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Deacon Blues @The_Jak_Life Montebello-Los Angeles

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.” -Hunter S. Thompson

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@SpeakerPelosi Bailing out Billionaires is not doing that fuck off.Can we crowdfund this man’s retirement please
Retweeted by Deacon BluesJoe Biden choosing a Blue Cross Blue Shield heiress to be his VP has a certain poetry to it
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @AngryBlackLady She sold out all progressives by not endorsing Bernie and you want this snake back in?Read. This thread is the best. @Tomas_R6 And people ask me, "why don't you play ranked this season?" the cheating problem is the worst I have seen… years ago they were cutting taxes for the rich, deregulating Wall Street, despising gay people, waging illega…
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @sahouraxo But how he gonna pay for that? #MSM question of the day.But how he gonna pay for that? @AlexJayBrady That looks like top quality flower I hope it treated you well!Here's another one for the Biden apologists.
Retweeted by Deacon BluesMedian hourly wages: —Food preppers $10.22 —Food servers $10.43 —Home health aides $11.63 —Packagers $11.82 —Agric…
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @JoyAnnReid If that were true you wouldn't a be Neoliberal who sides with the people who got the Iraq War wrong. Oh wait. @violetsaucy Feeling attacked... I'm just tryna go fast. @Galadriex God dammit now I can't unsee it.thanks kelly any stock tips?
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @thediegocrespo I loved the ideas that movie presented so much. I coukd watch snake surf across the LA River all day.why is this being treated as a feel good story? a woman felt the need to sacrifice herself because our healthcare s…
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @SpeakerPelosi It was a corporate bailout you fucking hack. @Alyssa_Milano Look at one the heads of #MeToo movement being a rapist apologist. @ewarren Like you did when you endorsed someone who was aligned to you policy wise? You are craven politcal hack wi… is completely unacceptable that Jeff Bezos and ⁦@amazon⁩ fire organizers instead of protecting workers from…
Retweeted by Deacon BluesSo nothing happened with that insider trading stuff???
Retweeted by Deacon BluesWoke up with 10 Years by Led Zeppelin stuck in my head. This is a sign from the heavens to finally become a bard. @thediegocrespo The surfing scene doe was pure cinemaImagine in 2020 people on the left coming up with excuses for sexual assault. #BidenBros #Biden2020
@blackwomenviews I guess we all turn into rape apologists or just ignore women when it's about Biden.It would be pretty amazing if even ONE of the actors who became a multi-MULTI-millionaires would give a little some…
Retweeted by Deacon BluesThis is absolutely disgusting. Many developers I know for a fact are forced to work abysmal hours, give up thier ow… who criticise the democrats during this election are privileged & selfish. the important thing is to defea…
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @Alyssa_Milano So is leading the #MeToo movement and not saying anything about your candidate being accused of sexual assault. @Alyssa_Milano Your avi is literally you leading a #MeToo protest, have you still nothing to say about the very cre…
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @aquamarineyg @KarlMarxJunior @Alyssa_Milano @WhoopiGoldberg So because he has a political stance he can't do accur… @Alyssa_Milano @WhoopiGoldberg Bernie has nothing to apologize for, Alyssa. The bullshit here isn't coming from him.
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @violetsaucy Hope your doing well friend.Yeah, stop "exploiting" a health care crisis and global pandemic in which tens of thousands are dying in order to i…
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @JRubinBlogger What is your death toll from lying about the Iraq War? @thediegocrespo One big club and you ain't in it. @Byron Same but the goal is to get there at one point.Tutenkhamun's gold dagger and sheath. 3300 years old. Check out for more pics:
Retweeted by Deacon BluesSamurai of the Satsuma clan, 1863
Retweeted by Deacon BluesI know there is a lot of new players out there in the Siege world right now. So I'll give a little advice. One: D…’all irk meee 😂😂😂😂😂
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Retweeted by Deacon Blues @notaxation Oh how the mighty capitalists have fallen! @mehgerz Omg well look at you. @_imjustmaddy ????When you reinforce next to me in set up phase... @feelsradman I know your going through a dark spot right now but you got this friend.
Ok, my daughter sent me this photo and now I kinda wanna make one
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @AlexJayBrady @scrowder Drag em queen. @scrowder Is your dad still stopping you from getting trashed by Seder or what? @TSM_Merc tbh TCSG nerf is VERY welcomed on my end. fuck that gun
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Retweeted by Deacon BluesChuck E Cheese on Gunhill goes rogue and has zero fucks left to give
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @YetiiR6 This is just opportunity to shine as a Ying main now 😎Press F for the Buck mains. 🚫💣
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @FoxA_R6 Those TSG and Jaeger changes doe. Every entry fragger better run Ying apparently too lmao.An American manufacturing plant camouflaged under a fake neighborhood during WWII , 1944. See more photos here:…
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @Liz_Wheeler Umm yes its a medical procedure. A little more important then thoughts and prayers dumbass. @INTERRO Omg this patch @imluisgutierrez WHY NOT! IT TURNS BOYS INTO MEN! @imluisgutierrez Judging you for not playing the game I play anymore. 😤😤You ever pre-fire someone so hard you had to apologize for it?"When Joe Biden was "rapey" it was a different time." -Centrists
Retweeted by Deacon Bluesa perfectly cooked and well seasoned steak needs no sauce, none at all.
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @marktheshark902 Honestly Tru
Love this 🇨🇺♥️ #Cuba’s doctors heading to Andorra to help the country fight #coronavirus, were welcomed as heroes…
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @serinide Reported to Twitter. @Jacobknight_jk Yee lol from the when I was in the hospital in February @JRubinBlogger No that is you. @Jacobknight_jk Lol I read the comics already. Thamks for that @violetsaucy This is so cool of you. Props friend. @Jacobknight_jk I brought one of your books I believe the political one.Who knew getting chemo was so fucking boring.#MondayMotivation
Retweeted by Deacon BluesBecause it's freaking cool.
Retweeted by Deacon BluesThe new Defender is a lot of fun. Just need to work on my potato aim at the end. My lord. little ACE I got last night while high as a kite. When you feeling it, you feeling it. haven't had a pizza bagel in such a long time. BIG SAD. LIFE REVELATIONS HURT TOO MUCH. @violetsaucy I think I would fight just about anyone, on god, based upon how high I am for a pizza bagel right now. @sandyettevi @bigcaramellow This is why you are my people lmfao @kimmygrangerxxx OMFG! 🤣🤣 @violetsaucy holy cannoli Batman we living in a crazy time right now. @EsterrBunnyy Rough dude.A. E. Douglass, American astronomer and inventor of dendrochronology (tree-ring dating). More photos:…
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@sararosecodes @dannyodwyer The Outer Worlds one I am hyped for. @sararosecodes Lmao @Rob_readscomics But it's not confirmed if he can control space like storm can. So Storm.Remember, the richest 1% of Americans owns roughly half of the value of all shares of stock. When bankers and cor…
Retweeted by Deacon Blues @ChicagoMikeSD @BetoAngelMommas @MLCzone @J_fassler @BetoORourke God I pray you don't have children. @J_fassler Lie more in your articles buddy. @twrawson One big club. @RajjOfficial I feel you on the weed part.America, stay y’all asses in the house.
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Retweeted by Deacon BluesWhat I wish for all who believe in #QAnon is that they realize what the real blood sacrifice is.
Retweeted by Deacon BluesThe media HATES Bernie. Why? AT&T owns CNN. Comcast owns MSNBC. Disney owns ABC. Bernie wants to break up thos…
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