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A 19 y/o software engineer @surialabs. 🤓 Writes JS & Ruby. Always have my head buried in a book. Tweets about code, my career in tech and my life.

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@dan_covic Thanks Dan! Here’s the GitHub repo. 🙂 @MooAsker Thanks Asker! 🙂 Now that you asked me it, I should add a text somewhere in the app. I’m using… @kyleh919 Thanks Kyle! @CompileZero Thanks Atharva! 🙂 Although I included Bootstrap, I didn’t style my elements to appear ‘bootstrappy’. I… @elliottbyers Thanks Elliott! I felt having the flags will spice up the UI. 😁 @abbaskhalajicom Thanks Abbas! @emmanuel_dal Thanks Emmanuel! I’m not very good at designing websites. Keeping it simple served as a guide and my feeling was the judge. 😁 @ProCode1 Thanks! @rleija_ Thanks for the feedback, Ruben! @AmerSikira Thanks Amer! 🤓 @catalinmpit Thanks Catalin! 🙂Roughly 2 years old, This was a bit tricky #CSS only animation. #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
Retweeted by Ali Ilman @dhanishgajjar I remember this like it was yesterday. 😄Westminster today, around 1.30pm. Simply incredible numbers on bikes, more than I’ve ever seen in rush hour, and f…
Retweeted by Ali Ilman @CloudDevDan Have a wonderful day, Dan! 🙂 @tlakomy Built a React app to display the current weather forecast of a city. 🤓 I built th…
@luminousbaby If you both are on good terms, I don’t see how he wouldn’t be devastated if you disappear. But of course, you know him best. @luminousbaby Do you have any family members that you have a bond with? I hope the question doesn’t harsh. @officialnucky To get in the know, all you need to do is start. Do you want it to be a mobile app? Then start learn… @officialnucky If the NHS stores those data and makes them accessible to the public, it’s possible. Otherwise, one… is fun when you’re eager to improve and have a set of goals to achieve. Next project on the list for me i… @Nixolayy Make sure you’re comfortable with at least the basics of JavaScript before jumping into React. 🙂 And star… also accepts city and country query params. will display the current weather forecast for Dublin. ✌️Built a React app to display the current weather forecast of a city. Do you want to take a look? Check it out at… @catalinmpit ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.’ - Theodore RooseveltWhy’s this page showing this? Statham
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@TheHarryMcC 11.7kg lighter? What an achievement! 🎉 @catalinmpit Trying to please everyone is basically fighting a losing battle. @MrAhmadAwais Eid Mubarak, Awais!
Eid Mubarak! 🤓I was up until 3 in the morning attending an online conference. Thankfully it’s a 4-day weekend orherwise I’d be regretting that now!Peal @catalinmpit Will be finishing up my weather-forecast React app, and the rest is going to be spent relaxing! Attend…
@3mm4h3ff You too Emma! 🤓 @zeminarevent Villagers becomes Pillagers. I’ve to thank Minecraft for giving me this idea ahaha! 😂 @tlakomy I usually start my day by going through the repo to see if there are any PRs ready for review. But in ove…
@CiaraFudgyJudgy Congratulations! 👏🎉 @nialljoemaher @arcurn @IndexVentures @sequoia @kleinerperkins Congratulations to you and the team! 👏 @Paul_Framp Don’t know whar you’re saying, but it’s been the weekend since middle of March for me. 🤨🤣
@CatMcGee14 I would like this tweet 1 million times if I could. 😂 @CatMcGee14 This is something I’d been doing during daily stand-ups. 🤓 We’ve had a few stand-ups of around half an… @CatMcGee14 I drink coffee and tea and I’m still in the dev community so for you, it should be all right. 😁I’ve been utilising sequence diagrams to breakdown the operations within a process. It really helps with understand… you’d like to learn more about serverless but you’re not sure where to start check out this article In less th…
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@afiqzairul I knew something was fishy with that TikTok clip. naming him Meownuel Neuer was a mistake
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@michaeldoddk Nah Michael, there are at least two people. 😛 Don’t have the app on my TV, my computer setup and my M… Then apply what you’ve learned. It doesn’t even need to be a massive project. It can be something small for… @flaviocopes May it go smoothly, Flavio. 🙂Newest video. 💜 🔗 In this video learn how to create a sticky navigation like this 👇
Retweeted by Ali Ilman @officialnucky @florinpop1705 Happy birthday Florin!
