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The first Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont. Eisner, Ignatz, and Harvey award winner. Rock star, video game designer, wild berry picker.

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two bands I get mixed up are ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead and I Don't Know How But they Found MeHockey Monkey Mash on YouTube The Zamboni's and James Kochalka Superstar with Grammy winning producer Peter Katis.… Monkey Mash! Hockey Monkey is back, just in time to SAVE HALLOWEEN. By The Zambonis and James Kochalka Supe… GOOD MAN, the documentary about Matt Furie's Pepe the Frog being hijacked by the alt-right, premieres on PBS…
Retweeted by James KochalkaIt’s the perfect time for me to have six graphic novels coming out within six months! Two Johnny Boo books, Glork P… @yoks38 community youth theatre is great because it’s just for fun and the kids learn a lot of useful skills, but y…
My acting teacher told us to perform a dramatic monologue from any movie and I did mine from Austin Powers and no o…
Retweeted by James Kochalka @mike_daws I thought the water looked pretty. @petercoffin thank you so much! @boxbrown Have you tried the google translate phone app? You can just point it at the image and it translates in au… found the companion piece, lol. @CreativeBarrett Playing on Mac using @openemu @CreativeBarrett It’s so confusing because the American King’s Field ll is actually King’s Field lll so I’m unsure… @cmjmoroney @liamgriffin there’s lots of other Olympic sports that judge artistic expression in addition to athleticism, aren’t there? @CreativeBarrett I played King's Field ll last year and loved it! (Known as just King's Field in the USA.) It's a b… finished King's Field (Japan) the very first game by From Software.
@boxbrown Honestly it hurts more than completely shattering your arm bone at the wrist. But the pain doesn’t last as long.
Less Trump More Glork Glork Patrol on the Bad Planet out now. @joedecie I have never seen a line in person so I really don’t know! I’ve never had to wait. This year Vermont se… @joedecie Depends on where you live, then and now.Is there snow on top of Mt. Mansfield already or is it a trick of the light? @southworth I tired to rewatch DS9 but had to give up after a minute because it’s so low res. If only I had a good… @dcorsetto @KamEwing Yeah, I did this too. There is a tiny piece of metal inside the maybe as thin as a wire. @dcorsetto I replace them frequently... once I wore one down to the metal and try to avoid that now. I use a very t… @RyanOttley That is utterly amazing. I’ve played this game with my kids too, but you take it to a whole new level.
@thejtlewis who are you quoting when you put "random" in quotes? Randomly selected questioners would be awful, mos… @Voultar Either you have a video to share with us or you don't, right? Only you know! @sarahglidden Oh yeah, and I made a print on demand book through iphoto of a bunch of it as a Christmas present for my wife. @sarahglidden I saved almost all of it, and scanned most of it as well. Eventually they stop. @Christo70 Now they're everywhere! (Lots more bunnies and chipmunks too.)Every year there seems to be more wild turkeys than the year before. They’re doing great now! I never used to encou…
@marinaomi A friend of mine had long since given up writing when suddenly someone asked to publish his book of shor… The Ground - American Elf - October 15, 2020 @benjedwards probably Hollow Knight @benjedwards @RichardGarriott I'm sure it's cgi. Still very pleasurable to watch! @austinkleon Minecraft streamer “captainsparklez” (I had never heard of him) bought this spectacular 4.5 million do…
patrons can get an early sneak peak at my pencils for the cover to Glork Patrol Takes a Bath
5K GIVEAWAY! FOLLOW, RETWEET AND LIKE TO ENTER 10/19 - RT2X-MINI + Insurrection SNES/N64 S-Video Cable 10/26 - RT…
Retweeted by James Kochalka @reillyhadden on your Wii U?maybe I could go somewhere again some day, after the pandemic... got inspired by this painting, in which I see a Christmas stocking, the image and the color are. And a christmy y…
Retweeted by James KochalkaDon't wait, vote! Monkey Mash Coming soon from The Zambonis and James Kochalka Superstar. @TheZambonis @dmkoelle @ibogost They probably started building the second one before the first one was complete. @br4nd032 @kairyssdal @drewweing They’re not “rules” they’re laws. And they apply to everyone. Putting up an unoffi… @pegobry @MochaLite Considering Biden and Harris are both devout Christians...why would they scapegoat themselves? It doesn’t make sense.
