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Leftist believer in basic freedoms. Retweets/follows not endorsements. Tell me CLEARLY if u want me to stop tweeting @ you.Neither Coalition nor Labor supporter

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@raprichard @JasonMitman @NZim22 @mbpatricia1 @NatalieJHarp @RudyGiuliani The election certifications have taken pl… @JasonMitman @pittman_jerri @NZim22 @mbpatricia1 @NatalieJHarp @RudyGiuliani There were state legislatures directly… @JasonMitman @NZim22 @mbpatricia1 @NatalieJHarp @RudyGiuliani For Presidential elections, they do. It's just the st…
@Garrett_Archer You forgot the ever-present "police car light" emoji ;)
@b3tterCh0mP @Kelly_Grehan @SallyRMelb @David_Challen No, I don't see that that justifies a gendered approach. Victims are victims. @Kelly_Grehan @SallyRMelb @David_Challen In both cases the focus should be on victims regardless of gender/sex. The… @FlickReynolds @LadyPoop2 Incidentally, pseudonymity, a related, more common, but distinct phenomenon is also impor… @FlickReynolds @LadyPoop2 I'm sorry, no. You don't have any right to know the name of any given speaker, any more t… @VicHealth @ANROWS I'm concerned that the summary defines things which are not violence in the usual sense of the t… @dlmetcalf @BigBadDenis Don't get me wrong btw - a reminder that masks are a good thing is great. I've been wearing… @dlmetcalf @BigBadDenis None of that warrants the imposition of fines for not wearing masks, right now. We're as ro… @BigBadDenis @dlmetcalf "It's voluntary - but if you don't, we'll make you" Means it's not voluntary. Given current…
@Nyk74599844 @unfriendlysock @AbiSpeaks @LeftAccidental It is when blanket statements are used such as what I was replying to. @Nyk74599844 @unfriendlysock @AbiSpeaks @LeftAccidental Twitter is a mess of misunderstandings, unreasonable emotio…
@unfriendlysock @AbiSpeaks @LeftAccidental You say that, without irony, on *Twitter*. There are some things written… @chrissieburgess @CathyMcRorie @PalmerReport @wemoonwarrior @10DowningStreet Last I checked, even the actual POTUS…
@AslanEgia @amazingatheist I am sure that they've banned people, I was just wondering about what he was referring t…
@scalzi I wonder how they'd take it if someone bought a business's contract for distribution rights for Disney prop… @dbkad @EsRevorTeR @CodeMonkeyZ The ones I found were published by a couple of state election agencies very recentl… @dbkad @EsRevorTeR @CodeMonkeyZ Not saying (or not agreeing) that this was a cause of massive fraud or anything eit… @dbkad @EsRevorTeR @CodeMonkeyZ When the manual describes this bad a practice, you don't need a pen test, it'd be r… @dbkad @EsRevorTeR @CodeMonkeyZ Here's another related post that might help show the "no passphrases" bit… @dbkad @EsRevorTeR @CodeMonkeyZ The screenshots are sufficient to find the manuals (or they were a few days ago whe… @dbkad @EsRevorTeR @CodeMonkeyZ I think you missed the point. The most secure cipher is useless if the surrounding… @jessicajbalzer @FolinoTrish @wmnewport @JennaEllisEsq @RudyGiuliani @TeamTrump They're appealing the ruling. Preju…
@llpatriot3 That data's from Edison, not from Dominion. Edison aggregates realtime data from multiple sources & fee…
@CodeMonkeyZ You do you, your fashion sense is your own.
@Vi0let_E_ @J4yGrant @Christinefor24 Yes, we will. We'll adapt and adjust. @KingTexture Built in webcams in most laptops are awful. @besf0rt @Twitlertwit Eh general libertarian left. Not terribly marx-derived thinking for me despite coming to many…
@Hi3cchi @MagadaDaSkolin This looks more like "ways to avoid having to deal with a cancel mob/local legal troubles"… @leahculver Words do matter. That's why I will continue to use technically correct jargon that actually has no raci… @BradSabbath @CannabisFairy69 It was meant to further illustrate the general chaos of the US system :) @BradSabbath @CannabisFairy69 To an extent this is speculation. The US doesn't even have a way to clearly know how…
@ADevotedYogi @mickyj0j0 @JoeBiden The FEC oversees campaign finance laws and compliance, and has been very much un… @USMC_3 That is, I think, the Daily Telegraph - a Rupert Murdoch (you'd know him as the owner of Fox & NYP) publica… @Rebellionista Even if they accepted the hour or two instead, it's a dubious start to the employment relationship.… @Rebellionista Like, fixed term work experience (normal) or provisional employment (exploitative and possibly illegal)? @SportingFreak63 @WittaTwitta @AlanTudgeMP Technically that's not inconsistent. It harkens back to a very old arist… @txelectionlaw @SidneyPowell1 Leaving aside the specifics in this instance, it is possible for someone to be forthr… @mariewalsh18 The vast majority on that list would be words I've used naturally in the last year or so. The remaind… @adv_australia @tyrelle123 Turnbull leading the ALP would make me *less* likely to vote Labor. @AlboMP Please. Bring it on. Maybe re-nationalize the rail operators (Aurizon, Pacific National) to act as initial… @Venicebeachgui1 @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore Speec… @Venicebeachgui1 @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore Depen… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore Yeah being a neonazi i… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore Australians have a rig… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore