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Rise of the Footsoldier 1&2. Author of Muscle. In various films, books, documentaries. No DMs, sorry. Follow/RT not an endorsement 👊 PR:

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@Stanley69450533 @frankbrunoboxer It was either 1990/91 with Frank and his promoter at the time. Good night actually! @andyrei00773602 Its a fucker when that stuff happens Andy! @JeremyPHuD @BSarahboo Thanks Jeremy! @BSarahboo @JeremyPHuD Nice one Sarah!
@TheCarltonLeach The filth on the left is a sub human backwards mentality barbaric sack of pond scum shit! The her…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach4 years ago today @TheCarltonLeach soon as the lockdown is over we got to do it again 🙌🏼❤️
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @KianCoggin Good times! @JeremyPHuD Enjoy! Thank youI got this yesterday, I'm gonna enjoy reading this to help me over the lockdown and then it will keep the other one…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @JohnCurtisOwen @PaulFerris_Gla @DrewUpOn8 @TerryStone @stevewraith @dannyvaughan99 @jamieboyle10 @jono_carroll
@lens_wal You're on the ball early Wal!
Thank you to our PM for having the decency to post this. Nothing from @SadiqKhan or @jeremycorbyn even though both…, no mention on your Twitter feed today of our #Manchester22 or #LeeRigby care to speak about that at all? An… @K0WJ0E No I totally agree with you, I with they were run down at the scene and had a car parked on them until they… @islasfight Always sending love to Isla, a fighter princess xApologies about the 5 years everyone! Time flies, my mistake, but the point is still the same.I wanted to give both (today's) talking points equal importance, not put them in 1 short tweet, hope everyone under… @markbeckett16 @joegentlemanjoe Thoughtful and angry, but ok thanks! Hope you're well Mark.Today is 5 years since #LeeRigby was savagely murdered on the streets of London. May he rest in peace; we must neve… @TheCarltonLeach
Retweeted by Carlton LeachThanks for the follow @joegentlemanjoe you were right on q...(sorry couldn't help it). C @JASONMARRINER3 Another politically correct cop-out!A sad day for the #uk today, 3 year anniversary of the #manchesterattack which shook us to the core, but they will…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachMy thoughts are with the victims & their families on this anniversary of the #manchesterattack which I remember lik… bomb didn't just explode, a terrorist blew people up in aid of a twisted, perverted cause, supported by a minorit… @FigenMurray We were all affected by the attack in some way and for that reason it must not be forgotten, our thoug… account got hacked lost my followers etc mate
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @CalumBest Happy Birthday Bestie, incredible play & loved on & off the field! RIP. Thoughts are with you today Calum.
@JASONMARRINER3 got your account back mate? C #CensorshipMy good pal @TheCarltonLeach was my guest speaker at my show in Marbella few years ago now tho #Timeflys
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Should we have to wear masks in public to help stop the spread of #coronavirus to others? C #Masks4All #vs #MasksOff
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@BBBmick I am of this opinion too Michael. If it saves an infection great, if it doesn't...No loss! @edmundsnick You don't necessarily know you have it though? @westbrookdanni My condolences for you Nan Danni, stay strong as you always do! #coyiShould we have to wear masks in public to help stop the spread of #coronavirus to others? C #Masks4All #vs #MasksOffSHIRTS THAT REFLECT THE STATEMENT. With a certain mutual respect by those of us who remember the terraces with all…
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Have a good #weekend everyone! C @PabloEskiBarz @iwanwroberts @TheRealSitts @TheGrimeMan @Beno_ldn @StevoTheMadMan @Gilly_flaherty #COYI @JodieMarsh I agree! A trait of the average millennial is to expect that something is due to them for free @djjjfrost Wait till taxes go up and the pension age increases again too! The #CongestionCharge is just the lubrica… @lens_wal Did you dare to speak in an un-PC manner Wal? Welcome back!
@RhysMccole That's actually happening?! That's a new low....@piersmorgan moaning that the PM Boris wont speak to him. To quote Winston Churchill “When the eagles are silent,…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @Randallmac2 State of him ha ha ha brilliantMoney talks. #Sanofi C @Iamzulubaz Good on her! Nice work Tamika.
