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A Poet Warrior In The Sci-Fi Sense. Marketing/Advertising Expert. Sometimes I write about media/arts/etc! (mostly movies) ▪️ Genderfluid AF 🦎 ✨He/She/They✨

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Wrapping up season 3 of BANSHEE
Gummies as TREMORS (1989) in 4K + Dolby Vision this fine Sunday Ackerman has said she wished she could have another go at Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre II in WATCHMEN (2009) bc… hour movie with an overture and intermission go Old School Formalism on our asses mangMe & My Friends Watching JUSTICE LEAGUE In March: YEA KING can’t be said that Snyder isn’t a good actor’s director. Like damn Patrick Wilson, Malin Ackerman, Matthew Goode… Snyder’s oeuvre from DAWN OF THE DEAD all the way to JL presumably is obsessed with the very personal struggle… Larry Fong and costume designer Michael Wilkinson went HARD AF on this thing mang. It still impresses the pants… is a great movie btw. I think of you think Kubrick’s THE SHINING and King’s can coexist than this and the comi… @anguirus42 I honestly think “Tales of the Black Freighter” is unnecessary considering how much Snyder, Hayter, and… the WATCHMEN (2009). Director’s Cut btw sautéed in butter, shallots, and parsley. Gruyere cheese, chives, 2 eggs not 3 😎 funny that people keep getting mad at Greta Gerwig, a pretty chill filmmaker that makes nice, chill movies you c…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Twitter is gonna be wild if/when Suge Knight goes“Talented but flawed” hahahaha wow we should all hope for an obit like that“Phil Spector: wall of sound music producer and murderer” with illustrative artA lot of fanfiction is bad and a lot of published books are Also Bad. It what it isLosing it at this
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Plastic Hearts is an album both in awe of and in conversation with the classics, whose melodies wear their inspirat…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈“Sure sex is great, but have you ever put on socks straight from the dry...” - when we let virgins create joke formulas.
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈My therapist says I need something that I do for just me, as I have absolutely nothing currently lol. Today begins…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈BANSHEE season 3, episode 7 “You Can’t Hide From The Dead” is my absolute favorite hour of television EVER
┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) BLACKHAT is a Masterpiece ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳|
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Here’s the things kids: I’m *right* about BLACKHAT
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈RT if your Twitter is a safe place to be a fan of the 2015 Michael Mann cyberthriller BLACKHAT
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈In honor of Michael Mann's birthday, I just wanna say that BLACKHAT (2015) is one of the best action movies of last…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Criterion Collection should release BLACKHAT. I think that this should happen and i'm going to tweet about it
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈BLACKHAT was sold as an OTT Action Movie where Chris Hemsworth plays a super hacker and saves the world or some shi…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈BLACKHAT: Michael Mann, a mirthless 70 year old man made a dense, cerebral and propulsive espionage thriller that r…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Beyond reckoning with how masculinity, crime, and violence etc changed and didn’t change in the Digital Era there’s…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈None of this would have happened if critics didn’t get BLACKHAT (2015) so wrong. Tearing down such a masterpiece fo…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈BLACKHAT is a Masterpiece
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈There’s only ONE Buffy The Vampire Slayer excited for this one.
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈 @colonelnemo The Irish Mob falling for the trap of White Supremacy and aiming their anger at the newly freed blacks… Done. 😈 love hate relationship with Haitian patties 🇭🇹😂 🎥 @Success_jr
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Some folks It ain’t me, are born, made it ain’t me, to wave the I…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Is there a way to erase knowing who Xeni Jardin is from my smooth brainI love how fighting for fairer wages and all of a sudden every dummy is an economics expert telling us that’s bad, actually.Maybe if you lobbied for better pay for yourself you wouldn’t be making $15 at your dumb office job.
