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RIP to a true keeper of the literary flame, @danielmenaker. @MARIADAHVANA @adrianeheadley And HBD to @adrianeheadley! @MARIADAHVANA @adrianeheadley But does art come WITH baby Grim??? @ZombiesAndZoos THANK YOU, so much. A rabbit named The Jabberwock! Must I beware it?MUST. READ. books to check out before the month leaves! @washingtonpost @T_Tells_Tales TY! So happy and dapper and excited! @melanienewport Rainboi!!! @PaigeBowers @KaminskiTheresa Murray!!!! @gesinebp Such calm, kind energy. TY G.! @Bookgirl96 Oh, thank you. Buster knows how to meditate. @DanielTorday @majortominor THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA BELOVED GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN @robinkall That takes skill! Thank you, R. @ChrisBohjalian Yes we are. :( @amypoeppel SWEETNESS! Name? @sarasneeze As soon as I can pry my dog from my daughter's clutches, I'll be recreating your scene! @writesloud And I saw that, it's terrific news, CONGRATULATIONS! Definitely happy news in the midst of all this. Xx @BookWorld THANK YOU::Creeps out from under duvet:: Send all the happy news/coffee/pet photos you can today. That confirmation has me w… @mtaeckens @HillaryKelly I just finished an event and also getting into bed. SO upset re this confirmation/travesty.
@rsanderlin Oh, we are too. . . @marisabirns @ThatNeilGuy My thoughts exactly.Several new Tr*mp signs up in our neighborhood over the weekend. Do. Not. Like. @annasproul I am particularly susceptible the the Best! Mascara! Ever! listings. @GarthGreenwell So sorry to see you there again, Garth. XxMore things from those Buzzfeed lists than I'd like to admit. "Oh! It's $2.65! And it's USEFUL. . . " @KateHarding TY. I love Stacy's spirit. And hope you ate that brownie!Here's your reason to go have that brownie: (PS: My father died of the same incredibly rare… @mtaeckens @ayadakhtar @NTrethewey Wow, I am amazed at the congruence with my lists. I mean, amazed at my clumsy ab… @NovicSara "Here's an alternate text, Young Man" ::Hands student everything ever written by The Reverend Nadia Boltz-Weber:: @HillaryKelly But a fine shade of plum#VOTE: forward!! @JamesTateHill Almost, because if ever there was a year to just give books/bookstore gift cards, THIS IS IT. @marthaannetoll I'll be putting it up on IG soon, thanks for your interest!I just created my Top Ten Fiction/Top Ten Nonfiction lists for 2020, *my* favorites--no way I can choose "Best of"… @kimberlyburnspr @FirstDraftADOW @lithub @lithubradio I am FINALLY reading and I am loving this book. Watch for an Insta post! @Dolen Oooo Blair Underwood. . . @likaluca "The beautiful Mount Airy Lodge!" Singing along with you. @DaniTrussoni You've just given me an insight into MY ENTIRE LIFE. TY, and good morning--may your writing flow like the Hudson.
Astor Place Barber Shop closing? 2020 keeps getting worse. . .
My new Insta, already spoofed. . . AAnd reported. And blocked. Would I ever create an account called DeerBookMaven? #dearbookmaven @samatlounge Well, OK, they're not reaching the Welsh book buyers who don't use Twitter, sir. . . @FreeJavelins THANK YOU.
