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Singer of @spindoctorsband and The Canoes. Lover of pecan pie. #Caturday. Solo record: Angels And One-Armed Jugglers. Order now:

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Do you follow me on Facebook, too? @RMChapple AwwwHow about some emus, horses, sheep, and dogs having a ball? @stylistMarty That’s what I’m here forBest pet name ever? @jenn_janecki Best pet name ever?
@GiellaSusan Say! Thanks!! @PinkPout81 AwwwwGood morning. You’re welcome. @Katskillz27 @hbadd456 Hmmmm. @thechrisbarron How did I not know about this? Spin Doctors on Instagram: “Music has played such an important role…
Retweeted by Chris Barron @scalyhearts Awww @RaokRaven Nope. @vfactorent The rhythm of that song is all in ghost strokes on the snare. #Figuratively @gemini9gmxcom @AaronComess @SpinDoctorsBand @ericschenkman @MARKBWHITE It’s about decadence and decline @ZenFuseBox @chandradawn1 @_steamy_mac @DuffComics Boom.
@actravlr @novaheart8 AwwwAnd with this tiny pony, I bid you goodnight. see a really big bunny?’s some baby elephants holding trunks,k? @chandradawn1 Man. @ABeckr #bidibidip @smile95ok @RockwoodNYC @SpinDoctorsBand I just played florida!
ICYMI, New Yorkers, I'm playing @RockwoodNYC on April 3. You'll hear solo songs as well as stories behind some… @mirandayaver @RockwoodNYC Nice. (That’s a haul) @kscowen @RockwoodNYC 4/3 @riveacorymbosa Bidibidip bidipdiptididip bidibidibidibidibidibidibidibidibidibiCool pic. @StabbinsMcGee #bidibidip! @chandradawn1 @_steamy_mac @DuffComics I should’ve written it that way. It could have been a hit. @Vice_Queen @_steamy_mac Me too. @_steamy_mac #bidibidip!! @_steamy_mac Whoa! @gemini9gmxcom @AaronComess @SpinDoctorsBand @ericschenkman @MARKBWHITE Man. You know the deep cuts @leroux57_ Miles. @ABeckr I believe it’s pronounced “four thirtay” @clarita_pro @RockwoodNYC Get ‘em!!! @Pete_Da_Pirate @SpinDoctorsBand You will see A band Play their guts Out. @kscowen @RockwoodNYC Yes! Let’s do it after the show.He knows what he's talking about. Get your tickets to see @thechrisbarron now!
Retweeted by Chris Barron @mirandayaver @RockwoodNYC If you come to the show, be sure to say hello! @MLEB1 @AaronComess @SpinDoctorsBand @ericschenkman @MARKBWHITE Ludlow Aarons. Not Rutland, yo @SethAdam Pinnacle of my career so far @IreneMerring I say yes. @RealFrozz So fine. @a13taurus Awww @BazingaKatie @Katskillz27 It’s nice having two cats. They keep each other company.If walking down the street looking like a knucklehead to the point where people smile when they see you makes you a…
Pro tip: If you buy your tickets now for the NYC show at @RockwoodNYC (stage 3) on April 3, then you'll already hav… @Philly_Mignon AwwwThanks to all last night In Rutland Vermont for coming out to see us @SpinDoctorsBand in 30 degrees ❄️❄️☃️☃️…
Retweeted by Chris Barron @CrazeProduction @MTVClassic 👊🏼🦄❤️🦄👊🏼 @LisaWin93175226 Yup @senesational @iamdylan2 Haha @scifisportsguy Awww @Pete_Da_Pirate
@jenn_janecki Cat in a box. Gets me every time @Pete_Da_Pirate @Katskillz27 Yeah. @porto1958 Man. That makes me feel great. Thanks. @Monstorer Haha @MelissaLoehle So CUTE!!!!!! @ArmandoRoqueCcs Pretty. @ArmandoRoqueCcs Awwww @TheCatBall Haha @1KauaiLei Wow. He looks like a lot of cat. @rhcpmyrtlebeach @EmrgencyKittens @CuteEmergency Haaa @BazingaKatie They really do well with a friend @megannnerd @BMellowjelly @niknik0901 I’m glad. I got lucky with that one. @megannnerd @BMellowjelly @niknik0901 Imagine singing it.. @megannnerd @BMellowjelly @niknik0901 Bidibidip bidipdiptididip bidibidibidibidibidibidibidibidibidibiBattle to save the remaining 22 vaquitas, the world's most endangered porpoise:
Retweeted by Chris Barron @LeilaniMunter @EffinBirds He so is.Hint: he makes it.
Retweeted by Chris Barron @MikeyJNoble @thechrisbarron And a happy caturday from Winston
Retweeted by Chris Barron @BMellowjelly @niknik0901 It’s the scat solo from out song, Two Princes. Inside joke, kind of... @kumwsangel28 You can do it!!!!! @thechrisbarron Quizzical the cat watching baseball.
Retweeted by Chris Barron @rhinocole He’s a good cat with a solid name. @NaomiMusgraves Damn. @senesational @ygtashh Haaaaaaa. So good. @senesational Awwww @BMellowjelly @niknik0901 #bidibidip! @BabsHoliday Haha. CutieAnother rough #Caturday in the life of #LarsTheCat @thechrisbarron
Retweeted by Chris Barron @Manneters Haha!!! Awesome. @adrianday HahaMy cat Rubbish sleeps like this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #Caturday @thechrisbarron
Retweeted by Chris Barron @porto1958 🤜🏼❤️🤛🏼 @Wonderboy25 Oh, yeah. @areageek Wow. Thanks.Awww, damn.'s exhausted from being so fabulous #Caturday #Gracie @thechrisbarron
Retweeted by Chris Barron @thechrisbarron My sister's cats... Enough...🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀
Retweeted by Chris Barron @thechrisbarron It's time for a #Caturday nap. #LaMamá
Retweeted by Chris Barron @thechrisbarron Happy #CaturDay from the top tier of the cat tree !
Retweeted by Chris Barron @thechrisbarron 🐾
Retweeted by Chris BarronLook at this good boy.!!