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Jalen Ramsey is making plays on and off the field this holiday season πŸ™ the turkey plate gets to you and there's still dark meat left’s right. The best back in football. πŸ—³:
Retweeted by The CheckdownKing Henry had some high praise for Chef Cook πŸ‘‘ 🍽 @KingHenry_2 @dalvincook Tomlin been talking that talk πŸ—£οΈ @steelers your best athletes the BALL πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ (via jukes) takes on Snoop Dogg in Madden RIGHT NOW. Don't miss it πŸ”₯ @DerwinJames @SnoopDogg @EAMaddenNFL @oakley πŸ“Ί:… year later I still need to figure out where my guy got the mobile recliner πŸ˜‚ (via @LevisStadium) Fuller picked off Brady twice on Sunday. They were both selected with the 199th pick, 20 years apart πŸ˜³β€¦
This is it ‼️ Derwin James taking on Snoop Dogg in Madden tonight πŸ‘€ Streaming live on YouTube at 10 pm EST πŸ”₯… Perryman is a human missile 😀 @D_Perryman52 @Chargers (h/t @RobPaulNFL) πŸ‘·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
Retweeted by The CheckdownMahomes' love of ketchup knows no bounds 😳 @PatrickMahomes @Chiefs simply doesn't lose when the Rams take a lead into the locker room πŸ”₯ @RamsNFL’s get it UNC ‼️
Retweeted by The CheckdownThe trash talk is over the Thanksgiving Classic is tonightπŸ”₯ Don't miss Derwin vs Snoop for the Madden matchup ton…'s going down tonight‼️ @oakley @SnoopDogg πŸ†š @DerwinJames ⏰ 10PM ET πŸ’» #Madden21
Retweeted by The CheckdownDavante Adams had some high praise for Cooper Kupp πŸ™Œ @tae15adams @CooperKupp Chubb moves like a cat 😳 @NickChubb21 @Browns mean… wow. 😳
Retweeted by The CheckdownMood in LA Fuller's second INT of the night is a big one πŸ”₯ @j_fuller4 @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN (via @NFL) FLEW πŸ”₯ @CGtwelve_ @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN THE BOAT ⛡️ @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN in motion 😍
Retweeted by The CheckdownBrady really caught a pass and completed a pass on the same play πŸ‘€ @TomBrady @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN Ebukam got him πŸ”₯ @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN Kupp is the most underrated receiver in the league.
Retweeted by The CheckdownCooper Kupp have mercy 😱 @CooperKupp @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN Winfield Jr. SHEESH 😀 @AntoineWJr11 @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN Akers and Van Jefferson both got their first NFL touchdown tonight πŸ™Œ @thereal_cam3 @VanJefferson12 @RamsNFL πŸ“Ίβ€¦ Fuller was waiting for it πŸ‘€ @j_fuller4 @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN (via @NFL) shut it down 😀 @NdamukongSuh @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN defense got in on the celly πŸ˜‚ @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN with the clean takeaway 🚨 @UDWJPP @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN Woods put on the afterburners 🌬️ @robertwoods @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN Jefferson gets his first NFL TD πŸ”₯ @VanJefferson12 @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN (via @NFL) Kupp too slippery 🚨 @CooperKupp @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN vs Evans is gonna be fun all night 🍿 @jalenramsey @MikeEvans13_ πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN EVANS HAS DIFFERENT STRENGTH πŸ’ͺ @MikeEvans13_ @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN (via @NFL) Ramsey might be one of the best tacking corners in the game 😳 @jalenramsey @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN get on the board first 🎯 @RamsNFL @JaredGoff16 @robertwoods πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN (via @NFL) the boom 😀 @jwhite_333 @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN Kupp getting some serious YAC πŸ”₯ @CooperKupp @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN Pierre-Paul came through like a freight train 😑 @UDWJPP @Buccaneers πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN knew exactly what was coming 😀 @jalenramsey @RamsNFL πŸ“Ί #LARvsTB on ESPN's a brotherhood‼️ #NFLRebels | #ComeToTheSip
Retweeted by The CheckdownHe’s just getting started watch, also @Keenan13Allen didn’t have to look at that man like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
Retweeted by The CheckdownLook what he does at the end! One handed pancake as he’s falling downπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by The CheckdownHerbert’s vision is crazy for a rookie πŸ‘€ @Chargers (h/t @Ihartitz)
