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@anujdeshpandey Yeah, maybe just needs to check delta rather than get into colour which will complicate things with…
Darren Sammy finding out that all this while he was playing in India, he was actually being subjected to a racist s…
Retweeted by the akshay @ind_ranga @rajaarushi @XpressBengaluru @santwana99 @BMTC_BENGALURU @LaxmanSavadi @CMofKarnataka Most AC buses will… abhay deol being a king
Retweeted by the akshayInstitution built on the looting of black and brown societies should probably sit this one out
Retweeted by the akshay @anujdeshpandey Come on, put a camera in there for toast doneness.Do they check for sunroof equipped car when giving admission?'m very dark-skinned, even by Ugandan standards and I travel a lot, but the only place I ever feel safe is when I'…
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Thread. On the NYT controversy over Sen. Cotton's piece, the NYT's changing business model, and what it tells us a…
Retweeted by the akshayPehle mehnat karke IAS clear karo uske baad aisi baatein suno aur fir reporters ko brief bhi karo 😭
Retweeted by the akshay @beastoftraal @teaclap13 & The bitter ones in coffee! @CityOrdinary This whole scan QR code in a moving bus - enter PIN - wait for mobile network as it process transacti… @jameerr But how to make sure I am burning ONGC oil ... Otherwise not vocal for local 🤔About a month ago a leading industrialist had called the National #lockdown a draconian measure. He had pitched for…
Retweeted by the akshay5pm on Outer Ring Road on a weekday and 16kmpl Vs the usual 5-6 I would expect.
Since a good number of kids who have decided they have an "ideology" at the mature old age of 17 keep asking me wha…
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@chunkynerd Nothing like rando DHL people calling me for KYC when package is clearly addressed to the company and I… govt is now trying to rope in 2nd and 3rd MBBS students to manage COVID patients at municipal hospitals…
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are you getting the feels? pls shar maximum
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Less than fifteen years ago, Facebook was a college social network and Twitter was people sharing their breakfast.…
Retweeted by the akshayYou: Jumping off the roof will kill you. Bhakt: What about rat poison? Will that not kill you? You: Yes it will.…
Retweeted by the akshay⚠️ Aarogya Setu is not open source. We got a press release and some random code to keep the public distracted. The…
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@TejasKinger @peakbengaluru Maybe when it reverses it plays the Apple ringtone rather than Airtel jingle.Why @SonuSood will join BJP in the near future. A thread:
Retweeted by the akshay @poisonaavi It's reverse, no? A prism doesn't merge the wavelengths, it splits them. @CookyDoh @npueu That's two ways to get a whiff of the lunch you just had. @ku1deep ED raid would have happened last week itself. @jameerr Lots of people will pay the price.
@AratiKumarRao From my balcony, apparently just down the street... many desi orgs unprepared for this situation and failing to recognize this is how it is going to be. ICICI still…
VW customer care is jumping to respond on tweets, but have they noticed, for instance, that in their showroom where… @VikHasya ....or bundle it as a "X for first use including the beer" and "Y for refills" so we don't have to be pre… @VikHasya Bisleri 20L is 150 deposit. @zoo_bear Seriously, who mounts the center speaker above the TV? @volkswagenindia It's 2020 now. What's the ETA on the 2017 Polo? @SirishChandran @volkswagenindia @evoIndia It's a pity VW have closed the upgrade path to people like me who have a…
Officially the best 2020 meme so far.
Retweeted by the akshay @vaniIlaessence @cowbai It was a small office. Opening a chocolate would get into sharing territory and chit chat and all that. @vaniIlaessence @cowbai By all means. 5 star in black coffee was also my "I am alone in office today, let me enjoy this moment" thing. @cowbai @vaniIlaessence I used that 99% bitter Amul bar exclusively for melting into coffee.Really you guys should have wised up to Kent last year when they launched a product outside of their comfort zone a… @ICICIBank_Care Look, I got a call from branch that since my phone number is linked to a userid through my CC, to l… @ICICIBank_Care has this issue on the website when adding an account where the drop down menu is empty (and a re… don't think that people appreciate how different the voice to text experience on a Pixel is from an iPhone. So he…
Retweeted by the akshay @autocarindiamag @volkswagenindia Come on, @volkswagenindia, platform badlo, engine nahi
Taking a curve in Bangalore means failing to utilize engine braking, abruptly apply brakes in the curve as you are…, @BlueDartCares can you ask LaxmiC to check emails and delete from server?Bluedart has no phone customer service because of COVID. So only option is to send an email to customerservice@blue…
@chunkynerd Happy to report it is direct playing 1080p hevc 10b files from my Plex server.
