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“We love it here, there’s opportunities here that we couldn’t have anywhere else” ok but your siblings, aunts, uncl… much of our family emigrated to countries that aren’t actively falling apart or run by total fascists as opposed… BLEED AMERICAN bring Gen Xers and Millennials together? I think it does. What are the other big albums that do?Don’t “they did some good things and some bad things” when I leave. Tell them I was All Bad 😎 @uzionmain Damn straight and same. Game recognize game.#TheOG Queens ✨👸🏼👸🏻✨ Love you @KimKardashian 🥰
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈 my 2 year old daughter about the ending of the film thelma and louise and how susan is responsible for the ris…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈 if I watched 6 UNDERGROUND again? @jason1749 Oh shit! @DieRobinsonDie @treswritesstuff
2020 Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a legal pioneer, has died, the court says. She was 87.
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈I mean... mang we all just wanna sleep better I get it.Likewise playing the "your boycott *actually hurts the workers etc*" card is for the birds imo.There's no ethical consumption under capitalism but imo don't get in ppls grills about it. I don't think any of us… make no attempts to hide the fact that *alot* of what I do in makeup is drawn from the Kardashian/Jenner stolen f…'m curious if there are going to be more CHROMATICA videos or they're gonna string together into a short film? Mos… @mzhangclan Lol her father's a billionaire and found her so rebellious he sent her to boarding school in London bef… @mzhangclan Right she's Chinese but she did all her education wrt this stuff in the US, she went to high school in… was in a relationship for a few years with someone who hated that I was into makeup and stuff so like as soon as… did I think this was a pic of myself in a full beat for a second lol's easy to poke fun at the "Tiger Mom" or "Asian Parents be like" stereotypes but some of that shit is legit root… have a feeling that some folks out there are hung up on the "Gifted/Special" pressure trajectory as the source of… Bastien writes the kind of essays on film & tv I almost always bookmark. Just flat out good writing."When white womanhood remains a weapon used to undermine and crush the lives of Black folks, art that is unable or…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈 @jason1749 Yea people actually like working with him. In some ways he gives me the same kinda vibe as Nic Cage vs like a Christian BaleChalamet and Holland are trying REEEAAALLLYYY hard to do some serious *Acting* meanwhile Pattinson is just putting… thing with the two Pattinson movies made for Netflix is that in both cases it's very obvious Pattinson is the o… @Joshy206 Tree's gonna fight an Evil Timeline version of herself for sure @tyIerakin Lol I had all the MASKED RIDER Taco Bell toys @Joshy206 They can do whatever they want but I'd love for HAPPY DEATH DAY 3D to have QUANTUM LEAP or BILL & TED shenanigansRemake Young Hercules with Ryan Gosling still in the role but do it as if you would a present era Ryan Gosling movi… @froonding_loom I had a few of the toys and one of the costumes for halloween!90s Fox Kids was wildOh man what about THE MYSTIC KNIGHTS OF TIR NA NOG?!! LOS LUCHADORES @DieRobinsonDie The successes of POWER RANGERS and GOOSEBUMPS led to a lot of licensing of "similar" shows from all… @DieRobinsonDie I taped them all bc I saw one and needed to be sure for the future lol. They aired them back-to-bac… @colonelnemo And then the other edge of the sword is that creatives who aren't white guys get pigeonholed to only m… wouldn't ask or want like I dunno Greta Gerwig to do a movie about black trans sex workers or whatever, what I wo… think it's silly to get hung up on whether filmmakers are being as diverse on subjects like say if the Safdies sh… I was very obviously obsessed with the episode about the ghost boy who kept borrowing the teen sister's body (… show was briefly imported and broadcast on Fox Kids in 1997 and I was obsessed with this episode where one of… @colonelnemo She's probably joking but i dunno man those kinds of tweets are such low hanging fruit lolMost stressful part is when theyre chasing julia through the hotel though
