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London Underground cleaners have removed Banksy's graffiti. His works often sell for several million pounds. | The problem with Marc Quinn's Black Lives Matter sculpture: Racism runs far deeper than representation, s… Marc Quinn’s sculpture of Jen Reid has been removed from the Colston plinth. Bristol City Council says that… US General Services Administration, which oversees works of art created under New Deal programme, has told the…
The Metropolitan Museum of Art plans to reopen on 29 August 🎉 @metmuseumExhibition at @Lisson_Gallery highlights the disproportionate number of African Americans incarcerated in the US. | "When the politics change, so must the statues" says art historian Bendor Grosvenor. @arthistorynews Hassan Ag Abdoul Aziz Ag Mohamed Ag Mahmoud is a Malian fighter alleged to have overseen the demolition of impor… pandemic delays and the new National Security Law, the spring sales in Hong Kong last week fetched solid re… artist @_MarcQuinn has installed overnight a sculpture of a Black Lives Matter protestor on the plinth in Brist… the re-opening of New York’s museums remains weeks away, other art institutions in the northeastern US are… New York grand jury has indicted the art dealer Inigo Philbrick, who was arrested last month while in hiding on t…
The cryptic “boyfriend cliff” on the east side of @NYGovCuomo's Covid-19 mountain drawing, unveiled yesterday, has… the archive, October 2014: Lenin’s head to come in from the Berlin cold us live tomorrow as our editor of the Americas, Helen Stoilas, moderates a discussion on the works of Leonardo… | We ask the curator @FatosUstek about her favourite art, books and what she has been doing during lockdo… has released a new video on Instagram showing a tube train being graffitied in apparent support of face cove… Frieze London and Frieze Masters in October are cancelled @FriezeArtFair ship MV Merino ran aground on its way to Hobart for an exhibition of Modern French art in 1953 Greenhill was an adventurous woman, a trait that can be clearly seen in the photography collection she built… | Expert in art and technology, Frank Popper led the way in documenting the development of "virtual art". Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’s board has terminated the contract of its director based on what it said were “di… appointed to sell £1.4m of art from the beleaguered airline @British_Airways's collection this month.
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’s board of directors has terminated the contract of its director general and chief… Parzinger, the president of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, says he hopes the organisation will… the archive, May 1993: What to do with your Socialist-Realist art Review | Despite the dodgy gaze that Titian attributed to him in his famous portrait, this double volume demon… Cultures Gallery at the @World_Museum ‘privileges the actions of white colonial collectors’, says curator. President Macron makes u-turn after first suggesting the 19th-century spire, which was destroyed in the fire… ultra-conservative wins Poland’s presidential election, Warsaw protest posters become stark reminder of authorit… list of attacks on sites in Germany that commemorate the victims of Nazism is growing alarmingly long. @NationalGallery in London's postponed and much anticipated Artemisia Gentileschi exhibition will now open on 3…
From the archive, November 2013: Tate finds 370-year-old bullet hole in Charles I statue five this week | A 15th-century Persian Quran manuscript quietly made a big new auction record for an Islamic m… five this week | Will “investment-grade” artists such as Christopher Wool and Rudolf Stingel fall off the marke… five this week | BBC investigation uncovers legal dispute over blockbuster Tutankhamun exhibition. five this week | Heirs battle estate over $30m Monet painting from Emden collection sold during Nazi era. five this week | A painting considered one of Bellotto’s major masterpieces is to be auctioned by Sothebys afte…
From the archive, May 2015: Drowned, beheaded and restored: Napoleon statue returns to museum after 282 days in exi…"The photographs circulating widely, visualising unrest in various places across the nation, and sometimes centered… | Olafur Eliasson's Wunderkammer augmented reality app is "the giftshop postcard" of the artist's work, says… show to see in New York, London and online this weekend, from David Goldblatt's images of apartheid-era South… Club | We speak to the US artist Sam Durant about his new book called Iconoclasm #TANbookclub
