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Trump is not my president. Ram Nath Kovind is

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Perfect timeline doesn't exi... ki wagon bhi nahi banaya, high speed train par tipni de raha hai... have to be nuts to target Kashmiri youth living in India’s heartland. These are fellow countrymen. Seeking a be…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffMet some Islamist terrorists who were talking about canceling their plans to "destroy America." I asked them why, t…
Few days ago When Dhruv Rathee made a public post on me that how i was a right wing troll who constantly abused wom…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffThe kind of resolve & the strength it takes to work in the harshest of conditions just to ensure the country sleeps…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @kekhaunter There have been several cases where public has changed their mind about a policy, just because it was p… CUZ IT'S TRUE - our third edition of Monday Comedy Nights at @Primal_TheBar Koramangala, 18th Feb. A story-t…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffPerhaps this can be fixed through simple re-packaging thru clever choice of words - something that America is reall…
I study at an 'elite' arts college and I couldn't agree more. From Trump's immigration policies to free the nipple,…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffThe hedonism & drunken debauchery in big cities - appalling how ignorant & unappreciative people here are about the…
The very morons screaming on TV, "How did so much of explosives get into Kashmir?" are the very ones who are most e…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffAur bolo, "Aman ki Aasha" 😡 #Pulwama #CRPFYep. "Vote banks" fall prey to divisive politics. For them, "nationalism" is a bad word. "Unity in diversity" is ba…
FUNNY CUZ IT'S TRUE - our third edition of Monday Comedy Nights at @Primal_TheBar Koramangala, 18th Feb. A story-t…'d like to alert Hindutvadis about a mass conversion program. Rev. Rahul Gandhi is converting people from Congress… video! Best part is the ending, wait for it..."Congress govt. was so slow, even their scam was in 2G" Lol, good one by Shridhar V
Who wore it better? #PriyankaUPRoadshow's the congregation? High, sir! is tonight in Koramangala, Bangalore. Come, hear some new jokes... @RIyer15 @adikulk Trying on spend less time on the interwebz. Might go into "hiding" again
@_NeerDoWell You can't spell PAISA without AISA ;-) @TwitterIndia You are lying. Your policy clearly says that anyone trying to dox someone's personal infos & posing t…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @boomboxheto Bengal. SurpriseUsually when you hear "million" and "communist" in the same sentence, it's about death figures @ishancon Unfortunately :-("America will never be a socialist country!" - Donald Trump Meanwhile, in India... @Iltutmish_hyder Less than it was pre-90sRahul Gandhi buying helicopters for mummy: Augusta Westland! Imported maal chahiye, phoren wala RG buyin fighter a… hata dia... toh khaana kiske ghar mein khaega!?? @Cara07352870"OW!! WTF bro!? Why'd u punch me?" "Well, you asked me to. My name is Basant." #BasantPanchami #sorryGod Emperor Trump ❤️
Now then... aren't you glad u currently live in a country where u can say stuff like this without fear of dire cons… @KnottyCommander Uke tatti ka color abhi par hai, shade number ke saathLast year, Nike was full-on virtue-signaling with minority appeasement. This year, they are facing backlash from mi… @saikiran_b Link please
Angel Tax failure #CropLikeTheHindu @nimish4fk Now that is blasphemy!And hey, you don't just shoot the f***er and exit ASAP... you have to stick around for a little smack talk and dram… @_JiglyPuff My mistake for expecting Bollywood to be realistic/scientificAs if that's not enough, afore-mentioned 4-eyed twat somehow gets security clearance to participate in a highly cla… @KaranAwtani1 Exactly! You do not do your heroic "battle cry" in a top secret covert operation. You just shoot the… movie was going fine... up until that scene. I'm offended by just how unrealistic it is. An insult to our intelligenceFinally saw Uri. "Creative liberties" ki bhi hadd hoti hai. You're telling me a highly advanced military-grade orni… has a 430 credit score, two evictions, and an empty résumé Just two months ago, she couldn’t afford an apart…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff#RafaleDeal explained. Check out this excellent video by @Nitin_Rivaldo’s the women with “feminist” in their bio who tend to be nastiest to other woman-especially if they disagree with…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffWhat can be more devastating the only print of my National Award winning film “Celluloid Man “about P.K.Nair and fi…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff
@VKondi You need to make money to be taxed
After Brexit we will be free of unelected, arrogant bullies like you and run our own country. Sounds more like he…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffThere's this new thing called "internet." It will make you smarter #90sKidsRumorsThings Ocasio-Cortez didn't applaud; - Record low African-American & Hispanic unemployment - Stopping sex traffick…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @KnottyCommander BTW... Belated happy birthday :-)2nd edition of our newest comedy property - Primal Comedy Nights, every Monday. This week, a curated lineup featuri… out of Dalit ideology Don’t recognise & reward me as Dalit, I’m a proud Indian from a farming family says cap…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffYeah. Why not comedians while you're at it? Plumbers. What about plumbers? And drivers too. Electricians, carpenter… lame demand! Journalists are not much different from other citizens of the country. No need to give them spec…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffSame in India. They WANT minorities to be backward & dependant on state handouts listen this woman! How did she get elected? What is wrong with America?