@anthilemoon It could be that your brain likes the more elegant syntax that comes with Python. 🙂🌸 Looking for my first dev role! 🌸 - Remote, Liverpool or Manchester (UK) - Full-stack JS bootcamp grad (inc node,…
Retweeted by Ali Ilman @wongmjane Unless...they are Lisbeth Salander. You wouldn’t know that Lisbeth Salander has an exact copy of your h…’s why perfection doesn’t exist in life. Our struggles are lessons. 🚀 @nialljoemaher If I hadn’t fell in love with coding, I’d more than likely be in uni at the moment! My family and I… @nialljoemaher I was wondering what I want to be as a grown-up. I was 13 at the time. My mum or dad suggested that…
Facebook is buying Giphy for $400 million
Retweeted by Ali Ilman @ghulamrusli Mungkin nak cuba jadi macam ni... 🎤 @ghulamrusli Shorthairs can’t relate. 😛 @frontendgirl Oh my goodness! I had no idea such command exists! 😱 @tlakomy The denosaurs have stormed the web! 😱 @nialljoemaher I've spammed the web before about this feature and I will again. I bloody love it! It makes JavaScript more elegant! @seanjreilly @copyconstruct What a read.
@TheLathums @DamianCorbet @harari_yuval Sad but true. @loveforfeit @pierre_vannier *twitter-brick-01 cracks* @SurDaft @loveforfeit Bring Me Home - Alan Titchmarsh The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes 44 Scotland Street Series - Ale… @loveforfeit I haven’t read Emma by Jane Austen, only P&P and S&S I’ve got LOTS of suggestions. The Coffee Trader… @loveforfeit Have you read any books lately?
@CHBernasconiC Does an HTML & CSS project on Codecademy from 2016 count? 😂 I did a mock of the hero section of one… @thecodercoder Number 6 really is horrific. Technical skills are important, but at the end of the day, if you’re t… @VibeTickets Catfish and the Bottlemen - The Balcony @Motorcxde Listened to these tunes lots, but didn’t expect to not see a Libertines tune in there. @princessmaja I feel that a healthy diet can help combatting (or even prevent getting infected) diseases, but in a…
Charles Leclerc won’t play second fiddle, so it’ll be interesting to see who they replace Vettel with.
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@DamianCorbet London: @telmo TypeScript: 🤪BREAKING: The UK Government have given the green light for sport to resume behind closed doors in June with the Pre…
Retweeted by Ali Ilman @GirlsCodeMK @tlakomy @eggheadio @freeCodeCamp It’s overwhelming at first. Not helped by the fact that the UX can b… only way to become better at programming is to practice, practice, practice. A set of goals / vision can serve… @telmo @nialljoemaher Here’s mine. 🙂 I learned a solution to a problem I didn't even realize I had. :D `align-items: safe center;` #devsheets 🔗…
Retweeted by Ali IlmanTesting JavaScript looks daunting in the beginning, but over a week in, I'm starting to feel at home. 👍
Saw a tutorial containing this snippet: <button aria-label="Add to Cart">Add to Cart</button> This is ARIA overuse…
Retweeted by Ali Ilman @tlakomy Here’s my portfolio. 😁 @JonasBadalic At the end of the day, what matters is how the user feels when using our apps. It should be simple.
@kettanaito Thanks for sharing, Artem! Had no idea such feature exist within CSS Animations. 😮 @toddmotto @Rachael_Motto Congratulations to both of you! @nurhussein I’ve never tasted a blue cheese sauce before, but it looks appealing!Spending this weekend relaxing. Haven’t had a code-less weekend in ages! It’s important to take a break. We’re at…