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@Salpotintirah thank u 😊GRACE JONES - 'Corporate Cannibal (The Bug remix)’ by Wall of Sound on #SoundCloud? #np @blume_grant Techno Animal - Brotherhood Of The Bomb is a great record too and it kinda kickstarted the industrial…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @Ponyboy6708 Some serious company... @SIMULAT3DHUMAN @6lackpanter @JeremiahRetro1 @dedeeocean There are groups like Death Grips, Clipping, Techno Animal…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Solitude, by King Midas Sound
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @mr_trick Thank u...Glad it still cuts the mustard...Literally one of the first Bug tunes i wrote, alongside Dave C… know what? Low Rider by @thebugzoo sounds every bit as incredible now as it did when I first heard it many moon…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @Kouslin Impressive tune mate ! Respect. @marvotron @joemuggs Intersection of dub, jazz and techno...totally bewitching..ZONAL - Wrecked (Official Audio) via @YouTube
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@soon_come_sound @Kouslin Thx for the kind words...Happy that my sound resonated with you...Much appreciate the sentiments.. @HiTekSounds @KillaPmc Sure to be tuffness..Look fwd.Wink : Maybe too noisey for u : likin the sound of this @Kouslin acid ragga beat... @marvotron @joemuggs And if you are feeling particularly adventurous,less techno, more out dub electronica from an… @marvotron @joemuggs Also if you are feelin more reggae than techno inclined... Check out the deadly Wackies label… only there was a way of knowing how a government that ignored offers from UK ventilator manufacturers and refuse…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @prant @johnxela @joemuggs @realGaryAtkins @marvotron @marvotron @joemuggs Also, Porter Ricks Redundance 1-4 was stellar as was Biokinetics by them too... @marvotron @joemuggs Yeah the Dub Surgeon is an rareity that appeared years after the recording..Things I’ve learned on lockdown with my son: You can’t hide a Pokemon book anywhere in the house and I mean anywhere. He WILL find it.
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @spartakmixtapes @marvotron @joemuggs A great album indeed... @marvotron @joemuggs @marvotron @joemuggs's Celsius Drop episode will be very special as Bonjo of AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE joins me on @dublab for an int…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @kodenine has dropped a stack of golden nuggets/lost dubs over at his bandcamp page... Immerse yourself in the high… moons ago I spliced the remix of The Specials' 'Ghost Town' I did with the Spaceape with @mala_dmz 's 'Neverla…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @kodenine @mala_dmz A true wonder. Inside & out cc @thebugzoo
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@skooldaze_ @carlosbenit 🤣🔊⚡Hoy aprovecho las recomendaciones 'cuarenteneras' del peri para rescatar un disco que me obsesionó en su momento: '…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)I can’t believe I didn’t know @thebugzoo and Death Grips have a track together.
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From Nina Simon to Wu-Tang Clan: Montreux Jazz Festival shares 56 concerts from its archive
Retweeted by The Bug(official)I’m trying to leave you with that feeling.
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Chillingly applicable globally.... ZONAL - In A Cage (feat. Moor Mother) (Official Music Video) via @YouTubeMoor Mother's album blew us away last year and she broods over half the tracks on here too...ZONAL is Justin Broadr…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)I have no distribution at the moment so this is the only place you'll find CS + Kreme – Snoopy…
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Well worth a watch 💪— Punk rock is thriving in the backyards of South Central and East Los Angeles. A cobbled-toget…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)As a doctor I have to speak out: Johnson has contributed to thousands of deaths | Andrew Meyerson
Retweeted by The Bug(official)our president is purposely killing americans who live in states that have governors that weren’t nice to him. safe…
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Kevin Richard Martin & Hatis Noit - After The Storm by Erased Tapes 20・・---0 | Free Listening on SoundCloud…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Miss Red really opened up her stylistic range on her latest EP, another collaboration with the brilliant Kevin Mart…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Speaking of King Midas Sound, Solitude is an ambient dub/drone masterwork with poetic verse from Roger Robinson, fo…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @notesonnoise1 the next three 😉King Midas Sound - Solitude (2019)
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Echology Vol 1 EP by JK FLESH vs ECHOLOGIST AVALANCHE RECORDINGS. 2020. AREC045. Vol1 of a…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Loving this this time travelling mix c/o #kalimalone it is beautiful, haunting and otherworldly : @TerrorDanjah In these dark times yr online presence is shedding light...😀.... Welcome back t !
