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2x Heavyweight Champion. Dad, boxer, actor, survivor. Brooklyn born and raised. Miami living & chillin #LETSGOCHAMP

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Just as the #ProudBoys are proud to stand with Trump, I am PROUD to stand with @untilfreedom @TamikaDMallory
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsFox News is a cancer on America.
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @MysterySolvent
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsCan you run it back Mr.President? @BarackObama
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs"Mr. President, let him answer!" It took just minutes for the first presidential debate to spiral into chaos, as m…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsThe Nazis killed my family members. Tonight Trump told them to “stand by.” I have never imagined saying these words…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsOh my god. Someone who knows finally said it. "I am telling you with every fiber of my being, that some of the Pre…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsFrom the mouths of babes.... #TrumpMeltdown #TrumpRudeness Posted by my cousin on FB:
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsBiden won the debate. Reply with the hashtag if you agree! #BidenWonTheDebate
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsTrump’s big lie about his debt means he may be one of American history’s most vulnerable presidents ever, writes…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsThis what they want. #LETSGOCHAMP @ Brooklyn, New York President of the United States Donald Trump called for The Proud Boys, a white nationalist terrorist organizati…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsWow. Biden dominates the debate as Donald Trump has unhinged meltdown
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsInsulin is so cheap, it's like water. Also on the news today... Texas water has brain-eating amoeba.…
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs"Would you shut up, man?" Joe Biden to President Donald J Trump #quotes
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsJoe Biden just said, "Will you shut up man?" I LOVE JOE BIDEN
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsTwenty minutes in, Joe Biden exclaims, "Will you shut up, man?"
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs"Will you shut up man?" @JoeBiden says to @realDonaldTrump "This is so unpresidential." This debate is...something...
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs“Would you shut up, man?” Joe Biden
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs“I am the Democratic Party” - Joe Biden “Not according to Harris” - The President
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @kylegriffin1 Best quote ever!!! #LETSGOCHAMPJoe Biden: "The wrong guy, the wrong night, at the wrong time."
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs‘The party is me. Right now, I am the Democratic Party’ — Joe Biden calls out Trump for lying about his health care…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsJoe Biden: "Everybody knows he's a liar."
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsJoe Biden: "Donald would you just be quiet for a minute." Tough. #Debates2020
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @realDonaldTrump This is not is a president this is a con man traitor who owes Russia money. All you who voted for…
Just posted a video @ Detroit, Michigan no US banks would give Trump any loans, then which foreign country gave Trump the $421 million and how many US s…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsIf Trump is "smart" because he cheats on his taxes, are bank robbers smart because they rob banks? #TrumpCrimeFamily
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsPlease follow @slfkare & #ChillChampChill Fashion or bath accessory, you decide. But we are all for the… fucked Stormy Daniels and had to pay $130,000 to keep it quiet. Trump fucked the whole country and only had to pay $750.
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsDonald Trump’s Cambridge Analytica scandal just exploded
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsDuring the primary race, Elizabeth Warren pointed out that Trump was going to prison if he lost the election, and a…
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @TeaPainUSA @richones1 You just can't make this shit up.... unbelievable!
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs
#RacistTrump the hashtag #RacistTrump, reply and retweet with ONE example of the ways trump has been a racist MF.
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @tribelaw Why is @JohnCornyn still silent? 💰💰💰 Putin paid the Taliban to murder American soldiers. Trump invited…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsOne thing not to overlook in the blockbuster NYT report on Trump’s taxes is his $410M in personal debt. That repres…
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @realDonaldTrump Cool story. Wanna hear another?
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @realDonaldTrump NEWS: Scottish lawmaker: Reasonable grounds to suspect Trump has been involved in serious crime It…
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @realDonaldTrump THE SOLUTION!
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsGOP voters are already calling Trump brilliant for cheating the IRS. Something tells me they would not feel the s…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsThink about this for just a second. The "president" of the United States is such a credit risk, no American bank w…
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs#LETSGOCHAMP Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale hospitalized after he was armed and threatening to harm himself, Fort L…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsThis happened AFTER the NYT bombshell landed. Sounds like Brad knows exactly how bad this news is.
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs#LETSGOCHAMP on Fox News: "Hillary Clinton Email Marathon"
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsFUN FACT: Trump will be facin' a minimum two tax fraud investigations in New York state alone.
