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This is the hill I've chosen to die on...It’s not too early for Christmas, guys. I'd like to present my reasons why: the 2-6am shift at an Amazon warehouse might be the death of Joe. Week 7 Recap
Lemme tell ya. I have seen this coming Thursday’s Female Brain episode, not to brag. @Morg_Rae13 would like a wor…
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorSomeone Needs to Explain Why Fall is Popular you bored at work/procrastinating on a paper/looking for any distraction from your responsibilities? Here's the… you don’t follow tom holland on instagram, he posted on his story that SPIDER-MAN 3 IS BEGINNING PRODUCTION IN A…
Retweeted by The Broken Anchor @gabbgoudy Hey we appreciate you coming on!!Ep. 23 of The Broken Anchor Podcast is LIVE! -@gabbgoudy stops by -Dom bought a butterknife-sharpening tool bc why… Cantlay won a new basketball hoop over the weekend at the ZOZO Championship Read about it below! @cassidyhannah_ do you have any clue?
Tomorrow’s podcast should be a DOOZIE. You ready @gabbgoudy?How long do you have? Nurmagomedov Retires with 29 – 0 Record What a great fight it was, and a solid end to the career of a great… threw a touchdown pass before Joe Burrow. Just a thought.
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorTheme for the Dawg Pound today.
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorThe Battle For Ohio is today, and @livingonmaxtime has been SO MEAN to the Dawg Pound lately. Is that changing toda… much disrespect thrown right in Cleveland's face this week. That's fine. Today, the Dawg Pound gets right. @JoeyBurrowStan Forever after all is also 🔥🔥🔥Living under a rock? Here's some music you should definitely be looking for.
Last week we put out an article about the rumored front runner for the head coaching position for the Pacers... and… from ESPN saw this and thought “tHe BrOwNs ShOuLd TaNk FoR fIeLdS” in line to vote can take some time. These tips will help you stay entertained all the way to the voting bo… Big 10 is Back!! College Football can Begin’s Holes is back, and boy the sound of @Benbigdreams club hitting the ball on a beautiful Saturday morning is ju… little preview of our conversation with @Dave11W of @11W ! Check out the rest of the interview on your way home f…
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Got some real hum-dingers for you guys tonight!!!!!
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorNeed some spooky movies to get cozy and watch tonight? Here are a couple that might be a little less known. After t… this gets 50 likes, @andypic17 @CapX15 and myself also, will get frosted tips next summer
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorMost stereotypically Canadian thing of all time scariest Haunted House this side of the Mississippi is calling your name and @CmrnJMlls has all the details rig… everyone on IG last night @OldTakesExposed this the best Friday of all time? WE THINK IT JUST MIGHT BE you looking for something interesting to watch on @youtube this weekend? If so, look no further than puzzle wiz…
@CapX15 woah @livingonmaxtime @AndyBatchelder1The Eagles and the Giants are on Thursday Night Football tonight. The NFC East definitely stinks, but the Eagles ar…'ve been evaluating NFL talent all wrong. Here are the qualities that pro scouts really look for. @DFluckesFans @andypic17 @CapX15 Thank you for your service @andypic17 @CapX15 @DFluckesFans it’s just dishes? new episode of Winter Forecast is officially LIVE on YouTube, and we couldn't WAIT to show you the cold open...… @FTWJohnnies I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone call St. John’s the Red Storm though. It’s always just the Johnnies! @Xav_Lester The BIGGEST 😂 @DFluckesFans The distinction we made with the list is very important. VERY important. @7larryd @andypic17 It happens to 1 in 5 men Andy it’s okayJoe is on a different level of boredom waiting for college basketball to come back, so he went ahead and power rank… @__hales Yodels 😂😂😂 @ThatTonk @andypic17 @JoeLaughlin17 @Morg_Rae13 @JoeLaughlin17 @andypic17 @TheBrokenAnchor Stay tuned....
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorAm I Supposed to Feel Bad for Justin Bieber? found out Chipotle is now charging $0.25 for a tortilla on the side. I am shocked and appalled, and as punish…
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorWhy do girls say they don't want gifts when they actually do? Why don't girls ever pick out what to eat? Morgan's… is a GREAT question! We should open up the dm's and have a segment every week where we answer questions from t… have confirmed that today's Winter Forecast is going to be absolute FIRE. @livingonmaxtime, when asked for… better hope this guy isn't following you. He will sit you down for 9 years and tell you the whole story…“I am safe from being trolled on the Roll Blob Podcast”
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorThe Broken Anchor Podcast isn’t good.
@CapX15 @livingonmaxtime @AndyBatchelder1 The Winter Forecast boys are officially our PR team as of two second ago.… @CapX15 We’ll get our PR department ready for a storm on Friday, no problemShould we be concerned Joe started this article with the intention of focusing on the entire country here, but there's one pressing… thought I put you guys in your place with the best program in every state article. Blog coming soon. This is rid…
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorWhat is the hardest position to play in sports? It may not be the first one that comes to mind... let’s GO
Netflix's "Hubie Halloween" *might* be a new favorite Halloween movie, but not because it's traditionally "good", it's Tua time in Miami. But we need to give a quick standing O to Mr. Ryan Fitzpatrick. @DFluckesFans This was the one we were waiting for. FACTSYou think we hired this guy bc he’s CREDIBLE???? Week 6 Recap mean this is getting ridiculous are you guys on the Browns right now?A LOT of discussion around The Bachelorette right now. Has anyone been keeping up with it or is it just the girl Do… @CoopLed Deepest condolences @cassidyhannah_
Batman = virtually back @cassidyhannah_ @PeteXU Thanks PeteA sandwich, Coop? You have to be better than this buddy Controversial Monday Evening Food Take @mvpchubb @mvpchubb Yeah, right here Austin @SirYacht keep staying on the bandwagon broKeep talking all that crap and hopping off the bandwagon, everyone. The Browns will be in the playoffs this year an… food is THICCC. Want to watch the full episode of The Broken Anchor Podcast? BOOM. We're officially on Yo… 22 of The Broken Anchor Podcast is LIVE! Ben is Dead. If he tweets a code word at us, however, he can come bac… Grad, Jason Kokrak, Wins The CJ Cup We just put our first real ad together. New to The Broken Anchor? Watch this. finished editing the pod and Dom bought something better than the bidet. I still have SO MANY questions.
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@TheBrokenAnchor A Xavier golfer us officially done things on the golf course!
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorCan you confirm? @Benbigdreams should be fun. Browns are good at football. The Browns are good at football. The Browns are good at football.
Retweeted by The Broken Anchor @AndyBatchelder1 when Starbucks is out of pumpkin spice lattes
Retweeted by The Broken AnchorJust gained 5 pounds looking at this pic @patrickvollner Incredible 🔥 @Tonyd1940 The friend we’re asking for is Old Man Larry @7larryd @HOHBigPhil You sir have a God-given giftBest hangover remedy? No reason why, just asking for a friend...
@DFluckesFans @andypic17 Oh Patrick Patrick Patrick. Read the article bub