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Chris Burnham @TheBurnham Overland Park, KS

Artist of Die!Die!Die!, Nameless, Nixon's Pals, Officer Downe, and Batman Inc! Go get 'em!

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@deantrippe @thatpetewoods Profa. Or puhrofa to keep it three syllables. @dennisculver The animals totally freaked out and they woke up the baby! @cduck77 Haha I just happened to be looking RIGHT when it hit. The top three tweets in my feed were earthquakes and…
If any actual apples were anywhere close to this bad, we would've paved over every orchard in the country years ago.
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @pauljholden @2000AD I'm selfishly curious if I'm the first bloody American to write and draw one. @Alex_Chung @SimonBowland @lenogrady @2000AD Thanks bud!Another touching tribute to the great Richard Sala, from his longtime friend and editor, and our Associate Publishe…
Retweeted by Chris BurnhamTo simplify following the criminal justice news of the last 36 hours, I posted a set of 10 links to police brutalit…
Retweeted by Chris BurnhamI own very little original art, but I do have this CYBERFROG/CREED cover by @EthanVanSciver I won in a fan contest…
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @pauljholden @2000AD Hey thanks! @douglaswolk In retrospect Judge Dredd’s real failing is that it was too subtle.
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @eaglemcgill WHAT COMIC WAS HE READING @HowtoLoveComics @2000AD Thanks!! @TonyFleecs @galvosaur @TheKyleStarks @AlexPaknadel So you’re saying you broke into the industry via nepotism? @TheDemocrats Fuck. You.Breaking: Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer just announced every single officers' body camera was NOT ACTIVATED during…
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @jeffparker Bro we’re a month away from the midpoint.
@fordgilmore Good gravy. Alternate universe chris who didn’t move from Moorpark & Coldwater is freaked out. @philhester @SRBissette Oh wow I never realized that cover was Moebius!"What kind of idiot thinks the Earth is flat?" IN #2000AD PROG 2184: Future Shocks - Journey to the Edge of the Ea…
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @CandidlyCandy_ “Imagine there’s no po-lice...” @jrubin It's America. We need Truth and Retribution.Really fun Future Shock in this week's @2000AD written & drawn by @TheBurnham
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @Jock4twenty @2000AD Hey thanks!! @jimruggart whoa I didn’t realize you worked on Star Trek! @marcelocordova @RobertKirkman @ScottMGimple @nathanfairbairn Thanks! I drew that with my fingers and brain! @Phineas Jeeeezus Christ. Fuck these assholes. @P0kes
Retweeted by Chris BurnhamDear "good cops." Please identify which of your colleagues decided to a) drive into a crowd b) ride a horse into a…
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @Comey You realize this is all your fault, right?i can't really summarize years' worth of research & experience on here but a few quick notes about "ANTIFA": 1. it…
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pretty cool how cops are decked out in fancy battle armor to fight civilians who aren’t hurting anyone while nurses…
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @Robert_Hack Jeez!! @HLHPattison Ok. I’ll handle it personally.Gonna be a loooooong five months until Election Day.It's horrible all over but this one put it over the top for me. Fuck these goddamn cops.