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsTurn his back on the American people. Par for the course with Trump. #TrumpTaxReturns
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsWhile all the major news networks are discussing the @nytimes release of info from Trump’s tax returns, @foxnews is…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsABC: His taxes CNN: His taxes Animal Planet: His taxes Cartoon Network: His taxes FOX News: Hearty fall soup rec…
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs... no wonder he’s so desperate to stay in as president...
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsIn 2016 Stormy Daniels got paid $130,000 for fucking Donald Trump. In 2016 Donald Trump paid $750 to the IRS for fucking America.
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @realDonaldTrump @BarackObama This prescient tweet has been added to: ⚡️ “#Nostradumbass: There. Is. A Trump. Twee…
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @realDonaldTrump @BarackObama There. Is. A. Trump. Tweet. For. EVERYTHING. #TrumpIsBroke edition #DonTheCon
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @BarackObama who wants to raise all our taxes, only pays 20.5% on $790k salary. Do as I say not as I do.
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsHillary told you heauxes! #TrumpIsBroke #TrumpTaxes
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsA few people have asked me how I think the #TrumpIsBroke story will affect Trump. This one is easy: he’ll deny it…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsTrump is such a grifting loser. We all pay our fair share. Joe pays his taxes. Donald doesn't. Everyone RT and gi…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsJust Posted: The NYT has obtained the president’s tax return information for thousands of personal and corporate re…
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs
Just posted a video
Just posted a video @ Worldwide posted a video’m with my boxing brothers. @jesserobinson679 & @johnlepak #BoxingBrotherhood #LETSGOCHAMP @ Michigan @thecannonbisco #LETSGOCHAMP @ Detroit, Michigan posted a video posted a video @ Mike Tyson Ranch the Queen! #LETSGOCHAMP @neelam_ • Every woman needs an army. All my brothers break concrete. Oh he’s a… posted a video @ Liv Cannabis @TheCannonBriggs champ🙌
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @BoxingZ23 @TheCannonBriggs I keep asking if @BoxingZ23 will fight this amateur guy....he won’t answer....😕
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsDeemo x nature ultimate high (official video) via @YouTube #LETSGOCHAMP
Tomorrow it’s going down!!! @qonkur #LETSGOCHAMP @ Qonkur Media at the Gage Provision center in Ferndale Michigan about to drop the Cannon OG into the system. @officialmkxoilco @ Gary, Indiana out my guy #LETSGOCHAMP posted a photo @ Newark, New Jersey!!!! Look at at em y’all !!!!! #LETSGOCHAMP #LETSGOCHAMP
Let's AMPLIFY Bernie's message to Progressives. Can we get 5,000 RETWEETS in 3 HOURS? Help spread this far and wi…
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsIf progressives who supported him #ListenToBernie, we will win. Pass it on.
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsThank you Bernie Sanders !!! ♥️🇺🇸👊🏽 #ListenToBernie #BidenHarris2020 #CountryOverParty #AmericaOrTrump
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @chrissyintn #LETSGOCHAMPI am 49 days clean and sober. Never thought I would be able to say that!!!!
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsLook at us y’all !!!! Best food ever!!!! Thanks Sam. Thanks Mike!!!! #LETSGOCHAMP @officialmkxoilco @mkxoilco.mi… @dean_wato
Just posted a video up Champ #LETSGOCHAMP 💙👊🏽 #Entreprenuer #BigDawg #GoGetta #BuildYourCommunity #BeingBlackisHardbutitsLit 🦍🐻… but true FELL IN LOVE - ARSONAL DA REBEL via @YouTube #LETSGOCHAMP #LETSGOCHAMP🦍🐻 The Brownsville Yeti. #ChillChampChill #LETSGOCHAMP @ London, United Kingdom @miketyson the link in my bio Champ #LETSGOCHAMP @ Brownsville @Zellonite @TheCannonBriggs Derek the Giant vs the Bog Monster:
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @TheCannonBriggs The best show since Fantasy Island- you should get Tattoo to say, "The Champ The Champ"
Retweeted by Shannon BriggsLet's Go Champ @TheCannonBriggs 👍🥊
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs#LETSGOCHAMP @arthur_gillman Best tweet ever!!! @TheCannonBriggs “Champ Smoothies” Coming to a Neighborhood Near you........ Rolling Stone Magazine states, “It’…
Retweeted by Shannon Briggs @TheCannonBriggs let's go Champ.
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