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youtube is my entire existence|| dodie, evan, tomska, connie, emma blackery, luke, steven bridges, phan, pj, sammy paul, jack and dean, bertie, sav...

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@TomRPI @JamieJoART that's incredible woah!!had an absolutely wonderful time with friends at a gigantic dinner tonight! so happy 😊 @jessicatzen @DeanDobbs that's incredible woah!!!! @jessicatzen @DeanDobbs oh my gosh did you make that?sweet caroline just came on the resturaunt playlist and it makes me think of @doddleoddle concerts always 😊at a resturaunt and we've had a fabulous time!! i had a gigantic pizza, and we're at a massive dinner and we have 7 tables to ourselves! @jessicatzen @DeanDobbs love your profile pic by the way! jodie! @jessicatzen @DeanDobbs YES hahadean's stream was lovely! now to head out for dinner with my australian friends! they head back to aus soon @jessicatzen @DeanDobbs haha same but are you coming to the new stream in 5 minutes? @DeanDobbs 6 minutes! ! @DeanDobbs ah no problem!! see you there!! @doddleoddle aw lovely @DeanDobbs oh N O DEANi hope everyone's had a wonderful day so far! i'm seeing my australian friends again today for a dinner 😊good afternoon everyone!! i have all my tickets ready for vidcon and sitc, super excited!
good morning everyone!! hope you all slept very well!! a video this weekend 😊
had an absolutely awesome time on dean's stream! super excited for vidcon aagood morning everyone!! feeling so rested from my rest day yesterday! busy today, and then i'm getting together my new years video 😊
@DanielJLayton absolutely yes omg @TessaViolet helloooo!!had a day off today, watched a lot of #DoctorWho 😊 going to be back to making videos soon, and back to work 😊 also GOING TO VIDCON YES @DeanDobbs wonderful!! wow!! lovely dean @doddleoddle lovely 😊goodnight all!! will post more about my cambridge day out tomorrow! my train got delayed so super tired aa
good morning everyone!! heading to cambridge today with my friends! going to try punting even in the freezing weather πŸ˜Šβ„
latest episode of @sciguyspod SO SO GOOD omg thank you guys!!sleep time soon!been quite busy today! time to listen to the latest sci guys podcast episode 😊 @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle yee!!good morning everyone!! busy then resting today 😊 @trynewthjngs aaaaa YES @bobie2491 @doddleoddle thank you!!!! @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle woah- that really encompasses the meaning (or intended meaning i think?) of the song, such a good one wowaaaah i didn't get to watch #DoctorWho !! TOMORROW
goodnight everyone!! 🌌 (sorry still haven't changed the christmas profile pic, will do when i can!) @thelovingcupp I REMEMBER watching this, dodie commented on it! @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle @awfullyloud @ayedeeen @flatlineorla @mnstermimi @bIoomava @usinthelouvre… met @doddleoddle a year ago???? that's CRAZY thank you for all of the amazing experiences dodie, you're wonderful… been at a friend's house and we were playing this THREE PLAYER chess (what????) @trynewthjngs incredible!! i reckon i'm coming on the saturday!! see you there omg!! @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle @awfullyloud @ayedeeen @flatlineorla @mnstermimi @bIoomava @usinthelouvre…
goodnight everyone sleep very well all 😊🌌just came home from a lovely family buffet gathering! time to sleep before heading to RC flying tomorrow 😊 @DeanDobbs is this a spoiler?? @DeanDobbs i'm super excited!! @doddleoddle legendary ep!! it's ONE omg#HAPPYBIRTHDAYHUMAN !!! one year ago Human was released !!! Thank you all for listening to it singing to it crying…
Retweeted by the stacker πŸŽ…β›„ (jacob πŸ˜Šβ„) @doddleoddle OMG YES SHE'S DONE IT @awfullyloud @doddleoddle hahah nice!!good morning all!! i am going to finally let go of christmas today :(( @trynewthjngs omg YES good luck!! what day are you thinking of going? both?
@chinhagodinho @thetomska @ElliotExplicit @Eddache_ oh WOW this is so good @trynewthjngs @AmazingPhil lmao NICEgoodnight all!! have a great sleep 😊🌌had a great flying session, time for bed!flying this one! πŸ›© a lovely red wine based bolognese! delicious! now for indoor RC flying 😊 @jessicatzen @kickthepj hahahahh OMG @kickthepj it's beautiful @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle you doooo omg!! awesome!good evening everyone!! videos have been put on hold for a bit but i will let you know when i'm posting more (soon!…
goodnight everyone!! sleep very well all!! have amazing dreams! 😊🌌just watched twice upon a time again! so emotional! so good aah! #doctorwho @Eddache_ oh no eddie :(( i hope everything gets sorted! @TomRPI disneysea!! yes tom!!watching some #doctorwho series 10!! @JackHoward it's SO GOOD omg!i don't think i can go for the weekend at vidcon but i'm going on one of the days!super tired tonight, thinking of watching some #DoctorWho and rest for a bit 😊i hope i have time to make some more videos soon! i have a new years video in the works and i think i'm heading to… @DeanDobbs sorry i'm not there aah!good evening everyone! sorry, been very busy today!! i think i'm going to head to Vidcon London this month 😊 @kickthepj are you going to have a merch table at vidcon london? 😊
goodnight everyone!! sleep very well all 😊🌌 have a great night!! @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle this was awesome!! loved seeing your perspective! i always love watching back the dodie…!! got everything done today (except a video! aah, but going to be uploading soon!! this week hopefully! l… @freckleseason @TessaViolet big agree!! @AmazingPhil is norman tired @freckleseason @TheHazelHayes HAHAAH i can't breathe FWEE @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle wow that's incredible!! @SHlTTYDANIEL i haven't seen cats and i'm excited @trynewthjngs what a MOOD YES @DeanDobbs @VidCon fabulous!! i'm sorry i can't come to vidcon but i'll be at subsequent mcms!!haven't got anything done yet today, but it's time to do some stuff now 😊 @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle yes yes YES one of my absolute faves @TheHazelHayes IT IS oh WOW i love this @Eddache_ i could NOT stop laughing this was such a good videogood morning all!! time for a slow morning, going to get a number of things done today 😊 @doddleoddle @EmergenceABC that's SO COOL??!!
goodnight all!! sleep well 😊🌌good evening everyone!! been watching lots of evan's japan travel vlogs and i love them sm!! planning on making a n… @doddleoddle i'm SO EXCITEDtime to watch some amazon prime 😊cooked a lovely red wine based bolognese!! lovely LOVELYgetting some red wine for some bolognese cooking!! thanks for the awesome advice @DanielJLaytonfantastic time today!! been out with family todaygoodnight everyone!! sleep very well all 😊🌌
@rllyintododie this is so?? lovely?? omg! sleep well! @EvanEdinger absolutely beautiful!