The commercial arms of Tate galleries and National Gallery in London are preparing to axe hundreds of employees thi…'s ambitious four-hour relay sale One was intended to illustrate the auction house's global and democratic… of visiting a museum this weekend? Here’s a list of those in the US and Europe that have reopened | Only by involving people from all backgrounds, at every level, can we, as an industry, impact the value s… crown jewel of Jane Walentas’s contributions to the now trendy Dumbo arts neighbourhood is the 1922 carousel sh… after a Turkish court revoked the Hagia Sophia’s status as a museum today, allowing it to be turned back in…“Black collectors are now being shut out of collecting black artists. This is a generational wealth issue" are our top picks of the latest shows opening online and IRL @Goodman_Gallery @PaceGallery and @Tate the archive, December 1990: Penalties for defacing monuments to Communism debated in the Soviet parliament at @Tate in 2021 will focus on Paula Rego, Lubaina Himid, Yayoi Kusama and Sophie Taeuber-Arp. the @royalacademy selling out all of its Picasso exhibition tickets it will still be making a loss as its c… us over on Instagram Live in ten minutes for @garethharr's chat with Lisa Tickner about her new book on London… Murdoch's media and entertainment investment firm Lupa Systems will become MCH Group's anchor shareholder, ho… gallery owner Jay Jopling says it is vital to support the next generation during such precarious times. pod: What is the future of Hong Kong's art world now that a new national security law threatens freedom of expr…
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While monuments are coming down across the country, painted murals that "whitewash" America’s history also come und…“They’re parading around pictures of this incredible work we do and the communities we serve, but at the end of the… leaders say sustained engagement with black communities is missing as #BlackLivesMatter murals pop up across M… of the first US fairs forced to postpone back in March, the @DallasArtFair is launching Culture Place, Inc., a… the archive, August 2018: Comment|Statues are part of history, but do a poor job of recording it, says Classic… | Remembering Christo: "I am an artist who is totally irrational, totally irresponsible and completely fre… late Christo's gigantic temporary sculpture in London has been brought back to life in augmented reality.… | 'If a person of African descent wants a career in the arts—well, good luck' says Gus Casely-Hayford, the… | Happy Birthday Hockney! Watch this behind-the-scenes footage of the artist revealing where he gets his conf… College of Art @RCA has now “paused” its hiring of a new head of inclusion after it was blasted for appointin… says Egypt breached heritage protection laws by contracting a private company to tour the artefacts questioned the @Creative_Fed's projected 9% loss of revenue for museums in our July issue and we can reveal that… | Dealers who finance deals by taking out loans against art may well find themselves in difficulty because… of the works are thought to be the first public statues of black British people erected in the UK. is going live! | Tune in tomorrow as our chief contributing editor @garethharr speaks with art histori…
A rule published by ICE this week could have devastating effects on art schools, where there are often a large numb…’s New Scene: Art and Culture of the 1960s by Lisa Tickner is as elegantly handsome as David Hemmings in a pa… Basel in Miami Beach will waive the 75% booth fee charge for dealers who pull out of the event after 1 August… the archive, March 2008: Why the US military's proposal to dispose of Saddam Hussein’s Victory Monument is mis… ⁦@ContempArtSoc⁩ announces its latest Rapid Response Fund acquisitions: a room-scale installation by Sonia… criminal case accusing Yves Bouvier of fraud and money laundering has been definitively dismissed by a Monaco c… Haring: Street Art Boy debuted recently on @BBCTwo and uses unheard interviews to document Haring's upbringin… plans to demolish the Brutalist Y Block Government building, which features Pablo Picasso’s murals, sandblas… painting considered one of Bernado Bellotto’s major masterpieces is to be auctioned by @Sothebys after it was res… @MuseeRodinParis is relying on its right to sell bronze cast editions of Auguste Rodin's sculptures in order to… panel has proposed dissolving the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, the organisation that oversees 15 Berlin… number of artists in Hong Kong are making plans to leave the city, fearing that the newly enacted national securi…
The adjustments to the sudden realities of a pandemic have been of varying extremes the archive, September 1999: The complicated history behind Berlin's Holocaust Memorial dealers are wondering if it is worth the steep rent to stay in New York number of high-profile artists and galleries, including Pace, Gagosian, David Zwirner and Jeff Koons, have receiv… of Canada’s biggest art institutions in Ontario have either re-opened or will do so in the very near future 1972 Henri Cartier-Bresson was asked to select his Grand Jeu—a group of works that the great French photographer… | If we want more artists like Khadija Saye, we need to give young BAME people the help they need British MP @DavidLammy and the mayor of Kensington and Chelsea, Gerard Hargreaves, were among those gathered in… organisers of @FIAC insist that the 47th edition of the Modern and contemporary art fair will go ahead this aut… “investment-grade” artists such as Christopher Wool and Rudolf Stingel fall off the market pedestal in the 202…
France’s new prime minister, Jean Castex, has nominated a new culture minister, Roselyne Bachelot, in today's cabin… | "There was a welcome reminder of happier associations with Wuhan on the foreshore of the River Thames last… institutions from Amsterdam to Utrecht will work together to advance diversity and inclusion in programmin… organisations such as the @nationaltrust rely on visitors for most of their income—but they have been stay… euphoria over the UK government’s coronavirus £1.57bn rescue package for the arts, it remains unclear how m…