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Cel C. @TheActualCel Philly, PA

Cel●24●She/They🚀✨ Community Man.●Creator●Twitch●Events @nerdstgamers Founder of @blackcardmems co-organizer of #Blacktober ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈

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making art for cool twitter ppl pls clap for the cat @HeatherZWeather thanks for the new icon, my bits just got an upgradeeeeee
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Been sharing my whole life with the internet since I was 15..... and my biggest flex is that I still managed to be…
Retweeted by Cel C. @perisceris It feels good!! I used to look at the concepts of naps only being needed when ill, but now I look at th… moving into my own place I've been able to do a lot more things which has been keeping me very busy, yet happ… the luxury of taking a nap is so amazing Sleeping in the middle of the day for a short bit to get your ener… Here's something to help educate us better on what's happening.
Retweeted by Cel C.The Black Card Members stands with #FreePalestine . We would like to help do our part by spreading resources in a t…
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Retweeted by Cel C.Attacks on the media and civilians. What's the response from the international community? Are we just going to sit…
Retweeted by Cel C.this gofundme is almost at its goal. please help them out and donate if you can
Retweeted by Cel C.If you say you haven’t seen anything about Palestine on your tl which I highly doubt, here is this list that you ca…
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Retweeted by Cel C.Spoil a momma for Mother's Day and purchase a commission? 🥺 I'm opening three slots! Scott Pilgrim - $25 Villager…
Retweeted by Cel C. @boxfulthoughts Im an essence water proof pen userhere’s a (very belated) #maysia self-portrait for day 1! i’m charles / rie, one of the multiple organizers behind…
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Retweeted by Cel C. @Cronks_964 Oh no im late... happy belated birthday!!!!
please move beyond celebrities and the democratic party 🙏🏾 both have this country in shackles
Retweeted by Cel C.The fight for Black lives and the fight for Palestinian liberation are interconnected. We oppose our money going t…
Retweeted by Cel C.My last two pieces for my #HBCU Painting final! I’ll most likely continue this after the semester ends. And for my…
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@JellyfshFortuna no really#EidMubarak to all who celebrates it! We hope your day is filled with food, joy, and creativity!
Retweeted by Cel C.Today! 😱🙌🏾🎉 Set your alarms babes! We’ll be 🔴LIVE🔴 from 5PM GMT/12PM EST! Follow and turn notifs on so you don’…
Retweeted by Cel C.#WholesomeDirect returns on June 12 at 1pm ET! 📺 We'll have new game reveals, exclusive footage, and even games tha…
Retweeted by Cel C.Eid Mubarak friends!! 💜eid mubarak besties <33
Retweeted by Cel C.You wont want to miss this event. BNA is always partnering with studios . Netflix, Disney TVA, Nickelodeon, six po…
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Acrylic Charm Commissions are OPEN!! Order form below! First image is what I'm offering + examples of my work! Free…
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Last chance until June! ☺️
Retweeted by Cel C. @maderoooni @mad_erall congrats on finishing your thesis!!!!!!!my senior thesis animated film, 'mega wins' is out now!!!! big big thanks to everyone involved in this project 🎯💈☎️…
Retweeted by Cel C. @dalimash everyone in there is chaotic in the most gentle way i wouldnt be shy with them i promise ya we also got… @dalimash check my bio 😎FINAL CHANCE TO HOP IN ON OPEN SERVER INVITES FOR THIS MONTH! (Day 3/3) Here's your last shot to hop into the serv…
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Have you guys heard about Culture Con? A con just for creatives of color? Get your free tickets to join today!!!
