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youtube is my entire existence|| dodie, evan, tomska, connie, emma blackery, luke, steven bridges, phan, pj, sammy paul, jack and dean, bertie, sav...

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great 5k run today! it was a colossal rain shower so i have technically had 2 showers today lmaoIn collaboration with #AdobexKeithHaring! Using the brushes they released for the #contest, it really pushed me cre…
Retweeted by the stacker 🌌 (jacob 😊 β˜€οΈ) @AmazingPhil loved this one! definitely going to visit sometime! i have to know what a "thunder and lightning" flavour ice cream tastes likeNEW VIDEO - A Tour Of My Hometown! πŸ πŸ‘
Retweeted by the stacker 🌌 (jacob 😊 β˜€οΈ)loved phil's video! google maps street view is one of my fave things to do sometimes!good afternoon everyone! i hope you all had a wonderful sleep!
obtained the 35k steps fitbit badge! super happy with that!stardew is v calming!Word of 2019: Brexit Word of 2020: Lockdown Please may the words of 2021 be: Yeah, all fine, thanks. Nothing much g…
Retweeted by the stacker 🌌 (jacob 😊 β˜€οΈ)good afternoon all! having a chill gaming rest day today!i also recorded a youtube video with cameron! it's a very silly one, but i hope you enjoy!cameron and i walked for 16 miles yesterday! feeling the effects today hahagood morning everyone! i hope you all slept very well!
LIVE NOW! to be streaming some sea of thieves at 6PM BST with the wonderful @SHlTTYDANIEL !! I'm super excited! flying was pretty nice today! 3 flights with my sports cruiser-esque plane with no one there- still really spooky
i miss playing the sims! really must update it at some point! (may be doing a youtube video of it πŸ‘€) @whouffaldi @twelvesoswaId beautiful video! also HOW has it been 5 years WHATfive years since season nine? shut up i’m thinking
Retweeted by the stacker 🌌 (jacob 😊 β˜€οΈ)more streams coming soon! this weekend + monday is a tad busy but I plan on streaming among us and sea of thieves!I hope everyone has had a wonderful day today! had a bbq that went slightly wrong but I managed to get it going again lol
been RC flying today! wonderful! no one there, very silentwatching the unus annus mad libs video and i just- can't stop laughing @DeanDobbs oooh
thanks so much everyone for the support on my streams! you're all too kind- stardew valley is a lovely game and i c… have ordered a certain costume for my next sea of thieves stream- i'm SO excitedjust watched the new unus annus videos and the pee soda- plsgood evening everyone! hope you've all had a lovely day!
LIVE NOW playing some stardew valley! come see me somehow mess up farming uwu to be streaming at 6PM BST with kat again! can't wait, i hope you guys enjoy! afternoon everyone! i had a lovely session at the gym, preparing for my stream later on this evening! @Cyarine oh wow wHAT
goodnight everyone sleep very well all!thanks so much everyone for coming it was a LOT of fun! @SHlTTYDANIEL LMAOSTREAMING NOW ON TWITCH! playing some minecraft! @DeanDobbs is currently streaming death stranding! lovely to chat as always! @danielhowell the audiobook is going to be *chefs kiss* too i'm sure! @danielhowell i cannot wait to see what you have to say- it looks incredible @danielhowell incredibly excited for this! i can't wait to read @danielhowell very powerful- i'm excited for the opportunity to read this!You Will Get Through This Night - written by Daniel Howell. Coming May 2021, available to pre-order now!…
Retweeted by the stacker 🌌 (jacob 😊 β˜€οΈ)tonight 6PM BST!! to be streaming some minecraft tonight with some friends! really excited to explore new places in my realm fo… for some epic lunch and to prepare my stream for tonight! @heartshakedjh congrats! i can't wait to read also! @nathanieljamesx ah shoot yeah of course! @pjsforestkid @danielhowell i'm very much looking forward to reading it! awesome that you got it! @nathanieljamesx oh no what's happening?good morning everyone! i hope you all slept very well! very excited that dan howell has announced a book!
@SHlTTYDANIEL WE SAY PRESS HASH LOL @nathanieljamesx @SHlTTYDANIEL wait i'm not 100% sure but in the uk when phone companies want you to press "#" they say "press hash" right? @AmazingPhil i am so excited for this because i need to clear my roomwatching newsies and it's exquisite- the choreography is sublime, the musical numbers are beautiful, and i just adore it
LIVE NOW! to be streaming some very intensely calming golf with your friends in around half an hour! (6PM BST!) with my… @SHlTTYDANIEL lol i'm gucci! see you soonish! @jackandean lovely!
had a lovely 5k run today! really de-stressed me- banks not working stressed me out a little but it's fine now!sorry i've been inactive for a bit! how are we all?
IT'S MUFFIN TIME! Sorry this is late, I'd like to say a massive thanks to @bigpotatogames @thetomska @Eddache_ and… @StevenBridges ayyyyy nice one steven!thanks everyone for the praise on my video!! :))Defo a video I'll take to heart. The atmosphere of it is astounding and it holds such a good message!
Retweeted by the stacker 🌌 (jacob 😊 β˜€οΈ) @certifiedbozo_ wow sorry i didn't see this earlier, i don't have twitter on my phone thank you so so much! very kind!i love watching unus annus it's so chaoticI hope everyone has had a lovely day so far!
thanks for coming to my stream everyone!just uploaded my new youtube video! i hope you all enjoy! VIDEO! So where are we? NOW on Twitch! going to be playing some sea of thieves!, editor is update- time to start some WORKcannot wait to play muffin timegoing to be posting about muffin time, got some editing to do and i'm streaming on twitch at 6pm BST! a lot is happening today!good afternoon everyone! i hope everyone's doing well!
LIVE NOW! playing some golf with friends in a min! very excited to be back to streamin! als… half an hour)playing some golf with friends with some friends today on twitch! i'm back! i'm also going to be uploading a youtub… london was so so quiet yesterday! really spooky
time for some book reading! @EvanEdinger epic evan! you're doing just so incredibly well with this and you're super inspiring- i've never been… @NowItsEddy the tate modern and just to- be in central- i've missed it so dearly! hope you're doing well!braving central on wednesday- going to ensure i avoid rush hour and everything and i'm going to be as safe as poss!next stream moved to thursday 6pm BST! sorry everyone! @Sassy_Soda definitely!a lovely 5k run yesterday was sort of made bad by me falling off my camping chair and my leg hurts haha
can't wait for the winter! love the cool weather β˜‚οΈβ„οΈ @SHlTTYDANIEL YESI hope everyone has had a wonderful morning and early afternoon :)My next stream on twitch ( is going to be on monday 6pm BST! thanks for your support! @DeanDobbs lol @SHlTTYDANIEL lol it's what pj initially wanted to call his cat, he was joking, vacuous means like the void lmao @EvanEdinger fabulous evan! :)going to be watching back to the future with someone who hasn't seen it yet! i literally cannot wait
@SHlTTYDANIEL VACUOUS (lol im jk it's fuji) @thetomska EPIC tom! congrats this is phenomenal! @SHlTTYDANIEL thanks so much for coming!thanks so much everyone for coming to my stream! was a crazy time- can't believe I wasted the emissary flag ahahah-… @thetomska omg that is a hearty tasksorry everyone! just had to make sure that the stream wouldn't crash if i didn't have a game open! LIVE now on Twit…