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Didier Socks @the__DAW Harrogate, North Yorkshire

The emphasis is on coping.

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Live tweeting my change of mind. You're welcome.Sod it, I've missed so much #Strictly lately, think I'll pass. Consistent with my apparently 'all or nothing' approach to life' anyway.Just watched 'You Were Never Really Here' which has set me up nicely for #StrictlyMy greatest achievement over the past ten years.Successfully putting these together made me go "I'm the fucking daddy", in a Noo Yawk accent.
All the Sheeran.Don't You Want Me by Ed Sheeran. up, irritated, conflicted, confused... Still, 500 emails eh?Considering cancelling the leave I booked for Friday 13th. Do I really want to stay up and risk repeating June 2016's evolving nightmare?Also, the election is depressing me.My head is now 500 emails lighter.Thought it was the election that was depressing me but it was actually the lack of housekeeping action at work instead.
So pumped for visit to massive Scandinavian flat pack warehouse.
You're not welcome, Matt.
Stepped in a puddle right up to my ankle, I'll be back again tomorrow.
I am well up for this., and the world laughs with you; weep, and for fuck’s sake make up your mind, you were laughing a minute ago.
Retweeted by Didier SocksI once had a drumming lesson at school, so I think that makes me second greatest.Wiki says: David Roach (saxophonist)'s taken me nearly a fortnight but I have now finally managed to nut the cooker hood for a third time.I applaud this refreshing, honest approach to the Conservative election campaign.
Retweeted by Didier SocksThe doctored video shows how there are literally no rules in this election. Same as in the EU ref, say what you lik…
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Wasting too much time trying to articulate my loathing of Matt Hancock, so let's just go with 'twat'. #twat#WhenWasThings is now in its third week. It's a bit like if We Didn't Start the Fire didn't rhyme. Every Monday mor…
Retweeted by Didier Socks @WhenIsBirths Birth control, Ho Chi Minh, Richard Nixon, When Was Things...Bridgen appears to be one of the few people yet to work Rees-Mogg out but I guess he prefers that.*gaffe* #lolz
@BBC6Music @oscjerome @tom_ravenscroft @shaunwkeaveny It's @Wasuremonomusic it is.No one has done more damage to the remain cause than Jeremy Corbyn, not even Farage, Johnson or Gove. Throughout th…
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Confusing Randolph Scott with Randolph Duke. What AM I like?Christmas is cumming. to broadcasters; Nigel Farage is not standing in this election, so any airtime you were thinking of giving him…
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Retweeted by Didier SocksBecause we’re 1 of the World’s wealthiest Nations. We can afford to live by the belief that you base the strength…
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Bollocks.Predicting a Villa win today, which if nothing else shows how much I'm enjoying this season. This squad with this m… other foodstuffs onto my shopping list because I'll feel weird just getting wine.
Born on this day 1966: former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
Retweeted by Didier SocksNigel Farage speaks in crayon.
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Treemendous. cleanser.'m going to miss John Bercow as Speaker. And what better way for him to go out than by obliterating the pitiful s…
Retweeted by Didier SocksI've never looked more like me.After five years of good second floor living, braced for trick or treaters for the first time since 2013. still struggling for a Halloween outfit may want to consider going as 'The Broken Dreams of a Pant Pissing B…
Retweeted by Didier SocksMaybe I've been lucky but only just now hearing my first fireworks of the season.Everything is calm. Increasing sense of relief and happiness. Wouldn't be surprised if a musical broke out. #BrexitRiotsLikely to continue for at least another two or three minutes. 'Til we leave. (The station not the EU.) #BrexitRiotsI mock but it's all kicking off at Leeds bus station. Buses missing, passengers arguing, driver copping an earful..… sign of unrest in Leeds but I did tell an email to fuck off. #BrexitRiotsCalm down, Henri!
For Homer. more true this week than it was last week.
Retweeted by Didier SocksHard to make many election predictions with confidence but the Brexiter vote will undoubtedly hinge upon whether th…
Retweeted by Didier SocksGiving the roll neck another run out today. It's just common sense.
Used to think this kit was horrible. I like it now. True story. Brexit. back to work for a rest to be honest. #lolzHuge congratulations to me for remembering to leave home five minutes earlier to catch the same bus I normally do.
@quantick Now My Bra Is Full. #moztitsChecking out the settings on the inherited washing machine. Eco programme taking longer than Brexit.How I listen to and enjoy music has changed considerably over the past 15 years or so. Not convinced it's for the better but there we are.Have also kept some Beck, Bright Eyes, Doves, Field Music but realised I wasn't going to listen to some of this stu… off to @MindMoortown also included plenty of Beck, Bright Eyes, Doves, Field Music...some of these with books/… really liked 'Vauxhall and I' but I can live without it.Actually 188 in the end but did include all the Smiths/Morrissey stuff I owned. Just can't listen to it anymore. It… right back atcha you racist bore
Retweeted by Didier SocksRemarkable considering there were 200 Scottish players playing every weekend in the first division, throughout the… posting photos again to completely make-over profile page pics. My Twitter is so seasonal right now. for a restorative walk through an autumnal wonderland today. Posting photos. Making my Twitter seasonal, see.
Dave Benson Phallus, more like. #cheersMight not put the clocks back. Fuck it. What’s the worst that can happen?
Retweeted by Didier SocksI'm a complete sucker for this sort of thing. night's alright for unpacking the boxes that have literally just been packed.Proper tough guys. #grrr, just before an hour or so of kicking, punching, crushing people's ears and farting, nobody wants to see a bit…
Retweeted by Didier SocksIncidentally, that’s 15 out of 15 for Newcastle. #BruceBall #Super6Top 6 teams by points scored: 1). Newcastle: 15 2). Brighton: 14 3). Leicester: 13 4). Chelsea: 12 5). Watford: 11… apologies to the new neighbours, probably good to know that the fire alarm works. #severaltimes @WhenIsBirths Missed this at the start of the week but great to see the new project up and running. Looking forward… up thinking about Leicester's 9-0 away win at Southampton. 9-0. Away. Staggering result.
@WSC_magazine Suspect this is just lads filmed playing football but at least it's authentic.Remember reading a piece in @WSC_magazine about how bland football scenes in tv and film were because they could ne… least I was on time...These fucking people. Just criminal. @Mexico86HQ An assist and a shirt. Great day.I mean, who doesn't enjoy being judged and patronised?The best bit is still to come. Back to the old flat at 1000, for the inspection!Spent the week preparing for and then moving, which we did yesterday. This is a new flat tweet.
The year is 2192. The British Prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No on…
Retweeted by Didier SocksJust had shredded wheat for the first time since 1986.
SUPERB! this later. It's going to kill me., yes you are. a diva.An extra £25. What the hell, I can earn that in a day.Probably should have gone with National Express though. Had so many unplanned expenses this month, thought 'sod it'…'s delayed but I'm not really upset by any of this. It's fine. Just passing the time.