@yolkpunk Yes. It's their very first game. King's Field is Japan only, and the American King's Kield is actually King's Field 2. @crissles Maybe a new PS5 or Xbox Series X. @yolkpunk I'm pretty sure that pic is from a pre-release verison of King's Field. It doesn't match any actual game.PSone graphics are totally different than N64 graphics. Completely different approaches to digitally producing an i… really love King's Field. I'm playing the Japanese PSOne game with an English patch. Look at this skeleton! He's… @yoks38 I try to ignore most of the important "business" emails I get, but I can't...or shouldn't. I just really wa… @br4nd032 @kairyssdal @drewweing The fact remains that fake ballot boxes is not how legal ballot harvesting is done in California. @br4nd032 @kairyssdal @drewweing Well, I think ballot harvesting is bad and California should have never legalized it. But okay. @clairecmc you didn't stop at the stop sign @ComicMama I am very moved to hear that. @kairyssdal @drewweing their argument is that it's legal "ballot harvesting" but actually that's not how ballot har… to teach the A.I. to paint like me, click "heart" and it will use my painting for inspiration #ArtForCaedmon know these days that my audience is mostly children, but Monkey Vs. Robot and The Exquistite Triumph of Wormboy a… incredible Hulk! you like my Glorkian Warrior or Glork Patrol books, or my Glorkian Warrior video game, or the Good Morning Glork… Kochalka books in six months (September to February.) Astounding! Outstanding! (Here are five of them)
A tree in my neighborhood. Looking good, tree dude! @letsgoayo Poems Laureate, actually. Even worse. @letsgoayo I knew something was wrong when they named their honorific position “Comics Laureate” and not “Cartoonis… one has any idea what I'm talking about @lyzl @boxbrown Trump has been farting a lot #fartingbigfoot #covidsymptoms @squidracerX Here we say the third a with long a, but the internet says a short a is correct. @cheryllynneaton A laureate is someone who is honored for outstanding creative or intellectual achievement. It is n…
I got an answer: “Thanks for reaching out about this! In Vermont we do not compare the signature on the envelope to… got an answer: “Thanks for reaching out about this! In Vermont we do not compare the signature on the envelope to… out of 3 Liebs give the new #GlorkianWarrior book 5 stars! Another homerun, @the_kochalka!!
Retweeted by James KochalkaSo what happens if the signature on your ballot envelope does not match your signature on record? I registered to v…
Quarantine is what you do when you don't know if you have it or not. Isolation is what you do when you know you have it.Trump should be in isolation. Obviously, some exceptions could be made for matters of grave importance, but not mee…'m giving a 2.5 minute talk today, presenting Banana Fox to a rotating audience at the virtual @NY_Comic_Con. So I… @invertistan I'd have to start over to know for sure, I couldn't even remember how to play when I started it up aga… taste Technology Excerpt from the brand new graphic novel included in my new book Monkey Vs. Robot The Comp… new human DJ in Fallout76 pronounces appalachia different than we do here, but I think they might be right @boxbrown It's just loveable characters and great acting, which goes a long LONG way. But it doesn't actually have good stories.congrats to my fellow Vermont laureate! @ImCaedmon very beautifulI love A.I. and A.I. loves me @ImCaedmon got inspired by this painting, in which I see a jack-o'-lantern, which can mean: A, I'm - in this art and my own.…
Retweeted by James Kochalka @boxbrown What is it?! A movie?
@mccreaman Even if you have the old version you should get it because this version includes a brand new 3rd full le… unboxing of 2020 Stir fry cabbage & carrot, fried rice, and pungent fermented bean curd. is how I do it. It seems to be the standard method. @noobde I'm not getting any sound from that clip you posted."I'm not going to waste my time" - lol, did Trump just concede the election one month early?She never reads my books, but I often catch my wife walking around the house humming my songs softly to herself. So… vs. #PenceEye @boxbrown @ZachWeiner It sounded like you were saying that what is hard is fitting the entire word balloon into a panel.This shot show’s Pence’s eye infection pretty well. Pink-eye is one symptom of Covid-19.’s fly was the opposite of Bernie’s bird. @boxbrown @ZachWeiner It’s easy in a big panel. And in small panels word balloons look better if they get cut off b… there’s a fly crawling on Pence’s head. It’s not leaving. It’s so gross. It’s like the opposite of Bernie’s bird. @lisahughesvt That’s what I was worried about.