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Ramblings of an alt-left, radio raised, demideity on caffine. Tweets on politics, toys, China, etc. Pro Writer, QUILTBAG, Catdad. Getting along fine. 他/Ta

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Please show me.. Post apocalyptic Cottagecore! @amandagaffeaday @Natephoenix83 So you should bethe new york times had a story up about jeffrey tobin jacking off on a conference call several hours faster than it…
Retweeted by Macula @Jupiter_Hadley You arenazi: *blows dog whistle* leftist: wow, that sounds like a dog whistle, an expression deliberately made to have pl…
Retweeted by Macula @kimmikillzombie @Jordamus_Prime It’s either leather heavy punk/fetishwear with cargo cult overtones, or greige one… send me some editing work. Usually the thing I charge most for, but happy to do a block for free just to ge… friends talking about the #warhammerbuttplug, and I kind of feel it’s getting towards group chat levels. @TrentTroop Chickens make a contribution, pigs make a commitment @gshowitt Surely some ork warboss, huge dakka in each fist raised in triumph, roaring “I OWN DA AZZ”HEY ARTISTS! Got a lead on a comics series gig... If you're into heavy metal, Jim Henson, and 1980s Japanese carto…
Retweeted by Macula @thebrainofchris And when you create new power that the powerful people don’t have? They use their power to take your power.How do you wake Lady Gaga up? if you don’t like how your job treats you you can just get a new one me: ok i want a new job capitali…
Retweeted by Macula @QueenStodge 你早了女士“Game industry veterans say crunch is necessary”
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@CHyphenD @lindevi (If your choices of inserts don’t add up to a full 360, it reveals the default danger track, and… @KnightsFearCrow @EricCrowbar *ah-fucken-hem*, when I can now pretend it’s cos I posted this at midnight. If you want to send something secret, ask… something for Halloween, I would really appreciate it. Doesn’t have to be something big, but maybe just a lit… I don’t do this, but.. I’m not having a good time. I’ve ‘sustained’ through covid, but am really at my tethers… @LeafTilde Not without nailing Andrew Eldridge to something... oh wait, that’s goth EasterOMG! Who did this?!?! Best 2 minutes of your day, week, month, maybe year. #WearAMask #SleepingBeauty #COVID19
Retweeted by Macula @Drac0_Rex @syvinnah @arkadycosplay Underrated responseStill looking for a rail racer from the UK for use as reference in a project (and also because I want one) If anyo…
Retweeted by Macula @CHyphenD @lindevi Spinners where you can collect different parts to change the likelihood and outcomes of possible spins...This game by Steve Dee of @tinstargames, is not only a first-rate satirical kneecapping of a deserving target, but…
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Bass Twitter. Reccomend some non floppy strings for BEAD tuning @Alienkittypaws new boyfriend toy... I thought you’d appreciate the alternative hands
@MichaelaOkla @Jordamus_Prime Pretty much. @MuscleSkoals @Hoeyboey @Jupiter_Hadley (He just doesn’t know it yet) @chrismcfeely @QueenStodge The only think I was at all diss appointed by was lack of non mounted vehicle weapon sto… @cyberdoctor42 Armada omega feels @danielhkwan @tama_thatsme Reach out to @xuetingni , for history, Wu/xianxia, and mythology
@ManticorePrime @Urluck_UR He googled one man one kup @SwittCraft @AzimVenksta Did you get the Vehicon flyer? @Sam_Makes_Toys @ChromeTyranno 2 and a run of black spray paint? @hobbitgay @tama_thatsme What? Did you run out of bacon? @bombsfall @NikumanDroid ..I was, dragged myself in in the afternoon, and he expected me to have prepared a report… @bombsfall @NikumanDroid Left me to organise an experiential campaign, which I did and got signed off.. He then cha… and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >🦴 @LotharHex火星 Netspeak: 火星文 (lit. Martian) 囧! @LotharHex It that font on that car, yes. Martini Race team. They apparently also own the 1 and 41 apparently. I’d… anyone else waiting for their TFP10 box sets to arrive? @LotharHex It’s a rights thing, but yeah. If you screw up like that, you better double your efforts to avoid it lat… @AjoeyVengeant Positivity, and you can block the hell out of me if it isn’t覆盖鼻子! Museum at Mile End is put on ‘heritage at risk’ register in danger of being lost
Retweeted by Macula @AjoeyVengeant can I get a quick follow back?
