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Byrd @ThatyngByrd Los Angeles, CA

R.I.P Damien B. 🙏🏾 #SacramentoProud #clippernation

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Time to Roll up 🍃 @30SecFight Yo 😂😂SHAQ vs. “Sugar” Shane Mosley
Retweeted by Byrd“Let’s just say that a snake bit your mom right in the chest area... would you be willing to suck the venom out to…
Retweeted by ByrdYour vibes are bad get tf away from me 😂 @TheHoopCentral This was bacc then, when everyone use to rocc that kung Lao hat 🎩 😂This was 5 years ago uzi first mixtape only person to retweet me was Lil uzi lol. He wasn’t even famous yet lol.
@LEXXOSAMA Is this da Murda ? @BubbleWoj He Troll’n 😂That’s impossible we haven’t even started building it Yet, it’s nothing but dirt lol.Chicc fil a breakfast be hitt’n @IcyMitchell Percy jaccson?? Who the fucc is the Lighting thief ?? Whatever that movie is gotta go lol @AsoIo13 😂😂 good days & only social media out was MySpace lol @BlahhJohnson Especially at North bro ! The AIM came in handy & the good ol arcade days lolI miss the sidekicc days when we communicated thru AIM those were the good days lol.
One gotta go
Retweeted by Byrd @CooxhieLand Snapchat can go I be forgetting I still have a SnapchatThis what I imagine a Strip club in San Bernardino look like
Retweeted by Byrd @JaySpann24 @SacramentoKings I’m weak 😂😂😂 c.wwebb my long lost uncle @ThatyngByrd @SacramentoKings Look like you was on the court 😂 CWebb in the face ahh boy
Retweeted by Byrd @SacramentoKings I was n Moreno Valley watch’n that game n da living room @lefraud_exposed @Lbjsgoat1 @possiblyron @CEOofKobeFans 😂😂😂Money is thee ROUTE of all evil. @_deantwan2 Remember VIVIDLY him at the cleveland/chicago game goin crazy for cleveland.
Retweeted by Byrd @NFL Eagle are trash lmao @rapalert2 They don’t need to promise us anything anymore, just sing and dance, black people love it. I’m so over t…
Retweeted by ByrdLA right now after winning the World Series #Dodgers
Retweeted by Byrd @BullsGotNext @KingJames Who made this video ?😂What in God’s name is wrong with this owner of the @Dodgers? Who writes and reads a long-ass speech like that on th…
Retweeted by Byrd @IceBobbyy Los Angeles don’t claim the AnglesI wanna celebrate with the Mexican homies that are going to “My boy” me after every other word.
Retweeted by ByrdLA fireworks already going off !!! Let’s go !!Let’s go !!!1 more out !!Mookie 4 MVP !Y’all feel old yet?
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I Practiced patience’s. Practice over !!!!
Retweeted by Byrd @NaarChalant @DepressedNet @KDTrey5 😂😂😂 im weak,, I can’t wait to see that match up next year @JaySpann24 @DepressedNet @KDTrey5 I’m curious how kyrie and KD finna worc out @JaySpann24 @DepressedNet @KDTrey5 Naw he ran away from da competition and joined a team who he lost to I cant put… @JaySpann24 @DepressedNet @KDTrey5 Like he didn’t have Russ harden Westbricc ibaka and Reggie jaccson still couldn’… kinda has a point. Do y'all agree?
Retweeted by Byrd @DepressedNet @KDTrey5 False. KD trippen 😂😂 @TheHoopCentral Start Harden, bench Nash, cut Kidd.Issa a lil nippy outside 🥶 @SideActionHQ Wilson of courseWe’re getting referee mixtapes now?! 🤣🔥
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@LegionHoops @ringernba I told yaw not surprised.Thanc God for another day !
Atlanta Falcons 😂😂😂Davenport wit da sacc #Saints !!Teddy found his old seat 😁 📺: FOX
Retweeted by ByrdChecking in on the Cowboys 👀
Retweeted by ByrdLet’s go ! Good call sean PeytonDrew brees just broke another record!Beautiful throw by Brees and WHAT A CATCH by @JaredCook89 🙌 Happy #NationalTightEndsDay! #Saints | 📺: FOX
Retweeted by ByrdMy mom & my girl are Steeler fans. My dad Issa Titans fan let’s see how this game goes *Takes a shot*“I’m Peter Pankey aka Peter Gunz and we’re with ‘Cheaters.’”
Retweeted by Byrd @RodghStewart4 I told you he be subbing too quicc cost us the game lolAnd......if the @Dodgers lose that series their manager, Dave Roberts, will lose his job.
Retweeted by Byrd @RodghStewart4 Didn’t look like it Roberts gotta go lol @RodghStewart4 He panics And sub pitchers too fast shoulda keep brusdar n da gameCraziest finish I've ever seen in a World Series game.
Retweeted by ByrdDave Roberts should be fired immediately!WOW @GowensJ11 Seee bro he fucc’n up the flow smh 🤦🏾‍♂️Roberts shoulda just let him finish the inningGame 4 Game going crazy😳😳I see you Joc !!Why she got lil man eating dusty chicken strips 😖😭
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@JaySpann24 *Goes to gooogle* lemme see this lol @JaySpann24 Yeaaaaa ! Lmao you already know 😂Does Dwight even fucc wit her ? @JaySpann24 She was Short petite and annoying always was gettin into something on those episodes lolStill can’t believe puff had these man ferociously singing love songs at each other.
Retweeted by Byrd @rusi_c @TheTraeYoung 😂😂😂I’m going to hell for laughing 😂
Retweeted by ByrdHorses don’t stop they keep going 🐎
Retweeted by Byrd @JaySpann24 @ESPNNBA When he want to lol and when he healthy just like kyrie they lowkey the same but kyrie can shoot better @JaySpann24 @ESPNNBA They both don’t lol, but it looks like kyrie didn’t need those lol @BleacherReport @AdamSchefter 🥱 @AsoIo13 @LetsHoops Dis nigga Shawn said that I was like what lol
I should not be laughing as hard as I am
Retweeted by ByrdI swear.. Moneybagg yo / Ari ... Lil Baby / Jayda ... Quavo /Saweetie... relationship on shaderoom got basic broke…
Retweeted by Byrd @CSMU02 Bjelica will out shoot them easily @Le0verrated Shannon really a hater 😂 @RapsGotNext @TheNBACentral 😂😂 @Drew__26 @RascasWRLD @TheHoopCentral @ShamsCharania Thanc you! @LetsHoops I can’t believe someone tried to tell me, That they’ll take Reggie Miller over steph curry lol.According to @ShamsCharania, the NBA wants to continue the play-in tournament idea for the 8 and 9 seeds next season. 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by ByrdMookie Betts is a pure athlete
Retweeted by ByrdTS5
Retweeted by Byrd @TheHoopCentral @ShamsCharania Damn already ! let the players spend holiday time with they families at least start it in JanuaryBREAKING: The NBA is targeting December 22nd for the start of the season, per @ShamsCharania
Retweeted by Byrd @SacramentoKings Bobby jaccsonNigga look like the worst car salesman ever.
Retweeted by ByrdThanc God for waking me up another day 🙏🏾 @king_oftheTOWN I watched a documentary on him awhile bacc that’s how I found out I was surprised to lol @BlahhJohnson Yea u right That’s is true it coulda been plan so he could gain power in politics lol @king_oftheTOWN That’s a fact bro lol google it @BlahhJohnson He also fought with his slaves in the civil war first president to fight in a war side by side with s…