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foregoing having a personality to collect all these Gamer Funko Pops @hey_friend do not do this to me, it sounds very stressful and I would just like to be loved thank youfavourite games of this decade: 1. raid shadow legends 2. money please! 3. 4. 5.
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Retweeted by Terence Wigginshad a dream last night that a girl gave me her number but then later I showed it to a friend and it turned out to b…⚠️ ATTENTION EVERYONE ⚠️ The lead animator of Part 5 Kohei Ashiya recently had an interview where he said this. PLE…
Retweeted by Terence Wigginscatch me in the club crying at anime
Retweeted by Terence WigginsI'm gonna stream tomorrow night. I want to do the streaming of the videogames Please send me all your energy @georgedragonite I believe it @hey_friend Poison-typeNorfolk is Fighting-type Virginia Beach is Water-type had to see this but now you do too @Lexxercise I remember being like 12 and an adult saying to me "My son's into that pokeymans"
Retweeted by Terence Wiggins @Lexxercise you're every adult i knew as a kid asking me about videogamesthinking about becoming insufferable and whenever somebody says "Nintendo Switch" I'm gonna correct them by callin… Game Awards fucked up by not including Hypnospace Outlaw for best sound because Granny Cream's Hot Butter Ice… dying squirtlei did not know that Baumbach directed Marriage Story when I tweeted this was going to say "I've thought about this tweet everyday since it was posted" but apparently it was posted yester… @notquitefrodo @SamSykesSwears Public Hobgoblin would be a good name for your autobiography and/or stand-up albumI'd like to submit to the committee: Samson's ridiculous toe floof
@WyattTheNerd YOU"RE TOO LATE at this cutie.
Retweeted by Terence WigginsI have no idea who Facebook thinks I am find this part in the Wotakoi OP to be extremely cute and it fills me with emotions @jephjacques also please just watch the OP for Wotakoi @jephjacques IT'S SO GOOD It's getting a second season next year! @jephjacques I've heard that was good! I watched Oremonogatari, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, and Wotakoi: Love Is Hard… @jephjacques The whole show is like a commentary on harem anime and has some really good gags on the level of Asobi… @jephjacques BIG but not unrealistic. Not faux-anime Steam game @cowcaster why @jephjacques Just watch the damn show! @Rockyowitz It's so very goodOresuki is one of my favorite animes this year @jephjacques P I ZZ A @Rockyowitz I have been watching it subbed since it started so I wouldn't knowGave in @Chromorbid this a crime i'll diealso I don't want to leave the houseI want pizza but I don't want to spend moneyThis spam email is amazing "Someone who might be related to know died. We don't know. But we'll give you their mo… me in the club crying at animefuck that new episode of MHA was goodaaauuuggghh Dr. Stone's first season just ended this ever happens to you... use your noodle and spaghetti out of there fast!
Retweeted by Terence WigginsGlad to see the Oops All Berries guy got a new job but I wish he would get his act together
Retweeted by Terence WigginsRed Ring of Death #6.. Merry Christmas everyone!! Ho Ho Ho!! Please like RT subscribe and share for more!!
Retweeted by Terence Wiggins @K_Mellifera There's a windchime by front door that quietly ringing and I was about to FLIP SHITAfter 4 and 1/2 years, I think it was time for an upgrade @joshpm GREENI really enjoy Big Hat Lass :) #PokemonSwordSheild #Hatterene
Retweeted by Terence WigginsClickbait For Literal Children is my 2009 indie-pop band90% of the stuff that hits trending on YouTube - Clickbait For Literal Children - Music Videos - Already Famous People @brockwilbur @viv_kane I'm wiping my visit from my memory because of this @benfoldsone He's the guy whose videos I have never ever wanted to watchIt's very clear that YouTube is for a certain type of video creator and they cater to them and throw everyone else… has treated it's creators so hostilely this year that I can't imagine wanting to participate in this and I… @jephjacques The restaurant I go to on Saturdays just straight up removed the signs from the bathroomswhat is any of this who are these people god, you're right @TheBlackNerd Every generation we come closer to actually getting "Don't Whizz on the Electric Fence"
Retweeted by Terence Wiggins @norrinhester You're just asking for porn bots with this tweetAs a kid, I thought Don't Wake Daddy was a weird concept but I guess the worst was yet to comesomebody just got their fetish made into a kids board game Movies with Mikey! I shot a bunch of shorts and shared some feelings about Star Wars! Hope you enjoy:
Retweeted by Terence WigginsI've blocked this from my memory grandma, you okay? is in charge of making kids games nowadays't actually do thisBring back the Boobah Zone tbh @duckvalentine You shouldn't have!They were watching the new Blue's Clues before this and even after all these years, that show is still extremely cuteAnd I'm not saying every kid's show needs to be educational or whatever, but this feels like Teletubbies in terms o… @patrickklepek Oh absolutely. I'm always weirded out by kids content on YouTube and the ones that actually use kids feels even weirderIt's the kid and his parents on a set and they're all clearly reading off cue cards and they're all terrible at it… @savascha Good on ya @savascha AbsolutelyIf I were Sir Paul McCartney I would simply have a wonderful Christmas time
Retweeted by Terence WigginsThat Ryan's toy review kid has a Nick Jr TV show and my niece and nephew are watching it... This show is somehow h…
Retweeted by Terence Wiggins @zacgormania hahaha I meant to say Tim Allen sucks @zacgormania Agreed, Tim AllenIn a way, it's the perfect Boomer fairy tale in which he confronts his rapid aging not through introspection and gr…
Retweeted by Terence WigginsHe learns nothing. What about the meaning of Christmas? Actually, the movie never shows him as explicitly hating it…
Retweeted by Terence WigginsI've seen The Santa Clause more times than I can count and lemme tell you, Tim Allen deserves to have his child taken away
Retweeted by Terence WigginsOh, apparently Pathologic 2 was added to Game Pass @cypheroftyr Yeeeaaaahhhh I saw that and was like @cypheroftyr Also, I clicked to see what other types of articles she writes and this title just makes me side-eye h… @cypheroftyr A lot of this seems like fear-mongering and not informative @MrPope Different elemental powers. Fire, wind, lightning @whitneyarner also that girl is straight up Disney's Rapunzel @whitneyarner I didn't read your tweet before looking at the pictures and thought "I really hate his mouth for some reason"A damn fine cup of coffee @LeTiago It is