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I’m the biggest and best Adamn Killa stan. Ryan (he/him)

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@oyatsuba Idk @clairepods @CyXato @kidkyros Same! @RSVaughanW Happy birthday again! @itsTHEbigfella No @Mighty_Mos No @kidkyros L @zimzalabimbot Shamrock shake @MenschMunch My favorite part was probably the second half tbhGod is telling me to stop I accidentally cut myself rolling up the window to my truck @MenschMunch Yeah pretty good @MenschMunch Yeah I’m fine. Thoughts on Chungking?Part 8 🥲 body has felt absolutely awful today. My roommate said it’s probably due to have too much fats in a short period… @zimzalabimbot Your and Logan’s priv tweets are so good wish I could rt themFor day 2 and 3 I watched The Kings Speech and Pulgasari films from Britain and North Korea. Guess which is which.…’re proud to announce we are adding sex to Among Us
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@AdamnKilla Ello I’m watching a movie rn1001 Nights (Mike Smith, 1998) Art direction by Amano Yoshitaka, who did art direction for Oshii Mamoru's Angel's…
Retweeted by The Adamn Killa fan ⁶𓅓who would have the best performance in a posse track between these 4 ? @MacIsA10 Rural or city?taylor swift fucked my wife
Retweeted by The Adamn Killa fan ⁶𓅓 @MacIsA10 Where you from Grad? @avizcoTDE I can’t for the life of me think of a beat where Thugger and ride would work @kenokaonashi Oh in that case I’m certain mixing them together will workI honestly don’t wanna hear them on the same track together that would be like mixing water, oil, milk, and blood. @julesseablob ❤️ @RSVaughanW Oh my bad I thought you were already 17 lmao @RSVaughanW Happy birthday Vaughan!!!! Hope adulthood treats you well @SilenceOfDaSam @daysafterastr0 Or fack @daysafterastr0 Wanna hear stepdad play at the next party I go to @yeezyruhmp Drama @SilenceOfDaSam Wrestle with Jimmy @SilenceOfDaSam Dracula Dracula Dracula @yeezyruhmp Lol just don’t die was 16 he was 18. he offered to buy me tickets to a taylor swift concert so that we could “meetup”. i hate him w/…
Retweeted by The Adamn Killa fan ⁶𓅓 @cxrlybaejepsen Love you Richard#TaylorSwift she is racist @AdamnKilla All love Adamn @hitektekyeayea Funniest twitter has been in a whileAdamn Killa will never disappoint me like Taylor did you all @AdamnKilla Do it the people need to hear @clairepods What about Phoebe Bridgers @MenschMunch @clairepods ^^^ @clairepods @GavinG98 @clgdpt Yeah true lmao @GavinG98 @clairepods @clgdpt With Swift or Khalil?Khalil probably heard the Taylor Swift news and said “she really just like me” 😭😭😭 @ChonkyfireAQ @clgdpt Yeah lmao @incognitolam @clgdpt Nope! @clairepods @clgdpt Khalil Probably heard the news and was like “she just like me”So @clgdpt hear the new Taylor Swift news?So Taylor Swift am I right! @sufjanslvt “stop crying oml” @grandexpresssg Yeah true @grandexpresssg @theadamnfan @hitektekyeayea I can see it @hitektekyeayea Aight @flicker6dalinco @daysafterastr0 @surfingemojii This is Ryan’s mother I can confirm he is indeed dead @theadamnfan plug the album to the mf at the drive thru
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@Grantpa23 Oh lmao I thought it was from a movie or something @Grantpa23 What is this? @yeezyruhmp Yeah but not for you 😭😭😭 @yeezyruhmp Dawg this was at 2 pm @neekolul I’m glad your life was changed for the better because of it but I really hope video this doesn’t cause so… @Jaden_Hercules @cinephilejen You are speaking facts! @Jaden_Hercules @cinephilejen Facts! @CherryDaGoatFr Spree @daysafterastr0 One example I’ve seen people use is the winter soldier saying it’s themes are a few bad eggs instea… @daysafterastr0 I mean I can see how it is military propaganda, but if that’s the case for the most part it doesn’t seem to work @zymo4n Don’t do anything zy pls ily @cxrlybaejepsen Excuses @tarkovskeet Fake news @flicker6dalinco Nah just a couple of them @1999purefiller Go back to normalMy poop has been green for almost a week now @tarkovskeet @dmoneymusicornr Nah he’s right get the shakewhich one
Retweeted by The Adamn Killa fan ⁶𓅓lmk @dmoneymusicornr @theadamnfan
Retweeted by The Adamn Killa fan ⁶𓅓I can make the old swag look like new swag
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Retweeted by The Adamn Killa fan ⁶𓅓 @BabyMars210 Shamrock shakeWhat the fuck is this
Retweeted by The Adamn Killa fan ⁶𓅓 @hipvault Nah😢Part 6 may get a second one later @NoNotAman77 @Grantpa23 I forgot completely about this it was such a cool event @frankdickrates @frankdickrates Alright you gotta do it @frankdickrates If I unfollow you you deactivate @crukee No i DIDNT @yeezyruhmp 👋 @kenokaonashi @1999purefiller So true Americans for life! @kenokaonashi Are you referring to the white peoples??? Cause if so you are a racist.Of course they cancelllled Dr Seuss they hate every self respecting American! Which one is next Harvey Weinstein??…