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Retweeted by #BK4K @jeremylatzke “I’ve heard of these guys probably shouldn’t trade them”White Sox send: Binyamin Bailey, Konnor Pilkington & Yolbert Sanchez Cubs send: Kris Bryant, Yu Darvish & Willson… @MDPucks He would also be a good option @WSDashBaseball I need to know about the league and competition. Hoping to see you guys on the road in 2021.Some of my personal favorites on Sox Twitter, in no particular order, that I interact with: @BDunnChiSox1 @arude8
Retweeted by #BK4K“Don’t worry about it” jokes or gallow humor? @SavesTuesday @CoveysBurner Gone @SavesTuesday @CoveysBurner You know the good parts of Mulan?Lemme know when it gets good (and I never heard from @CoveysBurner again) @liam_dutan @JordanDynasty @willgchase @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck You seem to have some issues Liam I hope you get them figured out @ZACHISGOD I had Landry and Cruz I’ll take credit for all 4 @crissy_froyd Dude kept replying to people trying to explain and I think he’s dug a grave all the way to China by nowWho eventually replaces Steve Stone in the TV booth?UMass? @ZACHISGOD tell me 4 names so I can say I was right on 3 of them. these jerseys back please or at least someone on DHGate sell the one on the left the Libs rigging the system once again
Retweeted by #BK4K @AnthonyRescan @normcharlatan The sun never sets on my salad @aircamperville Ifb
@kungfuqua @PeteBlackburn My backup was Mamma Mia 3D but that feels almost too obviousThis dog knows how to C A T C H WRESTLING CHARACTERS PART ONE HUNDRED TWO: Name: The Black Phantom Portrayed by: Gangrel Gimmick: He w… money has been spent
Retweeted by #BK4KWall Street traders being ahead of like, grocery store clerks, teachers or meatpacking plant workers is about as go…
Retweeted by #BK4K @PeteBlackburn First of all, Mamma Three-a @samanthacp_ Oh god he won’t stop replying @OHeirican_Dream “Butts are okay but not from sports reporters”R A T I O Idiot done this before. My little cousin starts chemo next week, thought I’d try to bring a smile to him. His mom s…
Retweeted by #BK4KHoly crap the other thief is named Rickard. Julian and Rickard. Just waiting on a bard named Bubbles.Such a sexy thief. is running wild!!!! #WhiteSox
Retweeted by #BK4K @HawksBurner @SoxNewsBot5000 @maevemarch @JordanDynasty @michaelfactor13 @Peezy1996 @Muzzkill7 Takes a burner to know a burnerFollow @Keelin_Billue @KindaBleu @colleensullivan @Wheres_Bald0 @TrooperGalactus @CoveysBurner @Nick_BPSS
Retweeted by #BK4K# FollowFriday Great people/Sox fans. Will do another later for others.. Thanks @Keelin_Billue @ltaylor_22
Retweeted by #BK4KComedy isn’t everyone’s strong suit.Yea I mean imagine if a Cubs broadcaster worked in St Louis or for the Sox @GregoLando Tbh I’m not 100% sure but I assume your team is put into the equivalent of a GPP?This thing is tight heading into the final week. @thebennettk @SoxNewsBot5000 @maevemarch @JordanDynasty @michaelfactor13 @Peezy1996 @Muzzkill7 @BenettiBurner
Retweeted by #BK4K @thebennettk @SoxNewsBot5000 @maevemarch @JordanDynasty @michaelfactor13 @Peezy1996 @Muzzkill7 These folks got pass…
Retweeted by #BK4KTalk about a turn nobody saw coming. #WhiteSox #lenkasper
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Retweeted by #BK4KHell yea finally get to play the original fire emblem localized on the switch pissed Coke made Coke Zero taste more like regular Coke. Old school Coke Zero was a great different taste @ltaylor_22 @Keelin_Billue @Leonard42 @ChanseyDaRapper @KindaBleu @colleensullivan @chrystal_ok @SavesTuesday @thebennettk @SoxNewsBot5000 @maevemarch @JordanDynasty @michaelfactor13 @Peezy1996 @Muzzkill7 These dudes and lady…
Retweeted by #BK4K @thebennettk @SoxNewsBot5000 @maevemarch @JordanDynasty @michaelfactor13 @Peezy1996 @Muzzkill7 Some of my faves:…
Retweeted by #BK4K @thebennettk @SoxNewsBot5000 @maevemarch @JordanDynasty @michaelfactor13 @Peezy1996 @Muzzkill7 Always throw my boy…
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Retweeted by #BK4KThe Cream of the Crop! The Macho Man Eloy Jiménez! Oooooh yeah, dig it! #WhiteSox
Retweeted by #BK4K @Keelin_Billue't believe the Steelers are playing 3 games in 12 days. The last time they did that you have to go all the way b…
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Retweeted by #BK4K @thebennettk @SoxNewsBot5000 @maevemarch @JordanDynasty @michaelfactor13 @Peezy1996 @Muzzkill7 Couple newer peeps I…
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Retweeted by #BK4K @Nick_BPSS And the way he managed his bullpen,,,, @Nick_BPSS Oh it says trough never mind @Nick_BPSS 2012 was definitely a tough season, though. @CheerTheAnthem As a DH who can play LF he’s an improvement over what they have and as long is it’s not their big move I’m for it. @thebennettk @SoxNewsBot5000 @maevemarch @JordanDynasty @michaelfactor13 @Peezy1996 @Muzzkill7 @SavesTuesday @ClassyTom24
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Retweeted by #BK4K @Muzzkill7 is the smartest baseball fan I know. I’m surprised he doesn’t have more followers. Follow this man peopl…
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Retweeted by #BK4K @SaraCivian Happy birthday Sara! @WhiteSoxLex “Coming up bat next is this man and his name is Jeff Harvey”Alright. #FollowFriday #WhiteSox edition. Reply with a member of White Sox Twitter with less than 1,000 followers… WRESTLING CHARACTERS PART ONE HUNDRED ONE: Name: Kowabunga Portrayed by: Chris Champion Gimmick: He de… week is all about the biggest news that has happened in wrestling this week including: -Sting's #AEW Debut -Ke…
Retweeted by #BK4K @BarbChairScott Not even almost @RotoSurgeon Yo week 17 Sunday tho, >>>>> @HuckWPW @WPodWrestling Invite me on next timeSteve Cohen spending money on the Mets? That’s a Queens Gambit. @RotoSurgeon @Roto_Wan the old testament doesn't say anything about lips being non kosher. @LWilz @stevekniss Na I'm confident. @Roto_Wan wellllll it was lab grown we cant be sure of that @Roto_Wan "Some if it is related to a pig" @LWilz @stevekniss Happy to not be invited @KindaBleu @_dbrown_23 Orlando Hudson Mark KotsayWho says the MLB can’t market their stars? Tim has his own pasta brand now @tjsdomer2 Orlando HudsonWhite Sox Legend Andruw Jones I could go on @MadrigalTruther Doing both makes the most sense tbhStreaming some more pokemon. Come hang out and chat