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BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys Los Angeles, CA

Platinum-selling recording artists from Los Angeles, still playin' loud and proud! Media inquiries: Booking: @ARMent14

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Now Playing Owed To Joe By Bullet Boys! @TheBulletBoys @cj_823 @angelalynn37 @Red_Rocker_Girl @SimpsonJerline
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Now Playing THC Groove By Bullet Boys! @TheBulletBoys @cj_823 @angelalynn37 @Red_Rocker_Girl @SilverSmith560
Retweeted by BulletBoysHappy Birthday to one of the raddest musicians I have ever met, Mr. Dave Grohl!! Join us and wishing him a very Hap…
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Happy Birthday to The Man, The Myth, The Legend!!!! Mr. #DAVEGROHL @foofighters Have Best Bday Ever Brother Dave!!…
@955KLOS @DuffMcKagan @JonesysJukebox @theVIPERroom @FirehouseSubs @subaru_usa It would be Great To See…
@TheBulletBoys 😎😎
Retweeted by BulletBoysIts Lit For 2020 For These Blokes!!!! We Have Many Surprises instore For All Yall Faithful @TheBulletBoys Fans,Frie… @TheBulletBoys See you @ Beaver Falls, KY 7/25/2020 # Rock the DaM @LTLFest @themetalvoice @litaford @StephenEPearcy
Retweeted by BulletBoysWe Hope All Yall are havin an Amazing & Rad Sunday!!!! We know You've been wondering about our @TheBulletBoys Dates… Sonnnnny!!!!!! @jimmydanda #jimmydanda The Legend Continues!!! #itsallaboutthesexy Thunder & Lightning!!!! Alwa…
@TheBulletBoys Still stoked you guys are back together!! I can accomplish all things through Christ who strengthe…
Retweeted by BulletBoysJust Straight Away a BEAUTIFUL Day in L.A.!!! Blessed I was Born & Raised Here!!! Have a RaaaD Day Kids!!!! Mt @ Mo… Listen to People when they tell you, Dreams don't Come True!!!! Dreams will Cone True, When You Believe & The… Stop!!!!, Wont Stop!!!! Singin & Sceamin for All Yall!!!! Always!!! Mr.#marqtornadotorien #marqtorien Can U Di… Man that brings the Big Tone & Plays Lights Out Guitar!!! The Man The Myth @micksweda #micksweda @TheBulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @rushtheband Buddy Rich on The Johnny Carson show when asked after stating that the worse drummer he…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys #Rush #RIPNeilPeart 💔🤘🏽🥁😓
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys RIP.. Thanks Marq..❤🤘
Retweeted by BulletBoys #ripnealpeart We Loved You! Thank You for sharing all your Musical genius with all of us..All of these years… #nealpeart @rushtheband Thank You For Sharing All Your Musical Genius with All Of Us!!!! For All these Years…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @RaokRaven @TheBulletBoys Only ever heard the original(great tune) and the Bullet Boys version which is pretty “hot…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheeDocHolliday @Travis959KRFF @KruegerFAngel @faithloudguitar @TheDistrictSF @emplabelgroup Yasss! This year the…
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Who’s cover of Rock Candy was better? Really listen to the songs, then vote. 🤘🏽😎🤘🏽😎🎸
Retweeted by BulletBoys @hairnetradio1 @TheBulletBoys @mickswedamusic @jimmydanda @Casibari77 Totally agree! I have been to dozens of their…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @RaokRaven @TheBulletBoys @mickswedamusic @jimmydanda @Casibari77 I've Never Seen Marq Off His Game He Always Delivers The Goods
Retweeted by BulletBoysSong of the Day: This ones for you my friends! @hairnetradio1 BulletBoys Rock Candy Let’s not forget this great so…
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Now Playing Talk To Your Daughter By Bullet Boys! @TheBulletBoys @cj_823 @angelalynn37 @Red_Rocker_Girl
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THE HARD 4!!!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤 @TheBulletBoys #marqtorien @jimmydanda @micksweda lonnievencent @TheBulletBoys #bulletboys Think Y'all Know Who This Luffly Gentleman Is!!! #HEYSONNY #jimmydanda @jimmydanda Just Straight Away Killin It!!… High Again!!!! @TheBulletBoys #lonnievincent #marqtorien Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Fun Day!!! Have a RaaaaD Day… To Thank #joeshaferphotography @joeschaef for comin out to thewhiskyagogo for Our Reunion Show!!! Gr8 Photos J…
Fabulous #FF @TheBulletBoys @mickswedamusic @jimmydanda @officialslimjim @glenn_hughes @GavinRossdale @rudysarzo
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2020 is All About This 4 Letter Word!!!!! #LOVE BB @ The world!!!!! BB🤟💯 would like to Thank rockwoodapparel Mr.#tonysinacropi for Making & Recreating My Iconic #meowbulletpants That I w… was a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing the original BULLETBOYS play tomorrow night at the Whisky A GoG…
Retweeted by BulletBoysNow Playing Freakshow By Bullet Boys! @TheBulletBoys @cj_823 @angelalynn37 @Red_Rocker_Girl @SilverSmith560
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#TBT Monday Night Was, Sooooo Incredibly RaaaaaD!!!!!! I would like to personally and humbly Thank, My Bestie!!!Leg… @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo Full show coverage & pictures here...
