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I’ve worked hard in silence with my head down. So...what happens when I lift it back up...👑 👊🏾 excited for NIGHT 2 of @AEWonTNT @AEWrestling #FyterFest this Wednesday night!! What match are you looking forwa… Road to Night Two of #FyterFest is in full swing as we break down your match card! Watch #RoadTo night two of…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianThe #MurderhawkMonster @LanceHoyt says everybody dies. But, @JANELABABY isn't afraid of death! Watch Archer vs. Jan…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianTomorrow night on #AEWDark, we have eight stacked matches ready! Watch #AEWDark every Tuesday at 7e/6c via our YouT…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianWednesday on @tntdrama -Nyla is back! -more FTR please -Mr. B -and holy 💩 Orange V Jericho FIRST TIME EVER…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianI ate Hostess cupcakes, Golden Oreos and am halfway through a bottle of wine. Please tell me it gets better. Otherw…
Happy 4th! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #NightmareFamily week at #FyterFest, it's #FreshlySqueezed @orangecassidy vs. #LeChampion @IAmJericho in what will surely be a…
Retweeted by The Brandalorian @AllieWrestling This is EXACTLY what Dustin would say about🤨Your former #AEW Women's World Champion @NylaRoseBeast will be in action on night two of #FyterFest! Watch night t…
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My heart is still so broken for my good boy. Bestest boy 💔
I care what you think. Thank you!“Fox on the run” and “Hold me” were our songs. I’m just listening to them and trying to imagine my place this world… @jay_nowlin My dog fell ill and just died. I left to be with him.This was tonight’s #FyterFest look! ✨hope you’re watching and enjoying along LIVE!!! LETS GO CODY!!! #AEWDYNAMITE one can top @IAmJericho on commentary. The mans got a gift. #FyterFest #AEWFyterFest #AEWDynamite#FyterFest begins shortly on @tntdrama 🧨 Let's hear some bold predictions 👂
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I am sad to not be physically present for #FyterFest due to my personal loss. But I am so proud of everyone at… - 8/7c on @tntdrama FYTER #DoTheWork #AEWDynamite
Retweeted by The BrandalorianIt’s always been my worst nightmare to be on the road when one of my precious boys has reached the end of their roa…
It was just one drink let’s not get too wild... 🤩 have many concerns about teaming with @AllieWrestling ... tune into #AEWDark NOW and see if we can pull it togeth… has begun! Watch the episode via the link here ➡️
Retweeted by The BrandalorianTonight in #AEWDark, @AllieWrestling and @TheBrandiRhodes will be back in the ring again! Will @realmmarshall1 be a…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianTonight on #AEWDark , I’m back in that ring...🥳💪🏾 TO AEW FYTER FEST NIGHT 1 | 7/1/20 via @YouTube
Retweeted by The BrandalorianTomorrow is a big day for @CodyRhodes as he defends his #AEW #TNTChampionship against @RealJakeHager at #FyterFest.…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianHappy Birthday to my favorite in the world @CodyRhodes !! 🥳 Today is your day! Thank you for being my best friend i…
We have communicated with @SmythsToysUK and they have said they will be selling my figure. There was an error on th… COOKIE IS NOT SAVORY. 🍪 (You are ONLY allowed an opinion if you’ve watched this episode) wants to do shots of @FireballWhisky with me??? 7pm! Be there or be square!
Retweeted by The BrandalorianCatch up on the latest #ShotOfBrandi with @NylaRoseBeast and other *cameos* enjoy! 🍹🍷🍸🥃
An awesome guest...and a legendary cameo!!! #ShotofBrandi is up NOW⬇️⬇️⬇️ A Shot of Brandi, joining @TheBrandiRhodes on this episode is the former #AEW Women's World Champion…
Retweeted by The Brandalorian @JRsBBQ 🤠 @Levar2Strong Coffee is disgusting. How about just get enough rest. Caffeine isn’t needed if you rest.Keep that same energy for the full sized diet cokes you take two sips out of and leave all over the house. Learn to… @ryansatin Imagine the change we could see if people got themselves set and just voted. Yelling into the internet v… week!!! NEW #ShotofBrandi TONIGHT at 7pm! NEW Road To FyterFest tomorrow! NEW #AEWDark Tuesday with me i… Birthday @sgovintage !!! We are lucky to have you on our team. You are THE best seamstress in the game!!! 🥳 ran high during the press conference on Dynamite between these two athletes. Next week at #FyterFest
Retweeted by The BrandalorianThe #AEW Women's Championship is on the line as the challenger @thePenelopeFord goes up against the champion…
Retweeted by The Brandalorian @realmmarshall1 Nope.
