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Totally against secret combinations! "In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children."

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@AnnCoulter So, you've decided to help Biden win now? @MediaPopulist @catturd2 @stella_rondo Hey moron, your stupid comments about a religious sect that the Right and Tr… @catturd2 Yep. What's her problem. @BreitbartNews Yep. Seems legit to me. Your allowed to quote your political opponent. What a moron.
@Hoosiers1986 Fake, made up story. @Kathy31494599 @Sirreal66 @JediCounselor @realDonaldTrump You can thank the GOP presidents for your freedoms, gun &… @AgentPjr @kshw5678 @trump2020_Maga The majority is conservative, but of course anything that large will have it all.
Attn: Red States are open for memorial day (lakes, stores, restaurants, hair salons, etc). We will see if any… Red States are open for memorial day (lakes, stores, restaurants, hair salons, etc). We will see if any… @Sirreal66 @Kathy31494599 @JediCounselor @realDonaldTrump So many liberals are going to melt down when Trump wins a… @Sweeps_Addict @ImmoralReport @maxbaker_15 We'll find out in 2 weeks of we can just live normally again. @kshw5678 @AgentPjr @trump2020_Maga Some sybolism there, sure. The entire premis and purpose is 100% different. @JediCounselor @realDonaldTrump Sorry. All proven false, with documentation Jedi. Games over. It's all coming out.… @304GFX @ImmoralReport If there are no outbreaks 2 weeks from Memorial Day, then the USA needs to open up 100%. No… @kshw5678 @AgentPjr @trump2020_Maga He apparently was a Freemason, but the "Freemasons" did not start the church. J… @kshw5678 @AgentPjr @trump2020_Maga #1 Yes, Romney ran as a Republican in a GOP heavy state and sides with liberal… @MrReali57065381 Utahns are growing tired of Romney...Mormon or not.
@_ReaalAmerican_ @JoeBiden Funny how all the GOP presidents had to follow a liberal president and clean up the mess… @Longhorn9535 @ImmoralReport @MittRomney Fool them once, shame on him... don't be fooled again Utah! @dbongino OK, when do Republicans pull their head out of their butts and go on offense. Playing defense the whole t… @HillaryClinton Ok great. I won't believe anything you tweet. @BreitbartNews Elections are not national. We are a democratic republic of 50 individual states and territories. Mr… @BreitbartNews Happened last election in Philly. Give me a break.
@sapinker Would love to see this guy arrive at the Pearly Gate and have to ask Peter WTH is going on! @JoeyZingarelli @UKblockhead @PlanB1975 99.9% survival rate. Nearly 100% of your under 80 and no current serius hea… @AnnCoulter Easy assignment though. Just google the questions!😬
@maggieNYT Compare hypotheticals, so stupid.
@Reuters @politicswarblog Waiting for the first...This is Trumps fault. 😏 @LadyAttercop Too good for me. Have a a great one. @thrashtom @KillerMartinis OMG. If you've never seen it, you don't know what you're talking about. @LadyAttercop @KillerMartinis Ok sounds like it would take a herd of cattle for anyone to accept a proposal from you. @KillerMartinis @thrashtom That's a ton then. Great job. @SoCalledDNA @LDSdiscussions @BishopPatrickUT Sorry. Guess you'll see your facts and I see others. Telling me that… @KillerMartinis It's a movie line folks. A silly movie that teaches that women are priceless. Man, you snowflakes j… @LadyAttercop @KillerMartinis You have much friends basement troll? I'm not going to proof my spelling four u! I do… @misamaokinawa @navi_aqua @_154831 You know the centuries in which the individual books of the compiled Bible were written right? @FrozenSchuster @LadyAttercop @KillerMartinis Nope. You're giving yourself way too much credit. @KillerMartinis Oh, for crap sake. The movie is cheesy and not well acted, who cares. Geez. The point was, the mora… @LadyAttercop @KillerMartinis Thanks for the English lesson. I see how you are. And , I don't proof read auto spell… @iChanticleer @DemonNinjaLlama Who says he did ask? @SoCalledDNA @LDSdiscussions @BishopPatrickUT at the same time as the BofM right? Doesn't prove anything, but certa… @SoCalledDNA @LDSdiscussions @BishopPatrickUT Ya, makes sense to me. And FYI, Middle East DNA has been identified i… @lucysunman @KillerMartinis Johnny Lingo is a joke and he paid the most cows for his bride becuses he thought she w… @navi_aqua @_154831 @TheCatholicWeeb @misamaokinawa If you consider yourself Christian, you sure are not very Chris… @navi_aqua @_154831 @misamaokinawa Only the bible scholars you listen too and agree with. @navi_aqua @_154831 @misamaokinawa Read Revelations. Satan was a "son" of mourning when he fell. Like were brothers, he was too. @nayhomes That land is primarily used for grazing cattle...used to feed people. You getting triggard over things yo… @madelynowil Keep it simple. Everybody will make mistakes. That's what the atonement is for. @LadyAttercop @KillerMartinis Johnny Lingo references are a joke. If your triggered by how many cows a wife is wort… @DemonNinjaLlama @iChanticleer The Doctrine and Covenants is a book primarily containing revelation/answers of Jose… @DemonNinjaLlama @iChanticleer Download the LDS Gosple Library app. It has every scripture the church uses, instruc…
