see this huge crack where the ball pitches.
Just look at it! favourite subreddit! did it better? @rogerfederer or @MadhuriDixit? #ShanghaiMasters #Devdas
Retweeted by Kabira Speaking @ThePuccaCritic Heh @astroparticular @Dev14e Time to update my resumé!Just pure pure chef’s kiss stuff right here
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingMust be one of those Ashley Young crosses Tweet is something else. “In case the Kurds or Turkey lose control....” Lose control of what? The prisons & ca…
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingApple's China week: - removed the Taiwan flag emoji from iOS 13 for users in Hong Kong - removed the Quartz news…
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingInstagram dark mode is 🤮🤮Women, this recommended account says-among other things- that single women are unhappy, feminists are ugly, divorc…
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This is more interesting than the Utd Leicester game last month! Jemi be rappin’ on Saturdays and scoring 50s on Wednesday! @JemiRodrigues #INDWvSAW @ScientificKeeda @weather Eve is amazing! #jodiecomerI always wondered how they did this
Retweeted by Kabira Speaking @milcom_ @krtgrphr I just want his car to pay the toll tax at checkpoints inside city limits @milcom_ @krtgrphr Good to see that Xi is doing the smart thing and taking ECR instead of OMR- Greater Chennai’s fa… visarjan, navratri, Dusshera is a reminder that drunk people will dance to a loop of generator sounds with th… @floydian_sleep Lol, Someone posted it on WhatsApp. You are officially an uncle now in Twitter parlance.
FFS! I have a ticket for the day 3 of Ind v SA Test and it has been raining like the whole city is going to drown!… @semperfiutd Blocking the wrong teamAs an INFP, I feel triggered!’re heading to Japan for a special season and here's the trailer! ✈️ 🇯🇵Grab your tissues 🤧 because Queer Eye: We’…
Retweeted by Kabira Speakingराम तो हर घर में है राम हर आंगन में है मन से रावण जो निकाले राम उसके मन में है । #HappyDusshera
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingMann se Raavan jo nikaale, Ram uske mann mein hain. #HappyDussehra
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I love this photo #cricket #AudreyHepburn
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingIt’s one thing that the US is pulling out and refusing to protect its Kurdish allies from an imminent Turkish offen…
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingThe @IUCN #criticallyendangered #Wedgefish was #bottomtrawled by the crate to someone’s dinner plate Is…
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingWow! This must be helpful. Also, it’s only today that I learnt that you can only parallel park from the rear (for 2… This is the song that is now stuck in my head for some reason and I need to listen to it NOW!Hasan Jahangir’s voice is stuck in my head on a morning when my headphones just stopped working! How does one get rid of this urge!
We have broken Dave. This club is evil.
Retweeted by Kabira Speaking @floydian_sleep All sports media is fuelled by schadenfreudeToday seems to be the right day for Ed Woodward to leak a story about hiring a DoF at Man UtdSevilla rehired Monchi prior to the summer transfer window and the club then signed 14 players in one window. There…
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingIf Utd get relegated, will @StarSportsIndia start showing Championship matches in India?FFS A Fred pass involves doing a pradakshina in the center of the field and then passing it to the player next to himRepeat #NEWMUN offf fuvkk off fuvk yourself and fuck off again
Retweeted by Kabira Speaking @RootKanal I concurAlso, this is not the one available on YouTubeSociety chap just dropped Gujarati Despacito during Dandiya! It is LIT! 🔥Ah the misery of watching your team getting relegated while Liverpool win the league. Climate change should end the planet this year.
Retweeted by Kabira Speaking @sidin Such a nice guy though! @letmehandlek @DeBruyneKev @premierleague Is #PepIsFraud trending?Word of the day: SMULTRONSTÄLLE (Swedish) - a hidden spot that you escape to for relaxation or alone time such as a…
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingThis time it’s Rohit not Virat....if you know you know 😂
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This lady is now a regular on Arnab’s show!🤷🏽‍♂️ @Zizoucrosses Grilled tofu marinated in chimichurri and schezwanHave been acing in the kitchen and at putting chaat masala on my problems to Keep Hitting Next on Shuffle Until He Gets Exact Song He Wants
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Waiting for Ravi Shankar Prasad to cite this as a reason to implement similar measures in India. apostrophe after noun
Retweeted by Kabira SpeakingWonder whether it's the absence of Pant that's really allowed us to see the best of de Kock. #INDvSA
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