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffTrying some Jew food for breakfast. Cream cheese bagel @sarvjanikkaka @PrasadPBhat Thank y... HEY!!Sahib, bibi, aur ghulam with DSLR mode with the Poco F1 #NoFilter PC: @PrasadPBhat
Michael Jackson is a hermaphrodite #90sKidsRumorsArnold Schwarzenegger's biceps are so big, his hand can't reach his mouth, he has to use a special long spoon to feed himself #90sKidsRumorsEngineering kar lo, beta, tumhare liye ladkiyon ki line lag jaegi #90sKidsRumorsWould advise against.
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffRahul Gandhi brought back Vijay Mallya! Rahul Gandhi also split the atom, discovered DNA, found the cure for cancer… @SrijanFn Let's see. Inbox meAnd we are on the way, Bengaluru's newest Monday comedy property at the Primal-Bar Kormangala! Tons of fun hosting…
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Feb 2013, TMC worker Sheikh Subhan shot sub-inspector Tapas Chowdhry. FIR named TMC Councillor Md Iqbal for mas…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffHow's the jokes!? Hack, sir!Tonight 🙌🏻
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffSeriously...this new age feminism is too TRP oriented..get your facts in place ya
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @kadal_meen @Mauryatej1 @Naseeruddin93 That's correct. Black burqa & niqaab - not in the rulebook @AtmaDrohi @SrijanFn Sure, I'll try and find it. The main point here is, what god has commanded cannot be called a… room and stellar line up... do go for this and support #StandUpComedy #Bengaluru #Koramangala
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffWe at Bangalore Comedy have a new Monday Drinking destination. Come laugh and drink with us as we bring our new jok…
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Caw! @chrisdelia
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffYaar how much money do they women have in #FourMoreShotsPlease? They drink so much and every other day? Yahaan mai…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @nagarajanvanaja They're ignorant of pretty much everything#ProtestAgainstTwitter is the digital version of distributing pamphlets with SAVE TREES written on them🤣🤣🤣🤣 @sbshetty28 @rapperbigdeal @smanak @Funny_Leone @ComedianZubair @madvish_ @desibrah Thank you, sir @Naseeruddin93 @TheAhmedShariff If it’s a choice then why is there a punishment associated with it. Then it’s not a true choice.
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @VinayakHarsh12 @TheAhmedShariff @Warm_Apple_Pie Feminist Harpy, born on a Monday Name imposed (christened) on Tues…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @rcj1978 Just recently started listening to him. Impressive how much knowledge he hasNeil deGrasse Tyson > Neil Nitin Mukesh
Ghoongat is Patriarchy Hijab is Choice. Jai Ho aise Phaaaamiiinsim ki.
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @amrendra_kp @SirJambavan Islam doesn't work that way. Allah's word is final, that's the rule"NUCLEAR is the other N-word you're not supposed to say." - Neil deGrasse Tyson @ASR1481 You asked me the "theory" I told u :-/ @ASR1481 There is, actually. Men are ordered to "lower their gaze"Hijab is NOT a choice. As per Islam, it is a "command" from Allah, you do NOT belittle it by callin it "choice." I… biggest show of my career so far. 700 seater. Sold out before 3 days. Thank you so much Chennai. Really honoure…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffOffered without comments
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffIf Hypocrisy was a twitter profile. @desibrah @TheAhmedShariff @ARanganathan72 @akash_jainwa @TrueIndology
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