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jojo's absolutely balls out wacky as fuck adventure
Retweeted by full_stackLuigi Amiibo Curved to Hit G-Spot
Retweeted by full_stackthe Knights of Ren are named after Ren and Stimpy mark my wordstrump
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Next November, I won't be happy unless I win every state. Don't settle for a candidate who promises anything less than a 100% run.
Retweeted by full_stackintroducing a little anarchy at work by playing the bee movie in every meeting room before people come in early in the morning
do we truly live in a society? or does a society live in us? think about it gamers
how do I tell my DJ friends that tech house makes me want to low key blow my brains out when that's all they play
yeah sex is cool but have you ever smacked a crt to fix it and then it works perfectly @LumpyTouch @DoritoMeatbag Pathetic
Retweeted by full_stackThe Comic Store
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FYI - remember this? Rudy's lawyer said the two guys who just got arrested were part of the President's legal team,…
Retweeted by full_stack @downsmasher seems reasonable. but...why not doctors or physical therapists? also work in the health field and thei… question: why are there so many obese nurses?Just because livestock aren't human doesn't mean they have no rights. That's why my Department of Agriculture will…
Retweeted by full_stackdo DJs actually enjoy performing in a strange city with zero friends on NYE?
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broke: a double-triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, 4×4, animal style, extra singles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light… Hip Hop Radio Girl Still Fails Test After Four Years of Studying
Retweeted by full_stackgood evening, here's a friendly reminder that being smart and black is always threatening. remember that and move a…
Retweeted by full_stackMetal Goose Solid
pumped up kicks- foster the people
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me and the guys are gonna hit the woah later if u wanna come
Retweeted by full_stack @r_jogani 😤😤😤the fact that this is one of the funniest moments in cinematic history
Retweeted by full_stack @r_jogani holy moley how have I never played this beforeRemember in 2004 when you were like "I'm gonna go on the computer"
Retweeted by full_stackIt's going to be a real pleasure defeating you.
Retweeted by full_stackme eating pussy after an argument she started
Retweeted by full_stackok wait did everyone else already know about the Ayn Rand objectivist gay lifestyle magazine...?
Retweeted by full_stackhappy national bf day to my future gf lurking my past tweets and I'm sorry about all the hentaifuck streamers
Retweeted by full_stackviolence can make people feel unsafe
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reality show idea: tag team cage matches between astrology enthusiasts and astrology hatersA while ago, an Amazon delivery person showed up at my spot and begged me for a glass of water, saying he’d been in…
Retweeted by full_stackimagining how different my life would be if i wasn’t extremely attractive
Retweeted by full_stack @realDonaldTrump ok boomer.
Retweeted by full_stackThanks for all the well wishes. I'm feeling good. I'm fortunate to have good health care and great doctors and nurs…
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give greta thunberg a gun
Retweeted by full_stack @LSDX500 @VandireFGC damn I wish I was there for this sweet setupRT if Jesus Is King is never dropping.
Retweeted by full_stack @_jmb__ accidentally?? @nasty_nav_303 and then Legend of Korra improved on perfection!yes im mexican yes i hate mexicans
Retweeted by full_stackin Virginia for an hour and somebody already offered to share their dip with me
Crazy event at ORD. Heads up safety move by a ramp worker!
Retweeted by full_stackYou bring the laundry, Maytag will bring the muscle. Check out the power of the Extra Power button. Tap to learn more.
Retweeted by full_stack(sylvain voice) you know what it is, bitch
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If you don’t support Joe Biden you’re ableist because he’s the only presidential candidate with dementia
Retweeted by full_stackWhich Chipmunk is getting he best deal on a prime piece of real estate?
