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During a roundtable at Deere someone asked 1 of our female execs: “What’s the 1 piece of advice you’d give young w…
Retweeted by TheBig4AccountantJuly 4th and I am on the way to the office at 5AM. Thank you @IRStaxpros and @AICPA really could of used that exte…
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Part of me wants to grow a huge firm and employee hundreds of CPAs not because I want the clout but I just hate see…
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantpoor bookkeeping is the source of 99% of accounting problemsSpreadsheet fingers turn to twitter fingers @TheBig4Tweets
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantsetting your alarm the night before an inventory count
my first engagement in public accounting is the worst state tax return to prepare and why is it PennsylvaniaBig 4 auditors: Every other auditor: at least I don’t audit cash all day. i get to see the entire auditstaff coming in on the weekend about to hit you with the “what should we work on today?” in Justin Bieber’s song Intentions he says “heart full of equity, you’re an asset”... is he implying that he is…
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Auditor : “what time do you normally leave?” Me: “like 2.5 hours ago” Me & the Auditor: @TheBig4Tweets
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantare you running the engagement or is the engagement running you
Saw this on Facebook except replace laundry with tax returns and everything else with office related tasks.…
Retweeted by TheBig4AccountantFUCK THEY'RE ONTO ME!
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantevery accountant right now in the accounting industry is a decision maker except for the accountants actually doing the work @adammarkowitzEA is the most utterly ridiculous post in the history of Twitter.
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountant[whispers] debits on the left, credits on the right"We have strong internal controls." The Controls:
Retweeted by TheBig4AccountantGot my large CPA license diploma paper thingy in the mail today and I still don’t know what I do at work LMFAO
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when you find something in the GL support that you know is going to cause issues coffee just tastes better when you’re late for work
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantdid you major in accounting or are you normal @TheBig4Tweets
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountant @belleyahaya 😂interns be like “I know a spot” then order dinner from the same restaurant for 3 months straightaccountants be like “I know a spot” then go cry in the bathroom
Submitting the audit working paper for manager to review @TheBig4Tweets
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I have spent the last few weeks writing and editing this. My heart is not to divide, but to inform and provide solu…
Retweeted by TheBig4AccountantDoing accounting homework right now and really questioning my decision to major in accounting.
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rumour has it this is the audit confirmation EY signed off on #wirecard #EY #auditors #whattheactualfuck #enron
Retweeted by TheBig4AccountantPSA: HR is not your friend. They are the company’s friend. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantand for their next stunt, public accounting firms will give you a promotion with no raise or bonus because we’re all in this together controls the memes, controls the Universe
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantopening the first draft of the client’s trial balance and financials we’ll work through the details this weekend and have something for you by Monday morning me: help
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountanty’all ever cried over an audit that’s a different type of hurt right therepartners helping the engagement team issue the financials
Fed gov’t gave $1.4B in stimulus checks to deceased people.. call it Bad Deadt
Retweeted by TheBig4AccountantE&Y “auditing” Wirecard
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountant @Zantazi ok @Zantazi “Beyond Scared Straight” it’s a tv showwhen you use LIFO under IFRS scandal: €1.9 billion goes missing from company's balance sheet. the intern that audited cash: after opening the client’s payroll support“The company’s rapid fall from grace comes after it admitted that 1.9 billion euros went missing from its balance s…
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountant @hunnnnuh the peoplemateriality: $5m bank rec variance: $3k audit team: @whyisgabe way betterif you hate accounting, you’re really going to hate being an auditor @ForemanTaxLaw 😂
@Stewson95 lol it can be at times but generally nofirst year in public accounting be like these were your earnings for the year tax: this is how much tax you owe on those earnings advisory: audit…“oh so you do math”
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantaudit audit audit *one pop tart and a Red Bull* audit repeat are essentially just a yearly subscription to the country you live in. Childhood is the free trial. 😂
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“I think the partner hates me” first of all, they don’t even know who you arenormalize asking seniors and managers questions without apologizingclients be like well I think you’re wrong because that sounds like a lot of work that I don’t want to do right nowcubicles but outdoors *accountants rejoice* *exists* accountants: explaining to the client that they can’t just send the PBC support the week before sign off and expect the same… coming up with a term to define that a company is in good financial standing and settling on ‘going concern’auditor: *requests a sample* client: no, not that one
Client: Gives an explanation for a transaction My mind: @TheBig4Tweets
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantit costs $0.00 to mute your phone on a conference callwhen you have no idea what you’re testing but need to be professionally skeptical love when rappers shout out their accountants
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantimmaterial variance
clients when auditors have to increase the substantive testing and request additional support @noturflavour 💀😩happy father’s day to a true king🙃🙃🙃
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“ur so smart” thanks I literally just copied over the py workpapersis 2020 impaired or a write-off
y’all ever cried over excel crashing? that’s a different type of hurt right there
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantme logging into the zoom call at 8:59’t take public accounting too seriously we’re not saving livesintern: *pointing to $50 variance in payroll* I have information that may lead to the CFO’s arrest
The engagement team when we finally issue the financials 😂😂😂 @TheBig4Tweets
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantme working from home:
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountant @TheBig4Tweets Enron scandal accounting is timeless! Time flies! 2001 this scandal broken.
Retweeted by TheBig4AccountantHow would you explain what #Excel does to a friend who hasn’t heard of Excel?
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantliterally no one: accounting professors: sooo you want to talk about Arthur Anderson and the Enron scandal?Me to son: I really don’t understand how there’s a whole economy around people watching other people play video gam…
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantmanagers will ask the status of 500 open items then look you right in the face and ask ‘do you have any capacity?’
me: can you please provide the trial balance client: there is really no such thing
Retweeted by TheBig4Accountantthe financial statement audit from accounting firms be like well it’s probably ok but don’t hold us to it. here’s our invoice for $ heading back into the office after a near-death experience to clear review notes work to staff like“So... I’m gonnna shaaaaare my screeeeeennnn .... caneverybodyseeit?”
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