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@WFRising @BBMPCOMM @CMofKarnataka @csogok @BBMP_MAYOR @KarnatakaVarthe Man, what bad luck all of those 62 are on t… mistake is you accidentally order a latte instead of a cappuccino at the cafe, not dismember a journalist using a…
Retweeted by the akshayNetflix story idea. Family goes to $$$ resort for vacation. Suddenly all hell breaks loose as 30 MLAs check in and…
Retweeted by the akshay @beastoftraal In the Kitchens of India shop there, I had a brilliant experience where the attendant totally ignored…
@sidin Instead of stealing something of value, they stole something of valve.
@pratyasharath Everytime my dad sent me to deposit cheques, i would get irritated at writing the amount in letters…, @Uber needs to arrange study tours for its algo team to India. this legendary conversation? #3YrsOfDeMoDisaster #DeMonetisationDisaster
Retweeted by the akshayThe Gold Standard of #Demonetization videos.
Retweeted by the akshay @beastoftraal If you use "vacation" instead of "trip", then "on an island" kind of works. But then Indigo is in the… this arrived at clinic with Diwali gift. I haven't met this family as a doctor since many years. But they rem…
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Hotel Rangsharda? The Karnataka folks stayed at the Renaissance. Can't believe Maharashtra politics is so poor.
Retweeted by the akshayGame over for so many social commerce upstarts. WhatsApp Business launches Product Catalogs.…
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the indian society of pedodontics and preventive dentistry's 41st national conference is very unfortunately called…
Retweeted by the akshay @beastoftraal One major step in between is companies have to provide cabs, tempo travellers because the city fails…
@rk_misra @CMofKarnataka @BBMPCOMM @CPBlr @drashwathcn @kiranshaw @NEWS9TWEETS @BangaloreMirror @DeccanHerald though the SIM status says data network is EDGE, the status bar shows Airtel (SIM1) connected to VoLTE. Who is… left a bad review for a visa agent and he sent me a mail asking me not to spoil his business and attached literal… @BeingPractical Empathy @goodgobar @Bodhisatvaa Have you seen this? @hallstephenj OneNote quitting on me whilst I was in a training and then refusing to launch again was not fun. @aparanjape Redundancy? @gauravsabnis There are managers in "Best places to work in India" lists who will make you carry your laptop on vac… you get raided by IT, will they help you update your rental house address on Aadhar?, I wish I could send out mails like this all day and not be accountable for anything. Chinese playbook in EVs - protectionist, support select local businesses; build a national champion which t…
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@ETtech @nmenezesET @Alnoor_ET But there is no disincentive structure from police side because everyone knows enfor… a business I was interested in on IG and in making inquiries, the business owner was quick to call me 'dear'…
Retweeted by the akshayThis level of fog and not one of the school buses that stopped at our complex had their headlights on. Same drivers…
Damn. @aparanjape @NileshShah68 And this is my apartment WhatsApp group today, Bangalore., WHAT'S NEXT, WOMEN DOCTORS?
Retweeted by the akshay @aparanjape @NileshShah68 The difference is that for all my Chinese colleagues my age, "power cuts" are an alien co… yes, the time honoured tradition of Indian Govt organizations using free webmail. @saffrontrail So many egrets at Kaikondrahalli lake too. Coming home to sleep. BJP has an inexhaustible store of such experts. Fortunately many of them are in government
Retweeted by the akshayDear media, if #Pegasus spyware is wrong. How is facial recognition without consent ok?
Retweeted by the akshay @NameFieldmt Doesnt the laundry bag help? How much is the washing efficacy reduced because of the bag, I have always wondered...
The eternal curse of desi so-called subject matter experts who have failed upwards asking "Can you explain in leman…
Genuinely not able to understand this gentleman shooting birds with a flash. other developed country facing problems of smog would have created hundreds of companies to create equipments f…
Retweeted by the akshayView from our newsroom. Wondering how many years of life are being shaved off breathing this apocalyptic filth in D…
Retweeted by the akshay @3rdEyeDude When a car / tempo / tata Ace breaks down (as they regularly do), where do they pull over? When a veh…
Clarifying one misconception by stating oxygen molecules are nano-micrometer scale... did not know tanks are transported on random "All India Permit" trucks with bent chassis and hand painted number… rangoli I’ve come across so far 😂😂😂😂😂
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VC to Koramangala startups : You need a solid moat for the business. BBMP : I got your back, bruh! cc…
Retweeted by the akshayHas this been done yet?
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my wife is indian. she is hindu, and we are relaxing at a resort. you seem to be a none too successful hack. I on t…
Retweeted by the akshayOk. Feels good to know that all board rooms have a problem with Wires ...