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who's coming to the Amazon Web Services conference this year? we've got Grimes b2b Jeff Bezos headlining8 tickets to the joker please
Retweeted by full_stackdudes be like "they/them is plural you can't use it for your pronouns" and then say "data" to refer to a single piece of datum
Retweeted by full_stackgoose game is kinda more intense than I thought?? I dunno if I can be that mean especially to my black eagle kids??…
Retweeted by full_stackdudes walk around with a jug of water like they’re about to dig holes at camp green lake with stanley yelnats
Retweeted by full_stackJERY: you blew the whistle ? GERGE: like a traffic cop during rush hour KRAM: so youre a whistleblower GERG: ya.…
Retweeted by full_stackI found a manga about fighting games and I wasn't sure I was gonna like it until this guy basically said "Fuck netp…
Retweeted by full_stack @Boeyplays I'm honored. when we were walking up, I knew what we had to do, I'm glad you enjoy it so much. make sure…
Chicago's new local is honestly so charming It's grammy's basement crossed with a coffee house
Retweeted by full_stackSTOP making fun of different js frameworks Vue is FAST React is POPULAR Svelte is COOL Polymer is BEAUTIFUL An…
Retweeted by full_stackyou ever get so hungover that you lather your hair with toothpaste instead of shampoo
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for my next trick I shall demonstrate to you a CDJ made entirely of jogwheels
I have a blue shell. @JoeBiden
Retweeted by full_stackFrom the bell foundry to a big ass billboard.! 👨🏿‍⚕️👽
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Fellas is it gay to tilt your rival’s chin up with the point of your sword
Retweeted by full_stackpplease stop asking me to retweet shit for money, if you have to pay me to retweet your shit its probably so bad it sucks shit
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in chinese when you say "能幹“, it means that you're really capable. 能幹's literal translation is "can fuck" so i gu…
Retweeted by full_stack @carolmbp why is this one the worst?
oh hey want sum bread
Retweeted by full_stack @itstruant the dream: a dedicated rekordbox machine running on a raspberry pi that never turns offapparently ufos are real and confirmed but nobody cares. all that matters to you people is cum and piss and tits
Retweeted by full_stackvibe status: slipping out of work early to go get high and participate in a climate strikeVibe check.
Retweeted by full_stackthe raid is today free me from this place
Retweeted by full_stackIn an effort to lower its metascore, I am officially giving terrorism a review of 0/10.
Retweeted by full_stackNYC Melee is finally back. @OS_NewYorkCity
Retweeted by full_stackis it just me or does every single fashion label have a shirt with a tiger head on it this year
girls on tinder will say “your parents will love me but your neighbors won’t” like what are you gonna do? start mow…
Retweeted by full_stackglad to see people coming around to the whole "data centers are probably bad for the carbon footprint" idea and als…
Retweeted by full_stackdo you ever smash your wall in with a fucking hammer just to eat all the fiberglass insulation with the fervor of a starving animal
Retweeted by full_stack @aerielist not sure if I ever ripped it...I'll check tonight! @aerielist I have a copy of s/t if you're into that
Retweeted by full_stackalexa how do I remove tech house from the internetit's 2019 and it's high time we brought back the novella
Choose your post break-up fighter: 1.) gets in a new relationship immediately 2.) won't leave their ex alone 3.)…
Retweeted by full_stackAlso random but has pfork apologized for what they did to Chief keef yet? Asking for a friend
Retweeted by full_stack @r_jogani hearts=stolen hair=tousled tropes=subvertedIf you're into techno don't like disco or hip hop...ur probably a fucking cop
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@GamerPres2020 if elected, how tough would your administration be on cyberbullying?SR is really just burning man for nyc fashion designers huhI just want everyone's basic needs to be met and any adult man who has said "doggo" to be safely behind bars
Retweeted by full_stacky’all mind if i have a good week
Retweeted by full_stack @trancefem @gregorywawa double pleaseI WANT NOTHING MORE IN THE WORLD THAN THIS
Retweeted by full_stackdon't know why everyone's been hating on smash camp... this was clearly the most lit event of all time
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are there really people that go to drag shows every week? just go to a queer rave instead it's cheaper and betterthis is just a very long dril tweet
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