@Sassycatz Tell me more via DM! @Sassycatz ;) @Sassycatz ?? Is dig at me? Or at the quoted one? @HamiltonCain TY! :) @joshdenslow TY so much!!Quick reminder before the weekend: Follow my DearBookMaven Insta for all bookish content, all the time. #books #bookstagramI am on a US military installation, in a civil-service-run office, waiting to have an administrative task complete… SHOULD WATCH. @Leavittnovelist interviews Joan Silber!! @glecharles Congrats! @imjasondiamond @juliabainbridge I have a very small sterling (hallmarked) toast rack on which the dividers are sha… @TomBeerBooks @whitewhalebks Excellent. I wish I had room for more of the books I read in e-galley form. . . @dsaarinen @AlbaBrunetti I *loved* PALM BEACH FINLAND, love all of Anti Tuomainen's books.C'mon #booksellers! Who has a copy of the fab Philyaw book for the EIC of Kirkus? @summerbrennan Having been that 14-year-old girl I say Frederic Malle's Carnal Fleur. @dsaarinen What a fun thing to do. . . keep me posted on any great new Finnish novels? @JenFerrariAdler I cannot WAIT to start that one!AND BRAS.'s a lot happening out there, but we can still say Happy #FridayReads, we can keep reading, sometimes we NEED…
@RLSoo @Bookgirl96 You made my day! TY!All kudos and honors for MILKMAN are deserved; funny but with teeth, tragic but with verve. @truthisbest5 Do we already know each other? Sincere question. . . @DaniTrussoni Oh yes it isI will be promoting this one A LOT: @ReeAmilcarScott, @NisiShawl, @MargaretAtwood, @MorganJerkins! Get your tickets… ANNOUNCED: @penfaulkner Literary Conversations: Escape Tickets, Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite — ⁦… @pronounced_ing @kathy_crowley OMG sit-upons! That is what I am going to propose for next virtual literary event I… @pronounced_ing @kathy_crowley Ah, that IS the proper formatting. As a thank-you gesture. . . @BerryFLW @SadieHartmann @DaniTrussoni @HamiltonCain @Susan_Coll @LouisBayard @HillaryKelly @RonCharles @Borisk @DavidRosowsky Yes. “When I learn to live completely/Cares will cease. . . “ It was a special place. @kathy_crowley @pronounced_ing I could always send you a Rick Roll if you prefer? @pronounced_ing @kathy_crowley HA, sibling-centric culture is strong! @kathy_crowley Such a great show. Gave me a feeling of acceptance when I had very little elsewhere! @DavidRosowsky I was just searching Twitter for NMC and your tweet was the first that came up, old friend. I rememb… @Bookgirl96 TY! :) Also, DM’ing you...Morning, Twitterverse. C’mon and zoom-a-zoom-a-zoom. . . #showingmyage Busby: how Britain's first black female publisher revolutionised literature – and never gave up
Book Reviewers Are Writers, Too! TY @SadieHartmann and @DaniTrussoni. Shoutouts to some of my tribe: @HamiltonCain he watches the "Borat" clip, Jeffrey Toobin is saying "Thank you, o universe." #RudyGiuliani #RudeGiuliani #BoratSubsequentMoviefilm::Drunkenly warbles:: “And if I had a pony. . . “ (Because she meant 4 UK time, right?) @imjasondiamond My scalp is literally trying to crawl off of my head. @Karen_Palmer So did V. ;)The @1455LitArts 14:55 Interviews are blazing! @joan_mediator @kampeas Right? Oh, now I'm all teary. Simple kindnesses. @joan_mediator @kampeas Me, too. @Bookgirl96 @mtaeckens It's not an easy read, but it's a beautiful read.TRUTH, says me: @WeAreEveryone_ I can't RT for various annoying Twitter reasons, but thank you so much again for allowing me to nat… combing through. . . :) @lisadubbels @chris_steller Tangled up in Blue (let us not forget Robert Allen Zimmerman from Hibbing!)Or make a donation instead--the site allows you to do that. ::Heads over to donate::Buy a ticket even if you can't attend, THAT'S how great all involved parties are! back to watch the dust settle.:: Thank you, Your Grace! @katekilla ::Lights fuse on cannon of good writing vibes:: @maggiesmithpoet My pleasure! I love that "Read Caption" sub. #keepmovingthebook @amycrea @duchessgoldblat Sadly true. :( @maggiesmithpoet Not sure if you saw my KEEP MOVING Insta post over at DearBookMaven. . . XxooGood morning, tweeties. I had an absolutely awful nightmare that woke me up in the wee hours, so please, will someo…