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I've written words for @DenofGeek, @RockPaperShot, @Wireframemag, @WiredUK, @DWBBCBooks, @RowanRookDecard, @UFOPressRPGs. Oh yeah and this he/him

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@MHarrison90 I occasionally like to give myself deeply conflicted feelings by reminding myself that legally there i… @MHarrison90 Just saying, between Guardians, Thor, and Star Wars Disney is a powerhouse of idiosyncratic, creature… thread helps you understand what JKR means when she talks about trans issues and says she's been "researching… @Beardynoise Since my dad's death I keep a small, silent and secret tally of people who I could easily *easily* tra…'m looking for black women game designers (if you design games for any reason, you're a game designer) for a very…
Retweeted by Chris FarnellI have literally no other moves 🤷🏼‍♂️
Retweeted by Chris Farnell @rickburin Baiting aside, need to see this film again soon. @HardyRoach So be it. @HardyRoach Although then you miss my fantastic meta tweet as well, so the loss is yours. @HardyRoach "will get you this reaction" @rickburin You despise me, don't you? @rickburin "Play it again, Sam." @AlexJayBrady Okay, wait a second. What do you think it'd take to convince Trump to use one of these at a rally?Opinions about your immunity to stabbing that will get you this reaction.£3649 for Simon to watch Cats, while dressed like a cat. @iucounu Yeah I've seen tech demos before, but that it's actually getting a practical, life-saving field-use is outstanding.This is an actual literal comic book superhero: @robpalkwriter @odd_really @anicegreenleaf @robpalkwriter @odd_really @anicegreenleaf That would be a really awkward conversation to have. Entertaining to watch though. @robpalkwriter @odd_really @anicegreenleaf Basically Hopeless Guy Wins His Wife Back is a lucrative, and bad genre. @robpalkwriter @odd_really @anicegreenleaf Yeah, I think it just bites because the original was a story about failu… @robpalkwriter @odd_really @anicegreenleaf I still reckon A: He got screwed and B: His original version would have been better. @robpalkwriter @odd_really @anicegreenleaf You could be like that screenwriter who wrote the good version of Yester… @odd_really @robpalkwriter @anicegreenleaf A close call by all accounts. @robpalkwriter @odd_really @anicegreenleaf Hey Rob, how do you reckon you'd feel if Animal Lovers got made into a c… @odd_really @robpalkwriter @anicegreenleaf Please note my exact and careful word use "presented himself as". @odd_really @robpalkwriter @anicegreenleaf One moment that will always stay with me is on a university creative wri… @KidsWriteJokes @EwaSR Strong Guy Kelly energy in this one. @gregbuchanan Anne, over Buffy and Angel. If you're not paying attention you barely notice she's a recurring charac…"Dodge ... he's not like me at all. But he makes sense. He'd walk naked into a live volcano if he thought he could…
Retweeted by Chris Farnellin which @thebrainofchris jumps into an active volcano, part 1
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@hospitablewidow I didn't try (and the survey only let you fill it once so I can't go back). I think not but it mig… my freelance trans producers at? I'm probably hiring at the end of the year and last time I did a call, I saw non of you :(
Retweeted by Chris Farnell @robpalkwriter The Dessa song?I open these like they’re kinder surprise eggs
Retweeted by Chris FarnellOh, there was also a box for "Other" with space to put your own answer.For people writing surveys, the @CitizensAdvice Witness Experience survey has one of the more accurate and inclusiv… @tadethompson @Jenni_Hill Actually, that reminds me, a teacher on here tweeted one of their students translated Hwa… @tadethompson @Jenni_Hill Hwaet!I mean Read Another Book, sure, but also maybe read that book you claim to love so much.Winston wasn't the hero of 1984. Winston was a rube frustrated by his own lack of importance who allowed himself to… for creatives at the start of their careers for a PAID commercial project where I will mentor you across th…
Retweeted by Chris FarnellDude, I paid more in tax than Donald Trump in 2016, and 2016 was not a good year for me financially. @hospitablewidow Only thing that could be get me to watch is if they cast this guy and actually gave him some dialo… @CrashAnnBurn Yes he does. @CrashAnnBurn One election he made a big shout about not voting being the best option, another time he did an inter… @CrashAnnBurn Ahhh. Yeah, Manuel's still fine, as far as I'm aware. I didn't make the Baldric connection and though… @CrashAnnBurn Ahh, didn't know you were in the States. For Monday morning the "Hell" in "Hell of a take" gets under…'s a lot of stuff about the African mining, telecom and energy sectors living in my head that's getting served… @CrashAnnBurn Fucking hell that's one hell of a take for a Monday afternoon. @scottygb @mushenska Still not as good as "We have one person in our entire company that is able to sign cheques or… self-employed person has received this email: "I'm sorry that you have not been paid and are chasing payment.…
Retweeted by Chris FarnellWe've got under 48 hours left now. Every penny our Kickstarter brings in helps us: * Make more magazines * Give ev…
Retweeted by Chris Farnell @robpalkwriter @roisincaird Thought you said it was overrated? @stavvers Should be the Flatshare Sitcom rule- you're allowed a bubble of 6 people and one guest character a week. @The_Macula That was never a cardinal rule.Regular reminder that if you want to lower your carbon imprint and have anything at all to do with Bitcoin, divest…
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@TheJPBradley Identical mechanics but a much smaller scale and tighter narrative. @TheJPBradley How does Outer Worlds fit into this hate speech? @scattermoon @flashboy Whatever's about to happen to you, it was the story Stephen King was born to write.