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈I like the dude and his work and I’m sure I’ll find much to enjoy about JL having loved both MAN OF STEEL and BATMA… the bluechecks of Twitter already say the guy makes Nazi propaganda and that everyone who likes his movies abu… I KNOW that the Snyder JL discourse is gonna suck but also the discourse for every Snyder thing sucks so I’m use… @thediegocrespo @iamasomething Exactly! It’s like writing an essay as to what LOST is about/speaking to but basing… @iamasomething Honestly my only real issue with it are nitpicks tbh. @iamasomething It’s beyond speculation w/ some of these write-ups, it’s assuming an entire work is saying/is about… aghast at the starting salaries for a lot of these positions requiring 3-5 years knowledge or experience… of my first full timers was this and I should have quit sooner but America has us all brainwashed into sincerel… who does digital or content or social media marketing and related jobs somehow making less than $15 an hour… when “cis” makeup f*gs buy their first breastplate and immediately start only ever doing “everyday/no makeup”… know this beside this point but mang y’all got me craving fast food burgers rnpushback against the $15 min wage comes down to *the* question animating American politics... how will I know I’m better than ____
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈 @jason1749 Also John C Riley >>>>> @jason1749 I don’t even dislike SKULL ISLAND it just never quite comes together for me beyond being really really p… all the Legendary Monsterverse things and Gareth Edwards’ GODZILLA is the only one of these I’ve all the way lik… we’re not all broke, I really do hope out post-vaccination circles live it up Roaring 20s style ngl. I want that… @DylanRoth I’m very curious if they use this to retcon hers & Pietro and Vision’s AoU origin like how they keep doing in the comics @leboism I dunno if I wanna chalk it up to accidents and one good performance. It got me to think of Bay in a total… but Schaefer was replaced by Ned Benson (THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELANOR RIGBY) who was then replaced by Eric Pearso…’s hard to tell if I like WANDAVISION or not yet but if anything it’s given me hope that Jac Schaefer might have… this Wanda just losing herself to reckoning with the traumas of AoU -> Edamame? We hear a pretty loud voice yell… these essays about WANDAVISION from folks who have seen the whole thing? Because they’re assuming a lot of thin… @jason1749 I love people rediscovering THE LAST BOYSCOUT latelyAnyway it’s great people are reevaluating Carpenter and his body of work. This kind of thing just happens with a lo… @tyIerakin @colonelnemo Needed a better last image bc I kept thinking “garage?”There’s a lot of filmmakers out there I don’t like but I try to go into everything in good faith at least. Which is… folks but especially contemporary critics HATED much of John Carpenter’s movies, the Twitter and Tumblr etc h… @tyIerakin The last image is what threw me off for a second but then lolNo words, just RT when you get it
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈I doubt this somehow dump and I feel like I myself can float, it’s wild how the body worksThey’ll raise the minimum wage but then they’ll find a way to phase out all those jobs with machines. Both parties… running away from the tall lady from resident evil village
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈My two moods
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Broooooooooo... we fucking suck 😂.
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈No one: Asian moms right now:
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈This guy had locked accounts but was DM-ing people on MAIN he WANTED to get caught in 4K hahahahahahahaha wowThinking about Armand Hammer trying to figure out which of his 14 followers leaked his locked IG account and cackling @uzionmain Everything I learn about this man is against my will lolIf we put him and Hunter Biden in the same room the energy would cause a rip in space time immediately
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈 @extremlyuncanny JL; ARMY OF THE DEAD; and MONSTER HUNTER *maybe* NO TIME TO DIE and SNAKE EYES are the only things immune… fuck letting people like things the people who say that all the time don’t extend the same courtesy anyways comments on whenever Fisher speaks out against the WB brass absolutely depress me. Either people weirdly obsess… these recordings damn this is a RISK. Also damn screw Hamada and JohnsAccountability > EntertainmentRAY FISHER!!!!! wow this dude is amazingHere is a clip from my final conversation with @WarnerMedia’s independent investigator on December 11th, 2020. Hop…
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈Banshee season 3 episode 5......... IM WRECKED
Retweeted by 😈 THE Stefano DLC 😈 @jason1749 IRL: All Cops Are Bastards Abolish Abolish Abolish Fuck Em All Me Watching/Reading/etc FICTION: RIO BRAVO homage in BANSHEE s3 ep5 “Tribal” is soooo good and heartbreaking