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Twitter is a wild place to vent but I went through several wild major identity crisis that I might not have gotten… I just start No Nut November early and gain my Volcel Superpowers ahead of the holidays?Lightning never strikes twice but I could really use that kind of magic miracle luck + opportunity again if anyone’s out thereMang I was ready to give up on life this time last year and then .@queersubtweet agreed to see HUSTLERS and grab a… the qualifications for even the new policy Unemployment Benefits by a hair really messed me up too.The spirit of New York hip-hop springs eternal:
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈No one likes Job Hunting but good god the level of demoralization due to the specifics of these times is next level. @jason1749 They’ve wrapped production on that a while ago it’s wild how there’s only a handful of production stills… @uzionmain In terms of pure Stress/Tension + Genuinely Entertaining & Filled With Fun Character Actors Doing Bits t… @uzionmain Actually you could go back further and any Gena Rowlands movie @uzionmain INGRID GOES WEST imoOh snap! @froonding_loom I didn’t even make the original tweet! I could be the one that is fooled too!This is good content @tyIerakin I can’t remember if he ever said “Breaking Bad” during BREAKING BADMad Respect for Chloe Zhao and Cary Joji Fukunaga and others (Justin Lin) for not getting pigeonholed as “Asian Ame… enjoy talking up Greta Gerwig movies while the “wHy DoEsnT ShE MaKE MoRe DiVeSe MoVIEs?!” takes are at a minimum.The actual best best thing was Bob Odenkirk showing up like “Ah! My LITTLE WOMEN™️”Anyway the 2nd best part of the Gerwig LITTLE WOMEN was Florence Pugh playing her character’s elementary school sel… @depechejoe Exactly the things that trouble me about WeChat are the same things that trouble me about FB and so man… point is the US and Western Companies and government/gov regulations being Toxic DOES NOT automatically make oth… have really complex feelings about TikTok too ngl. There’s a whole “Devil We Know/Devil We Don’t Know” conversati… WeChat thing is more complicated to fit into good and bad boxes. On the one hand it’s a functional and necessar… hits the highs of even the most insane PASSIONS seasons and arcs at timesI used to think I was “Above” reality TV but then I realized I was Turbo GayI’m actually genuinely excited to binge it all in chronological order from the beginning like I’m revisiting TWIN PEAKS or something lmaoMang what is E! even gonna be without the KUWtK franchise? I have such a love-hate affair with that lmao. On the on… should put BLOOD STONE and the GOLDENEYE Remake up on PS Now in NovemberKylie bring me such joySubscribe to my channel @brock_banks_
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈We had a largely Brunch-less summer 😔’ve always said a live action YOUR NAME could work if it gets into the cultural specificities of whatever it’s new…’s movies tend to be about the Asian-American experience, I’m curious if this is the direction his YOUR NAME will take tooThat’s actually a really interesting pick!!!'s @miquewatson’s review of ”This is Paris”. ”....makes viewers wonder what kind of freedom there is for a wom…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈The Very Online Left ought to co-opt Agent 47 the way it did MGS and the YAKUZA gamesIt’s genuinely great that every target now is a Rich Turd Actively Making The World A Worse Place. And that nearly… @queersubtweet new HITMAN games own bc they capture what I love about the best Bond movies: globetrotting & assassinating evil… to get on this level 😭 @Jacob_deNobel It’s a nice idea but again they don’t really start making the movie about that until the train. Befo… @MarkOStack Decades of CIA work. I love how in the Boom comic he’s always in Hawaiian shirts and popping anxiety meds into his mimosas lol @jason1749 Yea exactly. I think part of it was that they weren’t sure if this was really going to be Craig’s last o… @Jacob_deNobel I think Swann should have been introduced earlier (more Lea Seydoux is always good, actually) or at… SKYFALL is basically a Perfect *Action* Movie (CASINO ROYALE is a Perfect Movie; QUANTUM OF SOLACE is a Perfec…’s just such a weird ass follow up to SKYFALL to do a movie where Bond is basically at “Roy Batty in BLADE RUNNER…’ve decided all SPECTRE needed was a Stuart Baird edit and David Arnold on the score and I would be significantly…