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Singer of @spindoctorsband and The Canoes. Lover of pecan pie. #Caturday. Solo record: Angels And One-Armed Jugglers. Order now:

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Retweeted by Chris Barron @BrianDesany Awwww @RaokRaven Awwww @JasonHalpin Sweet. @alynbailey Nice! Be sure to say hi @itsflynn Yeah, Jon! Keep it up!! Good work!! @senesational So good.This. @DaveRidnell Nice. @RMChapple I’d love to! @killminus @wedigmusicpcast I’m glad he’s ok. Keep me posted. @DrEvilFinger HaaaaA bit of early #Caturday content.
@LeilaniMunter @fluff Wow. Amazing tip. @rmelgiri @SpinDoctorsBand @RockwoodNYC Nice. @markashephoto @RockwoodNYC Nice. @bigdawgd58 Haaa @dingdongDano @cafehash9 I’ll be playing London on January 27 at the Half Moon in Putney! @hawkfeathergal Indeed @GregPMcIver I can’t put my finger on it @bunkosquad @democrats @GOP Damn. @GregPMcIver Yeah. I see what you mean.Chris Barron Solo Acoustic!! Saturday, February 2, Sheffield, England! Cafe 9! Very limited tix!! @cafehash9 @alynbailey I am! January 27 @senesational AAAAAaaahhhh!!!!I mean. I feel bad for the bat but, whoa. @LeilaniMunter @fluff The look on the face of the cat on the left...Good morning. You’re welcome. (Video sent to me by @LeilaniMunter)(who is super cool) @LeilaniMunter @fluff You get me. @SharonMartinVO We all do. @bassicrob Haaa. Just put it on a stand plugged in behind me! @BobbieRobinson Oh, hey. Thanks!Please #help little Hunter Ray #catsofinstagram #CatsOfTwitter #rescuecat #catlovers #donate #retweet #pleasehelp
Retweeted by Chris Barron @real_fredo Haha @AllezAlps @DjCandyman Thanks, guys. @BayingRidges Me too.
@BayingRidges I don’t think it’s got the same name but it’s still a bar in the same spot. It’s on 13th St. and 2nd… @AnnKing28 Awww @MydogPony 🦄=🦄I am. January 27Come and see me at Rockwood 3, NYC, tonight, (1/16, 8:30 PM) Fair warning. I’m a bit of a bear when I drink. (Liter… @PinkPout81 Haaaa @CUTEFUNNYANIMAL Haaa @KalaSomething @SpinDoctorsBand Thanks!Hey #NewYorkCity music fans -- Don't miss @thechrisbarron @SpinDoctorsBand live tonight @RockwoodNYC - you will def…
Retweeted by Chris Barron @BobbieRobinson I’m down!Good morning. You’re welcome. @BobbieRobinson Not sure what that means… @MayorKev ‘Tis! @41Strange @trumpetcake I mean, what!? @AlexisGirlNovak You wanna come to my show at Rockwood 3, NYC? Wednesday (tonight) 1/16, 8:30pm. Not to be weird bu… @LeilaniMunter @Fusion You rule. @BootsRiley @Danitoes Love that picture. My favorite film for a long time. @AnnKing28 6 is a lot for me. @nowthisnews Nice. @beatshoney @castellanosce @danahjerkovic Oh. Wow.Oh, hey. Come see me play! Wednesday, Jan 16, 8:30, Rockwood 3! #soloacoustic #guitarplayer #fingerpicking @AnnKing28 Yikes!
@Arsenal_Goon Ah!! Thanks. (Magma is a fun word to say) @cosmicharley @refrigeratorcar @audiodrum “Bath”! @AtomicFilmmaker Damn. @kittyfondue Always. @AnnKing28 Nice. @MelonieMac It is.Love this. @TheWellOfSongs Let’s. @AnnKing28 Cool. @AlexisGirlNovak Whoaaaa @AlexisGirlNovak And for the main course, ruin. @AnnKing28 🦄❤️🐈❤️🦄At 1:05, behind his hand, he says, “Grab one. Nobody will miss it.”! @jdtweet_ Yup @DrPelicanPants Cool @AtomicFilmmaker Feb 2, Cafe 9, Sheffield
Here’s an example of you my cat *needs me. *kneads @RichardIlderton @AtomicFilmmaker Why, yes. I don’t think I can make Tynmouth work this time. :| @GrnYze Oh, man. I’m sorry. Did you cry and cry? I wept like a child when I put our Gus to sleep this summer. @makapala @AtomicFilmmaker @HamiltonWestEnd Stay another night or two? @makapala @AtomicFilmmaker Nice. @jenniferkisten As long as they have cats there @jenniferkisten I’m with you guys @AtomicFilmmaker The farthest north on this trip is Sheffield… I’ll be back in May and I’ll be sure to get up there @thechrisbarron Chris, you visiting these UK shores soon? Any gigs for those of us in the N…
Retweeted by Chris Barron @GrnYze Awwww, man. My heart goes out to you guys. Let me know how it goes… @cosmicharley @audiodrum @refrigeratorcar Looks like I’m gonna play bass on Friday 2/1 and Sheffield on Saturday 2/2. @audiodrum @cosmicharley @refrigeratorcar Yeah! @DrPelicanPants Haha
@ewozon I have. @DrPelicanPants Doh @crosscountry76 Didn’t see that... yeahTake us to your leader. @M_Ritter @thedavidcrosby Whoooooooaaaa @GardenersArms73 @bogusianowakows @jefferyhorne @iammoshow @pimpusnowakowsk Awww @YourCenterStage I do. But those are lil’ goaties. @CatServant67 Haha @rad_milk Haha. I prefer “Spin Doctors guy”. Has a better ring... (love your feed) @Mozzie80 Awww @senesational @iamdylan2 Haha @Causey4 @_elvishpresley_ Said nobody EEEeeever