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will commit sins for concert tickets. intp. πŸŒ§β›ˆπŸŒ§

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@badsteel707 guinevere or as a boy janosch @jrrtrashcan send me one of those skulls please haha 😍😍😍 @lovefametragedy saving yet another shitty day, thanks sir murph @LewisCapaldiUK you also forgot to say "thanks to @theblckwidow for pointing this out to fake fans like me who have… is a @lewisvinyl appreciation tweet. honestly don't know what i would do without you, thanks for always having my back πŸ–€ @BastilleMum the absolute Taste 😍😍😍 @BastilleMum is his name a studio ghibli reference? πŸ‘€fire house has been building up to this perfect moment
Retweeted by mia @ashsheadspace this is me is an absolute banger and i wouldn't be who i am today without itnot being able to be with the people i love is really getting to me tonightwhy does instagram want me to study archaeology in bournemouth?
i just wanna go back to my happy place :( @lewisvinyl i'm gonna be your new therapist from now on so this will never happen @stuckatomega_ @CharlieBarnes @jakemorley a mood @CharlieBarnes @jakemorley luna is Not impressedSo excited to have picked up my man @jakemorley β€˜s new acoustic versions album. You should buy it too. Then clean i…
Retweeted by mia @jrrtrashcan ohh thank you! gotta keep an eye out for them! 😊 @jrrtrashcan what outfit is that? πŸ‘€ @lovefametragedy all of them cause i'm a greedy bitchdo you think the pub is thinking about us
Retweeted by miahe's so serious πŸ˜‚ like i'm trying to work here (briannastorey : tiktok)
Retweeted by mia @LewisCapaldiUK pfft drama queen @LewisCapaldiUK your dogs are right next to you
@ashsheadspace maybe going to art school paid off after all @ncturnalnights hahaha thank you so much nova πŸ˜‚πŸ–€ @showme_joy THANK YOU 😭😭😭 @BastilleMum thank you so much claire!! πŸ₯° @glamorisechaos thank you πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί this has been a very intense journeythe happy ending we all deserve πŸ–€ april fools)BITCH WAIT WHAT IT'S EMPTY????????? WTF????!!!!!!!!! @sarahsglory IT'S WHAT WE ALL DESERVEexcuse my ugly ass no make-up quarantine face but i am very emotional rnHOLY SHIT I'M GONNA CRY IT'S HERE!!! estimated delivery date is no longer monday but this THURSDAY which is TOMORROW @lewisvinyl πŸ€˜πŸ˜”The post office is suspended I'll get my packages in 2034 I feel @theblckwidow rn.
Retweeted by mia
@lewiscrapaldi 😍😍😍 @powderblue_rose oof that hurted @sarahsglory i'm really glad that i can provide some entertainment with thisit has been dispatched. i repeat IT HAS BEEN DISPATCHED. is, simply put, pop for assholes
Retweeted by mia @lovinbas sirius so i basically get a free dog @LewisCapaldiUK well now you spoiled the mysterywine, vodka, sex yeah, that sounds like me miss charlie barnes shocking. @fxckisi me too 😭couldn't find my dog anywhere and was starting to panic as it turns out she crawled inside my bean bag to build her…
@Liv_October @willne you really are on to me today huh @Liv_October @buff_wizard no it's pretty accurate 🀑 @LyssTailor nicht alle aber zumindest einen πŸ˜‰ @LyssTailor ich so: arbeite am letzten teil des tweets 😎 @Liv_October @buff_wizard ksbdbjskwnsks LIVthanks for restoring my faith in humanity @ThatKieranYoung love you too bitch πŸ₯°kieran noticed me so many times during his breakfast live stream omg i'm so lucky πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ˜
@wildwildworldx sending you all my love babygirl, always here if you need me πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ @wildwildworldx @glamorisechaos can i,,,,,,,, squeeze in the middle πŸ‘€ @phillipalclark sending you lots of love and strength babe! get well soon πŸ–€πŸ–€ @SOON_483 of course! i mean redhead and tits what's not to love πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ @medgeyy i saw in the replies that he stole it from you so i came here to retweet your original one πŸ–€Kate McCann telling people to stay at home with loved ones is a bit ironic, what if I’m in the mood for some tapas?
Retweeted by mia @taxicabs and that's why he is my favThe power is in our hands, wash them. πŸ™Œ
Retweeted by mia @divinely_uninsp yours is still not real pizza tho, don't think we forgot about that @narsissistbitch @lewiscrapaldi @divinely_uninsp @ashsheadspace this is the sexiest thing anyone has ever said to me @capaldivans they truly missed their opportunity of calling it a piezza tho ngl @capaldivans seriously tho i could live with the chicago one if they wouldn't call it a pizza cause it's clearly not @goldenbydesire @ashsheadspace @lewiscrapaldi @divinely_uninsp queen lucy has spoken @ashsheadspace all they need to do is look at it tho and see that one is hella sexy and the other one a disgusting pie wannabewelcome to 'help settle a very important debate 2.0' what is the superior pizza? @ashsheadspace @Nicola52649541 @lewiscrapaldi @divinely_uninsp ashley yours is literally a pie filled with cheese and sauce on top 😭😭😭this feels like the tennis ball debate all over again but with pizza @Nicola52649541 @lewiscrapaldi @divinely_uninsp @ashsheadspace YES @ashsheadspace @divinely_uninsp @lewiscrapaldi people with taste @lewiscrapaldi @divinely_uninsp @ashsheadspace ok when this corona shit is over we all gonna take a field trip to i… @ashsheadspace i would but then you had to involve your abomination of a so called pizza and now i'm torn @lewiscrapaldi @ashsheadspace @divinely_uninsp ofir i had faith in you @ashsheadspace @divinely_uninsp it looks like a pie @ashsheadspace @divinely_uninsp you are both cancelled @divinely_uninsp no it's not @divinely_uninsp dante what the fuck is that @theblckwidow dan eww
Retweeted by mia @miIlionpieces it had to be said 🀧🀧🀧 @RPelleymounter come back πŸ₯Ί @tlmarie_h OK THIS IS ICONICalso i don't understand what they mean with 'had a thing for spencer reid'... i still domy fav was jasper and i feel fuCKING ATTACKED CAUSE YES (i even used a quote by matthew gray gubler in my senior ye… @showme_joy LITERALLY ME @seameinthesun welcome to the fatherson family πŸ˜‚ @powderblue_rose good cause it looks like the journey of one desperate & depressed woman on the hunt for her animal… know y'all are tired of this bullshit but i'm gonna continue with the updates anyway: ordered it again (this tim… @seameinthesun ohh i'd say maybe start with james, making waves and their somebody else cover to get a good feeling… @seameinthesun yes paula yes, stan fatherson!!!!nailed it @glamorisechaos clara i already counted you in you have absolutely no choice @bastilledan *sadly sighs in german*when this is all over someone better start a band with me @ashsheadspace hahahaha it looks like that picture of lewis is judging me taking a selfie lmao what a moodπŸ™‚πŸ‘ˆ