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Plymouth Argyle (A) Partnered twitch FIFA streamer and EA Game Changer. Forza Max Verstappen. Big Brother 2015. Inquiries:

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Joined Twitter 5/1/12 Any LW's about? @ImADuckQuackk Hazard won't edit himself haha. It's alright mate, 30 mins will be in the land of nod.If you know, you know. video
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermottBest community on twitch, facts. If I can keep my eyes open, OTW video out in a few hours. Absolute heroes 💚9 hours in, 783 sub train and it’s still kicking off in @the_pieface stream. Mental.
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermott100k Packs! train has gone mental! Time for the pack game to celebrate!
Bundesliga! for La Liga now! @DannyAaronsFUT League SBC Packs! @ReeceJayyy most is just spam shit I never delete them lol. @ReeceJayyy Nah mate, mum's been spending the voucher I gave her haha.The message every son wants to receive. Primes about? Opening this to start the stream. + Twitch Prime Packs = Early Stream Start 👀 is always good for your primes 👀 all, felt better today not going to lie. Hopefully some fresh content on FIFA today but I will be live on…
No worries lads, all the best. @crewealexcf We took 700 on a Tuesday night in “bad weather” and erm we didn’t lose 😎I think if I am honest that’s a fair result a game of two halves. I like Macclesfield as a club, good values. Hopef…😆
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermott @gary_bottomley All past of the fun mate haha. @coombes_jordon Basically the same thing mate, been there done that 😂Uncovered away terrace 😬 @HorizonJester @ChesnoidGaming Any welcome break are class. @ChesnoidGaming Cobham > Anything rose.Worst services in the country. Also for those wondering that is Rupert Bear, banana bus mascot, purchased at Port V… @Kyle_noble_193 Apparantly he’s a beast mate 👍🏻It’s going to be a loooooong day. @YuraanMedv Didn’t arrive in time mate.It’s going to be a looooong day. about an hours sleep. Lying here considering all the pain I will go through today and is it actually worth it.… @LdjB_ See you Wednesday bud. @ZerkaaHD In shocking and disturbing news only one. @ZerkaaHD 1 Frenkie and about 10 Barella 😂Boss stream tonight, chat was absolutely class thank you. Just remember OTW packs are very, very, very bad. Off to… 4 OTW Packs!, pain incoming. and Trance @FUTWIZMarko Baller, have a great one mate!
Content. @JRFIZZY You love to see it! @FootyLimbs @Only1Argyle @Castro1021 = Limbs.Ndombele about to turn into Prime Iniesta and get 6 IF's
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermott @KieronSFF @UniqueRiggers ooh forgot I had him! @John_Maca_MUFC Class mate.Been grinding the account all afternoon, live tonight on twitch at 10pm, absolute full send ahead!Any Hazard about., Aye! @MiaMalkova What is the ideal choice for a crisp sandwich? @AvBPhotography1 Thanks mate. @bateson87 Safe flight back Bates! @the_pieface just got this right after watching you get Primer Essien 🤯🤯
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermott @AntAnstead So many moments from last year I want to see too, cannot wait! @Geordie_Ash I believe it will be released at 6pm mate.So good I can't even explain. Anyone looking to get into F1 watch this, the first series is already on Netflix! If you missed my icon moments in a pack! @deaniocant Yeah you just connect your amazon mate then can select "sub with prime"What are we hoping for in the twitch prime pick an 86+ player maybe? Don’t forget if you do sign up to get it, you… @willne I’ve heard raid shadow legends is massive in Monaco.Also if you are awake, make sure to go and support my friend Liam. He is currently doing a 60 hour charity stream f… at 6am, sleep well my friends. @JoshuaBecroft ASM is a baller. GG's @M4tthewhall wasn't that half crazy!!! Will aim to have the video out on Youtube ASAP! See you again tomorrow for more carnage. @Leedickson20 Thanks mate. @annielouisescfc In shock news another error 😂 @maisen184 @ZerkaaHD Yeah 3 mil mate! @Mako @ZerkaaHD YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES @Avalanche100T @ZerkaaHD So buzzing mate. @ZerkaaHD Unreal limbs.
So Mr pack himself @ZerkaaHD raids and then BOOOOOOOOOOM Time! Sunday Chill. Apologies for the later start. in the next 10-15 mins! Apologies for the slightly later start, not been able to sleep and it’s doing my nut in.You should go to one with that grammar. tonight after 10pm, packs, weekend league and all that FIFA stuffs. @MattHDGamer I know you are a champion for it mate, would absolutely love to see every moments icon get one!I would counter that with actually it’s the people that don’t spend money right? You can grind rewards and trade to… @jase2511 Go on lad!Shame we rarely get any Sunday content on FIFA, my guess would be a player SBC. When it comes to repeatable it's us… prefer the term Spurs enthusiast. might have celebrated that goal 👀Mums not too happy I’m putting her TV too good use 😂 has to be a penalty surely.Went 4-2 down and from the 60th minute he tried playing it around the back, scored 90th and won on pens, cheers the… be like. least I’m allowed near schools. melt. 99% of fans on here love the grief given between fans. Let’s face it if Crewe won they would be givi…
Good fucking vibes. See you tomorrow 💚 @CFCKy_ Of course not, but it’s ironic your mocking me for not leaving the house yet you literally scream the same thing yourself. @CFCKy_ Could be worse mate, could be sat on twitter on a Saturday night with a footballer for a profile picture, well done. @georgeeholmess Securing the bag 💷 @georgeeholmess 2-1 lol. @liamatkinson25 @MrTodd91 @crewealexcf 200 odd away 2nd v 4th embarrassingWhen you don’t travel, don’t expect things to go for you. Imagine bottling a lead and missing an open goal in the s… GREEEEEEEENS