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I want to get good enough at Smash and Mario Kart so my friends stop suggesting we play them every time we hang out… AM NOT OWNED I AM NOT OWNED I AM NOT OWNED
Perhaps the business model is fucked and only benefits the games at the very top. Maybe producing 100+ levels of BP… @PlayApex They're upfront showing that they're willing to fix other problems with direct purchases or their event c… @PlayApex as far as I've seen, they've stayed silent on this issue for weeks, maybe months. I've been a believer in… @PlayApex in fact, it will be fucking impossible unless I play all day, everyday this week and even then I don't kn… in season 3 of @PlayApex there were 18 weeks. I only got 13 sets of weekly challenges. This is fucked. I'm gonna… some research to figure out if I'd like that Tarkov game. If any of y'all have something I should look at, put it here⬇️
Sometimes you see a @waypoint radio episode title and you tilt your head to the side like a confused dog. Today's episode is one of those...Honestly, this team needs to finish lesser clubs off. This is terrible for my nerves. Bournemouth had no business h… is some Mario Kart ass shit and y'all can just watch it for freefinally getting around to watching the Santiago E-Prix and it's only been 10 minutes and already more entertaining that Formula 1Still trying to figure out how to reward my willpower in resisting TMSGonna try to change my sleep schedule. Tomorrow is gonna be fucked but hopefully I can adjust quickly.shit, this might be the worst rumble I've watched...the worst in recent memory which I guess doesn't mean much b/c… still can't salvage didn't happen but it went on for way too fucking long @TrevorJStarkey same, fuck thisYo fuck this Lesnar thing happening right now...if this goes all the way then I've truly fucked up my night by watching thisdecided to tune into the rumble and wow...WWE sure is not the thing I like anymore @CGRRRRRRRR you are too kind ^_^ @CGRRRRRRRR I'm afraid...
@RobZacny the dog is peopleY'all should check out Children of Morta if you're on Game Pass. It's pretty darn good
@KeithJCarberry and this is why it is so difficult to get a picture of Spiderman. He could be behind any of those doors!*tooGonna show my ass here and say I'm Vegeta. Guilty of some BAD shit but working my way to redemption w/o being to fr… only thing I'd care to hear about the Uncharted movie is that it's cancelled. It's completely unnecessary.hopefully when I start my full time job I'll have enough cash to eat healthier and not feel like dogshit every other dayIdk what this byte thing is but had to snatch my username sure this would work just fine?
Honestly can't even play games like this. Not comfortable sitting or even in most positions laying down. Why are human bodies so bad?I've had too much fried food this week and now my stomach feels bad. Please, someone pump the oil out of my body. This is torture.I can't do the daydrinking anymore because it will only end up with me sleeping for a random 6 hours in the middle… @Fobwashed I don't owe Tom Nook shit. #SeizeTheLiensthey were still playing with this mouse and I just now caught it and tossed it out to the feral cats outside. @gunnerblog thank you for your serviceMy cats keep catching and releasing a mouse and I'm wondering if either of them will actually kill the damn thingThis game might be good? @andrearene hope you found someone else to do it, can't let these fuckers win
@MikeDrucker ehoh, huh...they had this stuff called suicide had better believe I got that shit. (Disclaimer: This is l…'m getting hot wings because I fucking hate myselfIf I could never see ads for dick pills on TV that would be great. Deal with your broken dicks on your own.Unconfirmed: Twitter is one of the Hellsites in Doom Eternal. @TrevorJStarkey This is a shitty thing to happen but I hope you got that picture. Glad to hear you're alrightIf esports come before fixing things that people have paid for in your game, maybe people should stop putting money… @lukewarmlewis @CallofDuty Unless internet infrastructure gets better for EVERYONE, this shit is going to grow to be unsustainableWhat the fuck? Call of Duty patch sizes are out of control! 48GB for an UPDATE?!? You can do better than this @CallofDuty.Anyway, about to record a podcast. Is it...I just cleaned my desk and I feel a lot better about sitting here now
