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Writes horror. Feeds cats. THE BOATMAN'S DAUGHTER (FSG's @mcdbooks), IN THE VALLEY OF THE SUN, and future stuff. Repped by @escopps and @Grimsrud99

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A red letter day. @shaunhamill Hugs, my friend.It’s list day! “13 Scariest Books 2020”! Darned if THE BOATMAN’S DAUGHTER didn’t make it. I spy @Adam_Cesare on the… @NYPLRecommends @nypl Thanks so much! How thrilling! Libraries rule!Whaaaaaaat?!? @LBKroger @toomuchhorror This is beautiful.
@jaysonrothwell Thanks, Jayson!What an honor to see THE BOATMAN'S DAUGHTER on this list of outstanding books! Thanks thanks and thanks! @shaunhamill ❤️Rudolph found a friend. #StarWars #StarWarsHoliday #rudolph
Retweeted by Andy Davidson @MonkeycatJr It’s about 80,000 words! 😆
Our new yard Rudolph came out of the box just like this. No kidding. feeling quite like that glorious unburdening when you write the last line of a book, and it's not half bad, and… Ditto. Friendly faces, cool people. :)
Backdoor visitor last night.
@nadiabulkin It’s miraculous. @PhilipFracassi OK I won’t tell you that. @JeffStrand You’ve let me down, man. But I’ve found it now. So it’s good.Did you know three-hole punched printer paper existed, for sale, to the masses? Because I didn’t.
@Mrplory1 Thanks!
@saliearls Hope you like it! Thanks! @clb_clark Thanks, Caleb!Honored to get to chat with Andrew and FPTV about #TheBoatmansDaughter. (Truth be told, we talked a mutual love of…
I’m a little alarmed by how quickly my thumb jumped for “shirtless 45-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio” pics at the beach… he got the Friday the 13th slot. Not bad. :) @shaunhamill That’s all I got. @shaunhamill Less offensive: it’s a boo-boo. @shaunhamill It’s in an a-boo-sive relationship. @paulGtremblay @MikeArnzen Need to read that. (Only ever read The Stranger.) So much has been mainstreamed that’s frankly unimaginable. @LBKroger @grady_hendrix Those little illustrated men with their hammers, summoning a demon... @paulGtremblay @MikeArnzen Did any writer, when writing apocalyptic fiction, ever posit this (before we knew it was…, to combat muscle fatigue from long writing sessions at my desk, using power tools and a mediocre acumen for…
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How likely is it you’ll encounter at least one person who is infected with the coronavirus if you go to a bar in De…
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Saruman refusing to leave Orthanc, accuses Ents, Hobbits of ‘stealing’ Isengard | NewsThump #Election2020
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This thread. @NtvBirdsDetroit Yep. @washingtonpost may have called it back in September. Sew doubt, stall, make sure Republicans fall in line with the… think? proud to share our 10th anniversary issue of DARK MOON DIGEST, featuring cover art from @slimyswampghost & fic…
Retweeted by Andy DavidsonOh, these clowns, these third rate villains, desperate now to eat their own. @Bookish44632342 Sure, but I can also send a bookplate. Less expensive, mail wise. Email me trough my website conta…
Got out the lap desk to do some hand writing on the book this morning. Death Wish coffee. Check. Notebook. Check. W… morning! Here's my 5⭐️ review of the stunning THE BOATMAN'S DAUGHTER by @theandydavidson. Thank you to…
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I work at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in PA
Retweeted by Andy DavidsonFor America’s educators, this is a great day: You’re going to have one of your own in the White House, and Jill is…
Retweeted by Andy Davidson“The great battles of our time...” — positively Tolkienesque. @SadieHartmann Go for it! @SadieHartmann Did you get yours?Been waiting for this for four years.
The Americans have chosen their President. Congratulations @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris! We have a lot to do to over…
Retweeted by Andy Davidson Christmas, America.🙌🏻
@shaunhamill Even the littlest people... @shaunhamill Was just saying, it’s rewatch/reread time. @nadiabulkin @michaelwehunt @Anya99 @ScentFromHell Thanks, Nadia. It’s a lovely day in Georgia. First in a while.Nicky just found out Biden is ahead in Georgia.
Retweeted by Andy DavidsonWaking up to a blue Georgia is more magical than waking up to a white Christmas. @RJCrowtherJr @irishlad444 The B-17 sequence was always when I'd catch it playing on late night cable as a kid. Beautiful. @NBallingrud Surrounded by a few key enablers willing to say anything. @LairdBarron Perfect.Every time I've seen or heard "Maricopa County" this week, I've heard and seen this.'s take a moment to appreciate that we're waiting to find out if the winner of the election is going to win the election.
Retweeted by Andy DavidsonThis is how every election should be run. Just update me 15 votes at a time over the course of an entire week. Thanks. No notes.
Retweeted by Andy DavidsonAll mail-in ballots in Clayton County will be counted tonight, top elections official says today is Georgia yesterday. Georgia today is Pennsylvania tomorrow.1,797 votes to go in Georgia. @ggriffiss Absolutely. @toba @ChuckWendig CNN.Via CNN: "If Biden continues to win votes at 86% or above, Clayton County alone could put Trump's path to the presi… @JuicyGarland But the ratings are phenomenal. @jeffvandermeer Right there with you. I can’t even think of jokes anymore. Just giddy.1,902 votes between Biden and Trump in Georgia. May be before midnight.... @ksader @curiositybooked I think Anderson Cooper was going for John Steinbeck meets National Lampoon. Elegant in its oddity. @curiositybooked I know. Turtles really are far too beautiful creatures to suffer that comparison. @curiositybooked Or... @tgregcarpenter @ksader Yep.By midnight tonight, when the next votes from Clayton County come in, Biden will overtake Trump. @ksader It's crazy how great this is.While you're waiting for that other tab to refresh, come hit the back catalog with @SadieHartmann as she explores "…
Retweeted by Andy Davidson2497 votes in Georgia between Biden and an obese turtle.Bring on the obese turtle memes.Repeat it in Werner's voice and, my God, so true. SO much of what's happened these last few years to help land Georgia on the right side of history in 2020 is owe…’re about to get such good news, and that whiny little hoodlum and his moaning can’t stop it. This isn’t a conspi…
Retweeted by Andy DavidsonAs Trump bloviates and throws up on the camera, know that Biden's only about 3,800 votes behind Trump in Georgia now.
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@Adam_Cesare This gif and the 19 or so seconds that precede it constitute my favorite gag in all the Coen Brothers' films.Just had this weird realization that the last 20k words of my next book are kind of like Georgia's votes in this el… @theandydavidson Thanks for the heads up! Also a HUGE TY to all those peeps working to count all these ballots!!!
Retweeted by Andy Davidson @tgregcarpenter Yeah, about forty minutes ago...From Richard Fausset in Atlanta (NYT): "Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s statewide voting system implementation manager,… tweet tweeted, go, Georgia, go!As Biden closes on Trump in GA with only about 10k votes separating (thanks, beautiful Atlanta), never forget GA's…
Retweeted by Andy DavidsonJoin me in supporting Biden Fight Fund via @actblue, all I know that's true is this: we're going goddamned Christmas tree shopping this weekend. In the meantime...