Retweeted by the akshayVoldemort, relic collector and noted snake charmer, dead at 71. #WaPoDeathNotices
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The driver’s name is Subhash, recently got his driving license and was on duty since 8 am (accident happened around…
Retweeted by the akshayBefore they turn into Gods. Taken by two different photographers. #Theyyam Via തെയ്യപ്പെരുമ Whatsapp group.
Retweeted by the akshayI am suprised that Virendra Sehwag, Anand Mahindra and harsh Goenka haven’t tweeted about the time interval between…
Retweeted by the akshayThat's a mighty bold prediction. How many decades/centuries before this happens? (for context, we don't make our ow…
Retweeted by the akshayThis is very unfair to the second pillion rider, come on guys.
@GutsGloryAbhi @YuluBike @blrcitytraffic @bounceshare Bounce and Vogo bikes don't even have rear view mirrors, tail… @GutsGloryAbhi Oh yes! I was on the passenger seat for a change.Does yulu inform their customers that this is an electric *bicycle* that has no business being in the fast lane of…
Retweeted by the akshayApparently "tech reviewers" think that "WiFi Chips" weigh up to 400 grams.
@varunnair07 @hsrltrafficps They were already back today afternoon. The police just politely knock on their door an… @nikhilnarayanan Oh, didn't know that. @aparanjape Zip drives now? @nikhilnarayanan "Defence PSU". But they also do rolling stock for railways and metro projects.
@kshetragnya Departure at COK you with this thought. Charlie Brown has it right. #MahadevapuraDemands #fairytales are what we are seein…
Retweeted by the akshayThis guy watching YouTube whilst jammed... @akhilrex @Anirudhgargi @AmazonEchoIndia On one of your Amazon devices or accounts you have opted or allowed it to… 5 hours since @airindiain call center promised me an "emergency callback".No one: Indian uncles:
Retweeted by the akshay @akhilrex @AmazonEchoIndia When you buy it, it is autolinked to your profile. Need to buy it "as a gift" or from a…
@SCJohnson I just want to know how to hang something off my rear view mirror and not expose it to sunlight. Please share your insight.So many fake treatments come to mind.
Retweeted by the akshay @thenexontribe @BosePratap @TataMotors @TataNexonSUV @AbhreshSugandhi @damodarparab88 @GadiWalaAdmi @VinodKalotra M… is yet another planet in Bangalore called Electronics City manged by @ELCIA_IN under the leadership of…
Retweeted by the akshayTraffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket
Retweeted by the akshayWhat kind of dungeon car do the people at S.C. Johnson drive? because one has to oppose everything AAP does.
Retweeted by the akshayThe confidence that total majority gives you, twice: insert your nose any and everywhere. Maximum Government. Maxi…
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@harish_aytha Truth. I would actually use one of my 3 wishes on ensuring that tanker drivers get hit with their ann… @harish_aytha That place is a disaster... With all the water tankers bullying other road users. @Kevapat @DCPTrEastBCP @blrcitytraffic And let the companies who are contracting all these tempo travellers provide… @Kevapat @DCPTrEastBCP @blrcitytraffic If it is not hampering traffic flow, traffic police is free to remove the no…
Loled so hard
Retweeted by the akshay @hollowaynz @tabatkins @imgur Absolutely a fair comparison. I’m focusing on delivering core content and could happi…
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@2009_dev @blrcitytraffic @DCPTrEastBCP We all know it takes 3 coppers minimum to detain an Activa.
Sir @narendramodi , inko 5 Lakh aur dekar kam se kam inka hisaab toh nakki karo.
Retweeted by the akshay @nikhilkulkwadhe @Themangofellow @Koiklu_kaDDi Oh yes, definitely. @nikhilkulkwadhe @Themangofellow @Koiklu_kaDDi @nikhilkulkwadhe @Themangofellow @Koiklu_kaDDi There was a tweet saying they are not worried about helmet thefts be… @nauziac @blrcitytraffic @DCPTrEastBCP If police regularly took action, surely there would be an enterprising lando… @nauziac @blrcitytraffic @DCPTrEastBCP It is a failure on multiple regulatory levels that there is no space for all… an incompetent leader give excuses, real leader fix the problems. You can't give us road in 15 years, is it?…
Retweeted by the akshayHere they are. @blrcitytraffic @DCPTrEastBCP your officers must be suffering from severe tunnel vision that they can't see the… We have been asked to take public transport and WALK. Just see the pathetic condition of footpath…
Retweeted by the akshaySometimes, you realize halfway through the presentation that this is not what the audience wants and you skip the s…[1/4] Ok this is really funny, check this out. I was in the process of booking a flight via @OneTravel. Trying to m…
Retweeted by the akshayI don’t understand this need to anglicise Indian food. What the fuck is rice crepes, lentil soup, fried dried lenti…
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