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Hadn't seen the full version of this PiL battle b4...Live footage is raw and tense, as is the interview..Full marks… @logan_olm @TrendsDj_ im patient.... 😂😊 @logan_olm @TrendsDj_ Still waiting.... ☹️😂 @TrendsDj_ @logan_olm Soundin dope ... respect. @autizt 😊This is wonderful, one of the best tracks of the year. Burial + The Bug.
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @StinkInk yup @manlikeslay_ yes plz...inbox ready...😉
Def fellin this manc attack rap/beat thuggery c/o @manlikeslay_ , with @TRIGGASDC guestin and a big ass @Zed_Bias @StinkInk @BudosBand @95bFM Lol...Yeah, that Bristol show was SPECIAL.. Was great that u made it to that one... @1fortyproject @Zed_Bias @manlikeslay_ @TRIGGASDC @complex_uk @TODDLAT @loefah @CHIMPOMCR @sicariasound @MYSTRY0121 Wisdom: Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. #wutang #rza
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @StinkInk @BudosBand @95bFM thx for the Flame 2 spin Jim...much appreciate the airtime...Super subs sent on late in the game to keep the 🌋burning - Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah (x2), Oh Sees,…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Respect to @thebugzoo [Kevin Richard Martin] for starting a mix with the Stooges' indomitable "We Will Fall."
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Bleep Mix #68 - Kevin Richard Martin A jaw dropping ambient mix from the incredibly talen…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)This ambient album by Kevin Richard Martin @thebugzoo is an incredibly intense experience - structured around the f…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Have you heard ‘NE285: Kevin Richard Martin - Retold Mix’ by @selftitledmag on #SoundCloud? #np
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Have you heard ‘Bleep Mix #68 - Kevin Richard Martin’ by Bleep on #SoundCloud? #np
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Spotify, Google, Pandora, Amazon appeal calls songwriter royalty rates 'arbitrary' and 'capricious' to announce @cobysey has been added to the bill for my Kevin Richard Martin 'Sirens' show on Friday @Cafeoto your ears deserve to hear #4 Kevin Richard Martin - Sirens: Tells the story of he & his Wife's experience p…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Happy to announce Coby Sey as support for Kevin Richard Martin this Friday
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @dwriot I get producer envy with @DJ_Muggs, he's been on a deadly roll for two years...sick mutha...haha @kaeruohagi @BigFlowdan @YouTube Made to put a smile on your face. 😉Deffo likin the sound of this from CYAN (FKA Twigs engineer/producer)... Zoned and glowing melodic drone... : @Gasplessly @Cafeoto @theQuietus 😊You all ready know
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @deherdlive Thank u for the support, and making the Kevin Richard Martin show on Friday, a "weekly highlight". Much appreciated.Thx to @thevinylday for making Flame2(The Bug + Burial) - 'Dive/Rain'(PRESSURE) a record of the week : highlights: Fri 23rd Aug ♫ Kevin Richard Martin @ Cafe Oto to see more ...
Retweeted by The Bug(official)I will perform 'Sirens' as Kevin Richard Martin on friday @Cafeoto : "Kevin Richard Martin… @sam_binga @SNOW667 😂😂😂 ... The egomania trap, and the incidental dj.If u dig Trzah or Hype Williams, u might dig this @BunnyHoova record.........i do... @SibylleBerg, ich habe mal einen Soundtrack zu #GRM #Brainfuck zusammengemixt. Zum beim Lesen hören (ja, das…
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@punkmarx @youngechosound @Pessimistdnb @West_Mineral @OssiaOssia @Gen_Echo_echo @idlehandsrecs @rwdfwd thx for the… trakMARX - August @thebugzoo @youngechosound @Pessimistdnb @West_Mineral @OssiaOssia
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Previously unheard 1964 John Coltrane album released for the first time:
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @sk33mask @aerielist 😂😂😂The Sunday Times has obtained a copy of the government's classified 'Yellowhammer' report on the chaos expected aft…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)The petition to rename the stretch of 5th Ave in NY in front of Trump Tower #ObamaAve has gone viral and almost rea…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)It beggars belief that we have a Government which is actively choosing to pursue such a reckless & unnecessary act…
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Flame 2 - Dive (The Bug and Burial) Dive Rain
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Duh, i was late to this :'Sirens, Kevin Richard Martin’s 1st release under his own name, combines body-crushing bass, phantom tone assemblag… born in a cage think flying is an illness. (Sun Ra)
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Triggering memories of Beefheart, The Fall, Sleaford Mods, The Slits etc... Was happy to stumble accross this Spoke…‘Dive / Rain’ follows the 2018 release by Burial and The Bug which marked their debut as Flame.