@JeremyPHuD Ask away Jeremy! And thanks for the support, hope you enjoy Muscle too! @noakes_nicholas @John96522722 TY Nicholas! @SurridgeNatalie Hanging in there Nat! Hope you're well!
@LondonCrime1 @KnivesSaves @KOfficialFund @jay34741 how many of em! that seems personal to me judging by the trollop's actions. @OFFICIAL_JP84 and give @GHQMAGAZINE a follow for future heads up! @JeremyPHuD Pop a copy of Muscle on the shelf next to it ;-)
Its available now and includes Carlton's Column! Peanuts to buy online at £2.99. C @IanMacMedia Thanks! That'll be great! @TheCarltonLeach Still love watching rise of the footsoldier mate it’s pure class
Retweeted by Carlton LeachIf you've seen the awesome films about this guy, then you need to get this book. im not a massive reader infact I'…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachNEW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @GHQMAGAZINE Issue #1 with #actor @SamDgittins, issue #2 features @StephenGraham73 of #TheIrishman +…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @IanMacMedia I remember Ian! Funny... Hope you're well pal
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@BenjaminKnibb If you do...just stay alert! @jezpike7 I think that's exactly what the government meant Jez!Gathering of over 200 anti-lockdown protesters ends with dozens of arrests in #Berlin #COVID19 #lockdown
Retweeted by Carlton LeachRemember everyone...#StayAlert !!! If you see the pesky virus hiding, get out of there! C #stayalertmyarse#VEDay missing my grandparents, Grandad said they’ve decided they are going to try become social media hits 😂
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @LadyAmanda78 Brilliant! @markbeckett16 Occasionally @Taylorreece03 @carltonicfleach Enjoy the book fella!
@markbeckett16 All good Mark thanks, you? @lucy_stoneley Brilliant, love that!Love this. Please RT people and keep some #British spirit alive! C @tropical_rose You know that! Thank you, same to you Coralie! #StaySafeStayHealthy @lucy_stoneley Ah that makes sense now Lucy! It just disappeared! Ok let's see what we can do then...I loved their other video for VE Day! @wilLIAMFergie3 Defo! @lucy_stoneley Its really weird, thought their VE Day video was great and wanted to help share it but your account… @JediTipster1 Since ROTF2 the films have been fictional and nothing to do with me Simon, they make the stories up now pal...I hear #PrinceCharles followed my lead and thanked the postie! C #royalmail #coronavirus #COVID19 #Thanks
@lens_wal @Hermesparcels Oh dear Wal, that lot are terrible! Lost about 20 of ours in a year when we were doing the… @MrsRazorRuddock @RealRazor Great picture! #HappyBirthday @RealRazor @tropical_rose Random one Coralie! Ha ha Hope you're all keeping safe and well! @dougiebrimson @caffeinenights Sounds like a bargain to me!Pls RT: With In The Know out next week, @caffeinenights have a deal on. Buy direct and you'll get £2.00 off plus a…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @ShaunG09012291 @ColettePringle5 That old chestnut @El_Tibur0n @BFBSSport @ChrisEubank @NigelGBenn ProperHad a visit 🇬🇧
Retweeted by Carlton LeachPlease watch my short ska film BEVERLEY this weekend and if you liked the film and think someone else Hit RETWEAT a…
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@Frank762cal @mayo53 @D4VEH That's what he's hoping for ;-)The best day in Britain is 75 years behind us. Oh, to have lived in those times, amongst those great men & women…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachToday is the 75th anniversary of VE Day: the day when people across the Commonwealth marked the end of war in Europ…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @Matt93251817 Top man!It is time to wake up! The UK is a weak laughing stock on the world stage. C @jamesrose1286 Take that little kid out the backpack it will weigh less. Ha ha ha just joking! Love and respect to…
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@TheCarltonLeach @IbizaButYourWay We look forward to serving you, Carlton! ModeraFlam is available now for…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @Cass_Pennant He's just behind the Hulk mate ;-) #COYI @TheCarltonLeach Ain't someone missing from that impressive line-up paying their respects to real heroes?
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @IbizaButYourWay @SalvestrolCY Looked at their website, seems very interesting! I'm going to order some and see...Just got my ModeraFlam capsules from @SalvestrolCY because from what I'm reading, they will help with lots of condi…
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Maybe he was doing her from 2 meters away in a mask? He's in the wrong job if so... #justsaying C