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The emphasis is on coping.

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That was 2015/16 bad. #AVFCJokes on her though cos when Man U get a fourth, I'm going for a poo.K's just said that she doesn't understand how I can put up with another half an hour of this.In my defence, my head has been a bit foggy this week and also, I don't know what everyone's talking about.My carefully crafted minutes have been returned to me and are now 95% track-changes. It's an absolute blood bath.When putting on a new shirt, Cleverly also forgets to remove the coat hanger.
I don't know. @kfingleton What is Poland's problem?Jeremy Irvine moved on after being thrown in at the deep end. Pizza Express trending and immediately think of Prince Andrew. Impossible to separate. I keep forgetting they do pizzas. @kfingleton Poland v Peru in the 82 World Cup. Turning over at 0-0 because I was bored and then turning back in wha… from three assuming Norwich have already gone. My mind is telling me that we can take 6 points from Man U and P… West Ham to all but tie up survival tonight. By the time we play them, they'll have nothing to play for, so…
Can't believe I've stayed up 'til tomorrow again.And another thing... anxious moments Managing negative thoughts Learning about self #HaikuChallenge: Anxious #Haiku #VSSNot sure why Brighton are still being included in discussions about relegation. Might as well include Man City too.Starmer showing how easy it is to pose with a beer, like a normal person. Fagen interviews Ennio Morricone (Premiere mag, 1989)
Retweeted by Didier Socks"He upsets me as a man"
Fuck your stupid narrative that theatres are just plays and musicals. Fuck your refusal to see well-supported cultu…
Retweeted by Didier SocksMy feeling is that we will be relegated but I can't believe that we wouldn't win at least one game after restart...Stupid hope. #AVFCLots of positives today but we're running out of games. Biggest plus is that the goal difference didn't take too much of a battering. #AVFCJust paid £15 to watch a thumping by Liverpool, a professional dismantling by Man U and a catastrophic defeat again… @skippyhopper Strange that isn't it...?The hills are alive with the sound of mutants. know I'm a bit slow but I'm annoyed that I hadn't picked up on the staring-me-in-the-face-obviousness of what Wes… into the abyss sounds more fun than staring into it. West has left himself an awful lot of work to do.
@Steve_jenk I'll have a word!Watching John Barnes make a fruit crumble. @mrjamesob Common sense innit.Happy Independence Day, lads:
Retweeted by Didier SocksBless him. @IanDunt But don't you see? Coronavirus is hilarious! #lolzThe messaging from the Tories throughout this pandemic has been utterly irresponsible. No connection with reality.Gosh, hope only ex-forces types go to the pub today or #SuperSaturday could be carnage.
@watsoncomedian Looking forward to seeing news footage of people in the pub complaining about all the people in the pub. @robgrew Would get no argument from me but even by 2020 standards might be a stretch. @robgrew I do love The Bends but the title track has always left me cold. Did really like that first Muse album too… Radiohead's Glastonbury set from 1997 and K and I have decided to agree to disagree over 'The Bends'.If listing favourite records from 1993 after hearing later releases, the top three would be: 1) Blur - Modern Life… @RichardS7370 In 1993, I was mostly listening to: 1) Blur - Modern Life Is Rubbish 2) St Etienne - So Tough 3) James - Laid @campbellclaret It's terribly depressing. He appears to be shrinking further with every response."My view can be summed up in the saying "enjoy summer safely"". Brilliant @BorisJohnson Clear as mud. #DailyBriefingUKPeople should know about Professor Karol Sikora. He has transformed into something of an NHS advocate of late. He h…
Retweeted by Didier Socks @campbellclaret The worst super-hero. @mrjamesob It was clear that Johnson would be a disaster but the real kicker is that he's so much worse.The key as ever, is to work with the contours. Don't fight them - you'll lose.Just spent an extra couple of minutes in the bathroom, moulding old soap onto new.
There's a reason you didn't challenge Starkey's comments. Own it. is really difficult. Looking back at any interview you regret things you said or didn't say - but that…
Retweeted by Didier SocksThis dog is posing like every '90s Britpop star.
Retweeted by Didier Socks @tonkerthomas @EOTR That's the power of great photography.I never take photos at gigs because they're always terrible, unlike this awesome shot I took of Sufjan Stevens head… - Today we join the call upon the government to give urgent financial support to the music sector…
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It's lost none of its magic and Toby Jones' performance kills me but such an uplifting story. Going to bed happy. #MarvellousRemembering #Marvellous when a single line of dialogue saw me switch from floods of tears to howling with laughter.… seeing Matthäus here in a shirt and tie, trousers and sensible work shoes. Johnson is a whoopee cushion. @mrjamesob Johnson's weekly flourish at the end of #PMQs when there are no further questions from Starmer fools no-…
Mos doesn't care! put a jumper on. Not gonna lie - it feels pretty good.
Delighted to confirm that I'm not hallucinating Wayne Rooney. @Flying_Inside @michaelglasper They've edited out the camp bed. @sturdyAlex Even worse - it's a stunt double.Couple of giraffes up front would sort it. #AVFC #AVLWOLAbsolutely this. I was completely caught flat-footed when I first watched it. Haven't found the emotional strength… reckon Arthur Mathews has a pretty good idea how Johnny Marr feels.
Retweeted by Didier SocksUnfollowed Linehan years ago when he kept flouncing off Twitter only to rejoin shortly afterwards. Not the worst th… tribute to a tribute band. When will the Madness end? have nothing to play for now, so that should make things a little easier. #AVFC
@sportingintel What about winning a World Cup final?A Cock and Bull Story. an imprint on the ceiling when this went in. Not even exaggerating. @SimonWardy75 @Brumpic Very fond memories!1998 The Divine Comedy Bob Dylan Sonic Youth Tony Bennett #Sunday*yes* Bartons Arms The Old Joint Stock @Brumpic The Autumn Store The Barfly Beyond The Tracks Festival (that one time) The Glee Club The Jewellery Quarte… of sad @MattHancock denied cheerily announcing that only 186 people have died, that coronavirus is in retr… @Mexico86HQ Yep, runners-up to Liverpool... Venglos was a risk but we'll always have the 2-0 UEFA Cup home leg win… he stayed for another season after 1990, felt miraculous.My favourite Villa player. That spin and volley in the last minute of extra time was an absolute moment. #AVFC Killers.
Not sure Cummings and Johnson are into Deacon Blue!! going to make a Deacon Blue joke but having checked, the album I was thinking of isn't called 'Hard Rain', so n… Barratt. that the legendary Villa teams of 15/16 would have tested this.Wonder what the previous lowest number of touches was? No matter how useless, thought this would always be comforta…'m no longer shocked at how this government or Trump behave but this has blown my mind. "I’ve got a smooth chest with a ring of hairs round each nipple. And a thin line that sort of builds tow… more so today. fave is Luton's Tony Grealish menacingly leaning into the camera like he's told you 'you'll like this' and…
I say 'one', I meant 'either'. miss pubs and coffee shops. It'll be months before I visit one though.Letting things drift is not a plan.You haven't done a thing. been told "no-one's going to look at the archiving". is like a fan who changes his name to DONALD TRUMP and goes to all the gigs without a ticket because he met…
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