@Mittermaniac @taapsee @anubhavsinha And next day he is eating cornflakes instead of aloo paratha. @beastoftraal Man that is surprisingly goodSubnet mask.
Retweeted by the akshayUnpopular opinion. Everybody should study engineering before going on to their true calling - law, medicine, polic…
Retweeted by the akshayMany more such things to figure out before companies can suddenly switch gears.
@vchowdhary @AboutIndia Lids, what are those?Fiat service when the crank position sensor needed to be replaced: We will have to replace pretty much your entire… business uncle who is watching WhatsApp video forwards without headphones should automatically be in 10000 band. don't plan to leave the middle seat vacant, this does not meet the physical distancing requirement. We take othe…
Retweeted by the akshayVloggers are using telescopes now? @akhilrex Did you enhance the block list in anyway or just running the default?Oh no! How else would people pay 10x premium on mediocre cup noodles anymore?? @ku1deep Haha! That's great! Though of course it runs off battery - not ideal - but you will blow everyone out of t… @ku1deep If you have a recent-ish canon, are illegally parked in front of our apartment once again. Bangalore is healing.
2 months of shop closure and yet owners are super rude on the phone. Buying from amazon for a slightly higher price… @bsdhanoa Cannot wait for lenskart to have a BOGO on frames with built in buttons. @ShivAroor They should sonic boom the city once in a while to make everyone shut-up... Like a teacher shouting over the class. @ku1deep That's.... Actually quite brilliant. @Meetasengupta Come on, 1cr+ apartments don't have P-traps installed. These are not experts. In my complex, there w… time to learn to DIY basic household tasks was yesterday. Hemingway even watch a Westworld episode and immediately head over to r/Westworld? new features with bad UX be like
Retweeted by the akshay @zomatocare There are literally dozens. Send someone to stand here and watch. Maybe good time to set up a Law Enforcement Division.Hordes of @zomato uniformed guys rushing wrong side down Sarjapur road, no helmets but with face masks. #safetyfirstThe image this woman chose to illustrate her oppression is Anastácia, an enslaved African in 1700s Brazil. Her mist…
Retweeted by the akshaySo, for the folks who told me last week I was grandstanding by saying Spotify was a threat to the open ecosystem of…
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Wow. Adtech giant NYT ($800m ARR, $6B valuation) to begin selling user data directly to advertisers. Scary, anticom…
Retweeted by the akshay @ehn @Apple In my experience, notebook and mobile image sensors run on totally different cadence. Though mobile sen… @ehn @Apple Why is megapixel count important here? Larger pixel, better newer process generation should be good eno… @bhatnaturally If you see the reviews they use a limited set of adjectives and that's it. No one actually "tests" and "reports".GOI missed a trick here - ⬆️NREGA merely incentivises labour (out of work in large cities) to dash back to villages…
Retweeted by the akshayTIL reliance digital and other "electronics stores" don't stock monitors.When you're introducing BFC and its fortress to your non-Bangalorean friends 😋
Retweeted by the akshayHate to spoil a terrific punchline, but not all liberals are leftwing or left.
Retweeted by the akshay.... By his investors?? @kushanmitra You mean to say people who put cars on the road with missing rear seat belts, busted headlights, bald… Townes, who won the Nobel Prize for the physics behind the laser in 1964, was fond of telling the story of…
Retweeted by the akshayHey @Zomato what is up with your OCR (I presume) employers like @ChaiPoint_cares would educate their staff to not take the contactless card out of customers ha…
@kushanmitra @acorn Banda Aceh नही है @kushanmitra Yea, people pointing to plastic / plexiglass partitions in the west tend to forget those are there for…, selling the same old 100cc Honda engine for 35 years is only going to get you so far... @amabirdman Just make sure your bakeware is titanium and pop down to the closest forge.
So a tech billionaire in India lifted photos from our twitter account in order to allege he was distributing hand s…
Retweeted by the akshayDawai Llama.
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Rice. Part two: Jeff Bezos net worth represented visually by rice.
Retweeted by the akshayThe FM thinks the lowest strata of middle class earns 6-18L per annum. This is what happens when you're so far rem…
Retweeted by the akshay @chunkynerd It's great timing but I feel not a great strategy to crowdfund. People won't be so willing to park 18k…
Don't think farmers with their perishable produce are quite comparable to ball bearing makers (!!). @peegeekay Amazon is delivering to my pin code, so yes.