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Chris Burnham @TheBurnham Overland Park, KS

Artist of Die!Die!Die!, Nameless, Nixon's Pals, Officer Downe, and Batman Inc! Go get 'em!

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@netflix how come you can’t pause a recap? @benito_cereno Got it! Thanks! @benito_cereno Yo what’s up with quid and quo? Is it two forms of the same word? @laura_hudson Om Bray! @laura_hudson What did the meditating goat say? @iowairon @themikenorton It’s possible I guess. Have him send you a pic!
@iowairon I dunno... hey @themikenorton was that Iowa con we did a million years ago called Limited Edition in Cedar Falls? @iowairon I don’t remember the drawing... Was it at a fairgrounds? 10+ years ago? @TonyFleecs showing his love for classic 80s cartoons in the new Star Wars Adventures comic, written by…
Retweeted by Chris BurnhamI swear to God, if anyone shows him the prequels I will tell their ugly ass kids that Santa Claus isn’t real.That new Star Wars looks amazing. Very excited that my kiddo will eventually be old enough to watch these things.Why are there whales, bears, lions, camels, buffalo, snakes, and Poseidons on this map? Lies! All lies! @Rodney_Ascher Victory! @Rodney_Ascher has anyone sent you this yet? unions are the backbone of the middle class and should be protected at all costs. Me, getting a $45.00 bill fro…
@KurtBusiek Eat some quarters. @danieljmckee That seems to be from 1947!Any idea @klaustoon?Here’s a bit from Dashiell Hammett’s The Farewell Murder (1930) where he’s describing a bunker-like concrete modern…
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @benito_cereno Now I really want to see the humping equivalent of them getting out of the car in front of a million motels. @benito_cereno How accurate is the porn parody? @tomfowlerbug Your mom is an asterisk.
@tomfowlerbug Circules?If you’d like an opportunity to own some cool Cap art, and help comics creators in need, my Cap 100 cover is up on…
Retweeted by Chris BurnhamGrowing up in the '80s ruled. @schweizercomics Time to stop using crushed up glass instead of sugar! @CineastBenRowe @StegoSarahs @benito_cereno I’ve heard tell of some lunatics making fan edits of the Ash v Evil Dea… @CineastBenRowe @StegoSarahs @benito_cereno Works for me! @CineastBenRowe @StegoSarahs @benito_cereno I re-inserted some deleted Phantasm scenes with QuickTime Pro 4 and had… @CineastBenRowe @StegoSarahs @benito_cereno I’ve scrubbed through some of those edits but never actually watched on… @cracksh0t Very surprised that one hasn’t gotten a sequel or remake. Everything else has! @CineastBenRowe @benito_cereno I had it in my head that it was unrated but apparently it was X rated back in the da… @benito_cereno NC-17???Thread.
@JSVRCK Me too! @EricaFails “Which one is Maleficent in? Cinderella or Snow White?” “I dunno, bud.” “Shit. Bambi it is.”Scott Mills > Scott Morse @house_of_darkly What was the PEYO beef? @ianmcque Sadly I am selling my proper drawing table this week. If you know of anyone in LA have them hit me up
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @uzionmain DID YOU KNOW that there were Ultima manga?!? @Alex_Chung That’s actually a trash can for condomsJust found out that the "Mazin" part of Mazinger is a weird double pun for "Ma-Jin" (aka Demon-God), and "Machine!" MACHINE! Holy shit!
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @EdPiskor @jimruggart @CartoonKayfabe Look here, you goddamn whipper snapper!Doing practical method requires more time, more energy & more budget. After long break we decided to finish the…
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @DocShaner Did you trace a photo of me from the last time I went to Mexico? @robertliefeld Rated R for Rugrat! @EdPiskor @jimruggart @CartoonKayfabe UM ACTUALLYing you motherfuckers so hard right now. @RamonVillalobos You are la croizy
@arthurwyatt I am compelled! @arthurwyatt Yeah I think putting word balloons over an object of import in the deep foreground is a cardinal sin.… @arthurwyatt I am opposed to the word balloons. @leekassen I’ve heard of them dying in silos, but in a three-foot deep pit for amusement?Kiddo and I both went in a corn pit for the first time! Spectacular! I reallllllly want to hop in a money bin at so… one: @SkepticsGuide is the story about toxic metals in baby food on the level? @hermanos UMACTUALLY this came out concurrent with the BatMorrison run, right AFTER Damian’s introductory arc! Dami… @cracksh0t The first time I saw him smash through those glass doors I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I woul… @cracksh0t “I’ll get you that Coke later.” @cracksh0t "How 'bout a Coke?"Doing a little Ninja Gaiden research and it hit me that at the end of the game you're scaling the tower to the righ…
Retweeted by Chris BurnhamQ: Why does autumn make Batman feel so patriotic? . . . . . . A: All the time he spends at the Amber Graves of Wayne.
@DaveScheidt Oh shitHey gang! Erin’s cousin was killed in a hit and run by a white Ford F-150 on Aug 30 in Lombard, IL. Contact the pol… shit is that supermodel Niki Taylor??? Gonna mail these to high school Chris! @ZackDavisson How dare you @commander_mac (I’m assuming!) @commander_mac I really like the brutalist version from the manga. One of these years I’ll bite the bullet and buy… @westonfront You are basically correct. It’s Galaxy!Aha! In the episode Big Robot Gold Grab, they tell a Spectra baddie that they’re “Galaxy security. We’re called G-F… @commander_mac I figure their base on the moon looks pretty similarI don’t want to brag but I got TWO Talbots catalogs in the mail today. @andykhouri If this dickdead is going to destroy the world I hope we at least get a Social Network sequel out of it. @aubreysitterson I am not.REO Speedwagon > Nirvana @this_raymond thanks! @this_raymond Maybe eventually maybeThat's from Area 88 #5 by Kaoru Shintani! I ditched my run in a move a few years back and quickly regretted it. Wel…
I hate ISIS more than @themikenorton does. @jeremyhachat @dennisculver NooooooooooApparently this entomology isn’t true, but I just noticed that reindeer are deer that will let you put reins on them.Never underestimate the pure brutality of a middle child
Retweeted by Chris Burnham @benito_cereno Last I saw her was Veep and $100,000 Pyramid
I zoomed out of that Turtles 100 cover and the strangest thing happened! @jimruggart @EdPiskor Co-starring Deadlock from ABC Warriors! @jimruggart @EdPiskor At one point he fights ED-209! @pascalblanche Oh wow!!! @TheCW what is up with this Mo-taur thing eight hundred times in a row
@Alex_Chung Is it old or new? @CineastBenRowe @benito_cereno Pretty sure Battlestar Galactica came out before the Quran, bro. @CineastBenRowe @benito_cereno (Not sure I knew that Iblis existed outside of Battlestar Galactica) @LMcCJ That’s amazingJumping off a bridge is fun. If all your friends jump off a bridge and live, you should totally do it.Did any of the olds here have carpet in their bathroom in the '70s? @thejasonmasters Who else would it be about?I was like ten feet from Dennis during the gestation of this book. So exciting to see it coming to fruition!!