That's a gross oversim… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore Murdering someone is a… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore As for rights - those… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore No, neither side is ev… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore Who are you or anyone… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore Life has risk, and one… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore In fact - by pushing t… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore I'm not sure I agree p… @JimBuckley73 @bigtoes44 @JodiMcKayMP Because the investors and boards of directors and their friends are the ones… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore Nah. All the world's a… @DangerMaiden @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore So it warrants a healt… @strawb3rryslutt @jaredthebobcat1 @alienhumanqueen Did I say that? It's mean of people to be mean to other people.… @strawb3rryslutt @jaredthebobcat1 @alienhumanqueen Actual death threats are a crime, so that should be addressed in… @strawb3rryslutt @jaredthebobcat1 @alienhumanqueen Someone else's opinion can't hurt you either. If someone takes i… @strawb3rryslutt @jaredthebobcat1 @alienhumanqueen A twitter account can't hurt you. @SoloMano7 @patrickbetdavid Not really. @edengillespie @verbaliza @TheFeedSBS @Coles @Kmart_Australia @DavidJonesStore This is silly. The books stand on th… @hockey_walrus @chuckmarshall22 @thehill Whether it's fraud or mistakes, it's something that shouldn't happen in th… @nick_ramsey @nytimes This is kind of how it's supposed to work. Asking for and considering the advice of your advi…
@GuardianAus So apparently we're slowly closing the gender gap in prison then? Approaching equality? This is something to be lauded, no? @EvelinSchallert @ProudSocialist Yes, it's a case of US extrajudicial overreach. Unfortunately a pardon is practica… @mackaysuzie Honestly it looks like there's an ongoing tension between a right leaning management/leadership and a… @mirandawrites_ They're entirely independent of the campaign, and going through public records of absentee voters a… @merriman_md @dwyatt461 @NBC12 Free speech is not the same thing as the first amendment. The first amendment is mer… @Cernovich Always makes me squirm when people are paying attention to a phone camera while driving! Be careful pls,…
@johnpavlovitz @ItsBouquet @Twitter @realDonaldTrump There is no link between your first and second opinions. It se… @lethal_heroine As much as it would be nice if it were, consent is not a binary. There are grey areas. This would be one. @55leeanne @lehmo23 You're right, it doesn't go away. We'll be dealing with this still in a year, in 5 years, in 50… @KamalaHarris @bennydiego The cases are all against governments and government officials in their official capaciti… @brianyourbro It's only a one-vote-per-state House vote if no majority of Electors is obtained, and there's as many… @BeNosey @lcbrandenburg In principle, sure. Slightly concerned that regulatory standards (both efficacy and safety)… @ThePubliusUSA Closer to 150m I think... @3catlady @bigtoes44 @LesStonehouse None of those applying to me would/do make a difference to how I vote, cos I do… @balis_nicky What a perfectly cromulent word! @realDonaldTrump Er - is this technically a concession? Albeit a reluctant one? @raywilton4 Realistically, this is only an issue where anyone cares if the secret comes out. In other words - if th… @amazingatheist I'm a lefty on Parler, and follow a few other lefties there. Gab hasn't banned me either, been ther… @feliciaw5853 @MSMWatchdog2013 Who are you to say they must do anything? You're another random user of the service.… @ToxNox8694 @wayneGoLeafs @LouiseWArtist @ArloGutti @MakingTownsGuy @Twitter The first amendment, a specific legal… @CodeMonkeyZ It does look that they are likely to be encrypting the XML files but this is slightly ambiguous as to… @CodeMonkeyZ So it seems to be they store an XML interpretation (not json) of each ballot and optionally a scan on… @CodeMonkeyZ It seems Milwaukee uses ES&S DS200 & DS850 scanners/tabulators (according to )… @thejimmalo Baby bouncer. Clever design tbh, considering the vintage. Looks like the tension might be adjustable fo… @CodeMonkeyZ @ChanelRion @realDonaldTrump @OANN Did you record the interview on your end? @danilic @whiteswine Amazing, Dan, I just wish I'd seen it earlier! @julsie75 @danilic It's "adoption" in the commonly used metaphorical sense, like people "adopt" highway stretches f…
@shawn1yt @CodeMonkeyZ AFAIK the Edison data isn't public anywhere, there's scraped data from media sites and attem… @StpVapor @CodeMonkeyZ To answer both this and - here's the internal Diebold (who owned the… @andreasnrb @CodeMonkeyZ The spec seems to be talking about final tallied numbers and in Dominion's case their impl… @TimDorsey12 @CodeMonkeyZ That makes sense. Value adds or custom non-government implementations open market, but th… @TimDorsey12 @CodeMonkeyZ Ironically, from what I understand, hand count paper systems are cheaper than electronic.… @TimDorsey12 @CodeMonkeyZ Obviously one way to solve many of the PR issues with voting machines would be for the Fe… @TimDorsey12 @CodeMonkeyZ Given what's publicly available, it seems Dominion tend to roll new features back into th…