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@_DIVlNE No ur jus a idiot dude @Incentfull On ep 490, watching sasukes story part @reaper_szn & noelle was only top 1 girl never character relax buddy @Incentfull 🥰Put him on your T1 they said. It’ll be amazing they said…FUCK
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @enfisbeena He my favorite character of all time but his 99% of his character is manwha only and might never get ad… @bleach_bryan Idk what u mean captain actually love this man so much its crazy my favorite anime character of all timeTOG, Gintama & Bleach
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Dragon Ball, Bleach, Jigo, JJK, BC, Code Geas, FMAB, Chainsaw Man, Jojo, HxH, YYH, Magi, Steins; Gate, Death Note,…
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Damn Wano going crazy 😳
Retweeted by Bam²⁵My boss really jus gave me a raise outta no where dawg im so happy 😣
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @JuroGoat Oh ok the sauce u horny hound dogs damn 😭 Wano is top 1 🧐 Wano going crazy 😳 @reaper_szn Deserved 10k coming soon you guys for 8.9k 💛
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @Xomeni_ DGM TOOOOOOOO NO ONE SLANDERS IT CUZ ITS GOAT @VioletsRailgun Say less if they had porn >>
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @VioletsRailgun Dw i jus came back and will be moving sus, shiesty, and horny real soon @VioletsRailgun U out here moving like me a week ago @VioletsRailgun ? @SleepyRosA19 Im winning @The25thAlex @ZorosLostEye Ty hina goat @JuroGoat @SleepyRosA19 @ZorosLostEye @ItachisEyebags @badberry05 @anauz7 Went off beautifulIt's the most wonderful time of the year 🥰 @ZorosLostEye @ItachisEyebags @SleepyRosA19 @badberry05 @anauz7
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @The25thBam_ Two legends!!
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @LordAgoz @BigMonke392 I read both, tog top 1 and bleach top 2
@Z_KKen_ Thanks jokerr man😣 @RoyReadsManga Thanks bro i really appreciate it @808sNshakeNbake Love to see you @theonbll Love u bummy dummy wummy gummy🥺 @Gioezzc Thanks king @reaper_szn I deserve u, lemme get a bite @crimsonmettle Ty madsss @Neo_LUF Thanks bro🙏🏾🙏🏾 @ExiledCroww Thanks crowski❤️ @notcjounin I love you and thank u king @domain_eagle Ty cutieeeee @dancermeech 🥺🥺❤️❤️bringing it all homeRight before Christmas too man and JOJO PT 6 tmrw man i love this @toshiigoat 🥺🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 @SleepyRosA19 Ty crystal 🥺 missed ur tags fr @OTgenes I love you🥺 @ghxulhusbxnd So happy rn manIm really winning rn wtf 🙏🏾🥺 boss really jus gave me a raise outta no where dawg im so happy 😣 covers hard asf making me wanna start Tse
Retweeted by Bam²⁵The 4 best things I’ve read this year
Retweeted by Bam²⁵These 100%
Retweeted by Bam²⁵What series you defending like this?
Retweeted by Bam²⁵I would say mashima series but honestly 9 times out of 10 it's not worth it at all as they're illiterate dense mfs…
Retweeted by Bam²⁵How can I not defend peak?
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Jojo and YYH
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Gintama , Dorohedoro , Fushigi Yuugi , Burning Kabaddi , jojo , one piece , MHA , Dr.Stone
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Black Clover and Bleach need people to put some respect on peak 😤
Retweeted by Bam²⁵4 Best Things I've Read This Year
Retweeted by Bam²⁵
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Black Clover
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Samurai champloo. When I die I will come back if someone even has the thought of slandering it
Retweeted by Bam²⁵
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Peak Clover
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Samurai Champloo, Dr Stone and Kateyo Hitman Reborn
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @MachinaMakerr Earned that follow w immaculate taste
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @red_deity Seen ft for my first binged anime and love it and its entiretyJigokuraku defending that shit till I draw my last breath
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @NameIessReaper Beautiful series @_TP23 Went off imoI’ll defend HxH until the day I die
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Retweeted by Bam²⁵Naruto 😩
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Dorohedoro
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @fang1rl_trash Pretty and got good tasteNaruto every time! I won’t have y’all slandering my boy’s show like that
Retweeted by Bam²⁵No TOG, Bleach, Naruto, JoJo, OP, and Fire Force slandered allowed @RedLightning420 Im def u like dat fr @KatanaBroken Crazy how u named 3 of my top 6 and my first anime 😭😭😭 @dancermeech Tyy broo, and i missed u🥺One piece and dragon maid tbf
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @OneEyedToman Dang we finna fight den @Deo_Cash The best fr @dancermeech All gas @Isaiahzayzay171 Kiss when @evanklele TALK TO THEMthe only series that has khun agüero agnes
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Naruto and One Piece 💯
Retweeted by Bam²⁵Fire Force and Attack on Titan
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @Pr1ncehaleem4KT In tired of hearing his voice @Thevissionaryyy ZenithBlack Clover and Fire Force
Retweeted by Bam²⁵ @Pr1ncehaleem4KT Sorry to hear you listen to that french guy @AlderDSBlue Both in my top 12 fireWhat series you defending like this?
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