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Trump is not my president. Ram Nath Kovind is

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I plead with the uttarakhand govt to pls lift the ban on my film #kedarnath. Its an attempt to bring peace, harmony…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffMy name is Benoit, I'm 7 years old. I am talking to the world now live from #Paris. This is my last moment to eithe…
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came across this 😂😂😂😂 #IshaAmbaniSangeet #IshaAmbaniWedding
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffReplug... check out my latest podcast with @PrinceArihan & @TheAhmedShariff if you haven't.
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In case you missed out my chat with @PrinceArihan & @TheAhmedShariff check it out now. We chat about The idea of In…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffGoing to be live with @PrinceArihan & @TheAhmedShariff at 7.30 PM IST. Come and watch us live here
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @Bikash89660517 Dad slept with my lover!! 😠😡Sorry to interrupt your shit, Mr. Lannister #VellaPhotography PC: @josh5k you. Refreshing to read. You don't need to play a victim to get what you want and by painting others in a bad…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @baesquets05 So do u
Bathroom selfie. Seen girls do this, wanted to see what the big deal is. Seriously, ladies, WTF!?? I'm beautiful! My fat body is beautiful! F**k patriarchal beauty standards! LATER: Why does no one wanna dat…
New Video is Out! If you like it, please do share/ retweet. I will be thankful 😊 Here it is!…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @baesquets05 Yuss. Right after I shout ALLAHUAKBAR!!PJ alert... If Priyanka Chopra had married a "Winfrey" instead of a "Jonas," she'd be a Chopra-Winfrey @Tarun07287630 @Being_Hunar East India Comedy had sonething similar, check it out
@ShaktiMastAadmi Lol, u really thought "Lucky" is his actual first name? @filmychokri Looking fwd to it :-)Lucky Ali shared my song! Now I can die in peace...
@rey_iyer Simple. Be smart enough to see through it all
@VeeJay_tweets Hmm, don't know. This is "antshadbi"NEW VIDEO UPLOAD A musical concept I'd been thinking of for a loooong time. Finally made it!***NEW VIDEO ALERT*** Not a stand-up video, not a funny video, it's a music-related experimental remix. Uploading…
Wud be interesting if Islamist terrorists attack a theater playing the new Freddie Mercury movie and take hostages,… @TheAhmedShariff Man...what a mind-blowing piece you have written! Please keep writing with such clarity! I loved t…
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@aaryabharata He's not Baba RamdevRound of applause for this man, who successfully completed No-Nut November the growing demand for reservation for the minorities, the only minority that seems to be ignored is merit.
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Baith jao, BAITH JAO! Sab ko joke sunaunga... At Taj, MG Road, Bangalore PC: @DrJagdishChatur less than a minute....
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This is Hotel Fa I'm against them Because I'm AntiFa #sorry for Antifa. Rejected. IQ not low enuf :'-( Ma is one lucky guy. No, not because he's China's richest man, it's cuz every meal he eats is "Ma ka khaana" #sorryJust finished breakfast in an "air-conditoned" restaurant and stepped out... the outside air is actually colder tha…
Advice for Indian comedians. Good one by @smanak About time Indian comedians stop depending on the "system" and su…
@shyam_veer007 Pajeet matlab "creepy Indian guy"Ek statue ki zara tareef kar di... iska matlab yeh nahi tum log statues ki dukaan khol lo @_valardohaeris_ @soapyrao @ashwinsrinivass I don't think so. Recording is a big undertaking and costs tens of thou… @WeirdAwkward You should listen to his speech about U.S. policy on Afghanistan
@WeirdAwkward I have seen Hindu demonization too, and it's nasty. Thaali dono haathon se bajti hai @WeirdAwkward Nope. "He called Mexicans rapists" is a bit of a stretch. You would get the context if you listen to… @WeirdAwkward An incident that didn't get much news coverage - a couple days before the announcement of election re… @WeirdAwkward Well, he had to take a tough stance when he had to. Plus, it's still only talk. Hillary was a lot wor… @WeirdAwkward Well, I was. I didn't realize it back then, just didn't do the math. All I saw was, "Yay! Free water.… @WeirdAwkward They won't. Lad ke marne do @WeirdAwkward Not denying that. Both the far left and far right indulge in name-calling @UnlimitedNeeds @OpIndia_com Minor downsides, yes. "Major downsides" as I found out recently are mostly fake news @Shalini_Jan There's the link to my channel :-) a small spot in this comedy show tonight at Just Be Cafe, featuring Brahmanical patriarch @soapyrao and upma-… @squintneon Check this out @UnlimitedNeeds @OpIndia_com 1. I felt he could have better handled the PR of the 2002 riots 2. Wish he would speak…*JNU ke baare mein standup Good one by @malikgarv 🤣🤣🤣🤣 *JNU = Jholachhaap National University proof that we're a nation of low-IQ Pajeets? Just look at the comments on Disha Patani's FB/Insta
@TheAhmedShariff @OpIndia_com I'm just stunned with the similarities your story has got with mine on how I got "red…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @MyChunniMyRule Aieeeeee 😍😍😍"If people keep taking more out of the system than they are putting in, then the system won't last." Dunno about he… @Ankur______ @OpIndia_com Sab maansik rog hainJust finished watching the trailer of Lion King and this basket of cuteness shows up at my kitchen window
@TheAhmedShariff @OpIndia_com I must admit I don't even bother to read a WhatsApp joke which is of more than 5 line…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffHey @TheAhmedShariff really loved your article.And probably the best article I have read so far on leftist.