Retweeted by Cel C.Last chance until June! ☺️
@boxfulthoughts LET'S GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED, HAPPY, AND PROUD OF YOU DUDE THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!🎉🎉IT'S OFFICAL!!! I am beyond thrilled to announce that I'm making not one, but THREE graphic novels with the lovel…
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@72robots @Colleen_Durant1 💀 @tani269 if you can find me @boxfulthoughts BRO????? @smidg3n omg @Colleen_Durant1 @72robots yall are wild for this one....but who knows i might do it @boxfulthoughts if u jump me then yall aint ever gonna eat from mei just have the energy, and some prior experience, to do it! i should do a cooking stream one dayim gonna get jumped for one of my plates one of these days 😭😭😭 @TheSleepyMia i mean ur in florida yeah? rooooad triiiip @peachiiroses i rly do @CartoonistGal yes because its your birthday happy bday! @TheViCheck whenever u find me @Colleen_Durant1 i was so hype to cook this it was so tasty dude @starryeef Ah the salmon and rice is simple! All it is is salmon (skin on) and a honey-soy sauce glaze with season… @tgdragondropit Tyyyy!!!! @mooshgi :) @bg_diary96 😭😭😭 @starryeef To which one? LolThis time we got my homemade ramen, pizza omelette with roasted potatoes and peppers, then honey-soy glazed salmon…'m cheffin once again 💃🏾🍳
10 minutes until stream! gonna do a Q&A in the beginning so drop some questions for me to answer below!
Retweeted by Cel C.While tossing in questions how about coming to listen to the chill music in my stream :) minutes until stream! gonna do a Q&A in the beginning so drop some questions for me to answer below!lovecore miku 💌
Retweeted by Cel C.HOLLLLYYY CRAPP!!!! I Just came home to the COOLEST letter like, 100% serious- WOW! Ateliers Nemeisis sent me th…
Retweeted by Cel C.[RTs 💗]hi everyone! i am looking to start my streaming career and would like to get a set up started, any donation…
Retweeted by Cel C. @koidoodles NOT THIS;;;; i hope you'll be okay!I'm just excited for this transition that I've been slowly gearing towards for a few months now and I hope that fol… AND streaming helps limit how much time I spend doing it! I can't stream for hours on hours but I can scroll f… really hope to use streaming as a new platform of engaging and interacting with people as it allows me to present… @tejuabiolaart i would also take it home....after we go hit up a bar or two /ji think once a week right now works and maybe i'll slide in a weekend stream here and there!good morning good morning! today im ACTUALLY gonna stream!!! i've been getting better with planning out my days an… @nonbinarysinner this is so sweet! also happy belated!!!!
@penticede happy birthday!-General personal project assitance (writers, voice actors, musicians, designers, etc.) -Finishing a graphic novel,…
Retweeted by Cel C.In addition to Feature Fridays, there will be a submission link provided where you can share information about your…
Retweeted by Cel C.We will be unveiling a weekly promotional series for boosting the latest news straight from our members! New projec…
Retweeted by Cel C.❗❗ANNOUNCEMENT❗❗Tuesdays are the days to see what’s happening! BCM is planning new content for Instagram and Twitter!
Retweeted by Cel C.Good mornin! Good mornin!!!! I took a very long walk today and I got a lot on my list of things to get done! Bes…’all... the amount of “that’s why I stay to myself” tweets... The moral of the story is not to “stop networking.…
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The nicer it gets outside, the more excuses you need to stay inside 🏠 Check out the top games to look out for thi…
Retweeted by Cel self portraits for #maysia ft traditional nepali styles dipped in modern
Retweeted by Cel C.Always be mindful of the people you allow in your inner circle. Not everyone has good intentions.
Retweeted by Cel C. @punsandbunsgg WHO DAT @AuthorNikSky Online online! Taking ideas for future events! @Gensuta OOOOOOOOO I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT HAVING RHYTHM GAME EVENTS i was considering project diva or osu :) @gudspeeller Video Games specifically! But we have MtG digitally and Smash and Rocket League! I will have to look into the Mario games @aepoyi it would be so good!!! im taking down all these to write up tournament notes for actual events in the future! @Kobanya_kana OOOOOO THAT WOULD BE COOL HOLD AWN- @ManiiMade we do those! @aepoyi the way i wanna do mario kart so bad;;;; @Vespilooma NOT MARIO TENNIS LOOOORD DSHGFD imma write that down tho @surenliciousart we already got that one! @danulmao 😈what would be a fun competitive game to play that ISN'T a shooter game?a very important message
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