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There’s some boars in this house There’s some boars in this house There’s some boars in this house There’s some boa… @thejasonkirk Celtics-Lakers @thejasonkirk Celtics-Nuggets is great and I sort of knew him way back in high school and UGA. No surprise as to how successful he’s gotten.… @BravesAndBirds
Falcons fan forgot the “, it” after Christ’t help but think everything at AMB has gone to hell since they hired the Mercedes Benz guy who hangs out with Mike Pompeo.Matt Ryan is a really good QB still. @BravesAndBirds Also, I’m pretty sure this dickhead ended up WH Press Secretary precisely because Supreme Court Jus… kind of reeling from whoever’s calling this Falcons-Cowboys game saying that Aldon Smith playing is an “incre… is better at making it clear how full of shit people are through their own words than Chotiner. Only hubris… @CollinsDrew Alabama and Louisiana are right next to or even ahead of Georgia per capita but we’re all ahead of the others. @danludlam @grmartin $6.99/6 pack. Can’t beat that for a legitimate beer. @grmartin Yeah. I miss the Launching Pad too.For the cheapest beer at Publix, this tastes great. Also, thanks to @grmartin and his dad, I go to go to a world se…
10 behind the ball against a last place expansion club. Jesus wept. PLAY MOVE ON UPGetting results when you suck is something I could get used to. @CollinsDrew @BravesAndBirds Kobe or Durant on the 2012 USA team @BravesAndBirds Aw crap wrong conservative asshole John. Lott not Fund @BravesAndBirds Wait, how do you know that this account is actually a writer’s and not just someone’s sockpuppet???Maura’s best friend who moved to Arizona later went on to become George Costanza’s girlfriend who got him into hot clubs. #Pen15The only nominee who should get a vote on the Senate is Merrick Fucking Garland.4 episodes in and #Pen15 season 2 is terrifyingly HARSH. Like... jeez... I’m afraid of where everything is going.
Every Democrat should say loudly: if they confirm a replacement, we’ll confirm 4 new justice seats. next month in politics is going to suck so bad.Goddammit. @edsbs When the kids won’t just go to sleep.
Retweeted by JimThe black jersey with the collar looks like a kids jersey you’d get at like a Target. The white jersey rules. The r…
No episode of a tv show has ever had a better soundtrack than the school dance episode of pen15.
@CollinsDrew @TheAnfieldWrap Not for Arsenal fans. Cavemen broke Aaron Ramsey’s leg and their toothless fans cheere… piece is well-written and thought-provoking. Buying Myself Back sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there Lou
Retweeted by Jim @CollinsDrew @TheAnfieldWrap But I will say I don’t dislike Liverpool (or Man City) really. I reserve real hate for… @CollinsDrew @TheAnfieldWrap Yeah.
@CollinsDrew @TheAnfieldWrap I think Salah is a great player and Liverpool is a perfect fit for him. @CollinsDrew @TheAnfieldWrap I’m a little grumpy... too many political ads. Just choosing the years that apply for… @CollinsDrew @TheAnfieldWrap Cherry picked, meaningless. @TheAnfieldWrap @CollinsDrew Auba played for Borussia in 2017. Go back one more year and Kun Aguero blows by Salah. 🍒🍒🍒 @thejasonkirk In Good Company. Where Topher Grace is Dennis Quaid’s boss and dates his daughter. I think. I can’t r… really miss the @edsbs “Oooh Sunday Night” weekly pics.
Fun Belt AscendancyPlay it. Fulham get relegated (safe - they aren’t good) Arsenal will equal last season’s points total away vs botto… motmThe 2 new Brazilians have made Arsenal quite a bit better. Include Martinelli to the mix and then add Ordem e Progresso to the club motto.Set piece payoff!Gotta say I was a little unprepared for the commercial about the Boy Scouts’ bankruptcy and sexual abuse claims.After 45: Willian, to me, is an excellent example of the signing who “goes straight into the squad.” Much more impr… Arsenal have come into the match well.Willian looks lively out there. Seems to be moving freely.With Guendouzi and Luiz out, nice to know Willian and Elneny can come into the team to meet the “2 guys with huge hair” minimum.Hilarious. Undeserved. Total mess. Goal of the year.
@matt_T The David Lynch Fdn does some awesome stuff on PTSD.Al Michaels’ voice just drips with disdain for players. Amazing how he can call the game with his tongue on the owners’ boots.
Irreversible poncho how Wisconsin senators end up on either side of the “Russian agents inside our government” discussion. “Not involved in kleptocracy” shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt. Duvall is playing baseball well tonight Kyle Lowry. What a player.
@BravesAndBirds @RobElzey @GrantWahl Can’t discount the FdB effect. I think the dropoff wouldn’t have been so severe if Tata hadn’t left.Bello and Robinson are our only good players and they’re getting sold out by their teammates constantly.2 years ago Atlanta United’s midfield bossed everyone off the pitch. Now it’s completely useless.Well that was comingIn the last 18 months Atlanta United’s passing quality has worsened precipitously.I hate the backwards tendency that FdB infected this club with. Go forward.
Too much gravyCan’t tell me a horse named for a Hot Brown won’t win in Louisville. 9-8-10That Derby City Distaff race was an awesome finish!err... Flying Daggers.Basically this movie is just a 2 hour reminder of how rad Crouching Tiger, 1000 Daggers and Ip Man were.Half of the fights in Mulan are just locker room towel whipping @grmartin
@grmartin Never Have I Ever Pen15 American Vandal @grmartin Nope. It is actually good., Arsenal on that @DEalesATLUTD shitMost important signing @grmartin Parker Lewis Can’t Lose And of course... @HomefieldApparl I would buy Homefield tees with the Summit Ice logo.
@BravesAndBirds Matt Ryan is pretty on point for BC Tony Mandarich sounds really Sparty to me. @BravesAndBirds Miami- Roberto Garza or Ed Reed BYU- current QB Baylor Romney Texas - Colt McCoy
Children of Men
Ellll Ohhhh Ellll @grmartin This is an asset if the show/movie sucks though. It’s the only way I’ve been able to get through 4 hours…
sell em all. play kids. This season is pointless anyway.nmDamm good cross thatYuck.Arteta has won more trophies in August 2020 than Spurs have won since the birth of the Premier League.Willock needed to bury that @SageGunner47 @TheShortFuse Yep. If not a goal, it’d have been a PK @SageGunner47 I look at this and see farewell starts for Holding, AMN and Elneny. @Heisenbergkamp I think this one is different because so many of his fans and people who were affected by his roles… Chadwick Boseman RIP
Retweeted by Jim @SageGunner47 They aren’t offering shit until/unless the termination clause is ruled/admitted to be invalid, in whi… @SageGunner47 I voted Man City but I actually think Messi has more leverage than either.
@domblaylock_1 thoughts going out to you. Spirits up! Look what another DGD could do after multiple ACL tears.