@LDSdiscussions @BishopPatrickUT DNA is not Mormon problem. Literally nobody sits and wonders about it. #1 We have… @Anne_Fallible @blindsupes @_CabezadeVaca_ @frogwittguitar @strivetobekind @Neil10790465 @ElectrcDino12 @Lesc0h @Mokoena_24 It doesn't have to be one or the other. Both reveal truth. @Philosophi_Cat @bure_baruta_ @srpentmound If he was Mormon, he more than likely reconciled with God frequently, no… @DonaldJTrumpJr And Biden told him to appoint. Ya, nothing to see here folks. #QuidProJoe @CaIiBlue562 @ImmoralReport I will buy my tacos from a proud person with Mexican heritage that is in the US legally thank you! @SenSchumer We see you Chuck! @DamnYankee3270 @ImmoralReport Happens every single time. @StellaAZ @realDonaldTrump Ha...welcome to the next 4 years. @w_terrence Id Probably take a $100 and walk away from Nancy. @originalJavaJoe @SoCalledDNA @JBRP6 @ZehnWaters @GodDanite @RooneyB21 If he committed offenses before God. Sure. Everyone will. @liberalsRfilthy @MarkHigbee @Debbie56111656 @realDonaldTrump to not add to it. How does that work with all the other bible books? @liberalsRfilthy @MarkHigbee @Debbie56111656 @realDonaldTrump Very familiar with the bible. Fyi, did you know the… @BordleyStephen @seanhannity And testing will stop the virus how? @liberalsRfilthy @MarkHigbee @Debbie56111656 @realDonaldTrump I read the Bible and follow what Jesus taught Im good? @aaron41092365 @Scafmars @catturd2 Okee Dokee @liberalsRfilthy @MarkHigbee @Debbie56111656 @realDonaldTrump #1 That wasnt my question! Focus here. #2 Who says yo… @weazry @freedomforce990 @Rionach_KAG @Zero_To_Nothing @Ron40251520 @FagDotOrg @Betrayal_Code @Nekromantikz @drsnakestoyou Ya. That's fact! 🙁 @aaron41092365 @Scafmars @catturd2 Probably shouldn't bring "mormon" into this argument. Makes no difference what r… @liberalsRfilthy @MarkHigbee @Debbie56111656 @realDonaldTrump If I accept Christ as my savior and follow his comman… @randallrichman @realDonaldTrump Certainly not a Mormon thing. Many I know are pissed at Rhino. His actions are very suspect.
@GeorgePapa19 How much are you going to try and make in book sales before you come out and start adressing this all… @TonyKaron It is the enemy if they continually are stealing our intellectually property, manipulating their currenc… @PHNXalliance @ImmoralReport @ByronYork Unfortunately the dems campaign commercials will say they want to help mino… @petersthoughts @ImmoralReport @enigmaticbeach @TheRickyDavila @mtaibbi But it's for the good of us all! @ldsfootnotes Probably as well. I'm not here to debate, but Ill tell you what I believe if someone asks. @ldsfootnotes Probably...but many people who have left say some pretty wrong things on Twitter. @boi_mormon @naatedenzer @JBRP6 @ZehnWaters @GodDanite @RooneyB21 Ok. I believe in Jesus Christ and I'm not bitter. @SoCalledDNA @JBRP6 @ZehnWaters @GodDanite @RooneyB21 I do read and learn. I know the stories. Not all good things… @boi_mormon @naatedenzer @JBRP6 @ZehnWaters @GodDanite @RooneyB21 'Made up opinion?" How else do i get an opinion? @naatedenzer @boi_mormon @JBRP6 @ZehnWaters @GodDanite @RooneyB21 I watch YouTube too. Fascinating stuff. But I'm n… @SoCalledDNA @JBRP6 @ZehnWaters @GodDanite @RooneyB21 I'm not here to debate or try to prove anyone right or wrong.… @naatedenzer @JBRP6 @ZehnWaters @GodDanite @RooneyB21 Homeade expert. Nice. Thank you for your opinion. @realDonaldTrump Can we please do something like this on July 4th Mr. @realDonaldTrump? It's time we take our count…
@jaketapper Unprecedented smear campaign? You and all your comrads at CNN and MSNBC have been doing this for 3+ years to Trump. @GodDanite Or the ones who have lived it for decades and know what the church is. You may not believe, but you cer… @catturd2 Your going to hear it until November. @JBRP6 @ZehnWaters @GodDanite @RooneyB21 You can tell which experts got their information from the internet and who… @Conblob Oh, #electiontwitter, I'll have to check that out. I'm mormon, but in Calif now. @FatherGroyper @AnAmericanAbro2 @RTC___RTC @Preston312 Ironic a Catholic calls the Mormon church a cult with logica… @christo08392310 @marklevinshow Just an fyi, most Mormons are conservative. Believing in self reliance and work. Utah is a Red state. @AngelaBelcamino @realDonaldTrump You must have him mistaken for Joe Biden. @seanmdav I love all the triggered liberals and their comments. God bless your little hearts for wanting Trump to b… @DeAnna4Congress They would say Jesus colluded with the Russians, raid His house a 5am with CNN filming and make up… @DeAnna4Congress Just an FYI: Jesus was resurrected, so He is alive. But I agree with your point. @SenatorRomney @markcalebsmith Give it a rest Mittens. @realDonaldTrump is not required to keep anyone on his team.… @theurv @AbcarianLAT @LATSeema @MayorOfLA They are american hero's. @KingJames @GradTogether I wish i could agree. President Obama is under investigation for orchestrating illegal act…