DK always showing love to his former college teammate 🀝 @dkm14 @Brown1arthur @titans @olemissfb had me hungry with the audibles πŸ˜‚ @bakermayfield @Browns same energy πŸ˜‚ (h/t @MikeGoldFool) Leonard accidentally threw his wedding ring into the stands along with his gloves earlier this season. Had…'s going down πŸ—£TOMORROW NIGHT Former MCC Champ Gos takes on Bigshow, and you don't want to miss it πŸ”₯ LIVE:…
Retweeted by The CheckdownIf you think your @EAMaddenNFL game is better, shoot us your best highlights and we may even RT πŸ‘€
Retweeted by The CheckdownπŸ—£ THE FINAL SHOWDOWN IS SET! Former MCC Champ Gos takes on Bigshow THIS TUESDAY LIVE: @Twitch/@EAMaddenNFL Pres. b…
Retweeted by The CheckdownWyatt Teller really blocked three dudes on this play 😱 @Browns (h/t @brentsobleski) Reid’s confidence level was all the way up last night πŸ“ˆ @PatrickMahomes @Chiefs catch on Thielen’s 1st TD and the route on his 2nd 😱πŸ”₯ @athielen19 @Vikings he was even on the Panthers, PJ Walker’s mom knew his time was coming in Carolina πŸ™Œ @pjwalker_5 (via… say free PS5? πŸ‘€ #FreePS5Monday #maddenycc
Retweeted by The CheckdownBaker’s been dropping rap lyrics into his press conferences πŸ˜‚ @bakermayfield (h/t @Browns) victory massage πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ @tkelce @Chiefs TO KELCE FOR THE WIN 😀 @PatrickMahomes @tkelce @Chiefs (via @NFL) DC Paul Guenther with the rejection 🀣 @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC Witten putting his squad ahead πŸ’ͺ @JasonWitten @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC (via @NFL)'Veon's first TD as a Chief πŸ™Œ @LeVeonBell @Chiefs πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC (via @NFL) went to the ground hauled it in πŸ‘€ @cheetah @Chiefs πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC needed that 4th and they got it πŸ’― @PatrickMahomes @Chiefs πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC Morrow had no interest in this being a completion πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC knew he had 6 the whole way πŸ”₯ @derekcarrqb @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC Renfrow dragging the defense πŸ’ͺ @renfrowhunter @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC🚨 Josh Jacobs truck 🚨 @iAM_JoshJacobs @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC makes those across the body throws like Mahomes πŸ‘€ @PatrickMahomes @Chiefs πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC Mullen stayed with the play the whole way 🚨 @MullenIsland1 @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC patient Le'Veon runs πŸ”₯ @LeVeonBell @Chiefs πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC they say the name of the movie during the movie, just Darren Waller being a BEAST 😀 @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC pulled out the James Harden audible 🀣 @derekcarrqb @JHarden13 @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC TP we see you! @Tpstreets | #ProUtes
Retweeted by The CheckdownEdwards-Helaire just kept on fighting for the TD 6⃣@Clydro_22 @Chiefs πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC (via @NFL) to Kelce really is automatic πŸ’ͺ @PatrickMahomes @tkelce @Chiefs πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC throw, better catch 🚨 @derekcarrqb @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC (via @NFL)'s got those fast feet ⚑️ @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC Carr arm talent is different πŸ”₯ @derekcarrqb @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC and Tyreek always making it look easy πŸ™Œ @PatrickMahomes @cheetah @Chiefs πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC (via @NFL) with the subtle underhand πŸ‘€ @tkelce @Chiefs πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC bully ball for 6️⃣ @iAM_JoshJacobs @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC Jacobs just runs so well πŸ”₯ @iAM_JoshJacobs @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC Darren Waller is a matchup nightmare 😀 @Raiders πŸ“Ί #KCvsLV on NBC Dalton was playing real life pinball πŸ˜‚ @andydalton14 @dallascowboys's yellow cleat was mistaken as a penalty flag πŸ˜‚ rookie comes up with a massive play ‼️ @JumpManJu32 @Colts πŸ“Ί #GBvsIND on FOX DIME by Rodgers right into the bread basket πŸ’° @AaronRodgers12 @MVS__11 @packers πŸ“Ί #GBvsIND on FOX Hines with a HUGE 1st down ▢️ @TheNyNy7 @Colts πŸ“Ί #GBvsIND on FOX not done yet 🚨 @dallascowboys πŸ“Ί #DALvsMIN on FOX (via @NFL) a little flick of the wrist 😀 @AaronRodgers12 @packers πŸ“Ί #GBvsIND on FOX Walker never gave up on the NFL dream and today it paid off πŸ™Œ @pjwalker_5 @Panthers Simmons has the clutch gene πŸ”₯ @jsimms1119 @Broncos πŸ“Ί #MIAvsDEN on CBS