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Never allow masses control motion “just a creative ♑️”PSN: xBilly-osCura #Bconvinced Podcast 12*29 Album 1*5*21

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Devil throw a fit the minute my feet hit the ground in the morning.When GOD is for you can't nothing be against you. Everything lucifer thrown my way this year has been confronted an… you heard of the Catholic Church like in general
Retweeted by Theee B. Collinsbefore i give up on anybody , i try & i try & i try . 🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsBroo
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsI made a note of the mistakes I can’t afford again
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsNever look to get even, lol your hearts on display so just get over.I used to get upset now I just make a callBro I promise real life is funnier than scripted Reality TV
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsHOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!! #CertifiedLosers #BustSkipUp 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsKobe Bryant has: • More 40 point games than LeBron & KD combined • More 50 point games than LeBron, Steph, KD com…
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsPpl born from 82-92 the last ones with some damn sense
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsWhen she in that sundress
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsIt's funny how the people you got the most dirt on want to do you the dirtiest. 🤔
If she for everybody King, don't you dare spend Your time. Make her spend hersThat's why you stay chest to chest with the reciever PhillpsFrom 11' to 13' The Weeknd was a vibe unstoppableThe Greatest Ever in NY you’ll see a drive by woo walk off
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsRaiders would like a word
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @BlahhJohnson Bruh was ready to say F them kids lolBruh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins“Let your swagger show!” @greengoblin brings the passion in every snap of our latest Audible, presented by…
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsI am screaming lmfaooooo Bobby Womack was..... a f***in mess.
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsThe early favorite to win the 2020-2021 @HJCAC Championship?
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Me tryna smell why this 8th need to be $60
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsMy hand itching to get the belt
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsNOW WAIT JUST A FKN MIN
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @CoachKarl22 Denarcus Cousins reading this:
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Growth is saying “okay” even though you have a paragraph in you.
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsIdc how long yall was together if she even bringing your name in convos w niggas you dont fuck w. BRUH she's an OPP
Not to no fuccn jacquees
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsONG
Zodiac signs that seem rude but actually mean well. -Scorpio -Taurus -Capricorn -Aries -Leo
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsYou can definitely do all this & never speak again...
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @_SJPeace_ They lucky he just had the phone rolling if that was me we throwing a nigga a party.Happy Birthday to my brother Snoop...
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsImagine having to pushoff to cross up a grocery clerk 😭
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsYALL ..... I would have rather died 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @BlahhJohnson Bruh never watched it lol Pam was never called ugly in fact it's a episode where he was big eyeballing Pam. @_Zafari2400 It's pure horror core ha like no nigga I don't relate to stabbing family members and fuckin corpses. @TakaraLee_
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @TakaraLee_ Nah this takes me out
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @TakaraLee_ If you dont have kids this ain't your thread @bossforever2349 @TakaraLee_ Your take on this seems rather hmm ignorant. Lol @Casually_Allure @4TheCulture____ @TakaraLee_ @4TheCulture____ @TakaraLee_ “With your grey jeans” 😂😂😂 ma’am you brought them
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @Casually_Allure @4TheCulture____ @TakaraLee_
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @Leo_Dios_Mios @TakaraLee_ Question is are you ok now?? @_Zafari2400 After Tyler said Fuck the IE its Fuck OF.What about it?
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @TheDreWheeler Fr like damn shawty either get a new mat or throw that one out
2020 made me learn some. Stop buying bags for women that cant afford them. Stop getting brain from women that you can learn fromMan the Walmarts in Arizona are just different..... If ya know YOU KNOW am now convinced that @maxkellerman football eye and IQ are greater than @stephenasmith will ever be. Carson Wentz is simply decliningI thought this was a white persons leg
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsA UTE @Utah_Football
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@BlahhJohnson These gone be the down years fasho @TheFightPlug Negrolonians Chapter 3 v. 27 - If split leaveth thy lip, Nig or Chick you will get Flipped. Amen @BlahhJohnson We done this year Jalen gone end up leaving be cause the organization want WentzSo whose gonna talk about how Wentz once again tried to do too much olaycall was terrible. DOUG PEDERSEN beeds to goLiterally the minute Jalen Hurts for I n Wentz just brings the whole team's spirit down @nflnetwork please stop making excuses for @cj_wentz he puts himself in bad positions and the @Eagles need to go wi… I was in NY in 2018, I'm surprised that yall are surprised by Cardi B nudes. Her legacy in NY is crazzzzzzy @LowEnd_Jack @auntie_ky
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @DeanScorpion_ Bruh just said some shit for some Twitter rage he a kobe fan. just wanna release already. Lemme talk my shit 😔
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @Doubleaajay I'm a certified pro. I'll forget my mama birthday before I forget when that 30-Day trial period end @MagicCityLou Just like Westbrook fucked up the whole rhythmIs it me or do alot of Power 5 defensive coordinators need to have their jobs locked at
@LiL_Jas_D Sims folded to earlyGeorgia Tech might upset. I like how they qb moving rn @TheHoopCentral The Caveman was nice thoughStatic Shock intro went hard 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @nigeriansosa I told yall kid was big hurtTyler Perry is a sociopath
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @ThrowbackHoops That 2004 was the coldest and the soundtrack LITNBA Live was an ERA!
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsMJ played in an era where niggas thought this dunk was fireeee 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsPlayers in NBA history to average 35 PPG while being All Defensive 1st team: Michael Jordan: 1x (1988) Kobe Bryant…
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsKobe & Gigi names need to be on those rings @celtics_fann @Matt_The_Cuban @WillStew3 @JoelMacho77 @deadlee2213 @nuggets @ctrlnarrative Aye I did too lol @nuggets This guy.
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins @5280_Sports @CBSSportsHQ @nuggets And that's why yall will never win a ship because yall disrespect the goats @nuggets Same energy
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsThey just compared BYU Zach Wilson to Lamar Jackson lol I usually watch it with the volume off
@cactunuts Move into the driver seat @cactunuts Investopedia dawg really??? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ aye seriously get yo stupid ass out my notifications bruh wtf you… @cactunuts Now you sound entirely stupid dawg aye man be blessed. Fr @cactunuts C'mon you taking to long to respond it was rapid earlier now you finger stuttering @cactunuts What's your model? @cactunuts I didn't say it was unrealistic the fuck you retarded asf. But if you were doing it youd have more follo… @BlahhJohnson They did him like that on purpose bruh wasn't even prepared to answer that question, cuz no other cel… do people watch this mastery and say somebody was better at playing basketball 🤣 Kobe was so surgical at his…
Retweeted by Theee B. Collins😂😂😂😂“Newsflash buddy”
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsStalkers should be thrown in JAIL!
Retweeted by Theee B. CollinsKobe wasn't human during the 2012-2013 season 🐐
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