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@totesmehgoats11 i mean if it’s ugly 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ @totesmehgoats11 im facetuning the shit out of post birth methinking about committing a felony and stealing my neighbors package cannot be real someone comment on a woman’s ig birth pic “everyone can tell you facetuned this” and she commented back “duh bi… are the things i care about nowdidn’t buy the cute white and gold pumpkin shaped dutch oven today bc im holding out for a heart shaped one. one day... @slizagna omg i love being pink!!! ive done pink/pastel rainbow and hot pink before!!! 6 weeks left to go and I seriously can’t wait 😭 I won’t be having a baby shower or drive by baby shower but I…
Retweeted by ✨🍁graycelynh🍁✨2 things I have in common with Martha Stewart are that I make a kick ass chicken pot pie and I’ve been to jail
Retweeted by ✨🍁graycelynh🍁✨tell me i don’t look like im about to write my first blog post and i can’t wait to share all my travel and stadium… about quitting my job to just post on instagram and do fab fit fun sponsorships like a wag but the ONLY pro… @kelllicopter @MattBennett vouch @iMaaybach buddy it’s a joke @AllisonFishman1 @Jew_Crew_22 that’s wild ive never met anyone that does!
@Jew_Crew_22 i don’t know anyone that burns them all night lmao maybe some people do!for the six menorahs in your house @itsmattfred LMAOwhy do all men just automatically know how to drive a wave runneri cannot imagine anything grosser @jodieegrace i love them 😍😍😍make a wish 😍 @jazz_onmycouch just keeps getting cuter #sammystan @rache440 ewwwwwwww 😭i want to know who is buying this egg chair that costs as much as a small house
@k_ourtney THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! i feel seeni won’t drink water from a cup that’s been in my room longer than overnight because im scared of it having dust par… @totesmehgoats11 there’s no way she ate an entire jar and a half’s worth of that stuff omg can you imagine 💀i thought we all stopped liking nutella in 2013 along with galaxy print and triangles @_mivel 😍😍😍 omg YESspace bags are amazing. i wanna crawl inside one and vacuum seal myself.
@tay_berube 💚💜💀halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween… @kayla__dunne he’s very sweet!!!!!!my parents dog earl smiling for his photo op with a fan at home depot
halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween tree halloween… is a paris hilton fan account
@callmeshitto @caleeshea congratulations you cutie pies!!!! 💕
my fav thing about gen z is even when they are getting absolutely decimated in the replies/comments of a post, they… @toritot_ she’s a smart rock @demi_burnett omg this rug is amazingmy aunt passed away yesterday, and if anyone can help out it would be much appreciated. donations go to my cousin w…
Retweeted by ✨🍁graycelynh🍁✨
it hates the windy beach
Retweeted by ✨🍁graycelynh🍁✨ @misscbeverley @shanehumpcomedy so powerfulgoing to the strip club for the ambiance
@kayla__dunne i had to leave her 💔croc purse croc purse croc purse croc purse croc purse cro @BigTucsonDad she’d be so good at football if chihuahuas had their own leaguehahahhahahahahah @MarkClaudio AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @livandorder god i wish i would’ve he was tiny and orange and had an old grey face and walked funnyi saw a chihuahua even smaller than coco today!!! EVEN SMALLER!!!!!! @tyllerayers so blessed 🙏☝️ @badgirIkiki omg that’s so accurate @___meganrae @JackWilliamRtF amazing. puts me to shame 🔥😔 @leighskarzynski 🤪🤪 im an aries i can’t help it 🤪🤪omg 😍 thank you guys so much for 11k!!! crazy 💕 @pissboymcgee hiii (:watching the bratz movie don’t text
car guys absolutely cannot wrap their heads around the idea of someone not wanting to do their own maintenance on t… know this is an unpopular opinion but i think that 19 year olds shouldn’t marry 89 year olds in care facilities w… @BigTucsonDad open for a surprisewatch him live to be 109 lmao
this is why i know peace on this hell site @jodieegrace LMFAO nooo no way 😂 i literally haven’t read a single response but i figured there’d be at least one 💀#Namibia: Anti-femicide protests sweep nationwide. They are calling on President Hage Geingob (@hagegeingob) to d…
Retweeted by ✨🍁graycelynh🍁✨my REAL actual name is graycelynnh mackeighleigh guys ok it’s NOT a bit it’s what’s on my birth certificate @itsmeheythere i worship heraccidentally ratioed b*rstool and now the fish pics are angwy @itsmeheythere i JUST put together that that INFANT BABY is avas aunt/unclelist of things i am not doing today: reading a single reply to this @ihatethiskid they have to be lmaohahaha get it guys??? women!!! hahaha @KokonutRum happy birthday!! 💖💖💖💖💖 @2kool2kat it is EXTREMELY fun
on my grind. never stop learning 🔥 @ICouldHang lmaooo @totesmehgoats11 she’s so embarrassed @TwyllaJane agreed @kennedixking dude fr!!! i tan like 2x a month w this and it’s perfect i don’t even need to go more often than that!having a normal one’s the mortgage on a $900,000 house lmaooo
@littttlemermaid sounds like it’s time to bedazzle your shampoo 😎 @JESS_kiidding omg stop it you are literally gorgeousno think 😌✨ @livandorder welcome to spending all of your free time doing this 😎 @livandorder don’t they suck!!! just buy a stone wax pen (like nail techs use to pick up stones) and different adhe… @biboofficial these bad boys went hard in 2012 @sweetveenyc she says thank you!!!coco update her head still small*with my super hot girlfriend whom i love very much @crocoriles awe thank you 🥺💕 @kayla__dunne tytyty🥰🥰🥰 @maisondecris dream job @shelbypward awe thank you 🥺 @emmafiedler13 you are an angel!!!! @okcoolgreatyes omg the hairspray looks photoshopped in for sure lmaoooidk who hired this bitch she doesn’t do anything
@lindz132 @bathbodyworks not me buying two “in case they sell out” 😔