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John Maynard @thecjm The Annex, Toronto, Ontario

I used to take photos of your band. One-time backup dancer for Girl Talk. Keeping people healthy and safe while they work.. He/Him.

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Trying a horrible experiment... Which will the Twitter algorithm pick: Mitch McConnell or Barack Obama?
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Going for a night walk and it's sweater weather
“The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vaca…
Retweeted by John Maynard @DuffyEricka I wonder if there's a direct connection between the racist backlash against Ben Johnson and 1988 Canad… conspiracy theorist Sheila Zilinsky warns that LeBron James in an "Illuminati wizard' who is "conjuring…
Retweeted by John MaynardWithin 10 years they'll fold into the Alberta conservative party, then the whole thing will start all over again @meakoopa The Oliveira Files
Erin O'Toole is using "take back canada" as his white nationalist slogan despite the fact that Indigenous climate a…
Retweeted by John Maynardon the backlash toward siakam, "the fans and people have every right to make judgements on our team, but to take it…
Retweeted by John Maynard @TaoofStieb Every once in awhile I'll just realize how weird the whole concept of trading contracted employees betw… feel like we don't talk enough about Dwight Eisenhower's great-granddaughter, a UFO enthusiast who stands by the…
Retweeted by John MaynardMOST South Food is great. I HATED deviled eggs as a kid, but adult John might be a fan of hardboiled eggs + mayo…'t schools indoors?
Retweeted by John MaynardSo will the daily testing in the Big Ten be available to all students or just the ones who have entire economies bu…
Retweeted by John Maynard @JimZub TLDR it's nearly impossible to find fresh, unrefridgerated curds in Toronto. @JimZub you're curious about the record contract stuff, this is an essential thread that explains what "masters" are and…
Retweeted by John Maynard @duke_aljh @LarryCoon @ScottiePippen @chicagobulls And those 3 seasons without Pippen where they made the playoffs… @duke_aljh @LarryCoon @ScottiePippen @chicagobulls Or 87 when they went 40-42 and still got the 8th seed? Jordan's… @duke_aljh @LarryCoon @ScottiePippen @chicagobulls Or 86 when Jordan got hurt but the team still made the playoffs… @duke_aljh @LarryCoon @ScottiePippen @chicagobulls You mean like in 85 when they made the playoffs with a losing re… #TIFF20 is very on brand for me, @LiftLike_aGirl is a fantastic glimpse of the building of a weightlifting ch…
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@AndyBurroughs @NBA @Giannis_An34 @KingJames @JHarden13 @AntDavis23 @luka7doncic Pre playoffs. Pre bubble. Vote has been in for a whileSuper Mario 3D All-Stars is a frustrating collection of great games. Super Mario All-Stars was a historical documen…
Retweeted by John MaynardTo highlight the #TTC's persistent overcrowding issues, ATU Local 113 is asking riders to post photos of their crow…
Retweeted by John Maynard @DestronDrummer LEGWARMERS @DestronDrummer I remember nothing about this show.... EXCEPT FOR THE AMAZING THEME SONG AND OPENING CREDITS
One year ago tonight: one of the best and most profound experiences of my moviegoing life. Laughter, onscreen ownag…
Retweeted by John Maynard @realmarkrez @MichelFiffe Oof. I just looked that up. That's really blatant @Stuffed_Pain @MichelFiffe With those giant hands? Definitely back to Kirby-influenced. Not full-on pastiche, but t… @MichelFiffe There's Kirby-pastiche Giffen, there's DC 80's house style Giffen, and there's Lobo/Trencher Giffen. Am I missing any? @MichelFiffe How many distinct stylistic eras did Giffen go through? 3? 4?A group whose name excludes renters has no legitimate place in our politics. Period.
Retweeted by John Maynard @ivortossell I thought McMillions was Tiger King for the NPR set @RowanKaiser Hope you're willing to stay up late tonight because you're going to want to dive into fast six as soon as this is over @goddamneddie @reelykathleen How do you feel about the sequel from the dudes who made Crank? @reelykathleen oof @reelykathleen WHICH ONE
Paid my $5 in 1995? With interest that is.....
Retweeted by John MaynardYoon Ha Lee for your weird space opera needs of Alien Life
Retweeted by John MaynardThis thread rules
Retweeted by John Maynard @Benevolent_Ted @mcmansionhell I didn't know about the crash until just now @mcmansionhell Clara Hughes of Canada took the opposite track (heh) - Olympic medalist in cycling, then at 28 start… @mcmansionhell See also Alex Zanardi. Lost legs in motor racing accident. Then became a gold medal winning Paralympian in handcycling! @BigJonny @NadaQuintana @TheRaceRadio Every other sports is allowed to have fans who play casually. Show up at the… strangest thing about going back to the office is having my shoes on all day. It just feels wrong. I really do… the Ontario Attorney General killed someone with his car, they didn't even bother taking it to court. Let's… @navalang It's a ghee safety deposit box!ever noticed devils like j k rowlings like to create fake logic for their hate by saying 'if there are infinite gen…
Retweeted by John MaynardIt's pretty good! monster anatomy.
