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twitter account owner and tweeter. jojo siwa stan. all opinions are reflective of every company ive ever worked for. (account managed by mom)

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@GraceHawthorn I got the same one wtf lmao @cmoneykrugz @novarcane lmfaooooooif i was 21 and my boyfriends ex was 17, i would simply not write a song about you should!!! the military budget is literally billions of dollars......why are we constantly asked to donate food… @badgirIkiki happy birfday chris!!!!!!!good morning to all the maxxinistassociety if someone gave me a mini highland cow @jon_liebermann superb vibes my guy @jon_liebermann LMAO JON I- it’s nice i love it sm 💕 @drunkensayl0r ill fly YOU out baby don’t worry @jon_liebermann jon is that real omgah ha ha i want to be held LOL just kidding 🤣🤣🤣 unless 👀🙈🙊anyone else having trouble downloading the webkinz app to their mac? mine won’t launch. @kyle_clukey 😂😂😂my ideal man is a siwanator. @jodieegrace @kylegirardmusic !!!!! thanks queen @ratatatnatnat 😍😍😍 @Hey_Smize @kylegirardmusic it’s ok it’s bc i referenced a jojo siwa song :/ i get it :/ some people just aren’t siwanators @kylegirardmusic this u??? @totesmehgoats11 no ms thing was absolutely serving in her little ferragamo shoes!!! and she was very nice to chat… don’t all jump up at once guys 👐🏼’s saturday! u know what that means...who wants to kiss??? @LuckyLilLacey the people in my area are wild lmao they’re all rich but some of them are WEALTHY in an insane waywant drive FAST >:( @SweetBabyTayz you literally can’t lose money on this!!ladies if you ever feel bad about yourself just post a story of yourself on snapchat doing literally anything and a…
Retweeted by gracesaw a woman wearing this at starbucks today and had to ask her if it was who/what i thought it was, she was soooo e…
@badgirIkiki @livandorder omg coco loves catsthis man is a multi millionaire my first viral post. @MichaelaOkla i feel the exact same way :( she wasn’t even mean to her eitheri have been thinking about this for 24 hours now @braealyia she says she loves you toococo loves the new couch @thebarakatsmeow yesif i wear heels to dinner and a man wears sneakers that’s misogyny @MichaelaOkla doomg guys make a wish <3me nd the girlies (sam) are gonna kiss tomorrow i can’t wait <3 @lynndewitttoya thanks bestie 😌 @darc_mark ily @_mivel im UR #1 fan @BoyYeetsWorld :/// i hate when you do thisme logging on every day to tell you guys shit you don’t care about @BoyYeetsWorld dad are you coming home soonyou guys know that drake song that’s like “what am I doing what am I doing oh yeah that’s right i’m doing me i’m do…
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@KaczmarekChanel 😭😭😭 there’s more deep dish all my issues are cured now actuallyjust saw a jeep truck my day is ruined @JackieMackk hahahahahahaha omg @_GraceDion_ 😂 just moving @_mivel yes bestie! @livandorder hahahaha i just like to do it all at once so it’s done (plus im moving lmao) @Nerndownforwhat hahaha i left them an apology/thank you note & a gift i feel so badoh no it’s starting @brycez88 there’s more 😭 that’s the worst part @notrllynits hahahaha it’s a mace gun! have i done..... girls in their 20s have this exact shower curtain we’re being honest with ourselves jojo siwa is the only willy wonka for the job
Retweeted by gracejust listened to macklemore against my willsext are u guys i feel like it’s mostly the girlies???who needs an alarm when your neighbor plays loud ass music starting at exactly 8:15am every day!? not me!!!!! hahah…
Retweeted by gracethis is truly the hunger games tanning. hoping it took a few days off the back end.
@itsmeheythere is this a bad time to say you look really pretty here lmaoooi gotta get in contact with leonardo dicaprio before i turn 25 and age outleonardo dicaprio is 6 feet tall??? i thought he was like 5’6”??? this is news to me???he re-landscaped another mans house for you daisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!if i was daisy i would’ve simply left my husband @BoyYeetsWorld i don’t know if i should answer that kellythere are three basic types of men: 1. men that identify with wolf of wallstreet 2. men that identify with 50 shade… morning to all my haterswhy does the IRS want to know how much cash i made this year so bad? don’t they know it’s rude to ask??did it
Retweeted by gracemight be hot later. probably. who knows?! @_mivel 🧑🏼‍🦯🧑🏼‍🦯🧑🏼‍🦯chase 🏃‍♀️ a check 💵✅ never ❌ chase 🚷 a bitch 🧍🏼‍♀️ ⁿᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵉᵛᵉʳHas any other president come close to doing anything this insane
Retweeted by gracefound these pics from this vegas gift shop that rocks
Dolly Parton said “it costs a lot of money to look this cheap” and that is why I have a spending problem.
Retweeted by grace @_mivel pee pee poo poo amirite?! (300 people laugh)this is what that would feel like no thank you 23,000 followers is like selling out the united center and telling your jokes in the middle of the court and… @biboofficial @jemilito13 hahahahahahasending exactly 1 email to my accountant
Retweeted by grace19% of my tiktok followers are from the uk pip pip cherrio 🤠 love island uk babes canny text back @dainelizabeth @jodieegrace that was an iconic performance lmfao i remember the whole song 💀 “top gun you just gave… @dainelizabeth @jodieegrace @totesmehgoats11 mine need a pay raise then smh start paying some bills!!!in honor of our lord and savior dolly partons birthday today i will be getting a boob job 😌💕 @syd__mcc cheer tumblr was modern day stan twitter @jodieegrace i am watching it right now LMFAO