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it’s taken me two days to finish one season of criminals minds 😳 @retrocrawf i just bought three boxes of brownie mix at the store an hour ago LMAOOOdo not stop demanding that they arrest the cops who killed breonna taylor until they arrest the cops who killed breonna taylor
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊 @MIND0FAVERY 1 @freetimecrawf thank u b🥺 @MIND0FAVERY yeah sadly, but not full time. i think two days a week we are going.🤢 @lexitorres22 now this is the kind of energy i need ! @MIND0FAVERY thanks nikki 🥺i kinda want to get contacts but i just don’t want people to make fun of my you know. like i don’t give a shit what… @MIND0FAVERY yup"Im proud of you" just hits different
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊Hey ❤️ if ur straight ❤️❤️❤️ stop saying “im gay for ___” or “i wish is was gay” or just all around making gay joke…
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊 @MIND0FAVERY YES BABY!!!i gotta stop falling for toxic men want to go to a concert rni love how with makeup it’s a way to express yourself and people will still complain about how it looks, like shut… @jamescharles ✨💫 i recreated your look!!!
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊 @tayleighbae @jamescharles talented !! @MIND0FAVERY oh heck no @MIND0FAVERY sending prayers ! @SWTPUTA hi @MIND0FAVERY hi love !!!people really be throwing theatre under the bus like do you know how hard it would be to get on broadway? i’m tired… wasn’t ready for this 🥺 just read this quote that said “your future self is patiently waiting for you to catch up” omgThis is how excited my brother got over a @whydontwemusic shirt 🥺 ... an XS fits him like an XL 😂😂
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊 @courtney_mearns @intodanielcv @whydontwemusic my heartt🥺🥺hi goodmorning i actually laughed one word in a slur is still saying the slur.
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊maddy from euphoria🥰🤩🤤can i play eliza or angelica in hamilton? cause like that is the dream. poc represent✨ @FORNOWCTH he is such an amazing person! has forever changed broadway! @Brittany114433 @CoreyandCrawf @CrawfordCollins @coreylabarrie oh my gosh, stop that’s all u !! @FORNOWCTH such a king !!! @1864SWT i gotchu! no problem !Baltimore Police Department : With this petition I hope to bring justice for Destiny Harrison. - Sign the Petition!…
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊 @1864SWT u have me b 🥺don’t be pissed because lin manuel miranda wanted poc representation in the show. this is what us poc deserve!! @FORNOWCTH periodjonah looks...different, NOT A BAD DIFFERENT, but like, we haven’t seen him in a whilehi, live your life to the fullest. do what you want. love ujonah and that cat.....i love my twitter friends @niallxxhbw hi
crawford looks so happy oh my gosh 🥺 @MAKHYLISSEAVEY @SEAVEYSDAMELIO hithey’ll ruin their own life. focus your energy on bettering yours.
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊wait what @1864SWT period !!!crawford’s smile>>>> @crwfrdcollins @CrawfordCollins hi @CrawfordCollins YESSi think she is crazy... wuv my friends @soarincrawf @CrawfordCollins hiiii @blissfuldom @CrawfordCollins hiiichelsey is SO pretty wtf @CrawfordCollins hi @CrawfordCollins yesFOLLOW SPREE!! 🥳 Following/DM’ing people who RT this! NEW VID IS UP! Like & subscribe! ◟̽◞̽ TRYING NEW FOODS with…
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊 @soarincrawf @ItsBobbyMares hiii @1864SWT @DaveedDiggs periodstan daveed for clear skin this>>>>> @JadelinFrancis1 @CoreyandCrawf @CrawfordCollins @coreylabarrie all you gorgeous !!!orange gatorade solves all ur problemsanyone have shows or movies recommendations? @astronomyherron no problem !!! @freetimecrawf @CoreyandCrawf @coreylabarrie @CrawfordCollins GORGEOUS B !!!!!✨✨✨ @astronomyherron happy birthday !i’m watching criminal minds and the unsub looks like ethan dolan wtf @perfumecrawf @CrawfordCollins @coreylabarrie @CoreyandCrawf so beautiful !!! @knjscrackdad @CoreyandCrawf @CrawfordCollins @coreylabarrie excuse me, but you are gorgeous. i love uu !!! @astrocrawf @CoreyandCrawf @CrawfordCollins @coreylabarrie oh my gosh, stop,,thank u b. love u ! @soarincrawf @CoreyandCrawf @CrawfordCollins @coreylabarrie GIRL, look at you!! you are gorgeous! love u💘 @freetimecrawf @CoreyandCrawf @CrawfordCollins @coreylabarrie oh my god, stop. you just put a smile on my face. love uplease don’t open this thread i’m warning you...
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊 @lMAGINEHERRON oh my gosh stop :( @EUPHORIAVL0GS oh hell nohappy #cncfriday ! can’t wait to watch the new video and smile throughout it :) mission what🚨🚨🚨 RT AQUI POR FAVOR 🚨🚨🚨 EU RETRIBUO COMO QUISEREM @aprilsmerch
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊 @soarincrawf morning b. hopefully it is !stop keeping up with me if you don’t fuck with me... it’s weird
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊here is a video of my favorite people singing to cleanse ur toxic tl😊 genuinely makes me happy like🤩✨ @gain21mutualsGAIN TWEET!! if you stan: -cnc -knj -franny -nezza -basically just 21 crew RETWEET AND LEAVE A ✨ EMOJI BELOW…
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊she is insanely talented oh my god🥺 of these days we’ll examine how a lot of modern fashion trends revolve around simply being skinny
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊the fact that men are even allowed to have an opinion on a woman’s body is annoying
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊kanye saying abortion isn’t natural whilst having two surrogate babies is hilarious to me.
Retweeted by alayna| BLM🕊this made me smile so much akdhabdjsbf friendship >>>>>> @soarincrawf i know🥺