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Ölufemi @The_SeunA Far away from bad ENERGY

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Another innocent child in the cross fire. The Nigerian police shot this 16 year old girl and nobody is talking abou…
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Feels like a truck ran over meYoruba food range is definitely abysmal😂😂😂😂 anime style. This is how dem Naruto and other shinobis run with their hands behind them 😂…
Retweeted by ÖlufemiEarly-season belters ☀️☄️
Retweeted by ÖlufemiThis ad was rude 😂😂
These ones have messed up my sleep 😒😒 @AyoFlagz 🙄🙄 cars have a mind of its own sometimes you know... @_KELE___ The car skidded into the ditch from behind. Could only go forward, backward was worse. Went forward till it got stuck finally... @toby_pats The car skidded into it @Dhamee_Nerd @Mo_zay 😂😂😂 Everytime my car messes up, I always remember the 2 idiots that made us finish suffering a… @Maitre_Dapo Daddy buy me pickup ☹️Farmer's day in 4 pictures 💀 For a minute, I actually considered abandoning the car in this village and running tf… children’s day! 👶 🧒💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 What’s your favorite character?
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@Delecredible Last I saw him was at Shalke04 some years back. Not sure about nowHey babe, I know it’s been a couple of days since we last spoke but it feels longer to me and I’m deeply sorry....…
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Retweeted by ÖlufemiShopping on is this easy 😊 Check details of your favourite headwear. Hats/Berets/Dad Hats…
Retweeted by ÖlufemiRVP's Wc header is 2nd only to Chinedu Ogbuke's header
5, 6 of these idoits had a shootout with Gandia in the hallway and couldn't even touch him??? 🤦🏽🤦🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽So I received fresh, neat, fine & plenty dried catfish from @The_SeunA I was shocked cos I can't remember sending…
Retweeted by Ölufemi🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Glad you like them your guy conrad naww you no miss am back? 😂😂😂 @KingTousen are no limits to what you can do @MercedesBenz
Retweeted by ÖlufemiMy Niece has a Developmental Disability, she’s 22 but thinks like an 8 year old. She painted this today. Love ❤️…
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@gambotech Na state be that? 🙄 Where dem wan see IGR? @yosii_xx Happy birthday Moyo! Have an amazing year ahead 😊 @Chika_Blairssen Your hunger is scary fam
@Chika_Blairssen Is everything okayyyyyyy? 🧐 @savageOmotayo Sigh. Lack of focus again 🤦🏽🤦🏽Money Heist didn't end in season 2? Does it get better?
Pls who sell these packs and can deliver tomorrow? Pls RT
Retweeted by Ölufemi @ChenaOnuorah 1 for me ma'amThese big companies suddenly going fully remote and cancelling office means they are shifting the responsibility of…
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Unpopular opinion: So may companies deciding to decentrify workspaces might be detrimental for people’s mental heal…
Retweeted by Ölufemi @indilarr Your skin glows already. Isn't that enough? 🙄10” red velvet cake- 7,500 Box of six brownies-3,500 Cookies-1,000 Wine-1,500 Tell us how you like it! Delivery a…
Retweeted by Ölufemi @meandersinsane ahahn... you dey whine me ni?Are we going to be served peace of mind or not???life feels like a log of wood has been removed from my eye, but a toothpick was put back in. @meandersinsane Help my life sir 🤲 @indilarr Bruh 🙄I wrote this. You're going to absolutely love it! I'm excited. Coming really REALLY SOON. #thankyouJesus
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@MrOnochie Egbon stop am abeg @abisola_spencer Mahn. There are some terrible days @Yhe_mmie Thank you mummyDispatch riders have made me visit police stations in places I never knew existed since I started this businessThis close to loosing my mind. The need to disappear for some months is real :||| @KremlinKidd @endiepeach @ChickenRepublic @followlasg Funny how its only some chicken republic outlets that do this…
10” red velvet cake delivered to igando! Send a dm and we’ll deliver!