@chrishanretty @garwboy Without wanting to side with the sort of dickhead who goes an anti-mask protest, it is true… @QuiteLikeChris @Alby Honestly, reaching the point where I would really love to do something that inspired a bit of… @scattermoon Well exactly. It's about time the rest of media caught on. @scattermoon It also includes my favourite form of subtle political commentary in a film, which is "Patrick Stewart… @scattermoon The Kid Who Would Be King does a really good, kid-accessible take on this. @QuiteLikeChris @Alby (Should point out the alternative to having the app is "Continuing to stay at home seeing nob… @QuiteLikeChris @Alby Also that it only takes the SERCO test results, not ones performed by the actual NHS seems like a giant red flag. @QuiteLikeChris @Alby Yeah, I understand the principle behind the bluetooth t&t but didn't know if this app was usi…'s not an 'S'. On my world, it means 'hope'
Retweeted by Chris Farnell @AlexJayBrady I hope you're not suggesting removing someone from a position of authority because you disagree with… the main point but under this guidance schools should not use resources provided by the conservative party @AlexWattsEsq Yes. @AlexWattsEsq With a nugget of horrfiying alt right talking points in its centre. @AlexWattsEsq I've just immediately stormed into my mum's facebook messenger over this, and this stuff is every bit… @TMOWilkinson n+ . ,. .,lLike I'm not going all anti mask brigade about this, I'm open to being persuaded, but it doesn't seem to perform th… live and work in contact with the internet and cannot be arsed to spend my entire time messing with TORs and shit… @TheSpaceshipper @noahhawley Starting to wonder if 1: A Space Odyssey was real, let alone its 2000 sequels. @TheSpaceshipper @noahhawley Wait, are any of the films this account mentions real? Did Star Wars even happen? @TheSpaceshipper @noahhawley Can't believe you made me Google that and discover it doesn't exist
@TheSpaceshipper @noahhawley He's making one mistake, and that's introducing the Alien. @Glitter_brawl @dtmooreeditor @tadethompson @kellyrich Christ. How do you justify trying to impose this kind of thi… @dtmooreeditor @tadethompson @kellyrich Even if this stuff wasn't potentially deadly behaviour right now, it's the… @dtmooreeditor @tadethompson @kellyrich Can we also talk about the fact that schools have fucking *attendance award… @CarlitoRemo @DomCarterAgain @unfortunatalie Awww, it reminds me of watching Thunderbirds as a kidFuck sake I just bought this this month. @sacha_coward Thanks for reminding me I have one of these to send. @PaulWrightythen @thisnorthernboy I mean, to be honest there are a lot of ways Corbyn has completely failed during… @thisnorthernboy See, this is what happens when we vote in socialists, all the wealth creators flee the country. This is all Corbyn's fault.Man pulled over for driving without a seatbelt complains country is "literally Stalin's Russia". boy: I wish to write a book, but I do not know life. Young adult man: I wish the same, but I am still learn…
Retweeted by Chris FarnellHell of a way to discover Alan Partridge owned slaves. @robpalkwriter You'd have to read their posts to find out.Roughly 80% of STEM-y tech bro "solutions" are just this article: @AlecWilletts They could solve the problem by having a pair-o'-dogs. @AlecWilletts "Hey buddy, we've got..." (another alt-future him leaps out of the shadows and suplexes him)After the war, Jakob Schmid was arrested and put on a trial of his own. He said he only turned the Scholls in becau…
Retweeted by Chris FarnellSo this guy's just creating an infinite string of divergent timelines where 12 years before his dog dies someone my… @DaveJProbert sold