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Hey, hi, hello 💞 Here is another picture of me, more Black mode fanart I love, and a big grin in the face of it all…
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda! @SunnyBunny251 Good morning!*hands u!*
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!Temari Redraw🥰Cause she’s one of my fave Kunoichi
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!Annais so skilled/powerful and I've loved their work since day ONE!!! Check out their content! 🥰 @judie_thai Good mornin my bee!!!!! 🐝💜🥰 @ace_dalmatian 👋🏾 @ejknoodles YOU ESPECIALLY!!! you've been dealing with a lot I hope you get a good mental break today 💕Good mornin y'all ✨ Let's hope today is a little better @ayviebee Oh she's cute![wip] nsr oc. 👀👁️👁️
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!FOLLOW CHRIS EXPEDICIOUSLY
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!I'm Chris. I'm an animator and illustrator just creating in my corner of the internet. links :…
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!#Blacktober We're really out here. You love to see it.
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda! @lipton_pee This is Valerie. She owns a plant shop, models occasionally, and has a giant plant and sneaker collect…
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!Noire for @SA1NTCAKE
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!It'd be crazy if we got Tajae to 10k.... Do it!!!! 50% off Clip Studio Paint in our Black Friday Sale until Dec 1, 8:00 AM UTC/GMT!
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda! @TaranzasWig HIIII wbYa know I think @Dines_Visual should have 1k at this point.... Do it! :D
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda! @melonstellar Why was that like that I was so sad @juutanart It's late now but LATER we gon get that assAnyways why did I beat YINU and my heart hurt? Why did no one tell me that's what was going to happen???? Ow??????????3:40 AM....clown shit I'm usually sleep before it even hit 1 AMThe way I should be sleep right now....what is this headassery I'm on rn... @Dines_Visual Bye DLDHDLDKSK @tajmerk Dead ass!!! The energy is there! I'm on April 21st and came out like 3-4 years ago 😭💜I know me doin this at 3 AM is a clown move but just u wait Chris It's over for u @Dines_Visual Sit yo down we gon get yo ass @tajmerk Lesbian Taurus twins? On god? 🐂 @tajmerk Hiiiii wb we missed u 💕✨ @SleepyMia145 @juutanart @koidoodles don't y'all agree?Ya know I think @Dines_Visual should have 1k at this point.... Do it! :D @beakfriends I am so sorry... I hope this doesn't affect you too negatively. I genuinely dislike those who seek at… @beakfriends H-HUH?! @maybeitsnanners dhjghdjkghkdj 🥺💕 @maybeitsnanners i like to think im nice but tbh idk! @maybeitsnanners im like a 6 maybeI present a quick Ann Takamaki!
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda! @smallspades 🥰 Us community managers gotta stick together! @OnstaMonsta I look forward to seeing them!! I'm excited to see who wins! 💕✨Ooooo Onsta's art is amazing y'all should rt and follow!
@FoolBrew L o l People are really off the shits lately.Support @FoolBrew she's an amazing, inspiring creator who wants nothing more to create fun safe spaces for people a… sorry for getting mad on main. I normally don't lash out like that but you very much cross a line when you… @coolestegg_art People's closed mindedness is genuinely always shocking to me. Like you really would rather stay st… @FoolBrew Really did! @coolestegg_art All we said was this isn't cool and the person was hurt you should apologize and they doubled down… instead of just acknowledging it and apologizing... you block the op, say racist jokes are still funny, and say… @ejknoodles why are people trying it tody i do not understand @TheActualCel popping by to say you rock & I hope youre having a good day. You inspire so many. (Also your art is 🔥…
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda! @smallspades That is so sweet of you 🥺 Thank you so much! May you have a great day as well!.@jacqueaye not only founded the adorable lifestyle brand @AdornedByChi but she has also started her own manga impr…
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda! @KrymSkye Thank you! @maybeitsnanners Like dang thank God I own it @maybeitsnanners I'm so sad @surenliciousart Man that's such shit and I'm sorry y'all constantly go through it there. I'm happy that we can pro… @ejknoodles 🔪 Just say when and where @surenliciousart There is still black face parading around in the Netherlands like it's nothing and that's severely… @j_jadx @FoolBrew Just so you're FULLY aware. The person who was targeted, Julie, is not okay with your comment. Th… @melonstellar She would give u a forehead kiss 😌💕 @as1anpanda She's cocky so she would say "I know" but then also say you look better @minecraftklungo Cinna is girls that go "hiiiiii~" @GraphicGoht @Colleen_Durant1 She's one of my best homies!!! @Colleen_Durant1 and that's on earth signs!!!! A capricorn and a taurus? This shit ain't gonna end until instagram burns to the groundSomeone got hurt by it. It's no longer funny. Racism itself is never funny. If you think that's the kinda conte… @Colleen_Durant1 I kissth u mwah mwah ❤️See what we're not gonna do is call racism/anti-blackness "trolling". It is harmful, disgusting, and trivializes Bl… @j_jadx @carlosbehrens one of the people you're following thinks this blatant racism is funny and I saw you were cl… a year now @Colleen_Durant1 and I have been sending each other heart emojis on Instagram almost every day No r… @aniistoll @blackcardmems 💕✨If you do one thing today, it should be to follow @blackcardmems ~ you’ll get to see so much amazing art on your fe…
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda! @aniistoll @blackcardmems Aw, how kind!!! And true!!!!! Full of small shops here!and my final piece - the bilbiza iced coffee! which... definitely does not look like coffee, because the majority o…
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!Welcome to the Black Card Members Twitter Page! BCM is a space for black and brown creatives to express themselves…
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!Yeah report this dude lmfao
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!Julie doesn't deserve this kind of treatment for just wanting to post a selfie. Report and block this clown. intentional stuff? nah i just go with the flow brotherdont ever ask me what im doin with art cause i have no idea i just go for it LMAO hi to cinna do it now!!!!good morning to beedle and lesbians only
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!alright. let's do this one last time :)
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda!Did YOU check your email yet? Have you gotten into the Discord? Got questions? Send em my way! like painting Keres last night. The therapy this was 😔💕💕💕
Retweeted by Cel C. @ Break Time Kinda! @YoursTruly_Brit Aw Thanks! @koidoodles Dldjdkd tyyyy @FoolBrew 😌💕 @bnicole_lewis And she would love u! @SmolSinRoll :D thanks! @SleepyMia145 Thank u!baby's first art in close to a month it's a lil rusty and messy but it was p fun! its been awhile since i've made a fandom based oc! @koidoodles go get itMade myself a No Straight Roads OC! Meet Miss Cinna! She rules over Pop Hip-Hop/Rap! I thought it would be cute i… AM? guess i'll post some art @FoolBrew WOOOOOOOOOOOO @kianamaiart TRUE @oheysteenz 😭😭😭 they know the truth now @kianamaiart "fuck those hamsters" 😭😂 @FoolBrew WAIT I WANT IN @strangeauthor now i know i didnt just watch that imma walk away and act like i aint see that