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo The place was packed. I saw the posts about it. So glad you had a great show.
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo Bad ass! BulletBoys/M!SS CRAZY tour? 2020
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Big Love & Thank You's To ALL YALL That Came & SOLD OUT THE @TheWhiskyAGoGo Monday Night!!! New Years Eve,Eve!!! Fo… kind to Mother Earth! Spread love to everything & everyone! ❤️🌍🌲👌Photos by Raok Raven ⁦@TheBulletBoys⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by BulletBoysAnd let the 20's roar again!!! #Conquering2020 . #HappyNewYear #RobertVargas #RobertVargasArt #CantStopWontStop🔥…
Retweeted by BulletBoysHappy New Year, everyone! More kindness, compassion, gentleness, empathy & love to one another for 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣, I…
Retweeted by BulletBoysHAPPY NEW YEAR YALL!!!! WE GIVE YOU THE HARDEST WORKING BLOKE IN THE ROCK N ROLLA BIZ!!!! THE MAN WITH THE PLAN!!!!… NEW YEAR YALL!!!! WE GIVE U THE MAN, THE LEGENDARY, THE IATOLA OF ROCKNROLLA!!!! MR.#lonnievincent lonnievenc… NEW YEAR YALL!!! WE GIVE YOU THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND!!! THE G.O.A.T. OF THE SIX STRING AXE!!! MR.… NEW YEAR YALL!!!! We give You The G.O.A.T. of Rock n Fuqn Roll Drummers!!!! Mr. #JIMMYDANDA @jimmydanda HEY S… @TheBulletBoys @TheRobertVargas Looking forward to some Bullets , This Year!
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheRobertVargas Bring it to Green Bay!
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheRobertVargas Happy New Year
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheRobertVargas Happy New Year! 2020....Year of the Bullet🐷's!! 🤟❤💥
Retweeted by BulletBoysHAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!! FROM UR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD #BULLETBOYS @TheBulletBoys !!!!! #2020NewYear @RockLovesMe2 @acevonjohnson @anderssonmarten @MattVogtRocks @TommyGunnHYNGD @jasoncaine @normbrad6642
Retweeted by BulletBoysOriginal BULLETBOYS Lineup Plays First Show In Eight Years (Video)
Retweeted by BulletBoysThank You Los Angeles/Hollywood Cali!!!! We Luff You!!!! BB @ Whisky A Go-Go
@Jaide_Alicia @TheBulletBoys Back when this was new release, that line I couldn't make out what Marq was screaming!…
Retweeted by BulletBoysCongratulations to @TheBulletBoys for overcoming hurts from past and coming back strong!!! This is what rock n’ rol…
Retweeted by BulletBoysOriginal BULLETBOYS Lineup Plays First Show In Eight Years (Video) Three words ... COME TO CHICAGO! @thebulletboys
Retweeted by BulletBoysAnd PS: Marq, I LOVE your guitar playing but to see you just mic in hand on stage getting funky? Priceless! 🎙️🔥…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @1967Rich @Jaide_Alicia @TheBulletBoys First three albums killer,saw them 88/91,88 Rockford show, opened for Cheap…
Retweeted by BulletBoysLove seeing @TheBulletBoys back together kicking ass on stage! @jimmydanda @mickswedamusic
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo @mickswedamusic @danda_jimmy @jesseEODM @RaokRaven @BLABBERMOUTHNET @hairnetradio1
Retweeted by BulletBoysBULLETBOYS - Original Lineup Plays Sold-Out Show At Whisky A Go Go; Video, Photos @TheBulletBoys
Retweeted by BulletBoys @ChrisTopo1971 @Jaide_Alicia @TheBulletBoys Badass 🤘
Retweeted by BulletBoys @Jaide_Alicia @TheBulletBoys Not going to lie. I like when Marq isn’t playing guitar, it free’s him up to be one of…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @EddieTrunk @TheBulletBoys @siriusxmvolume @BrianTichy This is awesome!