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Simone Biles, in extreme slow motion.
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Trouble Everyday: Sirens By Kevin Richard Martin:
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Sirens by Kevin Richard Martin AKA@thebugzoo is incredible. Abstract, Dystopian, experimental and haunting. Try lis…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Friday 23rd August - Kevin Richard Martin presents 'Sirens' @Cafeoto / London . First performance of the album.…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)G36 - 'No Escape'(HOTLINE) = 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Absolutely deadly gear from G36 just landed on @hotline_recs - have a listen and read here -
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Purchase Flame 2 - Dive/Rain, digitally here : Kwesi Johnson pays tribute to fellow #Jamaican dub-#poet Mikey Smith ("Mi Cyaan Believe It") Aug. 18,…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Psyched to hear this never b4 released Coltrane album, as it was seemingly recorded just prior to the monlithic, 'A… Modular via @YouTubeIn Your Pit (The Bug Remix) via @YouTubeJK FLESH - In Your Pit [Official Audio] via @YouTubeZONAL - No Version (Official Audio) via @YouTubeZONAL - Cage Version (Official Audio) via @YouTubeFlame 2 - Rain via @YouTubeFlame 2 - Dive via @YouTube @coki_dmz @DarrenJudge S.A.X.O.N. @WileyUpdates music and $$$ are a mismatch, but its def where industry sharks flourishThe music business is not your friend.
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @coki_dmz 😂😂😂🔊🔥🔥🔥
Exclusive full stream of King Midas Sound's Solitude - The Wire
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @VICELAND @xdannyxbrownx @asvprocky 🙃.@xdannyxbrownx and @asvprocky ask the all important question about intelligent life forms: would you hit it? Cat…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @DepVanHalen @SamuraiBeanDog @JoeWNaan 😂😂😂 @SamuraiBeanDog @JoeWNaan London E1. October. 🔊🔥🔥🔥The Bug, Flowdan, Goth Trad, JK Flesh and Loefah. Fuck.
Retweeted by The Bug(official)The @thebugzoo ft @BigFlowdan - Dirty 🎥Tim & Barry 2013
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @boomkatonline Indelibly marked me and @JKBroadrick, as did their shows at that time too... ESSENTIAL listening...R… 1996 Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig’s resoundingly influential debut Porter Ricks album altered the shape of tech…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @SonRaw not a bad list 😉 @SonRaw U heard it ?And part 2 of the Kevin Martin interview from @echoesanddust : a mad month or two...cant remember if i posted this long form Kevin Martin interview up(Covers all my previous… depth interview .....Kevin Martin (The Bug/King Midas Sound/Zonal) – Part II via @echoesanddust
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Zonal (Godflesh, The Bug) sign to Relapse for new album, share two songs @brooklynvegan
Retweeted by The Bug(official)London!! Heavyweight line-up on Friday night @LeytonstoneBall when the legendary HORACE ANDY (@Studio1Official, Wac…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @SonRaw He forgot to ask me ? 😂😂😂The past is DEAD and those who are following the past are doomed to die and be like the past. (Sun Ra)
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Afrofuturists have always been visionaries.
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Kevin Richard Martin (The Bug) debuts his new solo live show at OTO on the 23rd of August, utilising the full power…
Retweeted by The Bug(official) @Usls1 😊 thank u @thebugzoo just bought Flame 1 and Flame 2. Totally mindblowing. Really hope there will be a full length album.
Retweeted by The Bug(official)You've never heard a musical instrument like this galaxy cluster! Click to hear what happens when we translate the…
Retweeted by The Bug(official).@thebugzoo's Kevin Martin on dancehall, breaking boundaries and some new Bug material in the works, ahead of his s…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)【入荷情報】第一子の誕生から着想を得た、ピュアなエクスペリメンタル音響作品!! Lawrence Englishが主宰するレーベル"Room40"より、The BugやKing Midas Soundとして活躍する鬼才Kevin…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)Doing it in Lagos: How ’80s Nigeria embraced funk and boogie
Retweeted by The Bug(official)The Bug presents Pressure: The Bug (DJ Set & Live) Flowdan & Miss Red, Goth Trad b2b JK Flesh…
Retweeted by The Bug(official)You can stream the Flame 2 single here : to #hack to. Good to find burial at his best (with the bug). Enjoy!
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A great original score is an art form in itself
Retweeted by The Bug(official)i somehow missed a new pair of tracks from the bug and burial
Retweeted by The Bug(official)'Sirens' is coming to London next week :