Retweeted by Macula🧲 ⭕️ think 2011’s Twins of brothers was the first #china mainland TV #Wuxia I was super impressed with. I mean, they’v… @theGlaug @cyberdoctor42 @MaiaFranklyn Honestly, after that you’d assume they would be ACTIVELY avoiding it. Just be glad it’s 86 and it 88Boosting especially to reboost @MxHarryBentley @theshavenraven“Kamala Khan sucks! Her religion is so forced in the comics! Like, superheroes don’t rely on their religion!!” Mea…
Retweeted by MaculaDoes anyone know any indigenous horror writers? I know a producer who is looking to develop a project.
Retweeted by MaculaOk.. if you loved #Avatar, loved #theuntamed,Legend of FuYao (all on YouTube right now),is so far up your street, i… @ARCTIC_ST0RM @BoopsmyBoops Especially since his last outing had some unfortunate Cybertronian. I guess the idea th… @MikeMcMahanTM @Tumerboy And how many lights do you get in a pack?Could they also urge men not to go around stabbing women please
Retweeted by Macula @Arm_of_Scrounge @grahamcaptures Daniel getting summoned by Unicron would have made a pretty interesting film @NathanWebb16 I did wear it with my plague mask last Halloween.. may need to revive the look @ellle_em Marshmallow @NathanWebb16 I got the visor hoodie last year. Decent poly fleece, and I’ll be living in it this winter. Even has a built in mask! @bigfinish .. the day ahead of them was the same as every other day they had, or would live, and that their grandpa… @NathanWebb16 Printed on low quality polyester. This is someone dropshipping them off of AliExpress, where you can…
@KaijuStealth I’d like to think the original did, but the commissioner chickened out when he saw it was all snakes. @Urluck_UR Shockingthis is probably the most relatable scene in all of star trek
Retweeted by Macula @LotharHex @BKilby Yes @Daley_Kong BINGO @CaptainAndyH @Skeletonizer Did we just find Fatima?If things get any worse, Boris might leave us for a younger country.
Retweeted by Macula @QueenStodge The real coup is that the figures are all in 80s broadcast resolution31 days of #ArthouseMuppets! Day #14: Beaker, The Count, and Rizzo the Rat in F. W. Murnau's NOSFERATU. Guest penci…
Retweeted by Macula @PaulWurgisnacht @MegaMekaLesbian @SixoTF I wouldn’t bank on those, Hasbro’s heavy push into China is really squeez… @PaulWurgisnacht @MegaMekaLesbian @SixoTF They’ll give us 3 Then the other two in another range, in different paint… @PaulWurgisnacht @MegaMekaLesbian @SixoTF I’m actually only after the Sla... trikerotops, but his mates are all bli… if you’d put garlic around her neck and a stake through her heart to make sure she never comes back
Retweeted by Macula @PaulWurgisnacht @MegaMekaLesbian @SixoTF I’m going to need to do a lot of gold chrominance aren’t I?
This is neat! I mailed my ballot in, but wanted to track it, and you can! #VOTE
Retweeted by Macula @glovestudios #1 DadOh god. Now my friends are sending me shit for @Alienkittypaws
*Cough cough*
Retweeted by Macula#whentweetscollide read! Retaining and fostering women in the games industry
Retweeted by MaculaOk, you do a stock photo shoot, and end up fronting a dronification campaign. Can we #findfatima and check she’s ac… @PaulWurgisnacht And yet Fatima needs to retrain in cyber?Vera’s next job could be in Cyber (she just doesn’t know it yet)
Retweeted by Macula @ithayla Yer gonna have to narrow it down a bit @zakiavelli_v2 I just found this gold
Retweeted by Macula+++ YOUR NEXT JOB +++ ++ COULD BE IN CYBER ++
Retweeted by MaculaLatest addition to the #Maculab courtesy of @ferret14uk! TRANSFORM AND SNUGGLE UP!