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Iowa City native. Sports reporter, previously of (2010-2014), CBS Sports (2011-12), The Daily Iowan (2005-2010). Chicago sports fan.

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Game 4 was the 14th game in World Series history in which there were 3 or more lead changes. This is the 1st of th…
Retweeted by Brendan StilesI wish there was video of Dickie V watching the end of that Rays game. Being the TB sports fan he is, I'm guessing… week: 7-3 overall, 6-4 ATS, 6-4 O/U Season: 48-22 overall, 37-32-1 ATS, 41-28-1 O/U WS game when a team had a walk-off hit while trailing? How about the Joe Carter game to end the 1993 World Series? Amazing.
Retweeted by Brendan StilesPut this GIF in Cooperstown.
Retweeted by Brendan StilesI mean...there were no sports for months. If you want to log on to twitter dot com and bitch about a game like this…
Retweeted by Brendan StilesLA was one out from going up 3-1 and TB just stole that game away to make it a best-of-3 now. Baseball, man.That is the craziest end to a World Series game since Buckner.
Retweeted by Brendan StilesHahahahaha. was the single most ridiculous game-ending play I have ever seen
Retweeted by Brendan StilesThe Rays started celebrating before Arozarena even touched home. 😂Oh. My. God. Rays win, 8-7.
Retweeted by Brendan StilesHoly crap. What an ending.This #Cincy defense is fun to watch. DC Marcus Freeman is going to make a terrific head coach.
Retweeted by Brendan Stiles🏈 Iowa Hawkeyes (@HawkeyeFootball) 🗒️ #Hawkeyes back home from Lafayette for opener 🆚 L 24-20 @ Purdue Boilermakers…
Retweeted by Brendan StilesI was today years old when I learned Mark Prior was the Dodgers pitching coach. ball was crushed and it's tied in Arlington.Sid would not have been happy in tonight's postgame presser
Retweeted by Brendan StilesBrutal break for the Rays. The shift was as good as it could possibly be and it was hit right to the second baseman. The Rays played that perfectly and the Dodgers still got 2 runs out of it.Safe to say I was wrong about Michigan. I wasn't particularly high on the Wolverines coming into this season. That'… Fitzgerald won his 100th game at Northwestern tonight. Northwestern has 540 wins in its history, meaning Fitz i…
Retweeted by Brendan Stiles @AnswerDave True.Even with PSU getting the L today. Interesting. @cpeezee38 They probably don't need to call too many screens though (going forward) given all the weapons they have at the skill positions. @JeffreyTheGreek Found the answer. And wow. I forgot about that.A lot of this is easily fixable. @JeffreyTheGreek Iowa 2 years ago? @ajia95 That MSU/Maryland game later in the year. Woof. @ABlessing89 I don't even think it's that. This was a winnable game and in the range it needed to be in for them to… @kbowlsby I'll also just say that aside from the 2 fumbles (which no doubt were killers), I liked most of what I sa… @ajia95 I agree that the pass rush definitely needs to improve. But this is also why I say the score matters. 24, n… He was definitely a little amped up early on, which I get since he was making his first start. But once he…, I would be more alarmed by Iowa's play had the score been something like 35-31 instead of 24-20. It played th… @kdzwierzynski Thank you for the response. I figured you would be the person to ask. Definitely get what you're say… @kdzwierzynski Question for you: If Muschamp gets shown the door after this season (or let's just say in the near f… @politicsports13 I didn't know that about HS football there. That would definitely make a difference. @politicsports13 Clearly he's doing something right because the Terps are recruiting well compared to most of the c… it 30-3 at halftime.Northwestern might be a lot better this year. But this score being 27-3 before halftime? Yikes.So here's the conundrum with Maryland: Locksley is not a good head coach. At all. This game is a further illustrati… @mbenson6 Northwestern is winning in front of a small crowd. Wait. @jdubs1966 Yee-ros.Honored to have this crew today. #Gophers #Michigan
Retweeted by Brendan StilesSo weird to see Ryan Field on TV without a thousand more fans in the stands.
Retweeted by Brendan StilesWVU/TT. ESPN2.#Hoosiers coach Tom Allen on PSU's final TD in regulation: "We have a signal to our defense to let the opposing tea…
Retweeted by Brendan Stiles @ProFootballTalk It's actually on Monday. 🐻⬇️Big guy TD for Michigan.
Of all the programs in the B1G that should be accustomed to having little to no crowds at games... was a quick response by Michigan.Meanwhile, Minnesota just scored on Michigan.Got a close-up look at Indiana QB Michael Penix Jr.'s game-winning 2-pt conversion in OT, a call that stood on revi…
Retweeted by Brendan Stiles @GreggDoyelStar If you need a headline for any of the coverage of what just happened in Bloomington. fun with this headline, Hoosier people. you need is the tip of the ball to reach the white line in order for that to be considered breaking the plane.… of the ball is on the line. That's all you need to break the plane. of the ball breaks the plane. That's good.Yeah. Indiana wins. Wow. @walkerRcarey Former Bears OC Mark Helfrich.Going for 2 and not converting would be peak Indiana. @Jon_McClure_ Clock stops when the chains move. And as it turned out, that kick maybe goes through if it was a few yards closer.Oh my God. go to OT. Whatever.Hail Mary time for Indiana.PSU could have ran a sneak, then a spike.PSU is going to have a chance to win with a last-second FG now.What... what did Indiana just do there??????Tie game in Bloomington.Turn on FS1.Okie State hangs on. ISU may have gotten a backdoor cover for some of you there.What a catch by Indiana.Sure enough, Iowa's next opponent is Northwestern. has now won 3 of its last 4 against Iowa.Not the smartest thing to throw into triple coverage, but yeah, that was also PI.A reminder Purdue is without their head coach, top wide receiver and top running back.
Retweeted by Brendan StilesDavid Bell is the new James Hardy.Iowa only has 1 timeout to work with. Pretty important detail.Well, Purdue is in FG range now if nothing else.On a lesser note, the difference between 3 and 3.5 is big for some, particularly those in a city in the desert. @sportsrapport I have my GF to thank for liking Popeye's so much now. Had I seen this before ever meeting her, I pr…'s two enormous fumbles by Iowa today, both in Purdue territory.Nice work by Sargent staying in bounds after he got that first down.News: Taulia Tagovailoa will start at quarterback for Maryland tonight vs. Northwestern. Tagovailoa, a sophomore…
Retweeted by Brendan StilesPenn State LB Jesse Luketa just got flagged for targeting. If review upholds the call, Indiana will keep the footba…
Retweeted by Brendan StilesNo lies were told here. encouraging sign of the day for Iowa is it establishing a running game. 31 for 157 so far
Retweeted by Brendan Stiles @ueshawk No, but I wish I did actually place the bet because I did pick the Over.Well that's absolutely enormous. Missouri opened the second half with a 21-play (!!!), 9 minute and 35-second (!!…
Retweeted by Brendan StilesPenn State just had a 15-play, 54-yard drive end with a missed field goal.
Retweeted by Brendan Stiles @tikkikki There was a Michigan ad on BTN during the Rutgers/MSU game, too. @ueshawk Also on behalf of those who took the Over and nailed it by 1 point. 😄 @tikkikki The parents should have given the kid earmuffs. You're good. @lucy_rohden approves of that punt.Some of these throws Petras isn't hitting today and maybe won't even hit next week, he'll hit in those games toward… done, @GopherFootball 👍🏽 @SidHartman tribute #GopherGameDay @StribSports
Retweeted by Brendan StilesI laughed. place, right time. Huge play by Iowa's defense.