Retweeted by John MaynardSome context for how long since I was last in the office deadly gas found in the clouds shrouding Venus might point to the presence of alien microbes in the planet’s atmo…
Retweeted by John MaynardThis is potentially very big news: Astronomers have found evidence of what *might* — MIGHT — be life on Venus.
Retweeted by John MaynardSpoonbread is wet, naturally sweet, and sometimes savory corn soufflé with a texture somewhere between grits and co…
Retweeted by John Maynard @julius_seizure @AtFCS @bruce_arthur Wifi truthers.Interesting poll. (What's with the other 18% of Green voters? Are they just wifi truthers?)
Retweeted by John Maynard @travismcelroy You've never lived until you've had a McDonald's lobster roll.Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020) & Zdzisław Beksiński's Untitled
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Look it's working 👇 Japanese TV introducing the story behind each person on @NaomiOsaka's masks throughout the tou…
Retweeted by John MaynardAlso WB needs to give up the ghost and get TENET over to VOD. They are leaving money on the table by catering only…
Retweeted by John Maynard @malki @ryanqnorth good job letting these two walk bon apetit
Retweeted by John MaynardBBQ Loaf might be an unpopular take but I really hope TIFF digital cinema is successful because TIFF crowds are the absolute fucking _worst_
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friendly reminder that smallville clark kent would be anti-trump
Retweeted by John Maynard @GailSimone The question is, what would the IP holder do if the wiki authors tried to profit at all from their work… initially read this as Rex Chapman is having surgery and will be unable to steal people's videos for his tweets f… 2018, my concepts for What If? X-Men #1
Retweeted by John MaynardOnce again basking in the absolute wonder that is Noriyoshi Ohrai's Heisei era Godzilla posters
Retweeted by John MaynardStill the 👑
Retweeted by John MaynardI am beyond FURIOUS. We’ve been f-cking lied to for decades. “How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic…
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When they build Lowry's statue in front of the Raptors arena they shouldn't even put it on a podium. Put it ground…
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holy shit the subheader
Retweeted by John Maynard @WilliamHPerkins I can finally get rid of the Xbox 360 that I've kept only because it has this game installed on itVery on brand for the US to create a Space Force then make their first deployment to the Middle East instead of spa…
Retweeted by John Maynard"ahead of #UbiForward," aka we're purposely burying our public admission that we have an incredibly toxic company c…
Retweeted by John Maynard @tombreihan I've always wanted to know how a corporate exec could turn evil. A fictional query that only sci-fi can answer!Somebody thought the problem with RoboCop was too much RoboCop.
Retweeted by John MaynardJust been reminded that for a few decades in the first century CE, the Roman Empire was absolutely flooded with wei…
Retweeted by John MaynardNot making it into the recalibration today: The Braves scored as many runs in the 2nd inning last night as the Rapt…
Retweeted by John MaynardThis guy is really relatable. I also watch the sports match on a 7-inch TV from 500 yards away while wearing a full…
Retweeted by John Maynard[opening of Dune trailer] [Arnold Schwarzenegger as Baron Harkonnen]: SPICE to meet you!
Retweeted by John Maynardmost intense game of the year and kyle lowry doing this lmaooooo
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@uzionmain I got a box frame from them that similarly was packed down to a thin, long shipping box.DUNE
Retweeted by John Maynard @BoydErman @Robsonian @cselley Looks like it sold at auction in 2017. £12.7m city is changing - and in the wrong places. #topoli #SneakyDees
Retweeted by John Maynard @thatbilloakley I'm recently back on the Mayo bandwagon thanks to all the tuna melts and chicken salad sandwiches I… edited a piece by someone who used the locution "disabled people and people who are not (yet) disabled" and I hav…
Retweeted by John MaynardCivil War generals as Muppets a definitive thread:
Retweeted by John MaynardI think some people would be less anti-condo if: a) the commercial spaces actually filled up with places like Sneak…
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BULLWORTH is still one of the best scenes that ever aired on Television #VentureBros #GoTeamVenture #SaveVentureBros
Retweeted by John Maynardsending emails to the police board
Retweeted by John Maynard @Bren_Doherty @BenSpurr The creator of the punisher hates that they use it btw -
Retweeted by John MaynardThis is amazing. Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray shot this short film for independent theater owners to sell them on sh…
Retweeted by John MaynardSo, as it must to all, cancellation has come for The Venture Bros. The pilot aired 17 years ago, which means the sh…
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