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My achievements are mostly in the past.... first man to fool Penn and Teller and BGT 2019 semi finalist: Check out my website. 😃

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@andykindcomedy A cow singing who?... noooo a cow singing moo.
The biggest & fondest audience response I get in my shows is when I invite people to turn to a stranger and say ‘Le…
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@gordonastley @carbonaro You fooooooooolWe had a chance to catch up with @reesetea, the vocalist in @cirquechristmas. Catch the show TONIGHT at 7:00 here a…
Retweeted by John Archer @GuyNormas Yikes!Showman | Live Tour 2020 | Derren Brown
Retweeted by John ArcherHow do I watch the UK election play out on-line here in the USA? Twitter do your job.... go! @john_kinton @carbonaro That pesk flag hippo haunts me... @davidwalliams @BGT Quelle surprise! about this for bad timing. I’m at Five Flags, Dubuque Iowa tonight and @carbonaro is here tomorrow.... 🙁 @darmadbut You do know i’m in the USA with this tour... ;) @darmadbut Not now mainly north then we head West.The ‘Electric’ Mochi!
@KateShelor Cancelling my order!You'll be dazzled by leg movements even Plastic himself isn't expecting! Witness the marvel here:…
Retweeted by John Archer @OreOduba @sinead_rocks @Imagine_Theatre @FairfieldHalls @catsandiontv @RealTimVine Look after Mr Vine fella!“Brexit is not a mistake. I wish it were. Brexit is a disaster” Missed Tony Blair speaking at the #VoteFinalSay ra…
Retweeted by John Archer @davidwalliams @GretaThunberg Has anyone done 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Thunbergs are Go!📺 Britain really does have talent! These three all rose to fame on the spectacular @BGT series. And they will all b…
Retweeted by John Archer @JasonManford Thank goodness for that, I thought my room was haunted by a vicar!Happy family. Photo by Taylor Fickes @yaokingofrock #amagicalcirquechristmas
@Fhkierton1 @BandGComedy Ta :) @Karen19591 OopsBaffling magic and a dash of comedy mastered buy the man who many consider to be best comedy magician in the UK tod…
Retweeted by John ArcherA must listen:
Retweeted by John Archer @magicgoeswrong @pennjillette Sweeeet. @RealMattLucas Craig Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L Jackson. @ChrisKenner That’s the ‘Ejector wheelchair factory’, I think they went out of business.We're taking a break from tour life today😎 We'll be back to juggling it all tomorrow, see you soon Evansville!❤️🎄❄️…
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Me singing ‘Smile’ to one of our VIP guests. Photo by @mattbishopphoto #amagicalcirquechristmas @petefirman @NewWimbTheatre @QdosPantomimes Enjoy! :) @KateShelor I’m a friend of his... He would.
Catch BGT comic magician @TheArchini when he brings his one-man show to @GlosGuildhall in March. All the details be…
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1 WEEK LEFT to get your tickets for @cirquechristmas! 🎄❄️✨ 🎟️
Retweeted by John ArcherJoin @RealTimVine as Plastic Elvis with support from special guests @TheArchini as BIG BUDDY HOLLY and song writing…
Retweeted by John ArcherEric and Ern celebrating Christmas without me this year!
@JerryComber @RealTimVine Leave the door open and have a phone nearby... good luck. BGT Semi-Finalist John Archer will take the stage with his one man show! Against The Odds!…
Retweeted by John Archer @RealTimVine Whittle away! @cheesymagic Youuuuuu idiot! 😂
@rammy1974 @NHSMillion Fake tweet.
This is what could happen if we let the US get their hands on UK medicine as part of trade talks. Drugs that cost…
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I’ve discovered that in lots of America “It’s across the road” means three quarters of a mile away.
@ChrisKenner I usually just think they’ve lost their gloves.
