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@JeffJeff875 Doh! @PinkCamoTO @EyalTweet Bidibidip bidipdiptididip bidibidibidibidibidibidibidibidibidibiScience in 140. Denisovans. A sturdy human species known from remains in Siberia and Spain; bred with our ancestors to produce bass players.
Retweeted by Chris Barron @EyalTweet @JimmerThatisAll Oh, man.Me: ...and in high school I had a band called Deep Vein Thrombosis. Coroner: Sir, can you identify the body or not?
Retweeted by Chris BarronI don't have time for wallabies. Either you're a kangaroo or you're not.
Retweeted by Chris BarronWhaaa? Mitch McConnell refused to reconvene the Senate before January 19 to allow Trump's impeachment trial to s…
Retweeted by Chris Barron @xojessrose Depressing times, friend.Benghazi: •GOP: 33 hearings & investigations over 5 years. Hillary's emails: •GOP: 20+ hearings & investigations o…
Retweeted by Chris BarronIf you think it's going to come down to evidence or impassioned words on the Senate floor you don't know Republican…
Retweeted by Chris Barronhey guys, the party of eleven stupid fucking Benghazi investigations says it's time to move on from prosecuting the…
Retweeted by Chris BarronRight on. @ShaneNatalie Ha @hamsteroflove @fullmoontales Awww @AnneStull Haha @LizBTropez God. Right? @JeffJeff875 Aww @heartofajedi @emily7m Amazingly funny movie @_dmkei Haha @SweetVeganRosie Yaaah!!LA!!! Adopt this kitty!!!! @MikeDancy Haaa @aronmagner Nice. @JennKnees I did!! @JustinLeoBecker Haaa @CrittersofAveB Yaaaah! @LeilaniMunter Haha @davidbernat @resumisu Love. @blgrieb @CarolLuvsHockey @JeffDanielswpg @perch35km Awww
@waltshaub You rule, Walter..@waltshaub Does there have to be a guilty verdict in an impeachment to have a vote on whether the impeached indi… @CrittersofAveB @Vigness_Music @SpinDoctorsBand Nope. @JeffDanielswpg @perch35km @CarolLuvsHockey @blgrieb I look at it like, my feed my tone. You can have dissenting op… @captainstardust It was about muscle facia @gerbil_loupgaro Ha. YupI love it when my wife learns a little factoid and tells me about it. @Richardmassey82 @wellis321 Wow. @wyrdgallery @Caitlin8991 So good. @thebookofsaint @WhaddupBubushka Yes.Here’s the video. This is big time. Thank you, Canada. Canadian lawmakers just voted unanimously to call on the…
Retweeted by Chris Barron @vixxstix Mud Lark is the name of your band.Stephen Colbert: not impeaching Trump because he is out of office is like setting Jeffery Dahmer free because he is full.
Retweeted by Chris Barron @MattOswaltVA Dig it. @de_scheut Yaaaah!! @defenestratexp Haa @mrfritznyc Nice. @AngelasPearls I worked out!! @BillWylie3rd I did it. @GPDBenTobias Here I go, bitches. Ok? @GPDBenTobias Cool. Let’s do this. @GPDBenTobias I will!!!! @ShipsHaveSailed Ok!!! Thanks!!!! @AltruisticHomie @KerrygoldUSA Haha @AltruisticHomie Haaa. Thanks, friend.Not my car. @Vigness_Music @SpinDoctorsBand Nice. @collydoodle @BergdahlJB @NotEdelweiss I’m so sorry. @MangYars Maybe this one.I don’t know whether I’m talking myself out of talking myself into working out.. Or.. Talking myself into talking… we go. @RobAnderson2018 Good morning, bud.Is there a better GIF to get than this one? @chrisbrogan @LarenMR With a kitten on its back. @LarenMR @chrisbrogan Haaa @BergdahlJB @NotEdelweiss He’s got guitar player hands. @swordfish7774 @SamRichards1970 Aww @brad_battle @GOPLeader None taken. @GOPLeader You make me home there’s a hell. @CrittersofAveB Wowza @angrypuppyfilms HahaUnity is not submitting to the losing side's position.
Retweeted by Chris Barron @ColinHanlon @Susan_Lucci @julieklausner @billyeichner @DifficultOnHulu Haha @ColinHanlon You are an angel. @abiwright27 @FufufnickThis @JoeBiden YAAAAH!!! @Mookada “Kids” @TheMicheleWojo @StephenAnfield Every. Damn. Day. @StephenAnfield @TheMicheleWojo You can take one every day @MichaelWil3 You’re good. @peppelaar_media Haha @peppelaar_media Doh @MPITSolutionsUK Nice. @sultryglebe Ha. Nice. @BigMusicGeek HaaaRest In Peace. Sounds like he was a sweet guy. @BergdahlJB @NotEdelweiss I’m so, so sorry. @SammiD72 Right? @loribythesea Aww @Innocuous_Flop @lucynorton4real @shanayafastje Awww. Who’s a lil’ helper?You tried to muzzle the certified will of the people, you disingenuous traitor, @HawleyMO. Resign.
Retweeted by Chris BarronI would welcome an invitation by the Senate Ethics Committee to tell them all I know about @hawleyMO and the ethics…
Retweeted by Chris BarronTwitter do your thing! FBI are looking for this guy for trying to gauge out a cops eyes at Capitol Coup #EyeGouger
Retweeted by Chris BarronHmmm. Hudson River (of my soul) @drfarls The Hudson.Lil’ love for this ol’ buddy. sobering
Retweeted by Chris Barron @Rotobahn Do you know about The Chris Barron Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour? 4:30 NYC time on! @Rotobahn Do you know about The Chris Barron Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour? 4:30 NYC time on! @sara535 Awww