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This was nice to read before falling asleep Yes, I cried a little @jongraywb It was the first Olympic mascot I remember!If you don't remember Izzy watch the Tokyo 2020 mascot beat up Izzy song owns way games work as an industry is if you believe in things and see yourself as an artist you can go fuck yoursel…
Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins @Oda_CM One side of me is supportive of your decision the other side of me is like final cutscene was very cute!This game fucking rules, y'allJust finished Judgment rating: is a direct to video movie from the late '80s that Nicolas Cage randomly appears in. this is the entirety of…
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Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins @CasemanXP Invader Zim is still funny @youmeyou what the fuck is this lineup @SamuraiCorndog @Henderson1983 more like Hugh HackmanTfw mom wakes you up just to tell you that you're cute
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsTrying to hype your candidate by linking a clip of the Roe Jogan show is certainly a new tactic I've never seen one hand, this is a great idea On the other hand, she a cop's a PSN sale and I have two recommendations: Titanfall 2 + Battlefield 1 for 8.99 T…
@KristinBTate @knittedsweater blocked @SenorWoberto @jongraywb Watching Shinra fly around is a treat @jongraywb Oh also, since I just finished watching it, Digimon Adventure Tri does too @brockwilbur holy shit @jongraywb The first 5 minutes of the first episode has some damn good sakuga @jongraywb Have you checked out Fire Force yet because that show has some amazing animationImportant news:
Retweeted by Fresh Wigginssometimes I think about what I'd do for a Sonic the Hedgehog reboot at least a few times a yearI don't know who needs to hear this but Moo-Choo-Shaka-Pakathis can be taken two waysI'm a virgo and that's why I was asking for a friend, this is what I tweeted thought i had tweeted this before but apparently i hadn'tbeing horny is a government psyop @Pizza_Suplex ah I see, a video just for me thank you friend patYou ever just look at Monty Mole He's the perfect design
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsI fundamentally believe "i suffered so you should too" is a shitty way to live. It's morally bad, politically bad, & just bad for your heart
Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins @cowcaster A sequel came out last yearEvery microtransaction in GTA V is just to buy in-game money for the online portion and I don't understand anything @kthorjensen Thank you @poodlesmcgee It quickly became one of my favorite shows[to the tune of Super Mario World - Athletic Theme] Samson, he is my dog I love him very much and Samson, he is my…
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsMy friend is a teacher and I think y'all should help her out for the upcoming school year! Retweets please! know it's a controversial stance, but I find it unfair and antithetical to the very spirit of competition that on…
Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins @shoomlah Tops off, boys
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsMy birthday is in a month What if I had a super soft birthday party? @stephensajdak Get the game, son. It's a lot of funLetterkenny and Yakuza teach a very important lesson: Some people just need an ass kickingSame energy
Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins @JetpackBraggin Bless @NickCapozzoli I guess it is what it is (I'm sorry)Tfw u having a good day at dog camp
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsTime to start rewatching Letterkenny @joeshabadoo17 The 90s were insane @TheBlackNerd All the fucking time. Christopher Lloyd played a caricature of a hobo and was tortured by a small blo…
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsI want to review videogames (again) and also make videos about videogames Preferably at Giant Bomb or Funhaus/Ins…
Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins @matt_bruns The movie took place in modern day!! @kibblesmith I'm not entirely sure but you can get Super Burger Time on Switch @DoctorHotdogs I don't believe you @kibblesmith You should buy Heavy BurgerY'all ever think about that Dennis the Menace movie where Dennis ends up being kidnapped by a crazed homeless manI have a very chatty boy these days.
Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins @AustinEruption Wow, what a great boy! @Williesillie2 @realDonaldTrump He's the only person that can fail the "If your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer" prankTHIS WEEK at #QuakeCon we're raising money for @DallasPetsAlive. 11 Streamers will be taking turns streaming from a…
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsI meeeeaaaaannnn #PS4share
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsAt least there was bagels in the kitchen when I got here僕のベッドなんですけど!どいて!がんぼるぞい!! translation: That's my bed. Please leave from there.
Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins10 minutes late to work because I got caught in traffic and then I get out of my car and the button on my pants broke...What’s great about this website is that you can imagine the worst possible opinion, then you can search for one guy…
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsI’ll say this for Boris Johnson: he looks like a scarecrow filled with turds
Retweeted by Fresh WigginsNow this is a compliment will not @ anyone because I don't want to seem like a nuisanceMe want to review videogames (again) and also make videos about videogames Preferably at Giant Bomb or Funhaus/Ins… a dystopian nightmare world we live in where I’m an old person longing for the good old days before memes were…
Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins @stephensajdak I have never even heard of those middle 3 movies @velocciraptor RIP Carli died because baby too precious @jongraywb Come on Jon, everyone loves Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and remembers it and always talks about it! @CaseyMalone this is a good tweet @CaseyMalone if you say anything out of line, just say it was a What If... Casey Malone Said Some Wack Shit @General_Idiocy yeah, i absolutely have no problem with mgs or whatever but his insistence on this like, auteur shit is baffling @General_Idiocy you ain't wrongi'd like stream a Marvel game with @caseymaloneThe straw wanter
Retweeted by Fresh Wiggins @whitneyarner I knew exactly what sketch you linked without clicking on it @whitneyarner HOW BOUT DIS ONE OR DAT ONEKojima makes games because no one wants to watch a 10 hour movie that's just comprised of references to other movie…'m all for weird, ambitious videogames and movies (and any media really) but reading what Kojima and Refn have to…'m screaming and throwing things around my roomHOLY SHIT DAMN THE TWIST I JUST GOT TO IN JUDGMENT @GrumpyDadBryan Planet With is number one with a bullet but both Fire Force and Dr. Stone just started and they're… @cowcaster thank you for getting my reference @knittedsweater Hulu Omega Level @knittedsweater I'm using a friends and they have the super high level Hulu that has everything, so I don't know if it's on regular Hulu??? @knittedsweater It's on my Hulu queue!!and start DucktalesI've finished like 5 anime series in 2 and 1/2 weeks gotta take a break gotta rewatch Letterkenny