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Profile picture is me. Image de profil c’est moi. He/Him. #GooseGang #BlackLivesMatter CashApp: $TheAugoosetus Venmo: @TheGoose

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@chaoticye prove it @Dusty_Daddy_ HAHA @Dusty_Daddy_ Keep me updated @justky1018 @Skoog Vouch @Skoog @justky1018 Vouch @DianeBrewer99 @ForbesTech You were so right @ankpandita @ForbesTech hmmmmfs (Andrew Yang) run for Mayor of NYC and only remember the word bodega
mfs get a Jeep and forget the word for car @funnyhannibal To quote one of my good friends, @funnyhannibal no I don’t think so @funnyhannibal Yeah that’s why I refuse to get an oculus lol @funnyhannibal to be fair I had a roommate and I was always worried he’d walk in and I wouldn’t see him @funnyhannibal depends on what your religion is @funnyhannibal It’s a weird experience. Didn’t enjoy @itzswimshady I never will @tjgose @dave_cactus @Marife581 @eastbaybub you never know @Nikanikaboua YOOOO @frankieplsrelax Only if you would tell me too @localtheologian If it makes you feel better, he got four texts over the last seven hoursNeed help setting up your #NintendoSwitch? Pik up your system and check out the link below!
Retweeted by The Goose @Luigimissesarms @GoNintendoTweet 🤞 @vonchillout :( @22brolian @rudy_betrayed WHOA HEY @frankieplsrelax What kind of anime do you like, @HankWilliamsCa1 AYYYYE @GoNintendoTweet I got so excited for a moment :/ @MNateShyamalan isn’t that the whole country? look— some boring white whine is the “boring white wine” section cuz fuck you ben
Retweeted by The Goose @undercoverloon1 No what I mean is like get rid of the need for “ch” by making c a letter that makes that noise— it… @undercoverloon1 We do not need the letter c. Either get rid of it or turn it into a “ch” sound exclusively @nytimesmusic i would like to never meet him, thank you @publicroad yikes— Trump =/= Jesus @nicothe420th GO NICO GO NICO @discdeleted @_justwinnie He and I played 8ball yesterday so he’s still vibingwhite ppl go on humanitarian trips to Africa like their local town isn’t facing a homelessness and heroin epidemic,…
Retweeted by The Goose @Nikanikaboua me about Gwen Stacey after this scene @PallaviGunalan GO PALLAVI GO PALAVI! wishing you a very happy Pongal 😄 @FuckingYesFuck @memetazaa yeah that’s your username @murroyi @thexionxtra 🥺🥺🥺 @thexionxtra none??? @22brolian @thexionxtra no I’m a goose @22brolian @thexionxtra wow @thexionxtra honk @dripbex this is not only a terrible take, but a sexist one as well. you’re literally ignoring every non-woman who… @SarahTayIor I’m going to block you @pajamapantpoet @DollarTreeJesus Yeah! @Dusty_Daddy_ I do which is why I care enough to make sure you seek help @TheAugoosetus follow goose for more thought provoking questions
Retweeted by The Goose @ltpenguin_ oh you’re right— I forgot the question mark @Dusty_Daddy_ Seek help @Dusty_Daddy_ It’s actually bc of @rudy_betrayed but seek help @jack_r0420 @Dusty_Daddy_ @motherofworms He Wants
@SneakytheSnake LIES @SneakytheSnake boooo @jozfisher dang it foiled again @jozfisher okay in answer to why: I was thinking about Edward Scissorhands and how that one chick thought sex with… @jozfisher answer my question and I’ll answer yours @22brolian @amandamcm1 🔫 @amandamcm1 start crying 🔫 @SarahTayIor Reattachable cock! :D @tris_alaniz good luck @elotepoptart Yeah @onewhosummons This is a definite potential theorythis is the best take by far @DocNum4 I think “Edward Scissorhands Did His Own C-Section” is actually a really interesting angle @badboychadhoy @rudy_betrayed okay that’s fair point but yeah my fiancée made me try it and I felt like I put liquid plastic on my food @CancellerBot de rien, ami mdrthe first and only executive order I will make upon being president is that anyone who uses ranch on pizza immediately gets executed @badboychadhoy @rudy_betrayed Chad no I can’t condone that man @thexionxtra @overcoverloon1 what was that? @overcoverloon1 @thexionxtra It’s not it’s terrible @thexionxtra @CancellerBot You shouldn’t have given me this power 😈 @pebbut @rudy_betrayed I will not @rudy_betrayed ew @icedoutomnitrix Disgusting @thexionxtra @cancellerbot @CancellerBot @thexionxtra atrocious take @memetazaa It’s a good question, right?was Edward Scissorhands circumcised and if so, did he do it himself @Hypnodaddyjee You’re allowed to put height or iq but not both @Hypno_Goose You’re not also putting your iq in there so you’re safeyou don’t see me putting “The Goose 6’2” IQ 152” as my display name but I guess I’m just a few points too dumb to u… main character just dropped @thexionxtra honk @desukidesu 🥺🥺🥺 @miguellocked yeah I feel that lol @desukidesu honk 🤠 @miguellocked It looks so fun! @BossToriel @Superguy551 @darren_nobody @semifreqsonic Looks like he’s had amnesia if i had to guessme: i wish i was immortal genie: done [later] ㅤ won’t just pixar lamp: why…
Retweeted by The Goose @DrakeGatsby @memetazaa No let him finish @sh3riffwoody @22brolian @SneakytheSnake oh. @SaeedDiCaprio Wow that’s beautiful @22brolian @sh3riffwoody @SneakytheSnake YES Joel! @22brolian @SneakytheSnake this can NOT be the worst thing I’ve tweeted while you’ve had notifs on @SneakytheSnake Yeah she rubs his cock with her feet when they’re in that grappling hold in the link preview @SneakytheSnake Oh I remember that one