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Father, Husband, Reader, Gamer, Gardener, Dwarven Bard. Fluent in Classical Geek. He/Him. WARNING: I pun a lot. Avatar by @immortanjill

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@pontelon Bemused tolerance mixed with swats to the nose if he tries to sniff his butt.In revenge for the theft of the cathouse, Terry has taken over the dogbed. has taken over the ground floor of the cat’s playhouse. know there’s a lot of dialogue with regard to the new Animal Crossing, but has anyone thought about the fact that… sweet puppin’ boy. @zaralynda You have so much knowledge and experience with bikes. I’d trust you to pick out a bike for me in a heart… @computerpaws Parcel delivery instructions are going to get really specific and really awkward.He followed me into the bathroom and immediately fell asleep on my pants. I’m stuck now, please send help.
When I can't sleep, I pretend I am a warm bean and cheese burrito.
Retweeted by Doc Webb into a new home is exhausting. figured out what breed he is: mabari. helping with chores. toy overboard! All is lost! @angiwyn We think there might be some mastiff in there.Humans fighting skeletons is just an extreme version of shirts vs. skins.
Retweeted by Doc WebbFor your viewing pleasure, I submit 1 (one) very good Bomba. mom’s reaction when I sent her some pictures: is 9 weeks old and was found on the side of a highway. We adopted him through the rescue that picked him up from… you all remember that thing I was excited about yesterday but didn’t want to jinx? It worked out. Meet Bomba… @Kolrath Curse is actually my favorite out of the series, but if I’m dreaming, why not start from the beginning and get the trilogy!Spider gas, spider gas... @karenyhan ...almost certainly played by Anjelica Houston, I would think. @HoodieThirteen @_Rades @soetzufit I keep thinking about this tweet for some reason, with The Final Pam’s voice goi… Our... Guest(Star) Secret of Monkey Island, directed by Taika Waititi, starring Tom Holland as Guybrush, Tessa Thompson as Governo… @soetzufit
@HoodieThirteen @_Rades @soetzufit I highly recommend laminating it if you can — I was able to write all over mine… @_Rades @HoodieThirteen @soetzufit He does! Sorry, was away from phone, but he’s the one who made the map I bought and used too! @HoodieThirteen @soetzufit Ravenloft is infamously hard to map because the mists swap everything around, but I’m su… my god you all I am so excited about something but I can’t really say what because I don’t want to jinx it. 😬 H… @immortanjill When people aren't having fun unless they succeed at every roll. The vast majority of my favorite gam… had a giant laminated map printed for #RollcallForInitiative, so things have spun completely out of control at th… 8 of #TheZoneCast’s Graduation arc is by far the best one yet. Goofs and dungeoncrawling abound. If you’d b… @GailSimone just a FEW MORE MINUTES, you’ll hit that next milestone, but by then you have something else un… @GailSimone 4X games like Civilization or Stellaris (my personal go-to right now) are called “One More Turn” games… place: @pontelon Oooo, nice! Thanks! @Speros I have not, but I will!Got this idea from Reddit as a fun way to give an in-character map with annotations to my players.…
Luuuuuumps! Rubbery luuuuuuuumps! @ca_london Jeez, I already told you: when I borrowed lunch money from you in 4th grade, I thought you were kidding about the interest rates!This game is AMAZING. If you have a Switch and haven’t nabbed it yet, this is a great price. @HoodieThirteen Oh my god, I met the purple kid. He’s like a pervy Steven Universe @_Rades Hey, just wanted to give you an OOC heads up about FL — now that the Feast is over, the Lady in Lilac card… love this game. #FallenLondon completeness’s sake: @pontelon Thanks Dee! It was really fun to try — I’ve never attempted a pattern like this.Yes, hello. I’ve had a headache for the past five hours. I would like to speak to today’s manager.Presenting the Seeker of Names, changeling warlock of Hyrsam. #RollcallForInitiative #WebbPaints along!
2020“I can paint a harlequin motley, I said! No problem, I said!” #WebbPaints seems fishy about this guy... @gloriaboboria Oof. I hope its something else. Feel better ASAP! @altf4gamers Dang, dude, I’d do one of these, but it would be the exact same as yours. @benpartridge @beefanddairy Thank you very much! Again, fantastic job to all involved. @benpartridge Beautiful show on this week’s @beefanddairy. Absolutely hilarious. If it’s okay to ask, how much of y… @Jasyla_ Legitimately had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t somehow already April Fools’ Day. @altf4gamers That is such a pain — I’m so sorry! @pontelon buy a super heavy wrought iron mouse to game with so I can get swole while I get gud
Retweeted by Doc Webb @computerpaws That must be it. Thank you!Is All Might SUPPOSED to look terrifying, or is that just me? That smile is creepy as hell. @HoodieThirteen M’lady... @HoodieThirteen (And I mean “has a thing” as in a quirk, not a kink.) @HoodieThirteen First episode has a crowd of people taking pictures of a giant woman’s ass while chanting “MONEY SH… was talking about how they spent their childhood 100% sure they were going to die in quicksand? Was that one of you folks?So I started watching My Hero Academia tonight and... I guess it’s like Xanth but for superheroes? Almost everyone has a thing?
Raylan Gibbons @pontelon ...Final Fantasy Tactics? @Speros Is it... *flips through dad manual* ...the carborundum? @Speros Oh no!📐 🙆‍♂️ @HoodieThirteen "Plan Bee" killed me.
You all remember that scene in Kentucky Route Zero where you don't want to click on the thing, but the game slowly… many adventurers does it take to change a light bulb? All of them, never split the friggin' party. #DnD #RPG #TTRPG
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I often doodle quick sketches of the winners from our #Superfight games. This one from tonight might be my favorite… mom just referenced “hipsters”, and, when asked what a hipster was, she replied “a jaunty fellow who does hip-hop”.Beautiful demonstration of the body flowing in sync with music grace & skill 😍 Mesmerising to watch this gravity…
Retweeted by Doc Webb @appleciderwitch I have a tween, and we use the same account. Our suggested list is BANANAS. @pontelon ...Yes. >_> @pontelon Yes, or Fred (which was his name before we adopted him and, to be fair, the name we knew him by for years at the hospital). @pontelon Dammit, “Scratchett” is funnier though“WHERE IS WIZARD HUT?!” anyone tried the console editions of Kentucky Route Zero? How’s the text size?I love sharing #HuntForTheWilderpeople with people, but there is a point about twenty minutes in when people get ve… @pontelon Well, we can't expect too much. They are a small indie studio with limited resources, after all.
@pontelon I agree with your point that the streamlining/balancing of priests across races REALLY was a loss of lore. @pontelon No, the one where they are attacking Gilneas. I liked the pre-cata stuff too, but I thought the revamped… @pontelon Post-Cata forsaken storyline was GREAT. @pontelon I didn’t want to say anything, but my memories of WoW are that (gameplay experience-wise) it consistently… to tip, it’s just like Keanu! @pontelon This was a hell of a ride @pontelon You gonna do this thing?i got to design the display at work today, hope my boss likes them 🥰☺️
Retweeted by Doc WebbI cranked this out at an alarming rate because I'm not over #SonicMovie
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