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Anthony @TheAntt_

Game a bit, laugh a lot. Probably doing a shoey. Brother to infamous @cloakzy. "ANT" for 10% off & @matrixkeyboards ( )

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@AimbotAx @AmericanDadLive That shirt stays on during sex @YourFellowArab @AmericanDadLive Grounds to take her to court tbhSupport the homies @AmericanDadLive @DillonFrancis Mom is in complete shock2020 keeps getting worse and worse, I tested positive... For having a fat juicy ass. Plz help me through this rough time
Retweeted by Anthony @MrButtersLive I’m not on area 52, I’m in thrallEveryone trying to login to Area 52 @JLove Absolute fire, fast AF leveling @JLove Druid then rogue
@RBKConcealed Lmfao Druid -> rogueMust ....... grind ......... more .......... WoW toons ........... @Ninja The Graphite is a sick color @YourFellowArab Me rn @AimbotAx Should only take 4 hours thoughTook 10 hours to get my Druid to 60 in 1 sitting Would’ve been way less if a quest didn’t bug out and disappear for 2 hours lmao @ZaneMes @PhamTheBanana AmazingThe only good part of new WoW expansions is screaming "DING" and everyone saying "gratz gratz gratz"
The login boss remains undefeatedI HEARTHED AND GOT LOGGED OUT NOW STUCK IN A QUEUE LOL COME PLAY LOADING THE GAME SERVER SIMULATOR WITH ME it begins ...... @SanchoWest It's a lot of fun, other than people landing on you in complete silenceSo everyone that isn't going to quit after playing Shadowlands for 1 month Ya'll horde or alliance? @EyeTriiangle @jeffhussein That sounds like fireLike when you see it @Game_Dev_Carto @electrode I mean he’s not wrong, look at classic for example. A large group of people started pl… @Pineaqples @electrode That happens every xpac, I give them 1 monthITS LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING SHADOWLANDS IS HERE @fbzBR It’s amazing @MusselsGG WtfOne more week closer to Jets 0-16
@imBronana I’m excited regardless, bold move on thanksgiving weekend though @trevorstewarrt 6k queues inc @lofgeezy @AimbotAx Down @imBronana Monthly users for WoW is around 5 million Imagine 5 million people trying to log on at the same time lmfao @imBronana So we’ll expect to be on after crashing and server queues 6 hours laterWhat is the exact time servers go up for Shadowlands? @Avxry Under ground @Avxry DO IT
@tommymuri Everyone is @ARCH_JOLTZ LOOL TRUE @MeyersLeonard Yessir 💪💪 @MRKNBoss #RIPRide @YouTubeMel1 @NICKMERCS Of course you don’t know, you’re 17 years away from being 30Makes me happy watching all the homies succeed 💪Relistened to Come Over When You're Sober Pt 2 start to finish I wholeheartedly believe Lil peep was a reincarnated Kurt Cobain @NICKMERCS 30 is the new 20 HBD 🍻 @TheMikeyPasta See if there’s an option to pick it upWe vibing on Minecraft for the night @La1em Tbh, don't be up for 30 hours @La1em OvertiredSo the raygun got incredibly nerfed, it'll be interesting to see what high levels everyone will be pushing now @JakeSucky Didn't xQc have 100k viewers watching his stream while he was sniping ?????? @JaredFPS Big W
@Frozone I just float in the air and wait for the Hind to spawn LOL @PowerGPU Motion Blur more like Motion Sickness @CouRageJD Most states do, stop going to urgent care they’ll charge you $100 to take your vitals @AimbotAx @ShyoWager you and me bothWhat Cyberpunk 2077 actually meant is that they are releasing it in year 2077 @CodsDesigns It's thoroughly enjoyable being completely clueless @Feetrix @CouRageJD So I'm forced to play another game mode? Makes sense budyo we're on minecraft and I have less than an hour played I'm so fucking bad at this game @CouRageJD Im just tryna level up the milano and everyones holding angles with an m16
MF came in big dick swinging 5 minutes into stream with a fat host @Piemxn is bae I'll try not to complain about a… @AimbotAx @TLuneze same @timthetatman V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V… got recognized in a Cold War match last night and it was the most fun I've had playing the game because everyone… @BrrMcGrr @slickstevie1 now you're just trying to get likes @Hannaescaped LOOL @Gabeismon yessssir @pendleton_19 good comms @MrButtersLive @Activision He’s honestly prob just on controllerItalian, provolone, salami, prosciutto, lettuce, onions, fuck a tomato and add banana peppers, extra oil & vinegar… @drdisrespect I completely understand now @BrodieBraxton Can confirm it is possibleI believe it @ColvinoYT TRUEEEGenuinely excited for season 1 of Cold War and what the weapon integration into Warzone is going to be like.GOOD VIBES ONLY @Avxry Yeah idk how to fucking mod in a youtube stream so I just left after having a panic attack my b
@ModernWarzone Cant wait to get killed by someone mounting around the corner @Wipz @Symfuhny Nothings working @Symfuhny HOW TF DO I EVEN GET POINT BLANK KILLS IN THIS GAME DO I HAVE TO BE INSIDE OF THE OTHER PERSON ?????????… @HarrisHeller Legend @DCite_ @NioRooch @GameFuel WCrossroads mood @Treyarch Shouldve just put the mp5 In the AR category @Pineaqples Use m16 and shotgun Trust @StanMann34 It’s great for the mental @TubbyZach @Twitch imagine @Game_Dev_Carto like it now get it to 420 @electrode @AcieTwitch Same reason why we don't ask for help entering a Home Depot WE DON'T FUCKING NEED IT @Avxry ZAMMMMMMMMMMMM HEY ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM @ZaneMes @Frozone W @baer_squad you the man @FujiAnthony AMONGUSBIGCHUNGUS @FujiAnthony Tomorrow