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illustration, vis dev, costume design. rarely falls out of trees | he/they | shop: | conner.faw@gmail

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@AshleyM_Johnson not strictly american but The Ritual is very good folky horror and not strictly horror but Over Th…
@nicodelort the shame in starting the narratively unnecessary fight with Rom the Vacuous Spider was such an amazing… @zachhartlage a good defaulti have the first 16 seconds of the Potsfield theme playing on eternal loop in my head @DesignByZoe hell yes. an older sadder smokyer Constantine @itskindred stone cold killed medon your vegetables
Bunch of...absolutely tiny vignette doodles from something that never got finished!
Retweeted by conner fawcett @notquitereal the feeling of true scale while capturing the presence of these spheres has got to be something utterly indescribable
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@vandroidhelsing “sike it was a bowl of acidic water. how you feeling little ghost, ready to invent another earth-shattering instrument?” @vandroidhelsing carve that on the hood of my Honda Elementoh @SiSweetman the higher the strength stat the worse you hold it @SiSweetman it’s called a Twelve Bell Trumpet and is also a dark souls boss @notquitereal this is good and appropriately named hang on horns are incredible 👁️
Retweeted by conner fawcettlook at my mess #100percentzoom
Retweeted by conner fawcettnot really #100percentzoom since these are on traditional media but let's say it is :)
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@SiSweetman i hope to god almighty that it was built on fillimportant reminder @SiSweetman @jeeyonshim i miss these days with a wild desperation @SciFiSpinner lol @DesignByZoe all i need is more leafs and more riddles @jdragsky some have skills, others have metaphysical seasonal manifestationsone time when i was a kid i hid way up in a tree above a path for 3 hours and tried to convince causal walkers that…
@oldgodspod 👁!👁!👁 @notquitereal rad! this is perfect. thanks jack🕯🙏🏻🕯 @yveltion lol no worries, I just bought DD and I’m very excited to crack that egg open @yveltion Ill give it a gander @a_cado_appears oh’d i miss this @notquitereal @formyths beet first, blase later @formyths I’ll go give it the Commish the ol scroll. They’re doing a great job..maybe I just need more time to dedicate to the Blase @formyths I’ll check it out but im definitely more about that procedural stuff too. Is there anyone coagulating con… @formyths any tips on staying up to date with the sheer volume of compounding lore content? i become instantly over… them @smallpolar_bear it’s time to get👏🏻those👏🏻laces👏🏻 @smallpolar_bear it’s..almost as if they’ve lost the favour of something powerful and foulThere's a patreon
Retweeted by conner fawcett @Lancer_RPG 🕯🙏🏻🕯 @katbamkapow we hit 197 up here in Seattle. Left the window open for 3 mins and it looked like it had lightly snowe…
@nickfrosst haha thanks nick ✨ I’ll post the perfect medium @nickfrosst i sure did. I received a vision from That Horrid Place Beyond 👀 (been getting into cosmic horror again lately) @SirDoklas maybe someday @Hidden_Squids Amenan excerpt from the sixth prayer of The Church of Initial Condition @briamgilbert gurdy. crystal chronicles. brian, this is everything"He is life itself. He isn't dead, San. He is here with us now, telling us, it's time for both of us to live."
Retweeted by conner fawcett @St33lc iPhone 6si went outside a week ago
Retweeted by conner fawcett @SiSweetman love the energy trails in this edit. very tactile @Swandre3000 @Lancer_RPG the swap and play mech building model is so great. I built a very small foam/polymer orien… @ayyv_mauro i made it
2020 went outside a week ago
Retweeted by conner fawcett🍂from flesh removed our chalk footfall tempers this holy ground where timeless spirits meet round the heart of Pot…
Retweeted by conner fawcettin a morning daze when my mind was still half walking in the Other Place I saw the burnt orange Seattle sky pouring… #drawingwhileblack My name is Candice Messado! I focus on background paintings and color design for animation! I…
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@pcsegal damn so coool @pcsegal it’s worth playing again and looking for it. so much intentionality. I’ve been hitting and stabbing everyt… @csmgllz same. I’m ok at stealth but I’d be sliding towards a guard, see a cool bottle on a table, turn my head, th… @Pythosart LOVE a rich environment. I should pop over into Control again..that game had some wild effects toothe 2D jump and sword-swing trails, the bright flash of impact sparks paired with a camera bob, the quivering blade @Pythosart it’s absolutely incredible. i want a mode without guards where i can walk around and stare at everything… at this petrimaux and the team behind Dishonored 2’s fx/animations deserve a million dollars @AbzJHarding i was just trying to find this exact shot..
..all that said i do trust Denis, i adore his filmography, and the big worm is greatif you want to highlight intricacy, commit to intricacy. If you want to highlight utility, commit to utility. espec… narrative costuming should say something about the hands that made it, whether fictionally intentional…’m excited for the new film despite it’s dreary palette. color aside, i do wish the costuming had a touch more cha… in space turmeric hit me up on my mobile #dune @WandererSimple thanks ✨stillsuits: to drink and to piss
@ayyv_mauro i was so nervous and now I’m nervous for different reasonsi do like those Holtzman Suits shimmer bounce shimmer @vandroidhelsing It’s so good @notquitereal Anthony Establishment Mr. Trebuchet @notquitereal i will accept cat, mouse, or common brushtail possum (it’s a mouse to me)#cloudart #pixelart #ドット絵
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doing his very best physicality is condensed, a human-shaped hydrometeor of impossible vapor! I am, after all the eponymous Nephelom…
Retweeted by conner fawcett @nephelomancer at least your ghost is royalty @DesignByZoe this is ✨the life✨i do now in slight retrospect regret eating 3 jumbo cookies and drinking multiple canned ales at midnight @T_Froh ain’t that just the way @HannahTempler oh hey this is cool more @nephelomancer the eye, the silhouette. i’m so happy that i’m finally heretonight I have discovered Nicola Samori
Another world is possible.
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