@Metatron_007 You gotta tune in weekly! The next two weeks Fyter Fest is FREE on TNT! If you sleep a week or two, you miss amazing things! @HypnoticPhantom @HuoLongHeavy @AEWrestling @YouTube @AllieWrestling During the pandemic, we’ve filmed these episod… joins @TheBrandiRhodes on this week's #ShotOfBrandi ? Find out tomorrow night at 7/6c when Shot of Brandi prem…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianYup. Snake may have been a close second. Thank the Lord I speak parseltongue. #Slytherin 🐍 @BryanMaola @AllieWrestling @realmmarshall1 @KiLynnKing @AEWrestling @abadon_AEW @AEW_Heels @CodyRhodes @TonyKhan @BryanMaola @AllieWrestling @realmmarshall1 @KiLynnKing @AEWrestling @abadon_AEW @AEW_Heels @CodyRhodes @TonyKhan week at #FyterFest #LeChampion @IAmJericho will be on commentary calling the action! Watch night one of…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianTension is at an all-time high between both camps, & at #FyterFest, they will finally collide, it will be…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianThe #AEW World Tag Team Championships are on the line as the champions #Hangman Adam Page & @KennyOmegamanX face th…
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Honestly not sure why I agreed to a second match with this woman but...I’m just happy to be wrestling again. We’ll…
.@RealJakeHager ‘s wife needs to catch some hands. @sufilindz I hate to ruin the sentiment but that sneaky librarian @wrestlingleva took the first slice 😑
Live in less than 10 min!!! #AEWDynamite and Lil’ B are excited for an action packed #AEWDynamite tonight!!! Anything can happen on this last episode bef… @AllieWrestling @AEWrestling @dustinrhodes @realmmarshall1 I’m glad I waited until June 24th to read this. At least… @AEW_Heels @AEWrestling 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
I don’t know about you...but I’m feeling 22 (as I slather my entire body in creams promising me things that are too… @CodyRhodes Thank you my love ❤️
AEW statement on Sammy Guevara
Retweeted by The Brandalorian @orangecrushart That’s not true. I am the Chief Brand Officer. I am not legal counsel and as I said clearly: My tho… I didn’t speak up when I should have. I am so glad that I did and turned it over to capable hands. I’m a surviv… have had a front row seat to some ugly things in my lifetime...I am committed to doing everything that I personal… intimidating settings. Both times, I was surprised at the results. Neither was what I expected, as in bot… may be a surprise to some but I have had to speak out twice. At the end of my skating career and at the beginn…’m seeing so many broken hearts across this platform. Sometimes we get lost in hashtags and mentions on this app b…
☀️🥂💛 @AEWrestling @AewUnrivaled Series One is coming Summer 2020! Which will be your first pick? Or are you a "Buy the w…
Retweeted by The Brandalorian @kim4animals *my mother is also “chocolate”Happy Father’s Day to my dear dad Otis! 🥳❤️ I’m a lot like my dad. We can communicate telepathically. For instance… does she keep getting on these graphics...?
Happy Saturday! ☀️🥳 what are you up to today?
After a few consistent days of staying up late, I managed to finish this piece in record time. I know I didn’t post…
Retweeted by The BrandalorianHappy Juneteenth!!! 🥂
Don’t mind me...I’m on Brandi time ☀️ How did you enjoy #AEWDynamite last night?? woman gotta go. #PrideMonth2020 #BLM #NightmareFamily
It all comes down to this! Tune into #AEWDynamite RIGHT NOW!!!*Britt (the shade) 👀 is how it should always be. Me and the boys. Periodttttt. And we out for Gold TONIGHT. #AEWDynamite show tonight!!! Debuts, first time match ups and title defenses! Tune in tonight as I lead the Natural Nigh…!!! #AEWDynamite did an excellent job tonight @TheBrandiRhodes! Your strikes were on point tonight. Job well done on #AEWDark to…
Retweeted by The Brandalorian @realmmarshall1 to pick up my first tag team win! For a moment...just one moment, I mistook Kenzie for @AllieWrestling 🤷🏽‍♀️
@AllieWrestling 🚫Here goes everything! Tune into #AEWDark now on @AEWrestling YOUTUBE! 🥳 @TonyKhan @realmmarshall1 @AllieWrestling @dustinrhodes Ok TK...I’m gonna look at this from a glass half full persp… @realmmarshall1 @AllieWrestling @dustinrhodes I admire your this pure dumpster fire of a booking.Happy Birthday Dear @boy_myth_legend ! Happy Birthday to you! 🥳🥳🥳
No guys...this is not good! 🙅🏽‍♀️ @DocCuddles76 @realmmarshall1 @AEWrestling @dustinrhodes @AEWonTNT @AllieWrestling @CodyRhodes A hell of a lot apparently. @AllieWrestling