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Rise of the Footsoldier 1&2. Author of Muscle. In various films, books, documentaries. No DMs, sorry. Follow/RT not an endorsement 👊 PR:

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@RossKemp6 Blast from the past! @WarbyNathan Nice one budMy memorabilia items of mr Carlton leach my idle and hero @TheCarltonLeach
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Retweeted by Carlton Leach @TheCarltonLeach just finished reading ROTFS for the 3rd time, unbelievable read 👌🏼 would love to meet you in perso…
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@JessDurrantxx Had a message from @westbrookdanni and have RT'ed, keep us informed and I hope it turns out well.It’s been 41 hours. Not a single trace other than her bag found on the bank of the river Thames in Henley. Please k…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachWell if anyone fancies a holiday to the 1970s, Bulgaria is the place. Disgusting behaviour. Until there are serious…
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Retweeted by Carlton LeachGet your hands on one of these stylish @TheCarltonLeach hoodies from @KOfficialdotcom Check out the full collection…
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@Big_Larusso It's pretty laughable in my opinion! @lee_mcgwyre @TerryStone @craigfairbrass I'm only in it for a few seconds but I agree, I done a great job lol @ricciharnett done ok too! @scotmarina1 @TheCarltonLeach @KOfficialdotcom Helping get youth to #droptheknives #pickupthegloves and getting them into the gym 🥊
Retweeted by Carlton LeachThey are testing piss and shit to see how much coke Londoners are snorting...that's a new one! C @Big_Larusso No...and no! @angeldustpro Good tar, hope you're well! Are you really called angel dust promo?!With Isla relapsing for the 3rd time we still need to fundraise for future treatments, The Dr's are very positive &…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachGet your hands on the premium quality clothing collection from the original #riseofthefootsoldier @TheCarltonLeach
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @westbrookdanni Good for you mate! COYI
A belated Happy Birthday to a long time follower and old school gal, @SurridgeNatalie !!! C @TheCarltonLeach One where the screen doesn’t crack just by looking at it would help. Or a battery that lasts more…
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iPhone 11 announced. Instead of churning out a new device every 5 minutes, wouldn't it be better to bring out the b… @warrenflanagan Happy Birthday pal!
I came on here with every intention not to mention @ColU_Official beating @SpursOfficial C @donna1276 Good thanks! Hope you're well!Unfortunately this is so true @McCannCaseTweet @Frank762cal
Retweeted by Carlton LeachThe History Of House is now at HMV Newcastle. So now it really is happening. Be there. Sponsored by…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachBlinding weekend in Essex with lovely friends. Just what me and Soph needed. Thanks for the call Bruv…
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Sad news for many Ben! I bet her bosses aren't shy of a few quid this morning... C holiday giant collapses into administration. 22,000 lost their jobs overnight. 150,000 Brits need govern…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachThomas Cook Group, including the UK tour operator and airline, has ceased trading with immediate effect. All…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachWow...was like an institution at one time! A lot of disruption ahead for so many people on holiday... C @TheCarltonLeach I can't believe our nurses are given poxy 0.2% pay rises, and work their socks off for so many lon…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @ce2galloway Probably true, to be honest we knew it would happen when the fuss died down! @2021Nathan fighting the good fight! Keep up the hard work. CLast tweet before I go to bed, it really fucking irritates me how West Ham can never win without these “pundits” ta…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachA belated Happy Anniversary to you my friends. C rise of the footsoldier 10 Amsterdam with @TerryStone as #tonytucker and @craigfairbrass as pat .…
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No shit. Many of us have been saying this for, what, 7/8 years? C #terrorism #migrants #ImmigrationCrisis @KzRecovery And scone? lolWould anyone be interested in 1 of these? 6ft bench with built in gas bbq, built in my workshop. £350
Retweeted by Carlton LeachI hear you! And I've got another 1 to throw in there Bill! 3. Nurses struggle to make ends meet and have to work i… @SchobiesWife It happens to all of us. Even I'll get there eventually lol @PaulFerris_Gla @DerekHi00524068 Wish him the very best of luck with his treatment! Best regards to you too my friend.When we suffer from the pressures of life we seek strength to carry on - We hall have issues in our lives and in so…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachThe only thing stopping you from reaching your goal is your mind!! Here I am about 10 hours or so into the final pu…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @KzRecovery Thought it was a trap when I read description, then I opened the picture! lol Very nice work!