@Jarrell127 Yeah, between Cyberpunk and TLOU 2, people have already been digging their trenches.I already know that some of you motherfuckers out there already know what your GOTY for 2020 is and you haven't eve… @Zuraniix I'm downloading it right now!Mr. Peanut was murdered by the Soy Mob. @CGRRRRRRRR uhh...can I dm you something that came in my inbox that seems extremely sus and something I think I should avoid? @Arsenal Okay boomerHonestly believe I could eat more than Goku rnFranklin 2020: Are you oka---fuck, why'd you have to do this now? who does podcasts wanna get in my DMs b/c I just got an email and it sounds shady but if it's not I could ma…'m sorry but that last line in this note...this game is good now, I'm still trying to figure out what that would look like. I'm not the most expressive person when I'm pla…
ICYMI: I mentioned on the latest @PSReportPodcast that I'd be returning to streaming this year. Don't expect that a… @CGRRRRRRRR I've never been in the same room as a White Claw. I don't know if they're real.Wow, another week of @PlayApex not giving me a new set of weekly challenges. How the fuck am I supposed to grind ou… I see Mustafi in an Arsenal shirt after today, I'm turning the TV off @gunnerblog if I knew there was a mistake prone coward on the other team, I would press the fuck out of himI won't defend the rights of people who believe that being successful, good, and rich are the same thing.The people who say they'll defend your right to say something they don't like are fucking liars. They'd love to nev… brain when I see that Doom has a battle pass'm either an alcoholic or the world is such that the only way I can enjoy living is to be unaware of it all.Video Game Delay Hot Take: If you announce a release date more than four months in advance and then have to delay,…
I should get a gamer chair.
Retweeted by Franklin SizemoreYay, I'll be employed at the start of February. What does this mean? Not much considering y'all aren't allowed to ask me for shit. @QuirkOfArtXD 16's the closest here but disappointed at the lack of coffin or hanging upside down optionsStarted Children of Morta last night and I think that might be a very good video game. Managed to get to the first… mechs are in my bonesI like watching Aaron Rodgers have a bad time
Retweeted by Franklin SizemoreOH GOD PLEASE WE CANNOT HAVE A STATE FARM SUPERBOWLI like watching Aaron Rodgers have a bad time
sleep @CGRRRRRRRR goombas have the right to die in this society @NikkiPetitt would put in mouthImma drink beer and haul cargo in Elite: Dangerous
Imma quit every Apex match if one of my teammates is named FaZe whatever the shitEvery time someone buys me Doritos or Mountain Dew without a CoD XP boost code, I feel betrayed.huh, that was fine. had some slow bits that weren't all that interesting but it's no worse than any other star wartime to watch this last jedi thing that everyone seems to hate or maybe star wars fans are the ACTUAL worst part of star wars
In National Treasure 3, Nic Cage steals the election and becomes to see some dipshit's bad reporting become news for everyone else to write about @TimGettys Tim...just play that funky music. It's what we're all asking for
I love you, Uncle Taro. my canon, I play as the retired Doom Guy in Animal it's fantastic that I get two Doom games and Cyberpunk can fucking wait.oh. fine. makes sense. the new fire emblem is popular...great.Can't wait to hear what y'all think about Majima...and the Yakuza games coming to Switch! (I don't actually know if… hope it's better than it looks but what I've seen of that Dragon Ball Z game bums me out.
@MegaCrit When is the Watcher coming to the @XboxGamePassPC version? Is it lined up with the consoles or is there s… you use the Ninja skin it automatically removes all the female skins from the game.
Retweeted by Franklin SizemoreGotta love when people who put some sort of esports team in their tag actually turn out to SUCK SHIT!Haha, I guess that was alright. There were a few bits I liked. Still think there's something about Star Wars that i… think there's only one human in all of star wars that has even a little bit of my respect. The rest are droids and aliens