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Plymouth Argyle (A) Partnered twitch FIFA streamer and EA Game Changer. Forza Max Verstappen. Big Brother 2015. Inquiries:

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@KingLangpard Thanks mate 👍🏻Great stream thanks for hanging out, see you again tomorrow!
Switching it up to some FM! Open Lobbies & Late Night FM! on twitch again tonight. Few F1 lobbies and some late night FM is on the cards, not long now until we’re ripping the packs.All hail Lord Goalinton.2020 Formula 1 team liveries redesigned as football kits A thread #F1
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@CurtisMorton @AJ3 @NKMunday Girls Alouds version of teenage dirtbag is an away day favourite. @_SamBarker_ Literally was the only option I could click at the time mate.Get yourself some early access or something, missing digit at the end of each one, cheers for following. Xbox - KC… of late night gift cards going on the timeline, eyes peeled followers 👀Being a FIFA content creator is like running a ski slope in 40 degree sun, but when the winter comes back around it… no stream tonight, will be back tomorrow as it's @Rees91J birthday so he will be joining us on stream and… @AprilMcdermott_ @CapgunTom W. @lclembo29 Her chocolate orange brownies are next level!My sister has started making bespoke cakes over on Instagram and would massively appreciate it if you could go drop… Monday night stream, thanks for chilling out. Big love to @hashtagutd for the raid, congrats again for today, madness 👏🏻
We are live on twitch. Start of season 8 in the Prem and a big one at that! days, like waiting for Xmas this. confirm I will be live tonight. Feeling a monster FM Session a huge season 8 ahead in the Prem can we finally b… @KyleGatfield97 I like him too mate, very well spoken @LucasMcEgg I hope enjoy visiting craft fairs but that's your future Saturdays.Good 8/10. Value city with the smoothie although would prefer different crisps due to access issues on the go. @Exploding_Heads @hashtagutd @SpencerOwen The MK Dons part 😂 @Adamwest04 @Your_Fut_Card Smart mate 😍 @wtf1official When it isn’t on.Can confirm poo came out. seen something which looked like it had come from a tropical island in the house, thank you @Rees91J for comin…
Super Chill Sunday. Plymouth in the Prem Season 7/8 (Episode 23) Chill Sunday inc, FM and football chat, its been a busy weekend. @Twaz68 Mate I need to get this done 😂 @Demetriiuz Roll on 21 mate!Hopefully everyone has had a good weekend, 10 more days and FIFA 21 is here! Not going to lie it's been a long week…’d rather have my Nan in goal than Kepa.I’ve seen Lamptey play twice and he just screams quality.After all these goals announce Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0.Game is gone. 2020 you’ve claimed it all.Southampton have literally imploded, always good to see Spurs do well.
Nah on a real I’m just messing, bits are not free and never will be, but some free FIFA Points and copies of 21 com… @0161ppr I’m sober mate just a bit of banter 😂*Only on days ending in the letter W.One key thing to remember in life, bits are free. @fut_fg Noble hero, might even be able to sort you a discount 👀Some sensational strikes in the @EFL today! 😍 These were our favourites, but which was yours? 👇 #EFLonQuest #EFL
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermottThat’s an absolutely awful penalty decision, DDG justice.Bale. Is. Back. Welcome home, @GarethBale11 😍 #BaleIsBack ⚪️ #COYS
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermottHard to time waste when your 3-0 down at half time eh 😅 thing is for sure, I just wasn't sure how I would handle not going but my lord that was mad. Football (for now) is certainly back. #pafcYEEEEEES LETS FUCKING GO @_AndyDavies @MGritton @goALradio Cheers mate 👍🏻Hopefully we can come back into the game, it’s just always slightly worrying being on edge when teams are coming at… have SEVERE defensive problems. Can't do a whole season like this. @kevinlowe12345 Funny thing is I legit thought it was too 😂Holy shit was a finish, cmoooon!Lol.OH GEORGEY BOY!! #pafc 0-1
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermottWhat a fucking finish Cooper, yes boys!Wild Friday night stream, cheers for the love. Day off today some chill out is needed, see you again Sunday!
Friday Night FM! @BestOfUKComedy @LuceFord_That Peter Kay Thing - Keith Lard
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermott @JumboAsh Just shit mate, i don’t like many things but when there’s no FIFA, football, it’s hard to play cards etc starts to get tilting.Hopefully not to many months before Friday actually feels like Friday. Fuck me this COVID shit is depressing.Friday night FM later on tonight, absolute tilt session last night but we are out of the drop zone and the January… @Joeedwards10 Got three specific Argyle ones down Hyde Park, good price, really good quality and turnaround time.Quality late night stream folks, last time I take signing advice from Phil. On the positive at least we aint bottom…
Nein. it's so late. FM Argyle in the Prem for the difficult second album. Live if anyone wants to come chill @afctommm Appreciate it bud, cheers.Late Night FM soon, apologies it’s a later one today I wasn’t sure if I was going to be streaming, going forward on… @ooCLANoo @redm4tt Swear this man runs better than Bolt.Retweet this tweet and follow us (@wtf1official) for a chance to win these @Puma SpeedCat Pro boots hand signed by…
Retweeted by Jack 'Pie' McDermott @Marshall89HD Good GIF 😂 @_SamBarker_ Oh mate as a kid I was all over it. Now it’s just fucking tilting 😂To the group of kids who constantly cherry knock on my fucking door, I will find you. @JasonPh08704902 No mate, got a mortgage but had to put a bit down due to past stuff etc. @BudoMonkHD Get driving them ubers mate.If you missed it I uploaded this morning, appropriate the responses of people on this one, cheers! days ;)We have a new Twitter because somebody decided to report the old one. Everyone follow this one please @TheVFL_
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Switching up to FM for Season 7. Going through yesterdays youth pick ups!!! F1 Xbox Open Lobbies & Late Night FM! @QuickStopHicks Jesus, cheers mate.Evening all, hoping to be live a little later on tonight. If we stream it's likely to be some F1 and then late night Football Manager. @LetsGiveItASpin Get in there you big dossers.Q and A will be out tomorrow morning, few jokey questions and a few with some very honest and open answers, hopeful… @OfficialPDC Go on the boy @GezzypriceI’m coming for you Ramsay. late one, 14 days and FIFA 21 is here. Cannot fucking wait. @__Rxss @notjoelol oh. @NabySZN_
Late Night FM! Plymouth in the Prem! (Season 6 Episode 19) dear Argyle, focus on the league though minor positive. Late night FM live shortly more Plymouth in the Prem wit… night FM Stream on the cards tonight, schedule will be very choppy with the final 2 weeks before another 10 mo… those Greens 😍 @ArgyleVoodoo happy birthday mate may the football gods reply with a win. @mattymullins21 @ooCLANoo @OfficialPDC @spraggy