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@KingTousen Make I open onlyfans too 😌Otee
Retweeted by Ölufemi @The_B_J_A_ @jack please remove this account. @The_B_J_A_ Please stop that. Please 😐 @dhiorazor Why? What model?My photography equipments arrived today and I just want to take fire nudes 😌😌😌🔥 "Today, Paystack processes over 50% of all online payments in Nigeria"
Retweeted by Ölufemi @Maitre_Dapo @abisola_spencer This guy fit dey come from Badagry like this. Jummy ti fe pa omo iya mi 😂😂🤣🤣ah we are talking about phone calls and text anxiety today :)))I made excess Golden syrup the last time so I used it to make flapjacks ( I like to think it’s healthy cus there’s…
Retweeted by Ölufemi @Mo_zay You couldn't tell me this yesterday? :( I dey church program dey watch Netflix on the side. Until pastor ca…’s indulgence in red velvet flavor. Available for 4,800. Have a lovely week ahead!
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@Sodjee Ah. Sorry o. Angel GabbyLast time I saw updates, we were not even up to 3k Leaving this app again for 2 weeks. do the opposite of all this and I no add weight. Dead it abeg. Morning, Are you talented in Sports (American Football, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Track & Field, etc)? I…
Retweeted by ÖlufemiYou and @Dhamee_Nerd @FunkeOnafuye I owe you slap @Mo_zayNot liking dogs is such bad bad vibes
Retweeted by ÖlufemiI want it, I got it with @HatrixNG 😁😁
Retweeted by ÖlufemiHappy World Baking Day!
Retweeted by ÖlufemiI want it, I got it with @HatrixNG 😁😁 people who can swim be having so much fun 😭
Retweeted by ÖlufemiLookat this criminal 😂😂😂😂 is Painting ... with the sun! The Sun & she learned how to do it when she was growing up & didn’t have paint bu…
Retweeted by ÖlufemiNope they are not real flowers, they are cupcakes! 🧁🧁🧁 Surprise your loved ones to a boucake set on their birthday!…
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1. Today marks one month since I was fired from Brittle Paper for calling out rape culture. Since the media was fed…
Retweeted by ÖlufemiIf he didn’t move to Portugal and became a Portuguese he will never have the chance to be Ronaldo’s personal traine…
Retweeted by ÖlufemiMake your children’s birthday more exciting with our character cakes! Let’s us know your favorite character and we’…
Retweeted by ÖlufemiMe getting ready for my weekend gig.
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"@Desdalu: WTF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ⁦@Gidi_Traffic⁩
Retweeted by Ölufemi @gtbank deposit atm at Ogba took my money and cleaned mouth. No deposit. Nothing. Never thought this shit was pos… @indilarr well, that's the exact opposite here... can I come now?Your legs keep you standing all day long. To do so, a variety of muscle have to work in concert to keep you up. In…
Retweeted by Ölufemi🚶🚶 Eku seeking o @indilarr Plans have changed fam. Send me the visa processing details @thejoycechuks 😂😂😂 This one today annoyed me. I am hungry and I just want food but I'm seeing hand sanitizer.Effectively killing their brands.
Retweeted by Ölufemi @solaadio I'm not sure why they don't get this @Sodjee @Dewamiwa Lmaoo wetin this man dey talkMahn stop that shit. What is wrong with you? Not even a pinned tweet to show details of your stuffStop using your business pages to do RT for RT... bruh WTH??? Why am I opening your food business page, looking for… think we've been planning the wrong move 👀 @indilarr
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Retweeted by ÖlufemiWe thank you for your understanding and advise you to restrict all movement to essential movement only during this period.
Retweeted by ÖlufemiUnfortunately, it is impossible to sustain our operations based on this loading capacity and fares. As a result of…
Retweeted by ÖlufemiDear Commuters, In accordance with the Lagos state guidelines to prevent a further community spread of the COVID-1…
Retweeted by Ölufemi @SogieSnuggle Sabi girl. Coconut head but sabi babe 😌