@getcampbell @BarbarianLord @duncanfegredo I never had quite enough of them to make any of the big puzzles. Drove me batty!Anyhow I demand to see more stuff like this. Show me class projects that were later refined into professional greatness!Remember Tenochtitlan! love this Plasma Baby ashcan by Mitch Waxman. It’s a collection of projects he did at SVA for Kurtzman Orlando an… @Phineas First time I went there, it was 1pm and I was like “what’s the big deal about this place? This is completely innocuous.” @Phineas I will forever be surprised that it’s WienerS Circle. @HLHPattison Men4ce 2 5ocie3 is overrated tho.I prefer the sequel, Menace to Socie-III. @themikenorton Billy fucked that dude UP!Hey nerds, are the screens on TNG canonically 3D or is this just a quirk of the director thinking that it would loo… @themikenorton I trained him well! @dennisculver @jeffparker @ianmacewan They were so kind to the kids. And the flavors were so vivacious! Like his to… @jeffparker @ianmacewan Prettt genius marketing stunt really. Now everyone’s talking about Mod. If I ever saw one I think I’d try it.The background was done in Duo Shade, so it was knocked out entirely for the color version. Neato! TMNT Ultimate Co…
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @eVil_sQuirrelus Oh Jesus really?! Ka-barf!(just noticed that first pic was upside down. Fuck you.)It’s collected! Go get it! @douglaswolk Imagine seeing it when you were 12!Good lord, this stuff is bonkers! Check out the stippling on that first demon panel! didn’t realize at the time how reminiscent this sequence is of Lone Wolf & Cub. And just look at those beautiful… Michael Zulli issues of TMNT (31, 35, 36) are absolutely amazing. Look at that Shredder! Shattering the teacup…
Geika Jaws was a short manga adaptation of Jaws published in 1975 and it’s so gnarly.
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @GavHigginbotham This one isn’t in the reprints @charlescrapo It’s def not in the current editions.Love this Rick Veitch TMNT issue. It’s kind of a Big Daddy Roth body horror thing. Super cool and very odd. @fordgilmore @RamonVillalobos @jeffparker UM ACTUALLY food is the same price or more expensive here. (Gas and rent are cheaper tho.) @RamonVillalobos @jeffparker Okay I cashed in my 401k and picked it up. Pretty good. @RamonVillalobos @jeffparker I ain’t made of money! That .99 could buy me 1/5 of a cup of coffee! @RamonVillalobos @jeffparker Show me @RamonVillalobos @jeffparker After reading your Border Town thread I thought you needed me to show you some love the only way I know how @jeffparker @RamonVillalobos Wow Ramon has REALLY leveled up! ;D @Alex_Chung There’s some great weird stuff in there. @NickWetmore @sternpinballinc Neato!One of my best and oldest friends broke up with his high school girlfriend over a decade ago. Today, his wife of 7…
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @EuzebTusk Seems like twitter is finally getting spooked and is hedging it’s long term bet on Trump?“Next: every week, millions of fans thrill to the feats of Xena, the Warrior Princess. But did a legendary race of… wild. @seankmckeever @thatpetewoods am i right in remembering that Cruise is able to get back into the police station usi… @himwhatjolts This is Eastman, Laird, Jim Lawson and Eric Talbot. Basically the last in-continuity story before 20-… @marissadraws Hahahahahahaha you should block themIn my head Eric Talbot drew this whole run, but he just inked the second part! Corben’s issue of TMNT is even more amazing now than it was when I was a kid. Look at this shit! forgot he did 32 as well! Mummies! @Joe_Quinones There’s a bit on Sesame Street where everyone in an office is sharing a plate of cookies and it makes… @marissadraws Are you watching Bakshi and everyone thinks ur watching Jackson?
@ConroyForReal Kinda hoping they burn his house down. @Mklvgnk @ronmarz *fella @ronmarz Look at that curl!Dawn of the Dead What does Wolverine always bring to the bake sale?
Retweeted by Chris BurnhamDid the ThunderCats ever reveal what happened to Lions A through N?
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @Sully_Writes Old Chris still thinks dinosaurs with guns is a great idea. @UrnLint I’ve got it ordered!Maybe the best ad for anything ever. Why wasn’t this the cover? Chris was confused. @hawkmumbler Haha I ain’t asking about flavor, I’m asking if people extend the “don’t boil a goat in its mother’s m… it kosher to eat Cheerios in oat milk? Very disappointed that this My Little Pony manga from Seven Seas is all-ages. @ZackDavisson @JoshCrewsReally @danmcdaid I bet mulct was much more in the zeitgeist back then. @JoshCrewsReally @danmcdaid Now I know! @danmcdaid Mulcted!