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Call me Sussh || Yeah I’m a weeb || CG better than your life nerd || If you slander Ass Class I’m getting in yo ass after class 🗿 || Susshomaru#3242

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@ShemmSilva 😭 a whole mess and a half @MochiKatakurii Shhhh @ShemmSilva Nah I’m throwing you off a cliff And I’ll talk while doing so to torment you @MochiKatakurii We loved two now show us @EmperorxKIING @donix__ @albrxwn True It’s just that last push to boost it up @EmperorxKIING @donix__ @albrxwn Manga an easy A-/A @EmperorxKIING @donix__ @albrxwn Anime C+ at best @ShemmSilva Imma do it @Trash_Maaruf Reverse image search does justice @Trash_Maaruf Found it @ShemmSilva Imma do it @Raeven_Lol I whole heartedly agree @nkkolo87 I feel embarrassed for ever saying you have good takes 🗿
Retweeted by Susshomaru || CW: CR: Berserk 🥥 3D2Y @ShemmSilva Shem. @ShemmSilva I knew it 😮‍💨 @ShemmSilva Is it cause you both are short? @ShemmSilva Chizuru @BasedPhos56 @donix__ @BasedPhos56 @MakeItAQuote I’m fast with it Donny 😭 @donix__ @BasedPhos56 @MakeItAQuote @BasedPhos56 @AnimefanJ11 Ayo??? @Liam_4713 Gimme my W cutie @FateSaber21 @Zetsukiiiii @Trash_Maaruf Artoria hard clears @AlexandraALT03 @AlexandraALT03 Yeah you think I stan this fuck ass series? LMAO @donix__ @SoloVsDaWorld @Mayuosu @UchihaSync @AlexOfAqua We just got notis on @SoloVsDaWorld @Mayuosu @UchihaSync @donix__ @AlexOfAqua Anywho @Zetsukiiiii @Trash_Maaruf @FateSaber21 @donix__ @UchihaSync @SoloVsDaWorld @AlexOfAqua I need more from Yuno before I can confidently say that @SoloVsDaWorld @donix__ @AlexOfAqua @donix__ @SoloVsDaWorld @AlexOfAqua Gettem @ThatGuyEndo DELELELELE WOOOOOP @ThatGuyEndo YOU ARE A FREAK @sup3rn1k @360nuteye @donix__ Your whole account is just porn mf why are you here @Liam_4713 @MakeItAQuote @CantTakeAnyLs @YaGirlEmily20 OWNED @AnimefanJ11 Look man He just built DIFFERENT @AlexandraALT03 “Can someone explain to me what isn’t a bot tweet? Cause no matter what I post on main there’s alwa… @AsaemonSag Nah that’s Two Pieces dawg 🌝Anime: Black Clover Hate Black Clover all you want, this still one of the coldest moments in anime frfr @Akorarman @Trash_Maaruf OWN HIM @Mackev123 @Trash_Maaruf @Akorarman *Dies from swimming in bitches* @Trash_Maaruf @Akorarman @Trash_Maaruf @Akorarman How many girls willingly talk to you? @Akorarman @Trash_Maaruf Own @donix__ It’s funny asl And the rewatchability of it is wild @donix__ 😮‍💨 @donix__ 2 seasons, 50 episodes @donix__ Chopper Z-Tier 🥱 @k7aNAyaan I agree Me reading the manga and seeing season 1 I can see the flaws, but they still adapted it beautifully @donix__ If you don’t watch Assassination Classroom Imma whoop yo ass @k7aNAyaan I got season 1 as an 8 but nonetheless she’s trippinAnime: Dora's Bizarre Adventure
Retweeted by Susshomaru || CW: CR: Berserk 🥥 3D2Y @BasedPhos56 @Trash_Maaruf He almost put you up there brodie @EmperorxKIING @Trash_Maaruf @oboro56 Aired @Trash_Maaruf @FateSaber21 @Tendoszn Uglie @Trash_Maaruf Yeah you really are gay @donix__ Better be, you missing a few but you spittin @FateSaber21 @Tendoszn Shut yo Michael Jackson headass up Saber 🗿 @Zappy_Is_Happy @Chisumasu Chisu too 😩😩😩 @JackedgeniusisI @donix__ @BasedPhos56 @DownloaderBot @KantoCorey @shugen2x Shhhh @Raizokurin 😩😩😩 stooooop Raizooooo @ShemmSilva 🗿 you right you’re an itAlso that static and background noise OD 😭 @ShemmSilva Female interaction 😳😳 nervousness overload @KantoCorey Shut yo DUMBASS UP 😭 @ShemmSilva 😳😳😳 wait @Liam_4713 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 thx bb @donix__ I had 203 but Camilo deactivated all his accounts and Smith got suspended but voice reveal nonetheless @Liam_4713 Liam your voice adorable bro 😭 @Liam_4713 And you still ain’t voice reveal @Liam_4713 10 minutes bucko @Liam_4713 I still gotta drop my voice reveal @Liam_4713 LMAO @BasedPhos56 @hollow_comet I love Ichigo but over Subaru? @dEathbRideComic @SlashBeuh That damn Rayquaza wasn’t even Emerald 😭 love it nonethelessIf you’re younger than Pokemon Emerald, respectfully be quiet
Retweeted by Susshomaru || CW: CR: Berserk 🥥 3D2Y @Chisumasu Factual @Zappy_Is_Happy SpitRyuga is an S tier antagonist and deserves more recognition on this app
Retweeted by Susshomaru || CW: CR: Berserk 🥥 3D2Y @monkeydgoat @itachisxwife Common knowledge and a ratio
@donix__ @SYHAknyr @BasedPhos56 Based still has him in the 3x3 so it’s a W @donix__ Here and now @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt Cool cool cool and when you see consistent bangers don’t say shit. Cool? Cool. Now go… @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt Everything he does is for a reason. Let the man make the series how he wants to. Cause… @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt A series doesn’t need to kill everybody to be good. It would’ve been a fun development… @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt And if you’re going to do this numbers, since the comparison was with HxH, 2012 HxH ha… @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt In case you couldn’t tell, there has never been a single manga in animanga history tha… @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt One Piece PEAKED in 2011 when it became an insane series with over 37 million copies s… @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt You very rarely have ANY authors of manga out there that can stretch their series over… @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt In fact, the sheer “quantity” of OP makes me appreciate the series more because of how… @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt Dressrosa? Whole Cake? Levely as a set up going to Wano? What are you talking about? D… @AlexandraALT03 😭 @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt “Quantity over quality” “Oda said himself he prioritizes quantity over quality.” Give… @WoodyTarik @BlackClover_twt I know the flaws of One Piece. You have baseless opinions. You’re saying One Piece got…