Retweeted by BulletBoys @EddieTrunk @TheBulletBoys @siriusxmvolume @BrianTichy Nice...that first @TheBulletBoys album is a classic...
Retweeted by BulletBoysFuck YEA...."BulletBoys sing" don't let money......
Retweeted by BulletBoysVideo clip of the reunion of original @TheBulletBoys at my most recent #TrunkNation LA Invasion @siriusxmvolume w/…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys u guys need to put some videos of tonight show please......
Retweeted by BulletBoysAmazing day today painting my friends, the original @TheBulletBoys at PA studios. This piece will hang behind them…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo @mickswedamusic @danda_jimmy @jesseEODM @RaokRaven @BLABBERMOUTHNET @hairnetradio1
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @BLABBERMOUTHNET Glad to see y'all back together for just a minute. It's been a long time since St.…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @BLABBERMOUTHNET Can't wait to see you boys again...🤘🙋‍♀️♥️
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo @mickswedamusic @danda_jimmy @jesseEODM @RaokRaven @BLABBERMOUTHNET @hairnetradio1
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo @mickswedamusic @danda_jimmy @jesseEODM @RaokRaven @BLABBERMOUTHNET @hairnetradio1
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Ladies & Gents!!!! We give you the GREAT!!!!! @therobertvargas Where ART & ROCK COLLIDE!!!! WE THANK RV WITH ALL O… an AMAZING DAY!!! Big TY to the Legend @therobertvargas for Painting this Incredible Mural Of @TheBulletBoys🤘🏼⚠️👇🏼⚠️🤘🏼
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Retweeted by BulletBoys @DuffMcKagan Hi!!! @DuffMcKagan We Would LOVE to Cya At Our Show Tonight!!! Brother Duff!!!! Chrz & Happy New Year!… @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo @mickswedamusic @danda_jimmy @jesseEODM @BLABBERMOUTHNET @hairnetradio1
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo @mickswedamusic @danda_jimmy @jesseEODM @RaokRaven @BLABBERMOUTHNET @RollingStone Ma…
Retweeted by BulletBoysWanna be there ... should be there .... can’t be there ... super bummed it’s gonna be FUQN 🔥 LIT! Love you all ...
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Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo @mickswedamusic @danda_jimmy @jesseEODM @RaokRaven @BLABBERMOUTHNET @hairnetradio1
Retweeted by BulletBoys @TheeDocHolliday @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo @mickswedamusic @danda_jimmy @jesseEODM @BLABBERMOUTHNET
Retweeted by BulletBoysTHANK YOU!!!! @BLABBERMOUTHNET☆☆☆☆☆ SOLD OUT!!!! @TheBulletBoys @TheWhiskyAGoGo THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR FANS!!!! WE FUQN LUFF YOU!!!! WE WILL B…’m in SF. Rock it my man
Retweeted by BulletBoysTonight is the night, is the nighttttt!!! Get ready @TheWhiskyAGoGo @TheBulletBoys is about to tear the house down!…
Retweeted by BulletBoys @deandelray Yo!!!!! @deandelray You comin 2nite Homie?? The Fellas would Love to See You My Brother!!!…