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partiboi69's wine is just gamer boy bath water
Retweeted by full_stack @sysadminvb this might be the first precooked frozen food I've ever wanted to purchaseOh, when Karens take a walk with their dogs off leash in the famous Bramble in NY’s Central Park, where it is clear…
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Retweeted by full_stackOmar-S has a new album on the way
Retweeted by full_stackThis is what bounce houses looked like before the poison of modernism
Retweeted by full_stackit wouldn't be a proper memorial day without honoring this brave and selfless soldier ❤️🤍💙
Retweeted by full_stackgonna keep track this time around like i wanted to last year. am i missing anything of significance
Retweeted by full_stackI'm NOT a slut I'm just celibacy challenged
Dated a guy in a frat who had a playlist entitled “if girls show up”
Retweeted by full_stackYou can violate the 1907 Hague Convention Prohibition on dropping projectiles and explosives from balloons (XIV) in…
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Retweeted by full_stackOBAMAGATE!
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@arabthot formative
Retweeted by full_stackYou people keep tweeting out maps that are wildly inaccurate, so I'm here to set the record straight
Retweeted by full_stackworking on an album at the perfect time
Retweeted by full_stackHOW DO YOU SPELL LEEDS? TWO E'S AND LSD !!
Retweeted by full_stack @theonetruebeast loveworking hard to perfect my direct neural uplink mechanism so I can compose acid sequences on my 303 straight out of my brain
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tom nook has been arrested
Retweeted by full_stack @LSDX500 @VandireFGC yaaaaayToday in ‘triumphs of the human spirit’ I’d like to submit Hostas Sprouting Through Asphalt.
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@auxcorddj did you know she wrote poetry and it's BAD @sysadminvb overwatch is the fisher price version of tf2 but it's still pretty good. I also really enjoy dota underlords for some reason
this is 50% luck 0% skill 0% concentrated power of will 0% pleasure 50% pain and 100% the fact that marth is my main
Retweeted by full_stackI would be totally down to have one of the yeerks from animorphs assume control of my body if it could just let me… we reopen, the little mermaid will be able to say fuck
Retweeted by full_stack“Alpha has been redefined.”
Retweeted by full_stack @sysadminvb been using the same one for most of a decade but my phone is on vibrate >99% of the timeive been dressing like relaxed fit adam sandler for 2 months straight
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been watching a lot of UFC lately and while it's entertaining, these guys aren't abusing ASDI down nearly enough. i…
Retweeted by full_stackI just discovered the greatest house listing of all time. It starts out very unassuming and modest.
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You can violate article 3 of the 4th Geneva Convention (civilians must be treated humanely) in Untitled Goose Game.
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Retweeted by full_stackHere it is, the defining text of the millennial generation:
Retweeted by full_stackyou code 16 lines, what do you get? another day older and deeper in debtreading smut on medium is my passion, my one reprieve in life[bpd woman]: i will fix you [me, inputting various slurs into a casio keyboard]: you will not
Retweeted by full_stackgoogling "why can't i sleep on the floor", getting really into floor sleep subgroups like carpet sleepers, hardwood…
Retweeted by full_stack @ssbmhax time to lab my TDI for every hit in the gameThrough the use of multiple physics exploits, the player on the receiving end of a high knockback attack can cause…
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When u take DayQuil & NyQuil at same time
Retweeted by full_stacklena dunham just lied on tv by saying the “one time she did poppers” it “made her eat a whole cheesecake” that’s not how it works girl what
Retweeted by full_stackOn the move...
Retweeted by full_stackNew music this week 👌🏾👌🏾 lockedd tf in
Retweeted by full_stackseeing how many Eno albums I can play at minimum volume during quarantine for my parents without them noticing, currently 3 deepThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild 100%, in Under 24 Hours! WE DID IT!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Retweeted by full_stacknot liking little caesars is purely psychological n possibly classist
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Retweeted by full_stackMe and @ErisDrew are doing our @T4TLUVNRG Forest Throwdown part 2 from our cabin home at 2pm EST. You can watch on…
Retweeted by full_stack @rxdazn no but I hope to :')
Retweeted by full_stacki dont respect the cowboy life style any more and if you are doing cowboy shit you might as well be wearing a clowns outfit
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You can violate article 21 of the 3rd Geneva Convention (restriction of liberty of movement for prisoners) in Pokem…
Retweeted by full_stackhow can I care react but irlStream this...
Retweeted by full_stackI collect da donations!! I delete a social medias !! Ohhh!!
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If you’re saying #RIPCapitalism you might as well say #RIPAmerica.
Retweeted by full_stackI miss the sight of a Juul being charged in a Wii...
Retweeted by full_stackYou can violate article 51 of the 3rd Geneva Convention (suitable working conditions for prisoners) in Pikmin.
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Retweeted by full_stackThe citric acid at the bottom of the bag of sour patch kids is the keif of sour candy do u know what I mean
Retweeted by full_stack#VisionCheck #WhatDoesItSay O ʜ ʏ ᵉ ᵃ ʰ
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😂💀A pig ate fermented corn that was to be used to make moonshine. It is so drunk watch til the end I’m dying
Retweeted by full_stackI've officially been Working In Tech for 3 years at this point and it finally happened, I locked myself out of my laptopmy dream food network show, hopefully hosted by @GuyFieri: "actually, everything in this restaurant is fried chick… duality of ham
Retweeted by full_stackare we still saying "big mood"?
Retweeted by full_stackkinda wish I had more bad habits so I could work to get rid of them during quarantiningHere comes that sound! @ErisDrew and I are doing our second Forest Throwdown this weekend. Saturday May 16th @ 2pm…
Retweeted by full_stack @sysadminvb @rxdazn you brought your work phone to a festival? nightmare fuel @BigLarf careful chief that's not very woke of youIce cream sundae in a martini glass
Retweeted by full_stackYou can violate article 58 of the 4th Geneva Conventions (permitting ministers to give spiritual assistance to thei…
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maybe the funniest video I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by full_stackThat’s pretty much what happened
Retweeted by full_stack @octo_octa @mikeevans_ @BenUFO @ErisDrew v grateful, reading now @octo_octa @mikeevans_ @BenUFO @ErisDrew got a link to the guide? I've been reading lots and searching for something a little more intuitive @jeankangaroo duhoh yeah oh oh oh yeah…
Retweeted by full_stack @LSDX500 @VandireFGC will keep it in is dope at any rate, leveling to 60 was the most satisfying and re… @LSDX500 @VandireFGC I'm raiding with my 2 friends and we all got to like rank 7+ with our guild...a big ask @LSDX500 @VandireFGC yeah BOI I'm alliance on blaumeux @LSDX500 @VandireFGC realm/faction??
Tesla is restarting production today against Alameda County rules. I will be on the line with everyone else. If any…
Retweeted by full_stackits apparent people arent taking these social distancing measures seriously. on my way to the gym i had 2 people suck my shit completely off
Retweeted by full_stackTom Nook and Redd's dynamic is my favorite thing ever
Retweeted by full_stack @CrystalBeastie @KaniDayOfficial
Retweeted by full_stackOh no
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Retweeted by full_stack @sysadminvb pabst just trying hard to lock down that hipster demoi think about this shirt a lot
Retweeted by full_stackso basically, if you get to lvl 99 on this game, they'll let you in to the strip club
[cartoon teapot]: Please, don't cry. The cancer is tearing at my body, but all things must settle back to dust. You…
Retweeted by full_stackprogrammers: nooooo you have to give your variables descriptive names mathematicians: haha function go f(r,r,r,r,r,r,r,r,r,r,r)
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