@kbar63 It’s a fridge... minus 11 @iam_jlc £299 Amazon ;)Musicians... this is the fridge you need! @Colin_Cloud @TheDaredevil You can run but you can’t hide ;) @bigcox @DerrenBrown @Illusionists7 @pauldabek @domjchambers @magickevin @Ecsleights Where’s my hat! ;) @angela_denker just saw you on CNN. Well said :) @Billykiddshow Ah now I remember you
@Billykiddshow Who is this? @DuncanBannatyne The police got the nickname ‘pigs’ by a judge in a specific case who said the police were ‘piggy i…
@TranscribeMagic It’s bigger than lots of books.Happy Thanksgiving! This year, we're especially thankful for our audiences for giving us the opportunity to spread…
Retweeted by John Archer @TheDaredevil Have a great run :)
Got a Christmas job... Santa Archer
Love close up magic? Run to see this in Bristol this Christmas and thank me later.
Retweeted by John ArcherIf you haven’t got tickets to my show yet, you could end up in watching Sat night tv which isnt good no more. come…
Retweeted by John Archer @ChrisKenner A universal truth for almost all of us Chris.See you tonight Rochester! ❄️🎄❤️
Retweeted by John ArcherCelebrate the upcoming holiday season with @cirquechristmas on Friday, December 13th! 🎟️
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If you are in the Venn diagram of people who follow me, live within travelling distance of Bristol and are (prefera…
Retweeted by John Archer @davidwalliams What everyone else said...Look around, what do you see? Better yet, who do you want to see? We have some suggestions:…
Retweeted by John ArcherYour help is required! I’m planning a charity show and need a West End venue to perform it in! Please read this:…
Retweeted by John ArcherSimon Cowell “Amazing” David Walliams “Hugely funny. Hugely talented. You are a superstar”. See the brilliance of J…
Retweeted by John ArcherI’m out of the country right now but just heard the great news that after 10 years in power the Conservatives have…
@BrendaEpiscopo @cirquechristmas @PalaceAlbany @mattepiscopo Enjoy :) @RealMattLucas The word is ‘lecturer’ @jamesfreedman @Hermesparcels This must be some sort of offence? @themiltonjones None of the 50,000 dates work for me :( @jamieravenmagic Keep going you’ll get there ;)
@mwisme @Banachek May be. @mwisme @Banachek I think it’s More cheese @DuvalMagic @Kristige Feel the force Randy. @DuvalMagic @Kristige I think you should get it. @JasonManford @Scarborough_tv @DerrenLitten Absolute travesty. One of my favourite shows for a long long time. :(Just heard that the original Emu and Orville puppets are going to go under the hammer.... so cruel! @RealTimVine She’ll be pushing buttons on the dishwasher!If you haven’t bought @RealTimVine new dvd then you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s hilarious from the master…
Retweeted by John Archer @DuvalMagic @Kristige You don’t get it?This balloon unicorn is very happy coz he is going to a costume party. :) is utterly extraordinary. @BBCNews has edited out the audience laughing at Boris Johnson being questioned on…
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@prodnose @iainlee This sounds fun :) @derek_del @williamsonmagic Amen.The cast takes DC! We're performing at the Warner Theatre TONIGHT! Bring your friends and family and come share the…
Retweeted by John Archer @BrockmansGin @cirquechristmas We are in lots of states till January so that helps... I will seek some out and educate the cast and crew :) @DerrenBrown @mpvine I have some that say. “Please stop talking”. Williamson gave me one initially... very funny.
@IanKendallmagic I sat in the cockpit during a landing in Manchester once. Such an amazing view from there. @BrockmansGin hey you lot. I’m touring the USA with @cirquechristmas and we have some aspiring gin experts on the t… @markbenton100 @TheNoelSullivan It’s a fab show Mark. :) @jonsbaird @BAFTAScotland Much deserved Jon xProof that one of our truck drivers used to race chariots with Ben-Hur. holidays are right around the corner!🎄❄️ We're taking the magic to Morgantown tonight but we'll see the rest of…
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@jamesfreedman I have no secrets :) We all need a system to get us through. Hope you are well Mr. @jamesfreedman They are my off stage ‘comfort blanket’ cue cards. So I can remind myself of outro’s and intro’s and… @mattwelty @cirquechristmas Thank you Matt. We loved Cincinnati :) @LucyAlexanderTV You’ve not changed!