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Americans do shit like this and then say the North Koreans are brainwashed
Retweeted by dolphin pilot @thatgirlmareena Rooting for a team because they have a hot baseball player is a way better reason than because the… @chicken__puppet YeahI regret tweeting this, I'm deleting it now @85mf Well now you've fuckin done itIt is a true miracle that this show even exists
Retweeted by dolphin pilot @normcharlatan LolOn a scale of 1 to Seth mcclung, how's your self esteem
Retweeted by dolphin pilot @cooperlund @bkabak
Us Bills fans could really use a win today @dan_sostek Jordan Whitehead! @ConnorSouthard I was right to count him outOk I was right to say this and the refs really screwed me, in particular @Etredepisse @Flauclaw Oh, ok. Mine arrived on time and with the correct order, sorry to hear about yours @Etredepisse @Flauclaw You ordered from this ? @HeheWaitWhut Oh yeah, baby @Etredepisse @Flauclaw .... Uh whatI'm telling you all, tom brady is cooked. He's finishedLolllllllLol @griph AwwIf you don't have time to read "Manufacturing Consent" this will do in a pinch
Retweeted by dolphin pilotLet it be known: I counted him out here I've seen enough. I'm counting out touchdown tom brady
Retweeted by dolphin pilot @ConnorSouthard I'm counting him out, as of nowUniversity of Pittsburgh great Jordan Whitehead got that turnover. Well done, JordanRest in parmesan, packersMfw the defense runs a single safety up top with 40 yards of field and 6 seconds on the clock
Retweeted by dolphin pilotGodzilla v. Kong will be a simple fight. Godzilla will breathe fire breath and kong, because he's hairy, will light…
Retweeted by dolphin pilot @ryanlcooper Lol, mildly ignoring he almost started a major war with iran at the beginning of 2020 @JucheMane Let's go Packers @babadookspinoza LolPackers by 40 @ironicline will stop fighting when they realize both their moms are named martha @robrousseau Oh God it was so awful
Retweeted by dolphin pilot @nickusen @HugoKitano Damn someone literally stole this already lolWhat the fuck is going on at NYT @dirtbagqueer A real mensch @lalavin666 @firagawalkwthme Couldn't agree more, Lauren @karengeier One of the all time greats @benmekler TerrificThere's something about that first cup of coffee in the morning that just can't be topped all day long
Retweeted by dolphin pilot @atothe_d It's a really sad and beautiful songMalcolm X @VoxPVoxD Were here for you budAnyone remember what movie closed with Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come ? Can't remember it rnTed cruz losing an argument to seth rogen would be the death knell of his career that he deserves. It won't be, but it should beProtestors fell down after a vehicle pushed them over when a police officer who was in the car was the driver of th… @JaneOst_ @allahliker LolBaby girl jumping to I wanna be like you from the jungle book (louis prima) @AmbJohnBoIton That's a good pic, unlike all the ones of him striking out @ttmp22 Beginning of the oily hair giants @scentedooze @griph Huh @TheAmitie
Retweeted by dolphin pilotPost your favorite political graphs @jossjoshjsh it's baseball player photo hour. Tweet at me a baseball player and I will share with you my favorite photo of them
Retweeted by dolphin pilotSome of my favorite baseball photos: Yogi Berra home run in game 7 of the 1960 world series Different angle of Ja…
Retweeted by dolphin pilot @Bill_TPA @Bill_TPA @Bill_TPA
Retweeted by dolphin pilot @seattletimes Twisting urself into a pretzel just to avoid saying "cop ran over protestors with car" is really something @gtg00d Tho I remember him quite well for being on those 2000s cardinals teams, something about his D Backs years s… @Tavarin @batsdingerbonds @batsdingerbonds You're good :) @batsdingerbonds Man I already said I can't take anymore! @wildcardweez His photos hold up so incredibly well @LifeOfJordo Def a dude who made any uni look good @NotMooseBigelow Rip @LifeOfJordo Of course. @danifestmestiny @GFischerMLB Odd choice, but a terrifically chill 1990 baseball card @awwpeaches This one's more personal because these cards were given out to fans once a year and my dad would always… @rhetoricaltermz @NotaCuttlefish can check out more of his photos on the getty archives was really lucky to have him. Sports were lucky to have him I've always loved about neil Leifer was his ability to capture youth and age, the textures of the uniforms, th… @OneMoreSucka No, he had a remote camera set up by the bag, super fish eye lens. Neil Leifer @RichardStaff That one guy does!Juan Marichal view of the astrodome, 1965 bench climbing into the stands jackson world series home run stadium in the 60s pirates fans watching game 7 at forbes field, supposedly this was taken during mazeroskis home run trot Davis sliding into second base of my favorite baseball photos: Yogi Berra home run in game 7 of the 1960 world series Different angle of Ja… @travishelwig @MaraWilson Lol @EternalDago Hbd @gophawaii @CopSiki I loved his wind up, but his second life as a dump truck driver was fascinating