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffTake a bow @TheAhmedShariff ...!! Sone plain speaking ....!! Here is why I left the Left via @opindia_com
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff.@TheAhmedShariff writes a searing article on fashionable Left and various -ist and -phobes, Right, #Tolerance et…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @TheAhmedShariff Shariff bhai, nice article. tough i dont agree with everything, it made me to take a step back fr…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffWhy I left the left ....Wish lot of people read this.. wonderfully explained.. by @TheAhmedShariff
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffPJ alert... Andaman sounds like a superhero whose super-power is shooting eggs @DumbDumber13 @OpIndia_com Tell me about it :-( @nareshkumar_139 Cuz they both killed? @abydksab Yeah, one of thoseThe American missionary who got killed in Andaman... reminds me of the cyclist couple who got killed by ISIS terror… @KiniNanditha @deyr74 @UnSubtleDesi Yeah. Ranting on about some obscure writer who's not even that good. We need mo… Brilliant.
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffDere aye, par durst aye
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffThis I witness daily. "millennial snowflakes, also know as #sjws -Social Justice Warriors. Spoilt-rich, privileged…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @TheAhmedShariff gives hope that leftist, liberal, secular insanities can be cured. Wonderful read. Thank you Ahm…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffHere is why I left the Left - Brilliant piece by ⁦@TheAhmedShariff⁩
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffHere is why I left the Left via @opindia_com by @TheAhmedShariff
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffWhat a fantastic article by @TheAhmedShariff. Skewers the left and the far right. And understands the dynamics at p…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffI haven’t read such detailed autopsy of Left with wit & salt sprinkled on top :) Saludos ex-comrade/non-sanghi…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffIf there is only one article you read today, make it this one! By @TheAhmedShariff We won't agree with most of what…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffFull Marks for reasoning & extensive explanation Shariff, you should think of writing full time. 👏🏻
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffFantastic article ....kudos @TheAhmedShariff
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Wow @TheAhmedShariff this is Inspired!
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @arvind19011 @ShubhamParewa3 @TheAhmedShariff Oh shut up. That's not how you behave with people you don't know. Hav…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffSeriously, a wonderful piece..
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @squintneon Nibba, u high! Go to sleep... @Raghugovind @UnSubtleDesi South Africa is going the same way, thanks to Marxist policies @maheshashetty @UnSubtleDesi Hmm, that's an idea...A good read by @TheAhmedShariff
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @_valardohaeris_ Can't think of any. There used to be George Carlin, he has some strong leftie beliefs, but you cou… off, Ahmed Bhai! One of the most thought provoking, and eye-opening article you'd have read in a long time....
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffDo it ! read this article, maybe you can come out of the trap of left wing like @TheAhmedShariff did....
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @harshmadhusudan Yup. Many times. And Kanye West tooLived reading the article. I echo your thoughts, @TheAhmedShariff. The extreme left or the so called "liberals" hav…
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @TheAhmedShariff takes apart the hate-rhetoric of the “liberal” Left.
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @UnSubtleDesi @TheAhmedShariff Brilliant article Ahmed! I am not too fond of long article but this made me go till…
Retweeted by Ahmed ShariffI much await for all your articles. This piece, is sheer marvellous
Retweeted by Ahmed Shariff @failedchef1 Shaktimaaaaaaaaaaaan...Most expensive!?? What did they spend the money on, cuz those special effects look cheap AF