Retweeted by The Bug(official)In June 2017 every Tory MP except 1 voted to oppose giving NHS nurses a proper pay rise. When the result of the vot…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @JustinWelby @michaelgove Why? He has been appalling throughout this period of our very difficult history, he ignor…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Teaser video for a track from the latest Lustmord album ALTER. Director of photography: @OlleFantomen Music:…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)out today
Retweeted by The Bug(official)✍🏾
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Mez Announces New EP With A Warning That "Babylon Can't Roll"
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Nottingham's Mez Shares 5-Track EP 'Babylon Can't Roll' Featuring P Money & Spitz | News | GRM Daily
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Mica Levi has donated 3 sheets of original orchestration ‘scratchings and notes’ from Under The Skin towards…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)A compilation i put together many lifetimes ago, of exclusive material...Made sense then, and poignantly makes more…
Kevin Richard Martin & Hatis Noit - Saisho no Arashi (BBC Radio 3's Late... via @YouTube‘Kevin Richard Martin & Hatis Noit - After The Storm’ on #SoundCloud #np you @bandcamp for helping out artists today! I've now got several hours' worth of good stuff from…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Sade performs live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival during 1984
Retweeted by The Bug(official)I decided to not really promo shit cos it’s just weird but my ep will be out from midnight anyway, If you still ha…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @joemuggs @I_Skream
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @qveeraskvlt Yup, its dope..We've added @thebugzoo's "Tapping The Conversation" (1997) to the family tree:
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Oh man this compilation tho @thebugzoo taking us to dark places from early
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @ScratchaDVA I always like to be the exception to the rule ! Wink @ScratchaDVA There are exceptions ! I made more albums since bein in Berlin than b4 Scratch..tho now the Martin zoo…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Sade performs live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival during 1984
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@AlexanderNut Came from am Eddie Cochrane pre set riff on the Casio, which coincidentally the sex pistols lifted too as inspiration...Angry - @thebugzoo & Tipper Irie on @BBC6Music 👈🏼😃👉🏻 bouncing round the kitchen to that one !
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If you are gonna have to endure a indeterminate lockdown or quarantine, for weeks/months what better to get immerse… Martin: forerunner/foreigner via @TheNewNoiseIt @BBC6Music Anything by @thebugzoo preferably featuring @BigFlowdan or Warrior Queen for a good self isolation stomp 💃
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If anyone is whinging about how tough it is to social-distance when they're still allowed to go outside #Jordan jus…
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@TerrorDanjah Woah !!!!!! Welcome back don dada !The cool thing is you can still buy music on bandcamp today.
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@dannykellywords @thebugzoo - Pressure
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I miss hugs. When this is over I’m gonna hug every motherfucker I see
Retweeted by The Bug(official)The Windrush report *literally* says the UK Home Office is institutionally racist. And of course this news is con…
Retweeted by The Bug(official).@Bandcamp is waiving its fees today in support of artists affected by Covid-19. Like many of us, Qu and the artis…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Bandcamp is the best place to support artists by buying music 1 album sale there can be more income than a year of…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Slowly uploading all my music (lossless!) on @bandcamp . Check out PRE- AVANTI, the live improv that inspired the r…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Buy this. @thebugzoo @moormother and @JKBroadrick made something hauntingly beautiful!!!!
Retweeted by The Bug(official)I feel like there's too many incredible works on @room40speaks to fit into a tweet. @capgrasman, @MerzbowOfficial,…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Bandcamp is not taking any fees today so everything goes to the artist. Shop away and support! Some suggestions fro…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Zonal (@thebugzoo + @JKBroadrick feat. @moormother) - System Error @RelapseRecords
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Daily bad news seems normally these days. Here’s some good news, Terra Danjah is making GREAT progress and steadily…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @BigFris AMAZING news !!!!!! Best possible statement...Come on @TerrorDanjah, keep fightin the fight...!!!!!
"A mountain ain't nuthin but a tombstone for fire" - @moormother
Retweeted by The Bug(official)I’m telling you it seems wrong to make a track without a hook but sometimes fuck a hook.
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@OssiaOssia Dan, need to speak to u urgently...DM or FBM asap plz
UPDATE: German firm CureVac will NOT make a coronavirus vaccine exclusively available to the US per Trump's request…
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Enough dither. Tomorrow morning Boris Johnson has to start being straight with the country. We're heading into what…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @mrmitchmusic Mitch...My thoughts are with u/your fam...Hope you and your fam find a clear/calm spot, and you all c… in Peace Genesis P Orridge. Original to the end. Throbbing Gristle / Psychic TV were a major influence on me,…
here's everything i ever bought on bandcamp (almost 3000 items), feel free to dig through and support some artists…
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