Having a shit in the Loft at Half time Saturday and I see this @TheCarltonLeach 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @johncliveuk Good cause, nice work!Feeling the chill get your hands on one of these great Carlton Leach Collection - Golden Hammers Edition #Hoodies a…
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#stabbing #Ealing #crimescene #knifecrime #westlondon Latest From Ealing Crime Scene
Retweeted by Carlton LeachUnited Kingdom: Man arrested on suspicion of attempted #murder after ‘#stabbing’ near #Belfast City Hall
Retweeted by Carlton Leach#Edgware Road #stabbing: #Police have arrested three teenagers on suspicion of murder after 17-year-old…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @TerryStone @MarcOliverBT @dapperlaughs @PaulFerris_Gla @MichaelBridge_ @Mrjamieohara1 @CalumBest @RagNBoneManUK
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @lens_wal Wal I can't keep up with your accounts fella, who you upset this time lol CWe play the Love Music Hate Racism Show On October 5th. @lmhrnational
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @ONESTOPMMA @Stevedey To keep rinsing the fans! It started out as being known as a true story, they let it roll wit… Mark! Hope Mum and baby are well. C #COYI to hand it to security detail from #prison to the courts - #OldBailey in 1998 - I got a combined total of 40 y…
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@mayo53 ain't this the mob that froze your 100k for weeks without any reason? C @Cashplus @Rich_Cashplus @EppingFC_ Most definitely not guys! @MiserableManker @afowler06 @HeymanHustle @davecourtney666 @Klitschko @BronzeBomber @theRealEnzoMac @tommytntfury S… help save our boxing community, council want to close it to make way for a storage room. Please #Share for u…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @EppingFC_ thanks for following, all the best! C @Stevedey He has had nothing to do with it since ROTF2.
@TheCarltonLeach Hi mate is there any chance you could sign and share my petition with your followers please asking…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @joeskinner13 I thought in an age where health and safety, political correctness etc has gone mad that this wouldn'… for today we should hear not of #Brexit and instead remember those lost to that horrific act of #terrorism .… @brooksy_09 @Bannodabe Pun intended? lolNice work! Following back now! @kate82378664 @TimShriver @SpecialOlympics @StephMcMahon my story is to help others in need who struggle on a daily…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachI'd like to share a story with you if I may @SadiqKhan !! Once upon a time, in a great western city #London there…
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@Bannodabe 100% @PaulFerris_Gla Nice one Paul! He was a proper fella. Hope you and yours are good mate.Can't believe snowflakes are moaning about the Joker movie now! Bunch of soppy melts. C #JokerMovie #SnowflakesHow about...don't go and watch it if you don't like it! C fucker! C @PaulFerris_Gla Defo mate, sounds like a winner ha ha haI'm pretty sure May dictated that honors list to a secretary as she packed her bags, laughing and rushing out the d… @Adamrlee35 @LukeMatthews90 Thank you all! @martynr1975 @noelfielding11 @The_Cranberries @liamgallagher Sorry I haven't been on Twitter, but a belated happy birthday from me! @TheCarltonLeach @PaulFerris_Gla @RickyGroverUK @GLASGOWEYES @ScottPeden1
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @LukeMatthews90 @TheCarltonLeach It is a brilliant book I like the photos I have muscle and this book has stories in it that muscles doesn't
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @jay34741 @TheCarltonLeach Ooft - wait till big Hamish reads this 😂 #banter #HandsOverTheBoarder ✌️ RIP Joey Pyle -…
Retweeted by Carlton LeachFaith in humanity slightly restored! To borrow from @jay34741 #workingclass C @PaulFerris_Gla I remember when a go bag was cash and your passport for when that lot were coming up the road for ya! What they on about?!Brilliant news! C @Traceyjayp_ A lesson to us all, always dust behind the TV...every single time!Hey lads what's in the coffee cups 😏 #Haggis challenged called off due to J wanting to wear a kilt - not any kilt…
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I must remember to be upset when the next evil dictator destroys a countries economy and industry then dies rich in a private hospital... C @jay34741 @TheCarltonLeach @leogregs @ThomasTurgoose1 @tonythompson10 @Iamzulubaz @Traceyjayp_ @IrvineWelsh
Retweeted by Carlton LeachLost count of how many times I’ve read this 😄 but round the pool reading this mad fuckers book again ☀️📖👊🏼…
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@TheCarltonLeach Just get boris and Juncker in a lockup. Bare fists. Winner gets their EU deal.
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @xPJRx I like it mate! @EmilyShutt2018 I knew you'd like that! @TheCarltonLeach Since when have MPs been worried about what’s democratic? If they were we’d have left on the 29th…
Retweeted by Carlton Leach @johncliveuk Good tar, hope you're well chap! @TheCarltonLeach ‘Twas ever thus
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